Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann

Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann

In this podcast Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann delivers a keynote presentation. Karl is introduced by Kevin Hague


"I just want to talk about the history and just to show you that this is where we come from. Of course some people would say the largest continent in the world is the AsianPacific, and you can see this is the whole of the Pacific right up to the top to Hawai'i. I just want to start by saying about the pre-colonization, and when I came to put this up you'll notice the photo of the woman on my left is slightly higher than the gentleman on the right, because pre-Christian is the fact that particularly in Samoa... read full transcript

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Record date:15th March 2011
Location:Wellington Town Hall