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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:06] Good morning, and welcome to sneeze on the terrace this morning, the strange in the morning, opening words inside the order service. [00:00:20] All human beings are valuable simply because they're human. All human beings are worth loving. Simply because they are human, whether we understand and other or not, whether they are different. They are due respect and the expectation of life. All human beings are to unconditional love. all humankind, orientations, all genders. All people are welcome here. So may always be [00:02:00] Welcome everyone and welcome vener phones. I see that you're tastefully arrived and arrayed and transgender colors. Very cool. Very cool. It's lovely to have you here. I kind of rushed by you but busily, as you all came into church, but it's lovely to have you here. Thank you very much for coming. And friends of yours, which I can see through the congregation. And regardless and dangerous people welcome. It's good to have us together and to celebrate where we can [00:02:31] curate other [00:02:33] leaders try. [00:02:37] Become come was joy that we can celebrate an open and free space here in this place. We come with joy that everyone here is welcome, loved and accepted. [00:02:52] That everyone here is free to come. Free to be who they are. [00:03:00] We give thanks for the privilege that we have living in a country where [00:03:07] we are making progress towards greater acceptance of all. [00:03:13] But we remember the shadow side of today. [00:03:17] And we think of those families and people for whom life is fearful and difficult, dangerous and risky, just because of who they are. And so we remember them as we gather today, keeping them close and our hearts be. And to join us at prayer we say together the Lord's Prayer or the Jesus prayer which is on the laminated card, in your order, say the eternal spirit, life together, pain bearer, love maker, souls of all that is and that shall be Father and father of us all, loving God, and who is given the haloing of your name echoes through the universe, the way of your justice be followed by the peoples of the world. Your heavenly will be done by all creative be your commonwealth of peace and freedom, sustain our hope and come on Earth. With Sabrina we need for today feed us. In the hurts we absorb from one another. Forgive us in times of temptation and test strengthen us, from trials to great to endure steer us from the grip of all that as evil, free us for your reign in the glory of the power that is love. Now and forever. Jim Carter, who pair phrase the prayer for us is was a guy in the compressed to use to live on the border of Wales. He died just a couple of years ago. But his prayers in paraphrases Assam so much love [00:05:16] right we have a rainbow candle here. [00:05:20] It needs lighting who could do that? [00:05:30] One of these days you're going to not realize that candle flying we might need to just run a little bit slower. Right We gotta do we need for jobs. [00:05:40] Just review him the tape of the keys here. [00:05:43] Okay zeolites the taper. [00:05:49] Emily lights the candle. [00:05:53] That's right. We've got a sources [00:06:01] Well done very theatrical. So we like the rainbow candle to show that everyone's included and that includes your children. So come on, we'll sit down. I think that one's got the story. [00:06:16] Okay, he's stealing my weeks. [00:06:23] Seven here. [00:06:26] Okay, so [00:06:31] what are all the candles? Well, that's a very good question. Okay. So today is a day called. Today is well not today. What's the date today is the 17th on the 20th of November, there is a day that celebrate what's not celebrated that's wrong word. I think the weirdest commemorative which is a better say that word. School Transgender Day of remembrance. And it's remembering a lot of people all over the world who have a lot of trouble in their life because people don't like them. And they don't like them because they are people who felt really not right in their bodies. And they were they looked at other people like their ago, when they looked at other people like they were a boy, but that doesn't really fit with him. And so after a lot of lot of thought, and a lot of talking to a lot of people, they decide that they need to change. And it takes a lot of effort, a lot of effort. And you don't do it just like that. You don't just decide I'll be a voyage of art. It's not that simple. And so a lot of people find that hard to take other people. And so in other places in the world, fortunately not usually New Zealand. People really mean to them, and they beat them up, and sometimes I even killed them. That's all for [00:08:02] killing those people. Now well, once you start that is escaped on and on and on all by fire with fire will that some people say that some people say you've got to fight fire with fire, but I don't think it always gets you into a good position. So it's a bit of a sad day today. I mean, one of the good things about today is that we've got the flags up because we were a rainbow church. And if you have a look at the morning tea table, you'll see special transgender tablecloth, and they've got pink and blue and white. And if you haven't got the choir when it stands up, you'll see that they're wearing pink and blue and white. And those are the trenched in the colors. Okay. Yeah, that's right. So we've got now a real treat for you because the choir especially arranged for the client to sing while you're still here. So they're going to sing two songs with Side Story by often said that I thought EA was side story, Linda Burnside, my hero when I was a teenager, and I was telling them that I heard him conducting New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Christchurch, New Zealand. [00:09:12] And you