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Here is a list of all of the tags used on this website. Click on any tag to see the related media.


agender, akava'ine, androgynous, aromantic, asexual, bicurious, bigender, biromantic, bisexual, bulldyke, butch, butch femme, cis female, cis male, cisgender, demisexual, fa'afafine, fakaleiti, femme, femme by alternative definition, femme queen, gay, gender fluid, gender neutral, genderfuck, genderqueer, gray-A sexual, greysexual, heterosexual, hijra, homosexual, intersex, kamp, lesbian, mahu, monosexual, nerd, non-binary, omnisexual, pansexual, polysexual, queen, queer, riot grrrl, sapphic, sexually fluid, skoliosexual, soft butch, stone butch, straight, takataapui, tangata ira tane, trans, trans man, trans woman, transexual, transfeminine, transgender, transmascbian, transmasculine, transvestite, two-spirit, wahine toa, whakawahine


1860s, 1870s, 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s


10 o'clock closing, 1080 poison, 2nd hand clothing, 2nd hand clothing trip, abdication, abortion, abortion law reform, abstinence, abuse, academia, academics, accent privilege, accents, acceptance, access, access to health care, accessibility, accident, accomodation, accountability, accountancy, acting, action plan, actions, activism, activities, addiction, adoption, adultery, advertising, advice, advocate, affection, affirmation, African American, age of consent, aged care, ageing, ageing workforce, ageism, agenda, aggression, agile methodology, ahi (fire), ahi kaa, AIDS orphan, ainga, air cadets, airport, alcohol, alcohol and drug abuse, alcohol laws, alcohol license, alcoholism, alienation, aliens, allies, alt.ssgm (Alt Same Sex Gay Male), alternative therapies, ambassador, ambiguous genitalia, ambulance, amphetamines, amyl, anal sex, anarchism, ancestors, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS), anger, Anglicanism, animal rights, animals, anime, anonymity, anonymous sex, Anorexia Nervosa, anti discrimination, anti lesbian, Anti Springbok tour march (1985), Anti Springbok tour protest (1981), Anti-Apartheid Movement, anti-AZT, anti-capitalism, anti-gay laws, anti-homophobia campaign, anti-medication, anti-nuclear movement, anti-profit, anti-Semitism, anti-war movement, antiretroviral drugs, anxiety, ANZAC Day, apartheid, apathy, aphobic, apology, apparel, appendix, apprenticeship, archives, Archway (Archives New Zealand), aristocrat, army, aroha, arrest, arson, art history, art-a-rama, art-a-rama of poses, artist, arts, Asexual flag, Asian, assault, assemblage, assertiveness training, assimilation, assistive technology, assumptions, asylum, asylum seeker, atheism, athletics, attack, attempted suicide, attitude, attitudinal change, attraction, audience, authentic self, authenticity, author, autism, auto-suggestion, aversion therapy, awards, awhi, AZT, babysitting, back pain, back slang, backcombing, backstory, badges, bagpipes, bait, baking, balance, ballet, balloons, ballroom dancing, baptism, Baptist Church, barber, Barbie dolls, barman, barriers, bars, basketball, bathrooms, batique, Batman, batman (military), BDSM, beating, beauty, beehive hairstyle, befriending yourself, behaviour, behaviour modification, being yourself, belief systems, bell-bottoms, Bell's palsy, belonging, beneficiaries, benefits, Bible, biculturalism, bigotry, bike ride, bike stand, bikini, bilingual, billboards, binary, binding, binding referendum, bio queen, biodiversity, biography, biphobia, bipolar disorder, bird, bird flu, birth certificate, birth name, birthday, birthmark, bisexual erasure, Bisexual flag, bisexual invisibility, bitcoin, Black Liberation, black magic, black triangle (Nazi Germany), Black Women's movement, Black, Asian and minority ethnic flag, blackmail, bleakness, blessing, blogs, blood, blood donation, blood donation petition, board, board games, Board of Trustees, boarding house, boarding school, boat, bodily autonomy, body artist, body diversity, body image, body issues, bondage and discipline, bonding ceremony, bonnet, book bike (Wellington City Libraries), book making, book selling, bookmark, books, borderline personality disorder (BPD), boredom, born again (Christianity), Born Again Christian, bouncer, boundaries, bowls, boxes, boxing, boycott, branding, brass bands, bravery, breakdown, breast augmentation, breast feeding, breasts, bricks, bridges, Briggs Initiative, broadcasting, broken, brothels, bucket list, Buddhism, budget, budgeting, buggery, building, bulletin board, bullying, bullying prevention, bungy jumping, bunting, burlesque, burnout, bus, busking, butch flight, butch phobia, Butch Queen, butch solidarity, butch visibility, button, buzzcut, cabaret, cabin boy, cafe, cakes, camp, campaigns, cancer, caning, cannabis, capital, capitalism, capping revue, caravan, career, caregiver, cars, cartoons, carving, casting, Catalan, Catholic school, Catholic workers, Catholicism, cats, cats bar, cctv, CD4 count, CD4 threshold, celebrant, celebration, celibate, Celtic, Celtic cross, censorship, census, Census (2011), Census (2013), Census (2018), Cerebral palsy, chain anklet, Chameleon, change, chant, chaps, charity, charter schools, chat room, check-in plan, checklist, cheese, chef, chemical castration, chest binder, Chief of Defence Force, child care, child molestation, child poverty, childhood toys, children, chinchilla, Chinese, chlamydia, chocolate, choice, choirs, choreographer, choreography, Christian camp, Christian youth group, Christianity, Christmas, chronic pain, church, cinema, circus, cis, citizenship, civil defence, civil liberties, civil rights, civil society, civil unions, civil war, class, classical art, classical Greek and Roman culture, classical music, classification, classism, clay, climate change, Clitocybe nuda, closed community, closet, closeted, clothing, clothing catalogue, clubs, code, coeducation, coffee, coffee bar, coffin, collaboration, collage, Collections Online (Te Papa), collective, collective action, colonialism, colonisation, colour, comedy, comics, coming of age, coming out, commercial culture, commitment ceremony, commodification, common law, commonality, communication, communion, communism, community, community centre, community choir, community response, community support, companionship, compassion, compensation, competition, complacency, complementarianism, complementary therapies, complicity, composition, compromise, compulsory military service, computer programming, computer science, computers, concealed conviction, concentration camp, concerts, concussion, condomless sex, condoms, conference, confession, confidence, conflict, conformity, congregation, connect, connections, conscience vote, consciousness raising, conscription, consensual sex, consent, conservation, conservative, Conservative Christianity, consumerism, controlling behaviour, convention refugee, conversation, conversion / reparative therapy, convictions, cooking, coping mechanisms, copyright, cornet, coroner, coroners inquest, corporal punishment, corporate sponsorship, corrective surgery, correspondence school, costumes, council, counselling, countertenor, country music, coup, courage, court-martial, courts, covenant, COVID-19 (coronavirus), COVID-19 fatigue, COVID-19 lockdown, cowboy, craftivism, crafts, creative activism, creativity, cremation, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, cricket, crime, crime writing, crimes against humanity, criminal background check, criminal history, criminal record, criminalisation, Critical Incident Stress, cross country, cross dressing, cross political party working group, cross-gender identities, crowd funding, crowd sourcing, crown, cruise ship, cruising, crying, crystals, cufflinks, cultural consultant, culturally safe, culture, curatorship, current affairs, customs, cyber bullying, cycling, cyclone, dance, dance party, dancing, data, dating, dating app, DDI (Didanosine), de-transition, deadname, deafness, death, death certificate, death penalty, death threat, death wish, decimal currency, declaration, decolonisation, decolonising gender, decriminalisation, defiance, degenerate art, delft blue kissing couple, demiromantic, democracy, democratic rights, democratic socialism, demolition work, demonstrations, denial, depathologise, depression, desertion, desexualisation, design, desire, detention centre, detoxification, dial-up internet access, diary, dictatorship, diet, difference, digital archive, digital publishing, digitisation, dignity, dignity agenda, dildo, dinner parties, diplomat, direct action, directing, disability, disability rights, disadvantage, disappear, discernment, disclosure, disco, disconnection, discovery, discrimination, disown, disposable income, dispossession, dispute resolution, dissociation, distribution, District Health Board (DHB), diverse sexuality, diversity, diversity and inclusion, diversity education, diversity group, Diversity Liaison Officers (police), diversity training, division, divorce, divorce records, Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD), documentary, dog, dolls, domestic violence, dominant, dominatrix, Don't ask, don't tell (DADT), donation, door to door collection, double life, double mastectomy, drag, drag house, drag kings, drag mum, drama, drawing, dream, dress reformist, dress up, dresses, driver licence, drop-in centre, drug abuse, drug rape, drug testing, drug therapy, drug trial, drugs, drumming, dumpster diving, Dykes on Bikes, dysfunctional, dyslexia, dysphoria, early childhood centre, early childhood education, early modern theatre, earthquake, eating, eating disorders, ebook, economics, economist, economy, education, effeminate, egalitarianism, elder care, elder issues, elders, electoral rolls, Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), elephants, elocution lesson, email, embarrassment, embodied research, embroidery, emergency housing, emotional, empathy, employment, empowerment, empty promises, Encounter movement, encounters, encouragement, endocrinologist, enemy alien, energy, engagement, engineering, English language, Enigma machine, entertainment, entitlement, entrapment, environment, envy, ephemera, epidemic, equal employment opportunities, equality, erasure, erotica, escape, ethnic identity, ethnicity, eugenics, euthanasia, Evangelical Christianity, event management, eviction, examination, exclusion, exclusiveness, excommunication, execution, exercise, exhibition, exorcism, exotic dancer, expectations, experiment, experimental, exploitation, expression, expungement, extinction, extremist, face, face-to-face, facial