Vigil for Zena

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by Friday and [00:00:05] Canada talks I [00:00:08] we're about [00:00:09] to begin now [00:00:12] ceremony for for Xena to begin the serum and he will just have a cut of care to start and will then sing a song to celebrate that kind of care and start the the proceedings this evening there is a song sheet and the song that we will sing following the kind of kid has forgotten how are you welcome to join and killed at a time [00:00:41] or no right at Nike to me at Tata Tata it will not matter to not auto if a taco de Paco No matter if I go to Tokyo can take on a hierarchy I thought I cannot make it a hapa to automate the porno it to take it tomorrow alma mater how know theta theta he co era era moussaka area key key thing [00:01:08] I mean we [00:01:11] know a go to market online a kitten I we Morocco. Mozambique Musina know my harem I know right okay, why do my [00:01:25] erotica we had to get your boy Colorado everybody equally, equally equally [00:04:13] to [00:05:19] Hello, my name is Bella thank you to kind of opening the space for us this evening. And thank you the to the city council for giving us the space this evening. It's been amazing your support and how fast you have jumped in to just offer anything you can. [00:05:41] You will quick responses has been amazing. So we're going to start this evening with a moment of silence for Xena then we're gonna hear from counselor Brian Dawson Fleur. [00:05:55] I forgot your last night and Jen login and then we're going to open up this space for if anyone would like to say anything. Okay, so we'll just start with a moment of silence. [00:06:33] Okay, so [00:06:36] I'm not normally one to pre write my speeches. I'm a firm believer in winging it on the spot. But this evening, I felt a need to write out what I wanted to say. [00:06:47] On the elements of February, we lost a beautiful person from our trends, Fina, Xena was married and her life was just beginning and it's been taken away from her and a family. I went to high school, Xena, Xena was always up for bands and always up for a good laugh. And I'm really sad that I never got a chance to know Him more outside of high school is transmitted, we're told that we have really rough life expectancy of about 41. And that's something we often don't think much of. But this is the commander of the reality for our trends and gender diverse Fina. The hurdles that we constantly have to face just to be ourselves as really saddened to say that no one was talking about Xena. And when it was put through the media, it was done terribly. I spoke to friends about how sad and mad I was in the most common response I got was white was this America this evening. I really want us to come together and we're going to say her name. We aren't going to turn a blind eye to domestic violence towards trends we have in our city. We want to turn a blind eye when I transfer know under attack. We live in a city that is full of diversity and with the mayor who is actively working to make our city a safer place for transplant. Unfortunately, he couldn't be here this evening, but instead is organized for the Michael fellas into lights to be turned on and the trends flag colors Xena, it's a little bit bright right now, but I know we on later this evening. We need to take our anger and sadness and keep pushing forward. We need to look at look after each other. We need to learn and willing to need to know this one be happening on our streets. We won't stand for this with it was a hate crime with domestic violence. The reality is that Xena was no longer here, and she had so much positive light off of the world. And we will not let this go unnoticed. [00:08:35] So [00:08:38] Brian, would you like to say [00:08:42] thanks, Bella cure Dakota. I want to start by actually acknowledging you, Bella, and thank you so much for organizing this. This is really important. So my name is Brian Dawson. I'm one of the city councilors. I'm one of the city councilors for the Lampton award for the central area. But for me, I live in our Valley. And for me, this is about what goes on in my own backyard and acknowledging that this is horrendous and tragic. And there's no other words for it, but that this is something that we shouldn't have in our city. But we do. [00:09:17] Every life that is stolen by violence, steals just a little bit of light from the world around us. And I guess my very brief request tonight is that we all play our part and claiming back some of that light, that we all play our part in not letting violence turn us into hate haters, that we don't let violence change us into being something that we don't want our city to be, for me as an arrow value with it. And I was shocked that something like this could happen in my streets. And I'm bitumen but we won't turn the blind eye that you talked about Bella that we will not simply forget that this sort of thing is happening. And so on behalf of myself and my colleagues