know what he did? He says in the middle at the [00:09:15] grand piano with his back to the audience was the orchestra all around them. And he played the piano part of the Mozart Piano Concerto. And he conducted with one hand when it was free. They conducted the orchestra and he played the piano at the same time. It was amazing, the amazing, so we'll get them to come up now and they're going to sing two songs from West Side Story. Okay [00:14:09] So later we're going to make candles Do you want to live candle before you go? And when you do, you might like to think in your head. [00:14:20] Lovely thoughts for people who find that people are mean to them. [00:14:33] Right so we might like to stand. [00:14:38] We're now [00:14:40] going to send you to the Rainbow Room where you can hear stories, ask questions, had fun, and we'll say we bless you [00:14:51] and we pass the peace [00:15:03] The readings first one from the Hebrew Bible. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native born. Love them as yourself. For you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord, your God. [00:15:31] The Gospel reading is from Matthew [00:15:35] the greatest commandment. [00:15:39] Hearing the Jesus had silence the said you sees the Pharisees got together. One of them an expert in the law, tested them with this question. [00:15:52] Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law Jesus replied, [00:16:00] Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments. The contemporary reading violence towards the transgender community. The 2014 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV affected eight violence report from the National Coalition of anti violence projects, shows that of the victims murdered 80% were people of color 15 55% with transgender women and 50% were transgender women of color. transgender women survivors of hate violence. Were also more likely to experience police violence, physical violence, discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, threats and intimidation compared to those who are not transgender women. findings from the injustice at every turn report conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the National LGBT q Task Force, showed alarming rates of violence and harassment experienced by the more than 6000 Chen transgender respondents across a variety of contexts, including educational settings. At work in interactions with police and with family members at homeless shelters, in accessing public accommodations, and in jails and in prisons, as murders of transgender people often go unreported. And the identity of transgender murder victims is often misreported. There is no way to know accurate numbers. For the word in Scripture, for the word among us, for the word within us, we give [00:18:45] it's not really a reading to give thanks for us. [00:18:53] In us pray [00:18:58] as we ponder, love The light of that last reading [00:19:03] my hearts be open and is ready to hear what we need to hear. So maybe [00:19:19] greetings to you and greetings to those who are listening on the pride website. services being recorded for that website this morning. A crucial underpinning philosophy in our Western society is dualistic thinking things and people are neatly categorized into either or you. For instance, this kind of thinking sees either good or bad. You might be black or white. You might be fat or thin, tall or short, clever or dumb. You may already be protesting in your mind. They're very crude categories. Certainly. They designed to stop us thinking, just apply the appropriate journalism and we know exactly where everyone is. And what's more how they should be treated. These journalistic pairings, not only sort people into different camps, then your judgment is placed on the different sides of the journalism. For instance, here is a shortlist that are usually put together. Good goes with bed. law abiding with law breaking public and private writing is good and bad. logic is obviously based on emotion, rational, irrational, white, black. And you'll notice that the list on the left are all under the word good. And so they've been given a venue at the Abyss and the things on the list on the right. Sometimes that fictional circumstance will turn this around for example, the All Blacks have made black, the color of honor but looking at this list, you can see White has been traditionally hard for people of color to make it to elected office or high positions in corporations. Because if you're on the right hand list for some reason, it's difficult to be on the left hand list for another. [00:21:22] It also explains why when an all black sheets a tear, it especially mentioned that they are being emotional, because it's a little bit difficult to deal with an emotional or black because emotion is a wrong thing. According to journalists that thinking it's still a difficult concept to attach to these men who in every other respect, tick all the boxes on the left, because he's on the good side is the word male. And on the bad side is the word female. And here's the crunch for transgender days of remembrance, and for most of the homophobia that swirls around the gay Community even in the most enlightened of societies [00:22:10] Yep, there they go. Male on the good side and female on the right side and notice there's only male or female no in betweens are offered. These journalism's I want to state this morning are not Christian ideas. place I might be the first Westerner whose philosophy revolved around the dualistic view of the mind and the body. Aristotle took a different tack, but he's still used dualistic thinking. Laser on the Enlightenment period Descartes, the philosopher who said I think therefore I am picked up journalism and his work. The enlightenment has had a widely perceived as a pervasive effect on our thinking in the Western world and so they carts