feminisation surgery, facial hair, facilitator, failure, fairy dress, fairy tale, faith, faith-based school, family, Family court, family of origin, family rejection, family values, family violence, fancy dress, fandom, fanfiction, fantasize, fantasy, farewell, farm, farming, fascism, fashion, fat, fat politics, fate, fax, fear, fearless, feelings, felonious intent, female impersonation, femininity, feminisation, feminism, fencing, ferry, fertility treatment, fetishisation, fetishism, filibuster, film, film festival, film making, filming, finances, financial wellness, fire, fire spinning, firefighter, first aid, first nation, First Past the Post (electoral system), Firth rainbow concrete truck, fishing, fitness, flags, flamboyant, Flapper, flares, flash fiction, flatting, floating candles, flogged, florist, flowers, fluidity, flying, folk culture, food, food parcel, foodbank, football, forced feminisation, forgiveness, former homosexual, fortune telling, forum, foster homes, found space, fraud, free health care, free love, free speech, free spirit, freedom, freedom of expression, freepost, french, friends, fruit machine (homosexuality test), frustration, FtM, Fuck Normal (t-shirt), fun, funding, fundraising, funeral, fungi, fur coat, future, G-string, gag reflux, gallery, gambling, gameshow, gaming, gangs, garden tour, gardening, gatekeeping, gay liberation movement, gay men's chorus, gay panic defence, Gay Purge (Canada), gay retirement village, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Gay-TMs (teller machines), Gemini (star sign), gender, gender activism, gender affirming healthcare, gender binary, gender diverse, gender dysphoria, gender education, gender equality, gender euphoria, gender expression, gender identity, gender illusionist, gender marker, gender neutral bathrooms, gender neutral clothing, gender neutral uniform, gender nonconforming, gender pay gap, gender performance, gender perversion, gender politics, gender reassignment surgery, gender standard (Statistics New Zealand), gender stratification, gender studies, gender transition in the workplace, gender unbiased clothes, gender visibility, gender-affirming surgery, gender-neutral, gender-neutral toilets, genderless clothing, General election, General election (1960), Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), geopolitics, German, gestetner, Getty Vocabularies, ghetto blaster, ghost writing, glamour, glass ceiling, Glee moment, glitter bombing, global capitalism, globalisation, gloves, goatee, God, gods, gonorrhea, governance, government, graffiti, grandchildren, grandparents, graphic design, grassroots movement, gratitude, grave, Green International, grief, gross indecency, growing up, guidance, guilt, gym, gymnastics, gynaecologist, hair, hair plaiting, hair removal, hair style, hairdressing, haka, hammer throw (athletics), hand movements, hand sanitiser, hangi, Hansard, happiness, happy slapping, hapu, harassment, harbour, hardship fund, hasheesh, hat, hate, hate crime, hate mail, hate sexual violence, hate speech, hawking, hazing, head prefect, headaches, headmaster, healing, health, health care, health curriculum, health education, health funding, health home, health insurance, health rights, health system, healthy relationships, hegemonic power, heirloom, hell, helmet, helpline, Hepatitis, heritage, heroin, heroism, herstory, heteronormativity, heterosexism, heterosexist society, heterosexual, heterosexual privilege, hex, hidden history, hiding, high cost treatment pool (MInistry of Health), High Court, high femme, high femme, high heels, hikoi, hinengaro, hippy, history, hitchhiking, HIV education, HIV stigma, HIV testing and prevention, HIV testing data, HIV transmission, HIV/AIDS, hive mind, hockey, Hoiho Yellow-Eyed penguin, holding hands, holiday cards, holidays, holistic view, Hollywood, home detention, home detention bracelet, home school, home support, homeguard, homelessness, homintern, homocaust, homoerotic, homogenisation, homonationalism, homonormativity, homophobia, homophobic bullying, homophobic violence, homosexual depression, homosexual law reform, homosexual law reform petition, homosexual monomania, homosocial, honesty, honour, honour suicide, honour-shame culture, honours, hoop dancer, hope, hormone blockers, hormone breast, hormone replacement therapy, hormone treatment, horror (film), horse, horse racing, horticulture, hospice, hospital, hospitality, host ropu, hotel, housing, housing crisis, housing market, hug, hui, human rights, humanism, humanity, humour, hunting, hustler, hyacinth, hyperfemininity, hypermasculinity, hypervigilance, hypervisibility, hypnosis, hypocrisy, Hypospadias, hysterectomy, icebreakers, icons, idealism, identity, identity documents, identity politics, ignored identities, illiteracy, illustrator, imagery, imagination, immigration, impairment, imperialism, imprisonment, in the zone, In vitro fertilisation (IVF), inaugural event, inaugural speech, incest, incitement, inclusion, inclusive language, inclusive space, income disparity, incontinence, indecent act, indecent assault, indecent publications, indecent stripping, indigenous peoples, indigenous rights, individual, industrial course, inequality, infertility, Information Technology, informed consent, inheritance, injection drug user (IDU), injustice, inner parent, inner voice, insistence, inspiration, institutional homophobia, institutional racism, institutionalisation, institutionalised homosexuality, insurance, Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), integration, integrity, intellectual property, intercultural, interfaith, intergenerational, intermediate school, intern, internal stigma, internalised homophobia, internalised transphobia, international diplomacy, internet, internet dating, Internet Service Provider (ISP), interpreter, intersectionality, intersex conditions, Intersex flag, intersex phobia, Intersex roundtable, intersex visibility, intertext, intervention, interviewing, intimacy, intimate partner violence, intolerance, introversion, invisibility, invisiblising, Islam, isolation, iwi, jazz, jeweler, jewellery, Jewish community, journal, journalism, journey, joyfulness, Judaism, judgement, justice, Justice Committee, kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face), kapa haka, kaposi's sarcoma, karakia, karanga, karate, kaumatua, kaupapa, Kaupapa Maori, kawa, kia kaha, kicked out, kindness, kink, Kinsey scale (heterosexual - homosexual rating scale), kinship, kissing, Kiwisaver, knitting, knowledge, korero, kuia, labels, Labour weekend, labrys, Lambda symbol, land rights, language, latent aggression, latent homosexuality, laughter, laundry, lavender trousers, law, lawyer, leadership, leafleting, leather, leaving home, legacy, legal aid, legal gender recognition, legal rights, legislation, legs, lesbian activism, lesbian and gay balls, lesbian circus, lesbian feminism, Lesbian flag, lesbian parents, lesbian politics, lesbian separatism, letter, letter bomb, letters to the editor, Leviticus, Liberalism, liberation, Libertarianism, liberty, library, life drawing, life force, lifestyle, Light Armoured Vehicle (NZDF), lighting of building exterior, linguistics, lipoatrophy, Lipstick Lesbian flag, liquefaction, lisp, listening, literacy, lived experience, lobbying, local government, logical family, logistics, lolita, loneliness, loner, long distance relationship, Lord's Prayer, loss, love, love yourself, lover, loyalty, LSD, lust, Lutheranism, Lux vacuum cleaner, lyrics, maatauranga continuum, macho, magazines, mahi, mail order, mailing list, mainstream, mainstreaming, makeup, male socialisation, mana, mana motuhake, mana whenua, manaakitanga, mandatory sexual health testing, mania, mannerisms, Maori, maori renaissance, Maori Wardens, marae, marcelling (hair), march, marching boys, marginalisation, marginalised communities, marionette, marketing, marriage, marriage certificate, marriage equality, marriage records, martial arts, Marxism, masculine, masculinity, mask, mass incarceration, massacre, massage, massage parlour, mastectomy, masturbation, Matariki, matauranga maori, maths, maui, mayor, Mayor of Auckland, mayoral chain, Me Too movement, Measles, media, medical history, medicalisation, medications, medicine, meditation, meeting place, meetings, melodrama, Member of Parliament, membership list, memoir, memorial, men's movement, mental breakdown, mental health, mental illness, mentor, merchandise, metatextuality, methamphetamine, Methodist, microaggression, microresistance, middle class, migrants, mihimihi, militants, military, military service records, mining, minority, mirror, mirroring, mis-pronoun, miscarriage, misgendered, misgendering, misogyny, missionary, mistakes, mistress, misuse of power, mixed-orientation marriage, mixed-race, MMP (mixed-member proportional electoral system), mobilisation, mobility, mock, modeling, modem, mokopuna, molestation, moment of silence, mon mari, monitor, monogamy, moon landing (1969), moral panic, moral torture, morality, Mormonism, morse code, moteatea, motorbike, mountain biking, mourning, moustache, movies, Mr Asia drug syndicate, msm, MtF, murder, museums, mushrooms, music, musical repertoire, musicals, Muslims, MVPFAFF, mystery novel, myth, naked pyramid, name change, naming, narcissism, narrative, National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), national identity, national rainbow strategy, National Socialism, nationalism, Native American culture, natural health, naturalism, nature, naturist magazines, navigation, navy, Nazi Germany, Nazism, needle exchange programme, Neoliberalism, nervous exhaustion, netball, neuroqueer, new age, New German Women's Movement, New Zealand flag, New Zealand Public Lending Right scheme, news, newsletter, newspapers, next-of-kin, night porter, night sweats, nightclub, non-denominational, non-governmental organisation (NGO), non-profit, nonviolent response, normal, normalisation, normalisation of homelessness, normalisation surgery, normativity, nuclear free, nude, nude beaches, nude dinner parties, nudism, nun, nurse, nymphomania, objectification, objectionable material, objectivisation, observer, obsession, occupation, Off-air recording, older age, online event, online ministry, online service, onsen, op shops, open borders, open relationship, opera, opossum, opportunity, opportunity shop, oppression, optimism, oral