Alison Laurie  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Alison Laurie

Alison Laurie

In this podcast Alison talks about growing up and being involved in queer activism from the 1960s.


"I come from Wellington. My background is Māori and Pākehā. My father's people come from the South Island, and they were Māori and Cornish, and my mother's people were Scottish and from the Channel Islands. Yeah. They were all rather interesting people with a lot of initiative and that sort of thing. So I suppose when I came along, and of course I'm part of the baby boom generation, we're the generation who grew up in the aftermath of World War II, and the question then was that we were told that the Second World War had been fought... read full transcript

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Record date:18th February 2010
Interviewer:Wai Ho