in the Lampton Ward, I want to say that we take this seriously. I want to set our most importantly, that truth will always beat falsehood, that love will always be paid. And that light will always be darkness in the end. And so no matter how back, it seems at the moment, I know that we can continue to claim back that light. One practical thing I do want to say is that we don't smoke, but it's going to be at reception account. So over the next week or so. And we really welcome everyone to come in to sign that book to write a note to Xena. And we'll make sure that gets back to the right people afterwards. So please do take advantage of it. Thank you so much for showing up tonight. [00:10:39] And it's actually fighting rather than tonight at the moment so we'll get a chance to not sign it. Otherwise at reception over the next week or so. [00:10:54] Oh no, my he knew at Tina Tina Cartagena, Tata cattle. My name is flavor assignments. And I'm Wellington City Councilor with portfolio responsibility for making our city safe. I just want to start by expressing my deep condolences to family to friends, to classmates, to everyone here for the loss of Xena. I really want to also applaud the transgender community for your activism and for the organizers for organizing this today. It's a very, very important issue, we must make sure that everyone especially members of the transgender community, safe and houses on our streets and our prisons and our workplaces everywhere. And I salute you for organizing this and I salute you for demanding more and demanding visa and I encourage you to keep doing it. But it shouldn't just fall on your we all have to take responsibility for this. [00:11:59] And I want to come back to you that is the Wellington City Councilor with responsibility for city safety I will do everything I can do to make our city is safe as possible. And I just want to leave you with [00:12:13] some final words really about grief and encouraging you to remember that grief can present itself and different in unexpected ways over time, and just urge you as I'm sure you will to look after each other and Look after yourselves. And if you need help seek help and if anyone you know needs help make sure they seek help as well. Kick haha [00:12:39] Thank you. [00:12:42] Jan if you'd like to say some words, thank you to Jen whose office got back from my last minute email this morning. So [00:12:52] Koto Koto can talk. And so firstly, to acknowledge family fun, no friends, in the grief, that's here for the loss of Xena Campbell, from your lives and our community. And thanks to Bella to pulling us together, to have a chance to actually remember Xena in a positive way. And to kind of reclaim our space as a community and support of each other. I want to, I guess, acknowledge, and to also give apologies for Lewis a wall who wanted to be here today, and is here in spirit, but pick to head work that she wasn't allowed to get out of. But she is here and is a team and parliament, we want to let you know that we are standing with you in action commitment to addressing this violence. And that's kind of you know, that's there's two levels of that, because I want to acknowledge to that when somebody murders in this way, when we know it's discrimination exists in our society, that that feeds violence, then actually, we've lost a person, but we also feel a loss in ourselves. Because it feels as if it happens to part of us as well. And we need to stand with each other to support and to challenge that. And [00:14:44] I [00:14:45] yeah, it's you know, it's hard to know exactly what we want to say in the face of that kind of violence. [00:14:56] But we need to do more. And the status point is to be coming together. And to be sharing our grief and to be listening and to committing to [00:15:08] difference. [00:15:11] And I also just want to [00:15:17] Yeah, I guess in on that same note about just reaching out to each other. And [00:15:25] that this can this will Yeah. No longer be that we can do better than this, Gilda. [00:15:37] Thank you. [00:15:39] So [00:15:40] I'm going to open up the mic now. And you're welcome to say a few words a poem a prayer, sing a song if you want. Just be mindful that we've got pride NZ, it is recording this evening. And so that will be on the website. And Newstalk Zb here. And there's a handful of other media places here. So Meteor is not your friend, then apologies in advance. [00:16:11] Hi, I'm Sheila Campbell, seen as father, or just like the family and friends of Xena and everybody knew who [00:16:23] to come here tonight. Thank you very much. She'd really appreciate it. [00:16:30] And it said that she was taken from us through an act of violence, violence, from a domestic violence just not all. But thank you, Bella for [00:16:43] getting everybody together. And Alex, getting everybody together a short notice. Thank you very much anyway for family and friends coming together. [00:16:56] The other thing I didn't mention is their s3 buckets