history, ordination, organisation, organised, organising, orgasm, orientalism, origami, ostracisation, other, othering, outdoors, outing, outreach, outsider, over the rainbow, overseas experience (OE), overseas travel, pa, Pacific Islands Forum, packers, pain, painting, Pakeha, palangi, pamphlet, pandemic, panic attack, panromantic, Pansexual flag, Pansori, pants, paper lantern, parade, Paragraph 175, paranoia, pardon, parenting, parents, parody, partial transition, participatory theatre, parties, partner violence, partnership, Pasifika, passing, passion, passive, passport, past lives, pasties, pathologisation, pathways to life, patience, patriarchal system, patriotism, pay equity, pay it forward, peace, pederasty, pedophilia, peep show, peer interviewing, peer support, penguins, penile plethysmography, penpals, pensioner, people of colour, perception, percussion, performance, perm, persecution, persistence, persona, personal ad (newspaper/magazine), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), personal trainer, perversion, petition, petition against conversion therapy, petition in support of homosexual law reform, petition on historic convictions, pets, phone book, phone tapping, photo journalism, photocopy, photography, photography (film), physical education, physical pain, physics, piano, piercing, pig hunting, pimping, pink dollar, pink tourism, pink triangle (symbol), pink triangle badge, Pink washing, pirate, pivoting, placard, plague, plan, planes, plastic surgery, plebiscite, Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), pocket money, podcast, poetry, poi, poisoning, polari, polarisation, polarity, police, Police Gazette, police image work, police records, policy, political correctness, politics, poll tax, polyamory, pono, pool, popular culture, pornography, poroporoaki, positive ageing, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), postcard, posters, Postmodernism, potluck dinners, pou, poultry, poutokomanawa, poverty, powder puff, power, powerlifting, powhiri, prayer, pre-internet, predator, preferred name, pregnancy, pregnancy assistance, prejudice, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), PrEP shaming, Presbyterian, preservation, press release, prevention, pride, pride affinity group, pride dragon, primary school, prince, priorities, prison, prisoner double-bunking, prisoners, privacy, private schools, privilege, privilege rating scale, procreation, profile, programme, Progressive HIV, Progressive Judaism, project management, promiscuity, pronouns, propaganda, property rights, proposal, proposition, protease inhibitors, protest, prove heterosexuality, provocation defence, psychiatric hospital, psychiatric treatment, psychiatrist, psychodrama, psychology, psychosexual disorder, psychosis, puberty, public affection, public display of affection (PDA), public figure, public health, public library, public office, public opinion, public servant, public service, public spaces, public speaking, public toilet, public transport, publishing, pueblos, punishment, punitive law, punk culture, pyscho-sexual disorder, Quakers, Queen's City (Wellington), queer bashing, Queer liberation, queer resistance, queer rights, queer spectrum, queer sphere, queer straight alliance (QSA), queer theatre, Queer theology, queer theory, queer workers rights group, queerphobia, questioning, quilt, quiz, race, race politics, racial politics, racism, radical politics, radicalise, radio, Radio New Zealand National, rage, raids, rainbow age, rainbow banner, rainbow camp, rainbow capitalism, rainbow concrete mixer, Rainbow Crossing (Paekakariki), rainbow cultural competency, rainbow desk, rainbow filter (Facebook), Rainbow flag, rainbow parents, rainbow police car, rainbow power, Rainbow Progress Pride flag, rainbow refugee, rainbow refugee quota, rainbow relationships, rainbow ribbon, rainbow within a rainbow, rainbows, rally, rangatahi, rangatira, rangatiratanga, rape, Rape Crisis cloak, rationalism, re-education, reading, reclaim, recognition, reconciliation, reconnect, record player, records, recovery, red zone (Canterbury), redistribution of resource, referendum, reflection, refugee, refugee camp, refugee quota, regions, regrets, rehabilitation, reincarnation, rejection, relationship ideology, relationships, relaxation massage, religion, religious education, religious homophobia, remembrance, renal failure, rent, representation, repression, reproductive justice, reproductive rights, research, resettlement, resident advisors (RA), residential care, resilience, resistance, resource, respect, respite, rest homes, restorative practice, retirement, retreats, reunions, review, revolution, rewrite history, rhetoric, rimming, ritual, road trip, roast, Robert Burns Fellowship (University of Otago), robots, rock climbing, rogue and vagabond, role model, role playing, roller derby, Roman Catholicism, romantic, romantic development, Rongo, routine, rowing, Royal assent, Royal Commission, Royal Commission of Inquiry (1918), royal family, royal hairdresser, Royal Society Te Aparangi teaching fellowship, Ruatoki raids, rugby, runaway, running, rural, sad, sadism, safe house, safe sex, safe space, safer communities, safety, safety plan, sailor, saloon door, Salvation Army soldier, salvationist, same-sex partner violence, Sani Squad (COVID-19), satin pillowcase, saunas, saying no, scar, scaremonger, scene, schizophrenia, scholarship, school, school ball, school camp, school counselor, school curriculum, school prom, school safety audit (ERO), school uniform, sci-fi, scopophilia, scouts, scrapbook, screen writing, scripture, sculpture, sea, seamstress, second-wave feminism, secondary school, Secretary for Justice, secretions, secularism, security, security check, seed bank, seersucker fabric, segregation (prison), Segway, select committee, self awareness, self care, self confidence, self defence, self determination, self employment, self esteem, self harm, self hate, self help, self identification, self image, self loathing, self preservation, self publish, self respect, self stigma, self-acceptance, self-critical, self-evident, separation, separatism, serendipity, seroconversion, servant, setting text to music, sewing, sex, sex addiction, sex education, sex positivity, sex toys, sex work, Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism (SWERF), sex-centric, sex-on-site venues, sex-phobic, sexism, sexology, sexphobia, sexual abuse, sexual behaviour, sexual characteristics, sexual development, sexual dissidents, sexual health, sexual histories (University of Auckland paper), sexual identity, sexual interference, sexual liberation, sexual nonconformity, sexual offenders, sexual orientation, sexual revolution, sexual rights, sexual surrogate, sexual violence, sexualisation, sexuality, shame, shell shock, ship girl, ships, shoes, shooting, shopping, short story, shortest pride parade, shorts, show music, showgirl, shyness, 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Graham Norton, Graham Willett, Graham-Michoel, Grahame Thorne, Grant Jones, Grant Pittams, Grant Robertson, Grant Smith, Greg, Greg Adkins, Greg Minnisale, Greg O'Connor, Gregory Scrivener, Greig Wilson, Greta Garbo, Griffin Nichol, Gurv Singh, Gypsy (Wellington), Haare Williams, Hadyn Jones, Hamish Allardice, Hamish Walker, Hana Plant, Hannah Benbow, Hannah Gadsby, Hanya Yanagihara, Harlen Wilkinson, Harlie Lux, Harlyn Wilkinson, Harold O'Neal, Harold Robinson, Harriet Lane Tobin, Harvey Fierstein, Harvey Milk, Hayley Kiyoko, Hayley Mills, Hayley Young, Heather Carnegie, Heather Henare, Heather McDonald, Heather McPherson, Heather Roy, Heather Sangster-Smith, Hedy Lamarr, Heike Bauer, Heinrich Himmler, Hekia Parata, Helen Clark, Helen Darwick, Helen Houghton, Helen Kelly, Helen Kennedy, Helen Pausacker, Helen Reddy, Helen Shore, Helen Young, Hemi Frires, Henare Mahanga, Henare Te Ua, Hephaestion, Herbee Bartley, Hermione Lee, Herwig Raubal, Hesti Armiwulan, Heta Timu, Hetty Rodenburg, Hilary Halba, Hilary Penwarden, Hillary Clinton, Hinemoa and Tutanekai, Hinemoana Baker, Hinenuitepo, Hinewirangi Kohu, Hirini Melbourne, Hiroyuki Taniguchi, Hjelmar von Dannevill, Holly McMahon, Holly Near, Homer, Hon Salote Lupepau'u Tuita, Honore de Balzac, Howard Ashman, Howard Morrison, Hozier, HRH Princess Salote Pilolevu, Hugh Gaw, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Karena, Hugh Young, Hugo Gong, Hugo Grrrl, Hugo Wolf, Huhana Hickey, Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho, Iain Lees-Galloway, Ian Anderson, Ian Fraser, Ian Hutson, Ian Johnstone, Ian Kember, Ian McKellen, Ian McKelvie, Ian McLean, Ian Scott, Ian Smith, Ian Watt, Ian Williams, Imogen Taylor, Iona Anderson, Iona Pannett, Iria Pene, Isikeli Vulavou, Isla Findlay, Israel Dagg, Israel Folau, Ivan Yeo, Jac Lynch, Jacinda Ardern, Jack Body, Jack Byrne, Jack Goodwin, Jack Harrison-Quintana, Jack Hitchcox, Jack Marshall, Jack O'Donnell, Jack Perkins, Jack Trolove, Jack Winter, Jacki Byrd, Jackie Blue, Jackie Clarke, Jackie Collins, Jackson Whitham, Jacqueline Horn, Jacqui Stanford, Jacquie Grant, Jade du Preez, Jadwiga Green, Jaenine Parkinson, Jaidyn Leskie, Jaime Hutton, Jaimee Poipoi, James Baldwin, James Barron, James Barry, James Barwell, James Bennett, James Brownhill, James Burford, James Carroll, James Courage, James Henare, James Heslop, James Leuii, James Malcolm, James Penny, James Rice-Davies, James Shaw, James Sleep, James Wallace, Jami-Lee Ross, Jamie Burgess, Jan de Gier, Jan Derbyshire, Jan Logie, Jan Morris, Jan Suckling, Jan Wilson, Jane Bruning, Jane Chetwynd, Jane Henson, Jane Perkins, Jane Rule, Jane Trengrove, Janet Dunn, Janet Frame, Janette Kelly, Janice Raymond, Janis Freegard, Janis Ian, Janis Joplin, Jared Davidson, Jared Pullar, Jarrod Klooster, Jas Brooks, Jason King, Jason Myers, Jason Olsen, Jay Bennie, Jaycee Tanuvasa, Jaye Barclay, Jaye Glam Morgan, Jayne Costelloe, Jean Genet, Jean Malcolm, Jean Stewart, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Jeff Kinney, Jeff Montgomery, Jeff Whittington, Jeffrey T. Mitchell, Jeffrey Vaughan, Jelly O'Shea, Jelmer Snijder, Jem Traylen, Jen Shieff, Jennifer Edwards, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Jenny Morgan, Jenny O'Connor, Jenny Rankine, Jenny Rowan, Jenny Salesa, Jenny Shipley, Jeremy Baker, Jeremy Bentham, Jeremy Hansen, Jeremy Naylor, Jeri Castonia, Jerome Cargill, Jerome Vliestra, Jerry Hall, Jerry Mateparae, Jesse Porter, Jessica Bryan, Jessica Hammond, Jessica-Rose Hopkins, Jessie Scherf, Jevon Wright, Jill Day, Jill Soloway, Jillian Chrisp, Jim Anderton, Jim Bolger, Jim Courtney, Jim