Yarn bombing

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by Friday and z.com. [00:00:05] Murray, we're at an undisclosed location in somewhere in Wellington, can you tell me what we're about to do tonight? [00:00:12] We young bombing, bombing week or fishing Wellington with structures? [00:00:18] What is young bombing? [00:00:20] And we find some civic furniture and we decorate it with with with wall and yeah, and I'm pretty things at the moment we're doing the benches on Cuba streets. That's our current focus. [00:00:34] So how did this all come about? And [00:00:37] when we have a couple of years ago, there was an earthquake in Wellington, two and a half years ago, and we were a little stitching Group, a little queer stitching group. And we were all a little bit discombobulated by the earthquake, but we decided to do something for Wellington, that would help us as well as brighten up everybody, and so on. We thought about it for a while and we decided to [00:01:03] young bomb they [00:01:05] bike stands outside the city library two years ago, and some of them are still Leah. [00:01:10] So is young bombing kind of document international movement. [00:01:14] I hear it's done other places, as far afield as lower hat. [00:01:20] Thomas North Tower longer. These are all places that have been touched by three. But also I have some sisters in Germany and hit in Hamburg, who recently showed me some photographs of young woman Leah to [00:01:33] now when I look at them, I I kind of think of them as kind of just really beautiful ornaments, kind of young ornaments. How would you describe them? [00:01:41] ornaments is a good [00:01:42] is a good description. It's the sometimes people come along and asked me What's this for? Which is a really hard question. And I think that's purely decorative. It's purely to make people smile and carry on walking. But I tell you who notices isn't the most other people shorter than three foot tall? They're the ones who noticed them heaps and heaps and heaps. [00:02:07] Have you been questioned or pulled up by anyone in authority? [00:02:13] No, no, anyone in authority has been extremely delighted by what we've been doing. Some people have have noticed some policemen have noticed and said Good on you mate. [00:02:27] Some city council workers have said [00:02:30] imagine this being done for free and so every everyone seems to be delighted. [00:02:35] And so this is people that are that are stopping you is you're actually young bombing. [00:02:39] Yes. [00:02:40] The most of the comments come when we're actually young bombing people. Actually nowhere else in my life. Does anyone ever say I love you. We're so much as when we are installing our our little creations on the streets. [00:02:55] And what kind of time of day do you kind of young bomb is it is it like in the middle of the night? [00:03:03] People want us to be covert. And think of us as doing it and Bella clovers and the surprise element of arriving at the next morning. But actually we're we're quite busy. And so we arranged to meet at a convenient time like afterwards to do it. [00:03:23] So the young bombing is just one aspect of it in terms of like putting it onto the public furniture. But you're also creating these things before they don't you? [00:03:32] Yes, yes, our little group is a group of it's called section watch as our little group and we are queer, in we meet every week. And [00:03:45] just between you and me for knitting and the stitching is as a secondary byproduct of what we do. Because we meet every week we form really trusting friendships, slowly as the weeks go by. And if we haven't, she'd go, let's willing good. But really we meet because we're friends. And we've formed friends by by the stitching. So yes, so sometimes we come along with bags of pre prepared items to go on. And sometimes we just come along to someone what other people are selling on, because the point is [00:04:20] really the friendship and the camaraderie and the support for each other. [00:04:24] So we did stitch and watch come from? [00:04:27] Well, Aaron Kennedy contacted me one day about five years ago and said, Can we have a little stitching group? And I said, Oh, God, [00:04:38] if we must [00:04:40] win, and she said Monday nights would sleep me and I said, Oh, how about Wednesdays and Fridays, and she said, Monday nights. And so Aaron instigated this. And we started off with two of us. And then the next week, eight of us to end to end up. And we all come from our own room, sometimes, some people are in looking for companies, some people are looking for calmness, and some people are looking for support while I go through something in the life. And we just quietly sit there and support each other. And it's it's just, it's just about [00:05:22] will it has an aspect of old time meditation to us, because we are doing something rhythmical with our hands. But I'm also listening and hearing the stories that my friends tell about their lives to and they very kindly listened to my stories [00:05:37] to Yeah. Can you describe for me some of the the items that you make. [00:05:44] At the moment, we're making flowers, and we're making flowers because it's Pride Week in Wellington. And we're contributing to the fabulousness of the city. And that they are our current our current project. Back stand on the waterfront we've got some we've got some little monsters with eyes and ears and wants to face and [00:06:07] that [00:06:08] up at St. Andrews on the terrorists. We've got more monsters and output Festival Hall, we've got some monster feet. So we do all sorts really what it takes our fancy. [00:06:20] And how do you pick the locations. And [00:06:23] sometimes they just convenient because we're we're like we meet at St Andrews on materials. So we like to decorate the church and the church seem to be happy that we do decorate it, thank goodness. [00:06:36] And we're doing at the bottom of Cuba street because the big Elgar conference is coming shortly. And we just want to make people to know that they will very welcome on a