George  [image: Jac Lynch]



In this podcast George talks about being part of the Butch on Butch exhibition, wanting to be part of a conversation about female masculinity and what Butch means.


"I grew up mostly on the Kapiti Coast. I have a middle class background. Both my parents are teachers. I have two younger brothers and I used to hang out with them quite a bit growing up. Jac Lynch: So as a kid, how would you describe yourself as a child? George: I think I was maybe a bit of a loner, had my own adventures, usually involving tree houses and imaginary wars with my brothers. We were quite close growing up and I guess left to do our thing a lot of the time. Not that my parents... read full transcript

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Record date:22nd February 2015
Interviewer:Jac Lynch
Photographer:Jac Lynch
Copyright (image):Jac Lynch