Gilmour, Jim McLay, Jim Robb, Jim Sutton, Jim Waters, Jim Whitman, Jimmy D, Jo Campbell, Jo Goodhew, Jo Jackson/Grizz, Jo Morrison, Jo Wrigley, Joan Bolger, Joan Didion, Joan Nestle, Joan of Arc, Joann Loulan, Joanne Drayton, Joanne Hayes, Job, Jock Phillips, Jodi Pringle, Joe, Joe Kearns, Joe Walding, Joey Kingi, Joey Macdonald, Joey Siosaia Joleen Mataele, John Anderson, John Ashbery, John Banks, John Cage, John Chico, John Chorlton, John Clements, John Crawford, John Dew, John Draper, John Eade, John Elmsly, John F. Kennedy, John Falloon, John Fenaughty, John Fisher, John Fleet, John Fox, John Frederick Kelly, John Graham-Cumming, John Greager, John Harper, John Hayes, John Henry Newman, John Hovell, John Howard, John Hunter, John Inman, John Jakeman, John Jolliff, John Kelly, John Key, John Kirwan, John Leguizamo, John Luxton, John Lyly, John Mayes, John McDavitt, John McKay, John Miller, John Money, John Parker, John Penny, John Raines, John Scott, John Spong, John Stringer, John Sullivan, John Sumner, John Tamihere, John Templer, John Wolfenden, Johnny Coolman, Johnny Croskery, Johnny Givins, Jon Brazier, Jon English, Jon Lusk, Jon Trimmer, Jonathan Coleman, Jonathan Dennis, Jonathan Elsom, Jonathan Gee, Jonathan Hunt, Jonathan Katz, Jonathan O'Brien, Jonathan Selu, Jonathan Sinclair, Jonathan Smith, Jonathan Young, Jono Naylor, Jools Joslin, Jools Topp, Joseph Habgood, Joseph Olshan, Joseph Parker, Josephine Stewart Tewhiu, Josh Espino, Joy Liddicoat, Judi Burns, Judith Ackroyd, Judith Butler, Judith Christensen, Judith Collard, Judith Collins, Judith Dale, Judith Tizard, Judy Chicago, Judy Dumbleton, Judy Glen, Judy Keall, Judy Lessing, Judy O'Brien, Judy Virago, Jules Lovelock, Jules Radford-Poupard, Julia Barnett, Julia Craig, Julia Serano, Julia Stuart, Julian Cook, Julian Mounter, Julie Anne Genter, Julie Douglas, Julie Glamuzina, Julie Helean, Julie London, Julie Ongoongotau, Julie Watson, Juliet Hulme, Julz Darroch, June Jackson, June Jordan, June Stephens, Jurgen Hoffman, Justin Canty, Justin Dart, Justin Gregory, Justin Lester, Justin Smith, Jutathorn Pravattiyagul, K.D. Lang, Kabel Manga, Kahu Pineaha, Kaine Thompson, Kakwenza Rukirabasaija, Kaleb, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Karen Harris, Karen Moses, Karen O'Leary, Karen Plummer, Karen Ritchie, Karen Te Wao, Karl Liebknecht, Karl Marx, Karl Popper, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Karma Chávez, Kassie Hartendorp, Kat Hall, Kate Aschoff, Kate Davison, Kate Leslie, Kate McIntyre, Kate Scarlet, Kate Sheppard, Kate Torrens, Kath Khangpiboon, Katherine A. Hermes, Katherine Early, Katherine Mansfield, Katherine O'Regan, Katherine Williams, Kathleen Winter, Kathryn Ryan, Kathy Baldock, Kathy Parkin, Katie Wolfe, Katija Vlatkovich, Katsuhiko Suganuma, Katy Hodgson, Kawika Aipa, Kay Jones, Kayla Riarn, Keith Gray, Keith Haring, Keith Hay, Keith Holyoake, Keith King, Keith Labad, Keith Locke, Kelly Adams, Kelly Ellis, Kelly Fornia, Kelver Hartley, Ken Comber, Ken Moala, Ken Richardson, Ken White, Kenneth Robinson, Keri Hulme, Kerry Brown, Kerry Prendergast, Kerry Tankard, Kestin Stewart, Kevin Baker, Kevin Chapman, Kevin Green, Kevin Hague, Kevin Haunui, Kevin Jensen, Kevin Schuster, Kevin Short, Kevin Smith, Kevin Todd, Khali Philip-Barbara, Khartini Slamah, Kia LaBeija, Kiana Rivera, Kiefer Hunt, Kieran Meredith, Kiingi Tuheitia, Kiki Smith, Kim Benton, Kim Davis, Kim Hill, Kim Mcbreen, Kim Saffron, Kim Wheeler, King Princess, Kip Chapman, Kira, Kiritapu Allan, Kirsty Farrant, Kirsty MacDonald, Kjel Griffiths, Kong Guan Ho, Koro Wetere, Kris Faafoi, Krys Baker, Kura Moeahu, Kurt Weill, Kyle Stutter, Lady Bledisloe, Lady Carnarvon, Lady Gaga, Lady Grandy, Lady June Hillary, Lady Tranise Bonet, Lady Victoria Diana Leatham, Ladyfruit, Lagi Tuimavave, Lainey Cowan, Lana Cantrell, Lana Lawless, LaQuisha Redfern, Larry Baldock, Larry Lee, Laura Drew, Laura Greenfield, Laura O'Connell Rapira, Lauren Britton, Lauren Wilkerson, Laverne Cox, Layne Waerea, Le'au Asenati Lole-Taylor, Leanne Chambers, Lee Child, Lee Eklund, Lee Harrison, Lee Millen, Lee Smith, Leigh Teirawhiti Ransfield, Leilani Sio, Len Brown, Lenette Breytenbach, Leo Tolstoy, Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Hollobon, Leonardo da Vinci, Leonie Neill, Les Mills, Lesley Bola, Lesley Lawson, Leslie Feinberg, Levi Torrey, Lew Pryme, Lex Davis, Lexie Matheson, Liam Reid, Lianne Dalziel, Liberace, Liggs Hoffman, Lilith LaCroix, Lillian Gish, Lilly Loud Mouth, Lilly Pohatu-Hawkins, Linda Evans, Linda Koolmann, Linda Luong, Linda Martin, Linda McLaughlan, Linda Wallace, Lindah Lepou, Lindsay Shelton, Lindsay Taylor, Lindsay Tisch, Lindsay Wright, Lisa Alther, Lisa Archibald, Lisa Prager, Little Miss Cinnamon, Liz Dutton, Liz Roberts, Liz Robinson, Lloyd Geering, Lockwood Smith, Logan Robertson, Logan Sloane, Lois White, Lola (Wellington), Lola Elle Bellamy-Hill, Lord Cobham, Lord Mountbatten, Loreena (Wellington), Loretta Hunt-Tevaga, Lou Percy, Lou Reed, Lou Sheldon, Louis Zalk-Neale, Louisa Wall, Louise Pearman, Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, Lucy Forrestal, Lucy Lawless, Lucy Liu, Ludwig van Beethoven, Lukasz Szulc, Luke Redward, Lyle Ashton Harris, Lyn Burgess, Lynda Topp, Lynette Hutson, Lynette Townsend, Lynn Freeman, Lynne Hillier, Maaike Fisher, Maata Mahupuku, Macklemore, Madam Mary, Maddy Drew, Madeleine Sami, Madeline Reid, Mae West, Maggie Barry, Maggie Munford, Maggie Shippam, Magnus Hirschfeld, Mahara Davis, Mahinarangi Tocker, Mai Chen, Maihi Makiha, Malala Yousafzai, Malcolm Harrison, Malcolm Kennedy-Vaughan, Malcolm McAlister, Malcolm McKinnon, Malcolm McLaren, Malia Patea-Taylor, Malvina Major, Mama Tere Strickland, Mandy Hager, Mandy Toogood, Mani Bruce Mitchell, Manuel DeLanda, Maraea Rakuraku, Marama Davidson, Marama Fox, Marama Pala, Maramena Roderick, Marcel Proust, Marcella de Tella, Marcia Quackenbush, Marcus Bunyan, Marcus Conant, Marcus Craig, Maree Sheehan, Maree Turner, Marewa Glover, Marg Curnow, Margaret Dowling, Margaret Escott, Margaret Mayman, Margaret Shields, Margaret Sparrow, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Tolland, Margaret Wilson, Margo Hobbs, Mari North, Maria MacDonald, Maria Montez, Marian Clement, Marian Hobbs, Marianne Elliot, Marianne Faithfull, Marie Antoinette, Marie Laufiso, Marie Pa Ariki, Marilyn Duckworth, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Waring, Marja Lubeck, Mark Amery, Mark Beehre, Mark Blumskey, Mark Fairey, Mark Gilbert, Mark Harrison, Mark Henrickson, Mark Masterson, Mark McKenna, Mark Proffit, Mark Sykes, Mark Thomas, Mark Williams, Marlene Dietrich, Martin Kaulback, Martin Luther King Jr, Martina Navratilova, Mary Barber, Mary Barnett, Mary Bond, Mary Daly, Mary Lambert, Mary O'Hagan, Mary Quant, Mary Stanley, Mary-Anne Mcallum, Maryan Street, Mata Hari, Matt Cook, Matt King, Matt Sharpe, Matt Whyte, Matt Wort, Matthew Hunt, Matthew Linfoot, Matthew Shepard, Matthew Vines, Maureen Pugh, Maurice McTigue, Maurice Ravel, Maurice Williamson, Max Abbott, Max Adams, Max Cryer, Max Currie, Max Tweedie, Maxine Gunderson, Maxine Wilkinson, Maya Angelou, Meg Allen, Meg Torwl, Megan Butcher, Meghan Markle, Melanie Church, Melissa Farley, Melissa Gibson, Melissa Janson, Melissa M. Wilcox, Meng Zhu Fu, Merata Mita, Merv Ransom, Merv Wellington, Metiria Turei, Mia Farlane, Mia Slapper, Micah Geiringer, Michael Bancroft, Michael Barrymore, Michael Bassett, Michael Beel, Michael Cullen, Michael Cunningham, Michael Fowler, Michael Giacon, Michael Hardie Boys, Michael Houstoun, Michael Kirby, Michael Laws, Michael McCabe, Michael Moore, Michael O'Connor, Michael Pansters, Michael Parmenter, Michael Sanders, Michael Stevens, Michael Wilson, Michal Boyd, Michel Foucault, Michelangelo Signorile, Michele Cinq-Mars, Michelle Dawes, Michelle Durey, Michelle Genet, Mika X, Mike Bakers, Mike Bryant, Mike Chunn, Mike Fairhurst, Mike Gourley, Mike Hosking, Mike Keegan, Mike King, Mike McSweeny, Mike Moore (politician), Mike Pohl, Mike Waghorne, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Mira Woldberg, Miriam Saphira, Miscellaneouslee, Miss Cola, Miss Ribena, Mitch Yusof, Moana Eruera, Moana Mackey, Moana Parsons, Moeawa Tamanui-Fransen, Mojo Mathers, Monique Oomen, Morgan-Jean Butler, Morten Lauridsen, Mrs Brown, Mrs. Doubtfire, Muriel Cadogan, Murray Forgie, Murray McCully, Murray Riches, Murray Smith, Myra Thomas, Nadia Gush, Nadie Abu-Shanab, Naeaulumanua Le Atio'o, Nanaia Mahuta, Nancy Mitford, Nancy Newhouse, Natalia Voltchkova, Natalie Marshall, Nate, Nathan Guy, Nathan Joe, Nathan Ross, Nathaniel Gordon-Stables, Neil Anderson, Neil Armstrong, Neil Bartlett, Neil Costelloe, Neil McConaghy, Neil Morrison, Neil Thornton, Neil Trubhovich, Neill Austin, Neill Ballantyne, Nelson Mandela, Neo Kenny, Ness Simons, Neville Creighton, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Ngaio Marsh, Niccole Duval, Nick Jones, Nick Leggett, Nick Mcmillan, Nick Partridge, Nick Tansley, Nicki Eddy, Nicky Harger, Nicola Owen, Nicola Surtees, Nicola Willis, Nicola Wood, Nicola Young, Nicole Duval, Nicole Hoey, Nicolette Page, Nigel Baumber, Nigel Christie, Nigel Jeffcoat, Nigel Nicolson, Nigel Raymond, Nigel Studdart, Nik Dimopoulos, Nikki Aitken, Nikki Kaye, Nikki Lee Carlson, Nikki Macdonald, Nikki Si'ulepa, Nikki Sullivan, Nina Simone, Noah Miller, Nod Ghosh, Noel Hulme, Noel Scott, Normal Jones, Norman Gibson, Norman Jones, Norman Kirk, Oliver Page, Oliver Reed, Omar Khayyam, Oprah Winfrey, Orlando Bloom, Oscar Wilde, Osman Kavala, Osric Chau, Owen Shanks, Pablo Picasso, Paddy Delany, Paddy Noble, Paddy Plunket, Paerau Corneal, Paerau Warbrick, Pamela Hancock, Pamela Stephenson, Paola Ugaz, Papiloa Foliaki, Pasi Daniels, Pastor Martin Niemoller, Pat Downey, Pat Leonard, Pat McIntosh, Pat Rosier, Patricia Bartlett, Patricia Highsmith, Patricia Nell Warren, Patricia Wentworth, Patrick Swayze, Patroclus, Patsy Reddy, Paul Boland, Paul Bushnell, Paul Diamond, Paul Eagle, Paul East, Paul Fitzharris, Paul Foster-Bell, Paul Franken, Paul Gittens, Paul Goldsmith, Paul Henry, Paul Holmes, Paul Hutchison, Paul Jackson, Paul Jenden, Paul Mckay, Paul Noble, Paul Reeves, Paul Rigby, Paul Simon, Paul Volberding, Paula Barnett, Paula Bennett, Paula Boock, Paula Booker, Pauline Gillespie, Pauline Parker, Pema Wu, Penelope England, Penny Dodd, Penny Salmon, Pereana Pitman, Peri Te Wao, Pete Young, Peter Beck, Peter Blazey, Peter Cuthbert, Peter Dunne, Peter Gordon, Peter Hudson, Peter Jackson, Peter Kooiman, Peter Lineham, Peter