grand scale that the council is doing but also on the smaller scale that we can contribute. So we just it's a group decision and a group discussion. And we go with the consensus of the group. [00:07:01] Now you mentioned it will get and you also mentioned pride and at the moment throughout the city either a rainbow flags flying on lampposts and there's a huge rainbow painting on the on the front of the airport. And what do you think about those things? [00:07:17] feel so proud of Wellington to be able to put put the cat put the pride colors up without fear or fear of retaliation. I think it's exciting to be to be part of Wellington that flies the pride flag so freely. [00:07:35] Well, should we go and young bomb? [00:07:37] I put those flowers on the vines. Thank you. [00:07:44] So Marie, we are now standing in front of one of your young bombs on a on a public public seat. Tell me describe to me what you're doing. [00:07:53] Well, we scoped out these seats and we decided that they've got little weenie slits. So we're really creative group and one of our members has made these vines out of many layers of Berlin. So I'm winding the vine around the slits. And once the vines these multicolored vines are on I'm going to go along and so flowers on to these vines [00:08:17] here. And do you do this in all winners? Because I know I mean you're you're probably here on the recording that it's actually quite a windy day today. Did you come out like in the winter and do this as well? [00:08:27] Yes, we do as invented so we do have someone to take just because we love it. We just love doing us [00:08:33] like it's just a little breeze today isn't [00:08:35] yes indeed look the sun's shining. [00:08:40] What is it like creating something kind of so ephemeral because I imagined in in six months, these may not be here. [00:08:49] I am making that very ephemeral every time I saw something on to something in the public arena. I think this is probably won't be here in a week and be lucky if it lasts the night. Really. You know what, that's still the two years later. It astounds me that, that they asked that they stay up for so long that people don't take them off immediately. And it but when I walk past and see them feel quite proud that I've contributed to Wilmington. And sometimes I secretly stand on one side and watch people photograph them. [00:09:25] This evening, they were two people sitting on the previous speeches. Like that woman over there sitting on one of our benches, and she stopped me and she said look at me eating my bigger on these beautiful flowery seats. And I thought Wow, that's really cool. I'm pleased that we've contributed to the happiness of Willington. [00:09:46] Somebody tracked me down on Sunday where I was working in a public in a in a retail place. This random woman came in and she had an exit. So I suspect she was of German ethnicity. And she came up to me and she said, I found you I found [00:10:01] your Foundry and as a little bit alarmed. [00:10:06] And she said, Do you make the message things? And I said yes. And she'd been asking around all the shops to see her been putting up the lizard things on the waterfront. And so I felt I felt like my that she'd know that should noticed and they actually bothered to find who had popped up those little monsters on the waterfront really delighted me [00:10:30] and you know, wish wish he came from was it was there anything like this? [00:10:33] She said she had seen a tree with the sleeve on it and Hamburg. And she's she said this was like, like the ones that she'd seen in your hometown. [00:10:44] Yeah, so we've got trees we've got poles we've got seats. What what other places do you do you put stuff [00:10:51] he is trees, pulsates. We've done all those and [00:10:59] last poles on the waterfront and we've got bike stains in fact the bike stands It was quite interesting because the bike community took photos of the bike stains and then they put it on the front of the magazine The International magazines and they said how kind of wasn't willing Tony ins to make it make it easy for the bikes to not be damaged? And I thought oh, fair enough, fair enough. And somebody asked me for a commission so I've been commissioned to do a bike stand on the waterfront by one of the cafes [00:11:36] that's good fun. [00:11:38] How long does it take you to to make the flowers [00:11:42] I can make to flowers a day as we're as we're coming up to young bombing so I just do a few every day and it just melts that slowly it mounts up yeah it's a nice thing to do. One I'm watching TV or just having a little bit on time that's very calming and soothing for me [00:12:04] So was there a particular not or how are you tying things on [00:12:10] each flower I've made his little tail to it and so i three that onto a nice big needle and just saw it on with lots of lots of stitches and they seem to last for years it's astounding I have no no particular skills and in time fisherman's not just seems to work if you do enough stickers [00:12:35] and you've got a whole big bundle now of beautiful flowers I [00:12:38] do I do. [00:12:40] I I've enjoyed using the wall and creative ways [00:12:43] we just the wall on the income from [00:12:47] friends and family at first and then I put an ad on neighborly and I was overwhelmed by bags and bags and bags and bags and bags of beautiful rule and projects that people were happy to give me for the purpose of young bombing and [00:13:08] and I'm just about used all of that now so I might have to go and find some more but I found a big I got very excited and the weekend I went over some the Topshop and I found a bag of colorful will there so every time I find a little bag of treasure I get very excited. [00:13:25] Would you call this activism? [00:13:29] Yes in a it is it is definitely activism in in with a very small I because it keeps we enjoy contributing to the queen of Wellington. And whether or not people notice that or not legit is beside the point. Because we enjoy doing us yeah

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.