floating around by three great volunteers raising some funds for the family. So she'd like to donate a gold coins and dollars. That would be really lovely. [00:17:11] Does anyone else Would anyone else like to say anything? [00:17:17] Hey, everybody, [00:17:18] I just like to thank you all for coming. [00:17:24] See, no. [00:17:28] I miss you. You look for the unicorn. [00:17:31] You are pain in the ass. [00:17:34] But I miss you. And I love you dearly. [00:17:40] This might give a little loud, I'm just going to do a Buddhist chant for my dear friend Tina. [00:17:55] Whoa, [00:17:57] whoa, whoa, [00:18:02] whoa, [00:18:03] whoa, whoa. [00:18:09] Whoa. [00:18:13] Thank you. [00:18:15] Thank you. [00:18:22] Hi, I'm peaks. And this is Johnny. [00:18:26] Hi, everyone. My name is Johnny, I met Zenith and respond and we spent a bit of time to give it there. And I'm after that she came to live with me in my house while she was looking for a place to stay. [00:18:39] I got to know quite well, even though you know, we only spend about a month together. [00:18:46] And the time that I knew her, she was always easy going friendly. She welcomed everyone with open arms, just accepting and understanding. She was sympathetic. The positive, positive attitude towards life influenced a lot of a lot of my friends and myself. [00:19:04] In the time that I knew her, she was focusing on getting a life on track and that was going really well. It's such a shame that she didn't get to make any more progress that was stolen from her. [00:19:15] She wanted people to be a lot more free live their life in a more positive and humble environment and Mr. A lot. [00:19:22] Thank you. [00:19:30] Hello, I'm a resident of the pony Street. None of us knew Xena before she arrived. And I have a sneaking suspicion she hasn't left yet. But on behalf of the street, maybe a bit presumptuous of me but Xena wherever you are. If you want to stay you need to stay an opinion street until all is resolved. You're now part of fat now. [00:20:07] Sure, I'm Casey I just want to ask if there's any former or current of all staff who might want to come up in stand with me. [00:20:15] They feel able [00:20:17] and if anyone from transform wants to come up as well. [00:20:24] Xena was just an incredible ball of energy. [00:20:28] I [00:20:29] don't think we'll ever meet anyone quite like you. And we were so lucky to have Nolan here. And these are some of the people who worked alongside her as nurses. I was a youth worker at one stage and from transform as well. We're passionate about supporting young transgender and gender diverse people and we just want to say that she will be dealing mess by us. We do as for people like Xena And just a reminder that if you're really hurting [00:20:58] we're here for you as well. [00:21:01] How many Nokia Koto Koto Thank you Bella. [00:21:06] Yeah, I think it just really [00:21:07] highlights how vulnerable we are as trans people. And you kind of hear all the stats but when you actually see somebody you know, kind of hit you in the kind of work that evolve and out of spaces does [00:21:23] is because we basically have to [00:21:33] kowtow I'm really touch to see so many people come along totally from all different parts of the community and to know that this Wellington supports us. [00:21:46] Already just wanted to say already shortcut here that's in the sheet that we handed out and into sing it together. If you'd like to join them. [00:22:00] Tape for Kapono maintain Ramadi a tattoo tattoo. [00:23:02] Okay, I might hand it back over to Tiffany funnily enough, no, no, I didn't say anything. [00:23:10] Okay. [00:23:13] Okay. [00:23:15] Thank you once again, for coming claim the space in which to acknowledge seen as passing to acknowledge to the farmer to acknowledge our auto her to each other as a community in order to you know, cater, [00:23:32] we're going to close off this little space for the time being, and we're going to sing away at a party and I [00:23:43] will come together and sadness, but we also need to leave and make sure that we're nice and healthy when we leave the space. And so this, what is really about cleansing ourselves with the elements that are around us to [00:24:03] and it talks about casting aside all those things that trouble us, all those things that bind us and weigh us down. It also talks about [00:24:15] you know, this word, this word flying as high as a kid and so it goes to the place where the sun never stops shining and things like that. So this is a little a little while after. You might have heard it please join them and then following that will have a quick cut up here that will close off the session not ADA. Kyoko took a tour. Dina Dina [00:24:41] it took me a while to a cool little container metadata cara, cara de de de ma ma [00:24:51] ma Tina. Tina. Tina. [00:28:44] New here, here in a catwalk to come to America to Tina. [00:28:54] Tina [00:28:59] Tina at that time

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