Mwai, Peter Nowland, Peter Rule, Peter Sagar, Peter Sherlock, Peter Sinclair, Peter Soukolopoulos, Peter Stratford, Peter Sumner, Peter Tait, Peter Tapsell, Peter Tatchell, Peter Wall, Peter Wells, Peter Williams, Peter Williams, Petrina Chai, Phil Goff, Phil Jay, Phil Parkinson, Phil Rogers, Phil Siegel, Phil Smees, Phil Warren, Philip Burdon, Philip Healy, Philip Hughes, Philip Lynch, Philip Patston, Philip van Dyke, Philip Woollaston, Phillida Bunkle, Phillip Cottrell, Phillip Peek, Phoebe Balle, Phylesha Brown-Acton, Phyliss Munro, Pierre et Gilles, Pindi Hurring, Pinky Agnew, Pip Laufiso, Pleasance Hansen, Pollyfilla, Ponti, Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II, Porleen Simmons, Poto Williams, Prince Andrew - Duke of York, Prince Edward - Earl of Wessex, Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret, Priscilla Penniket, Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Prue Hyman, Prue Langbein, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary, Quentin Crisp, R. Leighton Hasselrodt, Rachael Collinge, Rachael Le Mesurier, Rachel Dolezal, Rachel Fabish, Rachel Green, Rachel Hope Cleaves, Rachel Hoskin, Rachel Hyde, Rachel Ingram, Rachel Platten, Radclyffe Hall, Rainer Fassbinder, Rainton Hastie, Rajen Prasad, Rakesh Naidoo, Ralph Dyer, Ralph Knowles, Ramon Maniapoto, Ramon Te Wake, Ramon Vorkauf, Rana Waitai, Randy Alfred, Rangi Carroll, Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere, Rangimoana Taylor, Rani Ravudi, Rapai Te Hau, Raven-Symone, Rawa Karetai, Ray Farrelly, Ray Sunbeam, Ray Taylor, Raymond Hawthorne, Raymond Huo, Rebecca Elizabeth Taylor, Rebecca Swan, Rei Denee, Reina Lewis, Remy Schwenke, Renato Sabbadini, Rene Capone, Renee Richards, Rev Dr Susan Jones, Rev Edward Bond, Rev Roger Pym, Rewi Alley, Rex  Cramphorn, Rex Austin, Rex Halliday, Rex Perenara, Rex Pilgrim, Rhona Haszard, Ri Comer, Ricardo de Menezes, Ricardo Menendez March, Richard Arnold, Richard Benge, Richard Bruce Parkinson, Richard Burton, Richard Flinn, Richard Fray, Richard Galloway, Richard Gilhooly, Richard Hanna, Richard King, Richard Meech, Richard Northey, Richard Prebble, Richard Prosser, Richard Stanton, Richard Tait, Richard Tankersley, Richard Turner, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Richie Havens, Rick Gerharter, Ricky Burjac, Rion McKenzie, Rita Angus, Ritchie Valens, Rob Calder, Rob Evans, Rob Grant, Rob Haultain, Rob Lake, Rob Storey, Rob Sumby, Robbie Manson, Robbie van Dijk, Robert Aldrich, Robert Campbell, Robert Collins, Robert Gant, Robert Grieve, Robert Hillsborough, Robert Jones, Robert Leek, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Mills, Robert Muldoon, Robert O'Hara, Robert O'Shea, Robin Bowles, Robin Duff, Robin Hyde, Robin Morgan, Robin Murphy, Robin Nathan, Robin Shave, Robin Warea-Hargreaves, Robyn Kenealy, Robyn Ochs, Rock Hudson, Rod Ellis-Pegler, Rod McLeod Morrison, Rodger Haines, Rodger Stanley, Rodger Wright, Rodney Hide, Rodney Kennedy, Rodney Knight, Rodney Mugadza, Roger Douglas, Roger Horrocks, Roger Maxwell, Roger McClay, Roger Robinson, Roger Smith, Roger Swanson, Roie Norton, Ron Athey, Ron Brierley, Ron Brownson, Ron Cook, Ron Irvine, Ron New, Ron O'Reilly, Rona Barrett, Ronald Trifero Nelson, Ronnie Wood, Ropata Maxwell, Rosa Parks, Rose Bean Simpson, Rose McMahon, Roseanne Barr, Rosemary McLeod, Roshan Mahato, Rosie Jimson-Healey, Rosie Leadbitter, Ross Bay, Ross Robertson, Rosslyn Noonan, Rosslyn Noonan, Rouge Wihongi, Rowan Moulder, Rowan Williams, Rowen Sullivan, Roxanne Swentzell, Roxy Coervers, Roy Ayling, Roy Cohn, Roy Stacey, Ruby Porter, Ruby Wax, Rudi ten Have, Rudolf Nureyev, RuPaul Charles, Rupert Everett, Russel Norman, Russell Duncan, Russell Marshall, Russell Wells, Ruth Amato, Ruth Busch, Ruth Charters, Ruth DeSouza, Ruth Dyson, Ruth Mundy, Ruth Richardson, Ryan Conrad, Ryan Kennedy, Ryder August, S. Bear Bergman, Sabrina Martin, Saint Eugenia, Sally Dellow, Sally Hunter, Sally Ride, Salome, Salvador Dali, Sam Brooks, Sam Clarke, Sam Humphrey, Sam Jackson, Sam Johnson, Sam McLean, Sam Neill, Sam Orchard, Sam Shore, Sam Stead, Samantha Murray, SamKate Douglas, Samuel Barber, Samuel Holloway, Sandie Shaw, Sandra Coney, Sandra Dickson, Sandra Kirby, Sandy Gauntlett, Sandy Taylor, Sandz Peipi Te Pou, Sappho, Sara Bareilles, Sara Fraser, Sara Guthrie, Sara Quin, Sarah Amelia Courage, Sarah Arndt, Sarah Coulthard, Sarah Dowie, Sarah McBride, Sarah Murphy, Sarah Schulman, Sasha Hartmann-Hughes, Satya Rai Nagpaul, Savannah Dooley, Scarlett Johansson, Scott Johnston, Scott Kennedy, Scott Morrison, Scott Smith, Scotty Matthews, Seamas Gormley, Seb Stewart, Sedigheh Vasmaghi, Selina Simone, Semira Davis, Senthorun Raj, Sergei Eisenstein, Sergio Toffetti, Shabeena Francis Saveri, Shae Ronald, Shane Cameron, Shane Town, Sharon Kowalski, Shasha Ali, Shaughan Woodcock, Shawn Moodie, Sheila Jeffreys, Shelley Te Waiariki Howard, Shevon Matai, Shigeyuki Kihara, Shirleene Robinson, Shirley Albiston, Shirley MacLaine, Sian Torrington, Siaosi Mulipola, Sidney Sheldon, Sigmund Freud, Silvia Cartwright, Simon Clay, Simon Fulton, Simon Gennard, Simon Mercep, Simon Morley, Simon Prast, Simon Rosser, Simon Townsend, Simon Upton, Simon Witoko, Simone de Beauvoir, Sister Paula Brettkelly, So'oalo To'oto'oali'i Roger Stanley, Sonja Davies, Sonya Apa Temata, Sophia Dempsey, Sophia Loren, Sophie Jayawardene, Sophie Labelle, Sophie Standfield, Spanky Jackson, St. Paul, Stacey Kerapa, Staya Rai Nagpual, Stefanie Upchurch, Stella Duffy, Stephanie Dowrick, Stephanie Garvey, Stephanie Gibson, Stephen Berry, Stephen Clothier, Stephen Denekamp, Stephen Donald, Stephen Franks, Stephen Fry, Stephen Lunt, Stephen Neville, Stephen Park, Stephen Phillips, Stephen Rainbow, Stevan Eldred-Grigg, Steve Danby, Steve Farrow, Steve Farrow (Rainbow Network), Steve Lawrence, Steve McVey, Steve Stephens, Steven Joyce, Steven Mawhinney, Steven Oates, Steven Sue, Stevie Nicks, Stewart Main, Stuart Cameron, Stuart Douce, Stuart Dryburgh, Stuart Pearce, Stuart Young, Su'a William Sio, Sue Bradford, Sue Dunlop, Sue Hannan, Sue Kedgley, Sue Lytollis, Sue Marshall, Sulique Waqa, Sulivenusi Waqa, Sumithra Chand, Summer Edwards, Sunil Pant, Susan Devoy, Susan Hawthorne, Susan Sontag, Susan Stryker, Susan Xtabay, Susannah Walker, Suzanne Lacy, Suzanne Tamaki, Syd Jackson, Sydney Lehman, Sylvia Rivera, T Peters, Taane Mete, Tabby Besley, Taine Polkinghorne, Talei Langley, Tamara Anderson, Tamati Coffey, Tamati Shepherd, Tangi Walsh, Tania Beckett, Tania Bermudez, Tania Sawicki Mead, Tania Walters, Tanu Gago, Tariana Turia, Tarn Billingsley, Tash Helasdottir-Cole, Tau Henare, Taupuruariki Brightwell, Te Kahureremoa Taumata, Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki, Te Ururoa Flavell, Te Whiti-o-Rongomai, Ted Coubray, Ted Cox, Ted Fecteau, Ted Greensmith-West, Ted Kerr, Tee Wineera, Tegan Quin, Tennessee Williams, Teri O'Neill, Terrence Batchelor, Terry Higgins, Terry Parkes, Terry Stringer, Tess Jamieson-Karaha, Tess Tickle, Theresa May, Theta Likins, Thomas Cameron, Thomas Coppell, Thomas Merton, Thomas Nikora, Thomas Ongley, Thomas Sainsbury, Tighe Instone, Tilda Swinton, Tillie Laufiso, Tilly Lloyd, Tim Baice, Tim Barnett, Tim Blanks, Tim Conigrave, Tim Macindoe, Tim Roberts, Tim van de Molen, Timothy Leary, Timothy Swann, Timothy Willem Jones, Tiny Tina, Tipene O'Regan, Tirza True Latimer, Todd Andrews, Todd Hamilton-Crook, Tohia Love, Tom Cameron, Tom Martin, Tom McLean, Tom Milliken, Tom O'Donoghue, Tom Scott, Tom Selleck, Tom Stacey, Tommy Hamilton, Toni Duder, Toni Morrison, Toni Regan, Tony Blunt, Tony Brunt, Tony Burton, Tony Friedlander, Tony Hughes, Tony Katavich, Tony Kushner, Tony Mackle, Tony Millett, Tony Nightingale, Tony Reed, Tony Ryall, Tony Simpson, Tony Smith, Tony Taylor, Tony Thompson, Tonya Booker, Torfrida Wainwright, Tori Amos, Torranice Campel, Toss Woollaston, Tracey Bentall, Tracey Thompson, Trelise Cooper, Trevor de Cleene, Trevor Easton, Trevor Hynes, Trevor Mallard, Trevor Morley, Trevor Nunweek, Trevor Richards, Trevor Young, Trish McBride, Trish Mullins, Troy Mihaka, Troy Perry, Troye Sivan, Trudy Kennedy, Tuafale Tanoa'i, Tuisina Ymania Brown, Tusiata Avia, Tutanekai, Tutankhamun, Ty Turner, Tyler Oakley, Tyler Williams, Tyrone Russell, unidentified voice, Uri Khein, Ursula Bethell, Urzila Carlson, Vaitoa Toelupe, Val Little, Valance Smith, Valda Edyvane, Valerie Love, Vaughan Meneses, Vaughan Shepherd, Vee M C, Venn Young, Verity George, Vern Keller, Very Rev John Murray, Vicki-Anne Heikell, Victor Rodger, Victor Taurewa Biddle, Vikram Seth, Vincent Burke, Vincent O'Sullivan, Virginia Parker-Bowles, Virginia Woolf, Vita Sackville-West, Vivian Lyngdoh, Vivian Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Vladimir Luxuria, Vladimir Nabokov, W. Somerset Maugham, W.H. Auden, Wai Ho, Waitangi Teepa, Wally Martin, Wally Prictor, Walt Whitman, Walter Benjamin, Walter D'Arcy Cresswell, Walter Kawikaka'iulani Aipa, Walter Wink, Warren Butler, Warren Douglas, Warren Freer, Warren Lindberg, Warwick Broadhead, Wayne Mapp, Wayne Murdoch, Welby Ings, Wendy Cunningham, Wesley Johnson, Wesley Snipes, Whaitiri Mikaere, Whakahuihui Vercoe, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan, Whina Cooper, Wi Taepa, Wilkie Collins, Will Hansen, Will Walsh, Willa Cather, William Dart, William Dove, William Leith, William Mitchell, William S. Burroughs, William Shakespeare, William Spurlin, William Taylor, William Woodley-Hartley, Willy Smack'n Tush, Winona Ryder, Winston Peters, Wiremu Demchick, Wiremu Maihi Te Rangikaheke, Wiremu Stevenson, Witarina Harris, Witi Ihimaera, Witold Lutoslawski, Wyatt Creech, Xaviera Hollander, Yasmin Nair, Yolo Akili, Yorick Smaal, Yuri Zhigang Zheng, Yvette Kennedy, Zac Langdon-Pole, Zena Campbell, Zoie Guest

Groups and Organisations