endorsement of this was pivotal to journalism becoming a bedrock of Western system. It That is not to say that Christianity did not pick this up and use it, sometimes to devastating effect is we will know. Thomas Aquinas and others who followed him in the medieval period made use of the journalistic concept so effectively, that they have come in many prizes to be inextricably linked with Christian thought and practice. yet Jesus is explicitly working against those journalism's and today's Gospel reading, when he says that the greatest commandment has to inextricably linked how's the love of God, and the love of self and neighbor. You will recognize However, some religious concepts and the lowest below [00:23:49] added to the ones you've already seen sun [00:23:53] puts in on the wrong side. Yeah. So there's good Yes, we can all [00:24:04] It's a real Freudian slip is [00:24:11] just to mention virtue on the 15 sitting on the right you'll never be able to from [00:24:17] heaven and hell save and center, faithful and backslide, a backslide. There was a word used in the fundamentalist church I grew up and it caused the fear of hell to tremble within you. It is important that we always consider our context that we may feel that we need to use philosophical tools to explain ourselves in the current climate, we need to be careful that the Masters tools are not building a completely different house from the one we intended. So it has been with the use of journalism's whenever we find in Scripture, a journalistic approach we may need to say to ourselves, what is this author trying to do here? Whom are they trying to convince? Are they speaking to the Greeks prison and their contemporary audience? Is this an accurate representation of the way Jesus taught and learned? Because Jesus was notorious for consorting with publicans and non kosher Jews, people who were usually on his contemporaries bed list, his disciple group included women, him he obviously valued more than the average man of the time. He healed the Roman centurion son as well as a Jewish girl. He advocated cooperating with the occupying Roman force at the time, he broke taboo after taboo, helping people on the sacred Sabbath, telling stories about the Samaritan helping one of the deadly enemies the Jews, and he spoke to a Samaritan woman himself alone by will briefing several rules of engagement at the time or at once. I often think that the various admonitions in the Bible and the rules devised by the church as safety nets for ordinary people who don't have the wisdom and discernment and love or the courage that Jesus showed. Rules draw the lines for us, they tell us what to do. But as we increasingly find out once a mind is drawn people are left on the outside as well as included on the inside. Whenever you begin a group, you inevitably find yourself over and against another group. So has been the case with all religions, all political parties, and probably to the rainbow community. Ah, Lazar under the rainbow umbrella of lb LGBT q i and one of our congregation aids you for unknown has its parameters that are held dear by that group. I admire the rainbow communities that strives to hold all these diverse communities together. Sexual Orientation we have found as we've educated ourselves, Secrets and dangerous is very different from sexual identity. And the understandings needed to talk and act intelligently about both are quite divers. The rainbow umbrella is a marvelous thing. But even an ancient scripture way back in Leviticus written hundreds of years before Jesus arrived on the earth, the people are urged to welcome those different from them. The dualism represented here is the foreigner and the night of born. The people of Israel who are being addressed here are reminded that they once came from somewhere else from agent and the commanded to love them is yourself. Some of us struggle to love ourselves. This is another unfortunate legacy of a corrupted gospel. We're each worthy of love simply because we are human beings. It doesn't matter if our nose turns up or down, whether we're over different orientation for the majority, whether a professional or a beneficiary or a low wage earner or homeless, all of us are worthy of love and deserving of being treated with dignity and respect. This love should be truly unconditional. Not to live it only if we have been good. Or if we go to church regularly, or if we have worked hard at their job, or got good grades. No, all of us are lovable and are loved and deserve that love. Just because we breathe in and out about 12 to 20 times a month. In fact, on a bad day, it's a good idea to sit quietly. just noticing your breath going in and out and murmuring to yourself love in, stress out [00:28:55] as we live and breathe. We are loved [00:29:00] It embarrasses me that it's necessary to say this, but it is. So I probably don't say it often enough. The spiritual journey essentially is a journey towards greater and greater awareness of love, love within us love for ourselves first, which is not selfish or greedy. If we do not pay respect and give dignity to ourselves, then it follows that we cannot truly love others. In both the Hebrew Bible and the gospel, we're told that our love for our neighbor springs out of our love for ourselves. If we think we're a little scummy, then we're gonna think they have other people to unconditional love does away with the journalism's list, especially with the value distance between those two poles. Unconditional Love loves the good and the bed and all the flavors in between those two poles. unconditional loving people means that men and women are the objects of their love as well as those who find that the hard division between genders doesn't work for them anymore. Every layer of the rainbow continuum deserves respect and dignity, love and support, and even system straight [00:30:20] people