Annette Xiberras(March 2011)

In this podcast Annette Xiberras delivers a keynote presentation. Annette is introduced by David Huebner the United States Ambassador to New Zealand.


"My name is Annette Xiberras and I'm a Wurundjeri elder. I ran, or I own, the first black-aboriginal company, gay company, but today there's a few other guys, a few straight guys, who run other aboriginal companies. My people normally believe in our creator, called Bunjil, who's an eagle who flew out over a vast plain of nothing and created the world. From that world nations, from those nations countries, and from those countries the people. That's why a lot of aboriginal people say, "My land, my country, my mother." It's an affiliation we have with the land that... read full transcript

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Record date:March 2011