1737 Need to Talk, 1ZB (radio), 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 2ZM (Wellington radio station), 3ZB (radio station), 91ZM (Wellington, radio), 95bFM, ABBA, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), ACON (New South Wales), ACT New Zealand, Act Up, ActionStation, Afterlife Memorial Trust, Age Concern New Zealand, Agender New Zealand, Ahakoa Te Aha (Auckland), AIDS Memorial Quilt, AIDS Support Network, AIDS Support Network Trust, Air New Zealand, Akiko International, Alcoholics Anonymous, Alexander Turnbull Library, All Blacks, Alliance Defending Freedom, Alliance for Justice, alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, Amamus Theatre Group, Amazons Softball Club (Wellington), Amnesty International, Anglican Church, Animal Agenda Aotearoa (campaign), Aniwaniwa o Tairawhiti (Gisborne), Ansett New Zealand, Anti Bigot Committee (formerly the Alliance for Justice), ANZ Bank New Zealand, Aquarius Club, Ara Taiohi, Archives New Zealand, Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians, Artists Alliance, Arts Access Aotearoa, Arts Council of New Zealand, ASB Bank, Asexuality Aotearoa New Zealand, Assembly Of God, Association of Women Academics (Victoria University of Wellington), Auckland AIDS Council, Auckland City Council, Auckland City Library, Auckland City Mission, Auckland Community AIDS Service, Auckland Community Church, Auckland District Health Board (ADHB), Auckland Gay Bowling Organisation (AGBO), Auckland Lesbian Business Association (ALBA), Auckland Libraries, Auckland Metropolitan College, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Auckland Sexual Health Service, Auckland Stock Exchange, Auckland Theatre Company, Auckland University Press, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Aunty Dana's Op Shop (Wellington), Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), Australian Christian Lobby, Australians for Equality, Bay Area Reporter, BBC, BBC World Service, Be. Accessible, Bear New Zealand, Befriend (Christchurch), Bent Taranaki, Bicycle Junction (Wellington), Black Ferns, Black Panthers, Black Power, Blue Diamond Society, BMW cars, Bob Scott Retirement Village (Lower Hutt), Body Positive, Body Positive Canterbury, Borders (bookshop), BOX Events, Box Oceania, Breathing Space (group), Brownies, Brunel University London, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Canada), Builders Labourers Federation, Buoy Salon and Spa (Wellington), Burnside High School (Christchurch), Campaign for Civil Unions, Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE), Campaign for Marriage Equality, Campaign to Pardon Gays in Aotearoa, Cantoris choir (Wellington), Cartier Trust, Castel Felice (ship), Catholics United for the Faith, CBS, Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ), Changing Minds, Charlotte Museum, Chorus, Chrissy Witoko Memorial Trust, Christ's College (Christchurch), Christchurch Boys' High School, Christian Dior, Christian Heritage Party, Civil Union Bill Support Society, Closet Space, Club 41 (Wellington), Club 69 (Christchurch), Club Sandwich (Onslow College), Coalition in Support of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, Coalition of Concerned Citizens, Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand, Colombo Plan, Colour Me Kitchen, Coming Up, Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Common Ground (Wellington), Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Community AIDS Resource Team, Community HIV Team, Community Law, Community Law (Hutt Valley), Community Law (Wellington), Community Law Centre (Christchurch), Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ), Conservative Party NZ, Continental Hairdressing Academy (Wellington), Coronation Street (tv), Countdown supermarket, Craig Potton Publishing, Creative New Zealand, Critical Resistance (USA), Cross Agency Rainbow Network (CARN), Crown Law Office, Crunk Feminist Collective (CFC), Cyber Scrivener, DANSS (Wellington), DEFGLIS (Australian Defence Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Information Service), Democrats for Social Credit, Department of Conservation, Department of Corrections, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Internal Affairs, Destiny Church, Different Strokes Wellington (DSW), Dire Straits, Disabled Servicemen's Re-establishment League, Diva Productions, Diversity and Inclusion Council (St John), Diversity Group (Newlands College), Diversityworks Trust, Dominion (newspaper), Dominion Post (newspaper), DOODS (Dykes Out Of Debt), Dorian Society (Wellington), Drodrolagi Movement (Fiji), Dutybound Bookbinder, Dykes on Mics (Auckland), Dymocks Bookstore, E tu (union), Eastman School of Music (New York), Education Review Office (ERO), Electoral Commission, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Emerging Artists Trust, Equal Justice Project (Auckland), EquAsian, Ettie Rout Clinic, European Union, Evolve Wellington Youth Service, Exclusive Brethren, Exisle Publishing, Exodus International, Extreme Taupo, Faith Communities United in Love, Family First NZ, Family Planning, Faux Direction (musical group), Female Sexuality (FemSex), Fifth Season Garden Group, Fiji Human Rights Commission, Film Society, Fingerprints and Teeth Productions, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Fleetwood Mac, Fletcher Building, Focus on the Family, Forge (Christchurch), Framelines film festival, Fresh Fruit (Wellington), Friedrichshof Commune, Friends of Friends, Galaxies (Wellington), GALS  (Nelson College for Girls QSA), GALS (Gay and Lesbian Singers, Auckland), GAP (Gay Association of Professionals), Gap Filler, Gateways club (London), Gay Activists Alliance (GAA), Gay Activists Society (Christchurch), Gay and Lesbian Clergy Anti-Discrimination Society (GLCADS), Gay and Lesbian Narcotics Anonymous (Wellington), Gay Auckland Business Association (GABA), Gay BC (Wellington Access Radio), Gay Christian Network, Gay Fathers group (Wellington), Gay Lesbian Welfare (Auckland), Gay Lesbian Welfare telephone (Auckland), Gay Liberation Auckland, Gay Liberation Christchurch, Gay Liberation Front, Gay Liberation Front Auckland, Gay Liberation Front Christchurch, Gay Liberation Front Wellington, Gay Liberation Wellington, Gay Line Wellington Trust, Gay Men's Health Crisis, Gay Radio, Gay Task Force, Gay Teachers Union, Gay Wakeboarding Association NZ, Gay-Aid (Wellington), Gay-OK, GayBiNZ, Gayline (Auckland), Gaylink (Christchurch), Gays and Lesbians in Education (GLE), GC2b Transitional Apparel, Gender Flux (USA), Gender Minorities Aotearoa (GMA), Genre Books, Girl Guides, Gisborne Boys High School, GLAD (Gays and Lesbians Against Discrimination), Glamourhead Sharks (Melbourne, Australia), GLBT Historical Society, GLBTI Retirement Association Inc, Glenfield College, GLISA Asia Pacific, Golden Bay Cement, Green Cross Pharmacy, Green Party, Grey Power New Zealand, Group Life Laboratory, Hachette NZ, Hagley Community College, Hallensteins, Halt All Racist Tours (HART), Hamilton Boys High School, Hares and Hyenas (bookstore), HarperCollins Publishers, Harrods (UK), Hasting Boys High School, Haus of Khameleon (Fiji), Hawke's Bay Equality Society, Hawke's Bay Herald-Tribune, He Taua, Health And Disability Commissioner, Hedesthia (Wellington), Herne Bay House, Herne Bay Petanque Club (Auckland), Hero Charitable Trust, Heroic Gardens, Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays (HUG), High Commission of Canada, Hocken Library (Dunedin), Hodder Moa Beckett (now Hachette), Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura - Outing Violence, Homophones (Wellington), Homosexual Electoral and Legislative Lobby (HELL), Homosexual Law Reform Society, Homosexuals Anonymous, House of LaBeija, Housing New Zealand, Howard League for Penal Reform, Huia Publishers, Human Rights Campaign (USA), Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Review Tribunal, Hurricanes (rugby team), Icebreakers (Auckland), IDEA Services (IHC), ILGA Oceania, ILGA World, INA (Maori, Indigenous and South Pacific) HIV and AIDS Foundation, Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tahono, Inland Revenue Department, InsideOUT, Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft, Inter-Parliamentary Union, International Institute of Modern Letters (IIML), International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), International Socialist Organization (ISO), Internet Archive, Intersex Society of North America, Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand (ITANZ), Intersex Youth Aotearoa, IRB World Cup, Isherwood Trust (Auckland), Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Island Bay Library (Wellington), Island Bay School (Wellington), IV League, Jaycees, Johnny Campbell and The Detours, Just Speak, Kahui Wahine, Kaimiro School, Kaleidoscope Trust, Kamp That Way Collective, Kapiti Coast District Council, Kapiti College, Kapiti Youth Support, Kapul Champion and Friends Frangipani Inc, Kapul Champions (Papua New Guinea), Kava Club (Wellington), KG Club (Auckland), Kindle, King's College (Auckland), Kippenberger Research Library (Waiouru), KiwiRail, Knox Church (Lower Hutt), Kobo, KPFA, KPFK, Krazy Knights (Wellington rugby team), KSAN, Lahmann Health Home (8 Weka Street, Miramar), Lambda Trampers, Lavender Menace, Learning Media, Legacy Project, LegaliseLove, LegaliseLove (Waikato), LegaliseLove (Wellington), Les Girls, Lesbian Action for Visbility Aotearoa (LAVA), Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ), Lesbian Avengers, Lesbian choir (Wellington), Lesbian Coalition, Lesbian Elders Village, Lesbian Gay Media Collective, Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre (LILAC), Lesbian Line (Wellington), Lesbian Overland and Cafe Club, Lesbian support and social group (Auckland), Lesbian support group (Palmerston North), Lesbians in Print (LIP), Lesbians Inside the System (LIS), Lesbians on Latte (Auckland), Letsbian club (sp? Wellington), Levin Intermediate, LGBT Health and Wellbeing [LGBT Healthy Living Centre] (Scotland), Liberty Counsel, Library of Congress, Lightbox Online TV, Lippy Pictures, London Missionary Society, Longacre Press, Love Life Fono Trust, Love Your Condom, LV Martin and Sons, Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Trust (MOSAIC), Mana Party, mana wahine, Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA), Maori Party, Maori Television, Maori Women's Welfare League, Marriage Equality Campaign (Wellington), Massey University, Massey University Press, Maxim Institute, Mayhem Boxing, Medical Appeal Board, Men Against Pornography, Men Against Rape, Mental Health Foundation, Mercer New Zealand, Mercury Theatre (Auckland), Meridian Energy, Metlink Wellington, Metropolitan Community Church, Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign (MARRC), Mika Haka Foundation, Mills and Boon, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Women's Affair, Minorities Trust, Moral Majority, Mother's Network NZ, Mount Albert Grammar School, MTV, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington), Museums Aotearoa, Museums Wellington, Naenae College, Naenae Intermediate, NAMES Project, Naming New Zealand, Napier Operatic Society, Narcotics Anonymous, Narukami Taiko, National