need a little love now and again, [00:30:23] irritating people need our love. So to annoying people, and smelly people, and people on the opposite end of the political spectrum from us, all of us, whether we're inside the lines drawn by the church or outside the need to be skeptical of some of the admonitions of mornings delivered by religious authorities, and think more often, like Jesus did, and act more often like Jesus did. out of love, he called people out for doing hurt for and hypocritical things, as of love included the outcasts and the maimed. Love, he took the hits when it came not backing down from his role breaking love. Let's live and work and act and love like he did, unconditionally. once told my mother that when I talked with children and church, I wanted them to know that God love them to bits. Hmm. She said, we were in the car. And after a few more miles down the road, she said, but you'd have to be careful. [00:31:32] Let's not be careful. Let's be loving. [00:31:37] If we had love in the world, like this description from the 13th chapter of the first decent to the church and current, we will not need to have a trench in the day of remembrance. Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It does not dishonor others. is not self seeking. It is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight an evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Now never fails. [00:32:26] A space of quiet [00:32:35] so may it be mean [00:32:44] whoever signs are going to sing to us again and [00:32:48] we're [00:32:50] also going to offer you the opportunity to light a candle light the children that before so you can come up and light candles father Singing or you can sit and listen to them, and then light candles. It's up to you. We're now going to make candles for those people who haven't encountered unconditional love in their lives and who have found that life has been cruel, dangerous and risky. [00:33:44] Nice to [00:33:53] see [00:34:11] Why did you [00:34:20] some of you will see [00:37:27] As the candles bring light into this room, main lights come into the lives of those pillars in the darkness of fear and hate Sunday. [00:37:41] We pray in solidarity with the peoples of the world and for our communities. [00:37:49] We reflect upon the many ways in which people envisage the greatest God. The myriad images and mythologies to give meaning to our existence to Our authenticity for songs and stories for novels and documentaries for posts and comic strips that offer insights into each other's experiences we give thanks. We contemplate the many names and aspects of God that humans have evolved over millennia to explain the cycles of our lives and of the life around us. The spectrum of possibilities in humanity and nature and in our abundant universe. We hold on our hats, people already Queuing outside the city mission to receive emergency christmas food parcels. We think of Defence Force personnel and the crew from fire and emergency government help better bushfires in New South Wales. of people left homeless bereaved, injured. of exhausted and injured firefighters, of authorities dealing with people who deliberately started some fires of communities destroyed and faith and others goodwill lost. We think to have bushfires that was a New Caledonia, biodiversity and foreigner at risk. And looking towards Transgender Day of Remembrance on Wednesday, we remember the transgender people whose lives have been lost to anti transgender violence this year, and over many years. We hold on our hats, all those struggling with misunderstanding, rejection and abuse for being the way they are. The way they were created for transitioning into the whole and beautiful selves. They need to be In a circle of free today, we think of the people of Switzerland and Liechtenstein and the Council of Christian churches in Switzerland. We remember the detainees of madness and narrow islands Yuning that the cases be resolved. And New Zealand each week we remember Members of Parliament and today we nameless team Hayes, David kasaa. Endless Craig. And here in the central priests betrayed, we pray for the leaders and people of Knox Presbyterian Church and lower hat and the creation around us, we see signs of hope and flags of courage and the blooming pink of Monica and cook, Koto Koto code, and the brilliant wife of bush creamish us and mountain ribbon what the clear blue Chatham Island Forget Me Not repatha hippie we rejoice in the rainbow for Irish music our entire core phi and lemon would some awkward Fifi in Porto Porto, and the flourishing of rainbow sensitivity and our communities. As we commit to creating a safer, non violent world for all of us, we give thanks for creative spirit that cannot be contained by labels or limited by beliefs and for the ways our lives and perceptions are constantly evolving, adapting, transitioning, transforming and being reborn. And we bring together our affirmations and prayers with the previous anti injuries on the laminated card and your order of service. For those of you who are joining us as visitors today, we invite you to join in the career as an estimation for your people and Price as well as for as, and we say together, renew your people God and renew our life in this place. Give us a new spiritual unity with all who follow Christ and a new spirit of love towards all people, least the society in which we live, that it may be a place where honest dealing, good government, the desire for beauty and the care for others flourish. Please this church, that what we know of your will, may become what we do, and what we believe the strong impulse of our worship [00:43:28] Go out into that world and love everybody because God loves you and know that as you go, as I always say every Sunday, love surrounds you every moment of every day.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.