Council of Women, National Film Board of Canada, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (USA), National Gay Rights Coalition, National Housing Commission, National Library of New Zealand (Wellington), National Party, National Party Research Unit, National Telehealth Service, National with Pride (New Zealand National Party), Nayland Alliance of Gays and Straights (NAGS), Nayland College, Nelson College, Nelson Provincial Museum, Netflix, NetSafe, New Zealand AIDS Council, New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF), New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, New Zealand Army, New Zealand Association of Counsellors, New Zealand Blood Service, New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation (NZBC), New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU), New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), New Zealand Film Archive, New Zealand Film Commission, New Zealand First, New Zealand Gay News, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand International Film Festival, New Zealand Labour Party, New Zealand Law Society, New Zealand Lesbian Social Group (Facebook), New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme, New Zealand Nurses Organisation, New Zealand Party, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Portrait Gallery (Wellington), New Zealand Professional Boxing Association, New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC), New Zealand Radio Training School, New Zealand School of Dance, New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA), New Zealand String Quartet, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, New Zealand Union of Students' Association, New Zealand Values Party, New Zealand Womans Weekly, New Zealand Young Nationals, New Zealand Youth for Christ, Newlands College, Newlands Intermediate School (Wellington), Newshub, NFU (National Film Unit), Nga Kaihanga Uku, Nga Tamatoa, Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, Ngati Kahungunu ki Poneke Community Services, Nielsen BookData New Zealand, Northern Region District Health Boards (DHBs), NZ Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), NZ Falcons, NZ On Screen, NZ Rugby, NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), NZ Truth, NZBC (New Zealand Broacasting Corporation), NZBS (New Zealand Broadcasting Service), NZDF Personnel Archives and Medals (PAM) - Trentham Military Camp, NZEI Te Riu Roa, NZSO National Youth Orchestra, Office of the Clerk/Parliamentary Service, Open Brethren, Opportunity for Animals, Orchestra Wellington, Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration (ORAM), Otago Gay Equality Society (OGES), Otago University Press, OUSA Queer Support (Otago University Students' Association), Out and Loud (choral festival), Out at PSA Network, Out at Work Network, Out in the Bay, Out Loud, Out There! National Queer Youth Development Project, Out Wellington Inc., Outerspaces (Wellington), OUTLine NZ, OutRage! (UK), OutTakes: A Reel Queer Film Festival, Over the Rainbow, 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Paekakariki Pride (2017), Patchwork hui (2013), People of Colour Decolonisation Hui, Pike River Mine disaster, Pink flight (Air New Zealand), Pink Shirt Day, Play It Strange, Playwrights b4 25, Poetry Idol Slam, PoetryLive at the Thirsty Dog (Auckland), Positive Women family hui, Pride, Pride (Christchurch), Pride (Hamilton), Pride (Nelson), Pride 101 (Te Papa, 2019), Pride parade, Pride parade (Auckland), Pride Parade (Wellington), Proud 2016 (Wellington), Proud Mary, Proud to Play NZ (2016), Queer History in the Making (2015), Queer History Month (September), Queer the Night (Wellington), Quilter case (1996), Rainbow Elders Panel (2018), Rainbow Election Forum (2017), Rainbow Pasefika (2020), Rainbow Pride Community Honours (Wellington), Rainbow Youth Alternative Ball, Rally for Marriage Equality, Reclaim the Night, Recreation festival (Wellington), Safety in Schools for Queers, Same Same But Different  (2016), San Bernardino mass killing (2015), Security intelligence protests (1977), Sesqui 1990, Shed 6 (Wellington), Shift hui, Shift hui (2015), Shift hui (2016), Shift hui (2017), Shift hui (2018), Shift hui (2019), Shirts and Skirts (Box Oceania), Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Solidarity with Orlando Candlelight Vigil (Wellington), Spirit Day (20 October), Springbok rugby tour (1981), Stonewall 25 (1994), Stonewall riots (1969), Stop AIDS campaign, Sydney Gay Solidarity Group march (1978), Sydney Mardi Gras, Te Maori exhibition, Te Matatini, Tea Cups (poem), The Holocaust, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Tuia Encounters 250, UN World Conference on Women (Nairobi, 1985), Vietnam War, Vigil for Zena Campbell (2018), Waihopai spy base protest (2008), Wellington Pasifika Festival, Wellington Pride Festival (2016), Wellington Pride Festival (2018), Wellington Pride Festival (2019), Wellington Pride Festival (2020), Wellington Pride Festival (2021), Wellington Pride Stage (2019), Wellington Writers and Readers (Wellington), White Night riots, Wigs On Waterfront, Women's Conference, Women's dance (Christchurch), women's forums (1984), Women's Studies Association of New Zealand conference (Hamilton), World AIDS Day, World Congress of Families (2013), World Outgames (2009), World Powerlifting Championship, World War 1, World War 2, Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre, Young Nationals conference (1984)


a born bachelor, a gay disease (HIV AIDS), abomination, ace (asexual), aro (aromantic), baby dyke, bar queens, bear, beats, bedroom gymnastics, being a plant, Big Teds, bog queens, bogan, bogs, bottom, bum fucker, bummer, busted, butch dyke, camp, camp talk, chill, Ching chong, chocolate speedway driver, cissy boy, closet, corn holing, cottaging, couchsurfing, COW (Conscientious Older Woman student), cracking it, cum, dandy, degenerate, demon (undercover police), deviant, diesel dyke, digger (dungeon), down-low, Drag Queen, dressed up, dyke, dykeosaurus, fag, faggot, fagtastic, fairy, flaming, fomo (fear of missing out), freaks, fruit, gaith (gay faith), gay best friend (GBF), gay cancer, gay girls, gay ladies, Gay Lynn (Grey Lynn), gay years, gaymers (gay video gamers), gender woo woo, goach (gay coach), gobbler, God Bless Us Nelly Queens, going through a phase, gold star lesbian, granny / aunty, hit, homo, homo couple, hookups, hunting lesbian, Hutt boys, ice woman, in phase, intensely private, intersexy, invert, knob, ladies, LBD (Lesbian Bed Death), leather queen, lesbihonest, LGBT, limp-wristed, lipstick lesbian, lol (laugh out loud), mary, mincing, moobs (man boobs), moral deviant, my hat, never married, no asians, of the lesbian type, one of those sort of women, otter, pansy, pash, pervert, phoenix up, plucked, poof, poofter, post gay, potato and rice, pray the gay away, prodigay, queeny boy, rainbow, rentboy, roller, rug muncher, runway gay, screaming queer, scum, sexual inversion, sexual inversion, shade, shemale, ship mole, shirt lifter, side hoe, sightseeing, sissy, skragged, slapper, slut, snowflake, so gay, special friends, sports dyke, spruik, sprung, street queen, terd tapper, the German glance, the other side, the unfortunate experiment, top, tranny, trick, trick strip, trolling, twink, under the cosh, unnatural, unspring, useless lesbian, wrist flapping


17-19 Tory Street (Wellington), 6 Boulcott Street (Wellington), Abu Ghraib, African Room (Carmens International Coffee Lounge), Albert Park (Auckland), Alfies (Auckland), Alfies 2 (Wellington), Ali Baba's nightclub (aka the Cave, Wellington), Aotea Square (Auckland), Aro Valley Community Centre (Wellington), Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Girls' Grammar School, Auckland Grammar School, Auckland Hospital, Auckland Town Hall, Auckland University of Technology, Auschwitz concentration camp, Australian High Commission (Wellington), Awhina Centre (Wellington), Bamboo Bar (Oaks complex, Wellington), Banana bar (Wellington), Basin Reserve (Wellington), Bats Theatre (Wellington), Bellamys (Parliament), Berkeley High School (California, USA), Bistro bar (Royal Oak Hotel), Blue Note (Wellington), Bluenote Bar (Wellington), Bojangles (Wellington), Broadway (New York City), Bruce Burnett Clinic (Auckland), Burgundy's (Auckland), Burwood Hospital Plastic Surgery Unit, Ca d'Oro (Auckland), Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret (Auckland), Capital Books (Wellington), Carlson School (Auckland), Carmen's Curios Shop (Wellington), Carmen's International Coffee Lounge (Wellington), Carterton Community Centre, Cashel Mall (Christchurch), Casper's Bar and Cafe (Wellington), Castro Camera, Checkmate sauna (Wellington), Chez Ivy's (Sydney), Christchurch Courts, Christchurch Municipal Tepid Baths, Circa Theatre (Wellington), Circle of Friends, Civic Square (Wellington), Clown's restaurant (Auckland), Club bar (Royal Oak), Club Exotic (Wellington), Club Exotique (Wellington), Club Ivy (Wellington), Club Q (Palmerston North), Clyde Quay School (Wellington), Community House (84 Willis Street, Wellington), Courtenay Place Men's Toilet (Wellington), CPIT (Christchurch), CRUZ bar, CTV Building, D.I.C. (Wellington department store), Days Bay (Eastbourne), DNA (Auckland), Dominion Hotel (Wellington), Earthsong (eco-neighbourhood), Eastern Hutt School, Egyptian Room (Carmens International Coffee Lounge), Egyptian Tearooms (Wellington), El Matador (Wellington), Elam School of Fine Arts (Auckland), Embassy of the Russian Federation in New Zealand (Wellington), Embassy Theatre (Wellington), Eva Beva (Wellington), Evergreen Cafe (Wellington), Family Bar (Auckland), Flesh (Auckland), Forester's Arms Hotel (Wellington), Frank Kitts Park (Wellington), Frank Kitts Park Lagoon (Wellington), Fringe Bar (Wellington), Garnet Station (Auckland), Gay Community Centre (Wellington), Golders Green Crematorium (London), Goucher College, Government House (Wellington), Grain of Salt (Wellington), Grand Hall (Parliament), Grand Hotel (Wellington), Great Northern Hotel (Auckland), Hag farm (Banks Peninsula), Hannah Playhouse (Wellington), Hecate (women's health centre, Wellington), Hermitage Hotel, Hinemoa (ferry), Hole in the Wall (Wellington), Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, Homewood (British High Commission, Wellington), Hongoeka Marae (Plimmerton), Horowhenua College, Howe Street public toilet (Auckland), Hutt Intermediate School, Hutt Valley High School, Ilott Theatre (Wellington Town Hall), Imperial Hotel (Wellington), Inglewood High School, Inn on Castro, Ivy Bar (Wellington), Jame Smiths corner (Wellington), John McGlashan College, Joyce Layland LGBT Centre (Manchester, UK), Kaimiro, Kamo (Auckland), Karitane, Karori, Karori Reservoir (Wellington), Kasr El Aini Hospital, Khandallah school (Wellington), Kirkcaldie and Stains (Wellington), Kiss (Auckland), Knox Church Hall (Lower Hutt), Lambda Centre (Christchurch), Lambda Centre (Wellington), Lambda Coffee House (Christchurch), Le Balcon / The Balcony (Wellington), Legislative Council Chamber (Parliament), Les Girls (Auckland), Les Girls (Sydney), Lesbian and Gay Rights Resource Centre (Wellington), Liberation Books (Wellington), Lilburn Room (National Library of New Zealand), Linwood High School (Christchurch), Lorraine's Cake Kitchen (Wellington), Lotus College (Dunedin), Lynfield College (Auckland), Manawatu Scottish Hall (Palmerston North), Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre (Auckland), Manners Mall (Wellington), Manukau Institute of Technology, Maori (ferry), Melbourne Gender Dysphoria Clinic, Menfriends, Meow (Wellington), Mexicali bar (Wellington), Michael Fowler Centre (Wellington), Midnight Club (Auckland), milk treatment station (Wellington), Mojo's (Auckland), Mount Crawford Prison, Napier Boys Highschool, Nauru Regional Processing Centre, Nelson College for Girls, New Plymouth Boys' High School, New Plymouth Prison, Newtown Community and Cultural Centre (Wellington), Newtown School (Wellington), Nga Kete Wananga Marae (Manukau), Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (Wellington), NZAF Burnett Centre, Oakley Hospital (Auckland), Oaks Coffee Shop (Wellington), Observatory Hotel (Sydney), Onslow College (Wellington), Otari-Wilton's Bush, Out bookshop (Auckland), Overseas Passenger Terminal (Wellington), Paramount Theatre (Wellington), Parliament buildings (Wellington), Pataka (Porirua), People's Palace (Wellington), Photospace gallery (Wellington), Pink Pussycat Club (Auckland), Pitt St Methodist Church (Auckland), Play Girls (Hong Kong), Ponsonby Community Centre (Auckland), Pop-up Globe (Auckland), Porirua Mental Hospital, Pound (Wellington), Powder Puff (referred to as the Powder Poof, Wellington), Powerhouse Gym (Wellington), Premier Drapery Company Ltd (PDC) store (Palmerston North), Preservatorium Cafe and Cannery (Wellington), Pride Centre, Pride precinct (Wellington), Public Trust Building (Wellington), Pulse nightclub (Orlando, USA), Purple Onion (Sydney), Purple Onion (Wellington), QE2 (ocean liner), Queen Margaret College (Wellington), Queen Street (Auckland), RAF Greenham Common (UK), Railway Tavern (Wellington), Rainbow Crossing (Wellington), Rainbow Room (Parliament), Ramada Inn, Regent Tavern (Wellington), RNZAF Base Shelly Bay, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Oak Hotel (Wellington), Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Tonga, Salvation Army Citadel (Wellington), San Francisco Bath House (Wellington), Sayonara (Wellington), Scots College (Wellington), Scotty and Mal's Cocktail Bar (Wellington), Scripture Union Bookshop (Wellington), Shakespeare Hotel (Auckland), Shed 21 (Wellington), Shelly Bay Air Force Base (Wellington), Shine nightclub, Sinners (Auckland), Sky Tower (Auckland), Sorrento Coffee Lounge (Wellington), Southern Cross Garden Bar (Wellington), Square Edge Arts Centre (Palmerston North), St Andrew's on the Terrace (Wellington), St Cuthbert's College (Auckland), St James Theatre (Wellington), St Matthew-in-the-City (Auckland), St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church (Christchurch), St Peter's church (Wellington), St. Marks Baths (New York), Staircase (Auckland), Starbucks Hamilton, Stonewall Inn, Sun sauna (Wellington), Sunset Strip (Wellington), Taj Mahal Toilet (Wellington), Tapu te Ranga Marae (Wellington), Tararua Tramping Club (Wellington), Tavern bar (Royal Oak Hotel), Taylors Mistake (Christchurch), Te Ara Hihiko (Massey University, Wellington), Te Aro Park (Wellington), Te Horouta Marae, Te Papa-o-Rotu Marae (Whatawhata), Te Puea Marae (Auckland), Tete a Tete (Wellington), The Boatshed (Wellington), The Box (Auckland), The Closet, The Globe Theatre (London), The Opera House (Wellington), The Wellesley Club (Wellington), Thistle gallery (Wellington), Thistle Hall (Wellington), Toledo bar (Royal Oak, Wellington), Trades Hall (Grey Lynn), Trades Hall (Wellington), Trentham Military Camp, TSB Arena (Wellington), Turtle Cove Beach Resort (Australia), University of Auckland, University of California (UCLA), University of Otago, University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine, University of Waikato, Vance Vivian (Wellington), Victoria Club (Wellington), Victoria Park (Christchurch), Victoria Spa sauna, Victoria University of Wellington, Vivian Street (Wellington), Waitangi Park (Wellington), Wakefield sauna (Wellington), Wallaceville House (Upper Hutt), Weir House (Wellington), Wellesley College, Wellington Botanic Gardens, Wellington City Gallery, Wellington City Library, Wellington East Girls' College, Wellington High School, Wellington Hospital, Wellington Jewish Community Centre, Wellington Polytechnic, Wellington Railway Station, Wellington Teachers College, Wellington Town Hall, Wellington Trade Fair, Wellington Women's Resource Centre, Wesley church hall (Wellington), Westfield Mall (Porirua), Westlake Boys High School, Westpac Stadium (Wellington), Westside Sauna (Auckland), White Heron Motor Lodge (Wellington), White House strip club (Auckland), Women's Common Room (Auckland University), Women's Place bookshop (Wellington), Women's Room (Victoria University), Women's Sacred Mysteries Group (Canterbury), YMCA (Wellington), Zealandia (Wellington)

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Aceh (Indonesia), Adelaide, Africa, Akaroa, Amberley, American Samoa, Amsterdam, Antarctica, Antwerp, Aoraki Mount Cook, Aotearoa New Zealand, Argentina, Aro valley (Wellington), Ashburton, Auckland, Australia, Austria, Avalon Television Studios, Avondale (Auckland), Balclutha, Bangkok, Banks Peninsula, Barbados, Barcelona, Bastion Point, Bay of Islands, Bay of Plenty, Berhampore (Wellington), Berkeley (California, USA), Berlin, Blackball, Blenheim, Borneo, Bougainville Island, Boulcott Street (Wellington), Brazil, Brisbane, Bulls, Cairo, California, Cambodia, Campbell Park (Paekakariki), Canada, Canary Islands, Canterbury, Carterton, Charlottesville (USA), Chechnya, Chicago, China, Christchurch, Colombia, Constable Street (Wellington), Constitution Hill (Auckland), Cook Islands, Copenhagen, Counties Manukau, Courtenay Place (Wellington), Croatia, Cuba, Cuba Mall (Wellington), Cuba Street (Wellington), Czechoslovakia, Dannevirke, Dargaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Dublin, Dunedin, Eastbourne, Egypt, El Alamein, El Salvador, Epsom (Auckland), Ethiopia, Europe, Featherston, Federated States of Micronesia, Fielding, Fiji, Florida, Florida (USA), Foxton, France, Gallipoli, Gebbies Pass, Gee's Bend (USA), Geneva, Germany, Ghana, Ghuznee Street (Wellington), Gisborne, Gosford, Grafton (Auckland), Greenwich Village (New York), Greymouth, Guam, Hagley Park, Haiti, Hamilton, Harris Street (Wellington), Hastings, Hawaii, Hawera, Hawkes Bay, Hokitika, Holland, Hong Kong, Horowhenua, Houston, Hunters Corner (Auckland), Iceland, Ihumatao, India, Indonesia, Inglewood, Invercargill, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Island Bay (Wellington), Israel, Italy, Japan, Johannesburg, Johnsonville, Kaiapoi, Kaimiro, Kaitaia, Kapiti, Karangahape Road, Kawhia, Kelburn (Wellington), Kent, Kereru (Hawkes Bay), Khandallah (Wellington), Kilbirnie (Wellington), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kings Cross, Kobe (Japan), Korea, Kumara, Lambton Quay (Wellington), Levin, London, Los Angeles, Lower Hutt, Lyttelton, Madrid, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Manawatu, Manchester Street (Christchurch), Manners Street Mall (Wellington), Manurewa, Marion Street (Wellington), Marlborough, Marshall Islands, Marton, Masterton, Matamata, Matiu/Somes Island, Melbourne, Middle East, Midland Park (Wellington), Minnesota, Minsk, Miramar (Wellington), Mokoia Island, Mono Island (Solomon Islands), Montreal, Morocco, Mosgiel, Motueka, Mount Ruapehu, Mount Taranaki, Mount Victoria (Wellington), Murupara, Nairn Street (Wellington), Napier, Nauru, Nelson, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Plymouth, New South Wales, New York City, Newlands (Wellington), Newtown (Wellington), Ngaruawahia, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, North Canterbury, North Shore (Auckland), Northern Mariana Islands, Northland, Nuie, Oceania, Ohakune, Old St Paul's (Wellington), Orlando (Florida, USA), Otago, Otaki, Pacific, Paekakariki, Paeroa, Pahiatua, Palestine, Palmerston North, Panama, Panguru, Papua New Guinea, Paraparaumu, Parihaka, Paris, Philadelphia, Philippines, Phuket, Pipitea Street (Wellington), Pitcairn Islands, Poland, Polynesia, Ponsonby, Porirua, Port Chalmers, Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Pukeatua, Queensland, Queenstown, Raglan, Rangiora, Rarotonga, Raumati, Republic of Cuba, Rochester New York (USA), Romania, Rongotai (Wellington), Rotorua, Russia, Saint Martins, Saint Petersburg, Samoa, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Scotland, Seattle, Serbia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, Space, Spain, Sri Lanka, State of Qatar, Surrey, Sweden, Switzerland, Sydney (Australia), Tahiti, Taihape, Tairawhiti, Taiwan, Takaka, Tamaki, Tangier, Tanzania, Taranaki, Tasmania, Taukau, Taumarunui, Taupo, Tauranga, Te Atatu (electorate), Te Whaiti, Temuka, Tennyson Street (Wellington), Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, Texas, Thailand, The Castro, The Gambia, The Hague (Netherlands), The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Timaru, Tokelau, Tokoroa, Tokyo, Tonga, Toronto, Tunisia, Turkey, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Upper Hutt, Vancouver, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Victoria Street (Wellington), Vienna, Vietnam, Vinegar Hill, Waiau, Waiheke Island, Waikanae, Waikato, Wainuiomata, Waiouru, Wairarapa, Waitangi, Wales, Warialda, Warsaw, Washington D.C., Wellington, Wellsford, West Coast, West End (London), Westport, Whakaari White Island, Whanganui, Whangaparaoa, Whangarei, Whatawhata, Willis Street (Wellington), Zambia, Zimbabwe


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