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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in With their support from the rule foundation. [00:00:08] How would you describe your identity? [00:00:12] At the moment, I'll probably say more gender fluid. But until recently, I didn't add a transgender. It's working progress [00:00:21] and defect the language that we use to talk about identity this change over time. [00:00:28] Use [00:00:31] differently a lot of new definitions of words or terms in our use. [00:00:36] When did you [00:00:38] first realize that you didn't do with different [00:00:41] probably when I was starting apartment scope was more in the way that the bills played together as opposed to boys high ticket heroes, I was interested in what they did rather than getting on in dirty. So from the age of seven, I noticed there wasn't like was boys. [00:01:01] And then what happened was [00:01:05] I didn't really do anything about it, I sort of put that in mind. And in one day, I got introduced with first met with a female transgender person I met. Sort of from that moment was when I knew that on to make a change to make the outside feel like inside. How the next 17 [00:01:30] what kind of situation she went here. [00:01:33] I met her at a at a queer youth group, almost introduced by friends and the rules from that moment like that night. So they had a breakdown and fire he was like, I think that's something I want to do. [00:01:48] Did you get many messages about what it meant to be? Guys when you're growing up with him? Let's have coffee, [00:01:56] nothing, nothing at all button even really know, it was the thing to lie part of the LGBT community? Even then it will stall just a little bit. So there was never any from that movie and education or anything that helped you [00:02:12] to do this become part of the communities. [00:02:17] is no I came out as gay when I was 12. And then from there, I found keoki are created through my school. And ever since then they've been helped me. [00:02:29] Learn to love myself. [00:02:32] What kind of reactions Did you get when you first? [00:02:38] Some more positive? That was predominantly from the girls much [00:02:45] back and I'm not 100%? sure why. But [00:02:49] yeah, definitely the school was hard and all the boys sort of avoided your pet on the birds. [00:02:55] But my family was quite simply [00:02:58] to my dad at times Come on. [00:03:01] But overall, it was a mostly positive experience. [00:03:06] Did you experience much kind of homophobia? transphobia at school? [00:03:11] Yes. Lots [00:03:15] every day as far as going to [00:03:18] name calling, throwing things. [00:03:21] The usual. [00:03:24] Was there any kind of support from [00:03:28] Bayless guy. That was what my form teacher told me one day. [00:03:34] But you found out about [00:03:37] us through my school counselor. [00:03:40] I had a poster there. And that's how I heard about it. But I made it from our facilitators and sort of shyly to the group sat in the back for first three months. And [00:03:53] that's a really nice way to learn. [00:04:00] What was it like, going from people thinking that you have a thing coming up as trends? [00:04:06] It's definitely a big change for them. Awesome. So, um, [00:04:15] we have Emily. [00:04:17] And yes, yes, I'm, my mom was very supportive such that she had an idea for all the young girls Okay, thanks. [00:04:27] But my dad was quiet against me during it. So young age, what made a life first and they secure not hidden only ever in my life, which I haven't, but in his eyes that would have because of the way other people would have saved me. Apart from that, some of my friends were here with others weren't so much I sort of didn't believe that's what I wanted so many more. [00:05:01] That was probably that easy. And then coming on, it's gay. I don't know why, but [00:05:07] because he'd already [00:05:09] probably already come out once again. [00:05:14] Because of this, [00:05:17] the creative community to help them grow so much. Whereas beforehand, I didn't have that support network there [00:05:24] is a very important to to be involved in the community and have a sense of community and belonging. [00:05:32] Yes, definitely. It's helped us through really hard times. And how long [00:05:40] do you see [00:05:43] social media, inventing it being more of a pattern the way because of young people will find their community connect the information? [00:05:53] differently? I'm master of our land, or most of the transfer left or to have been Facebook online groups. Were there. Um, yeah, I thought word social media, I think it would be out just good to get to connect and share information stories and tell us [00:06:18] why do you think that's happening on social media? [00:06:22] Because sometimes earlier talking in person, and other times its distance from other parts of the world, but [00:06:32] honestly, it's just easier to try and [00:06:36] organize people together on social media that I'm just trying to talk them individually and go right, I'm going to be here at this time. [00:06:45] And so you said that recently, I think maybe you didn't. Do you want to talk about what that means and how you came to think about it? [00:06:54] Well, it was water with how I see myself I'm [00:07:02] I'm still a lot to learn. [00:07:05] But I've learned a lot more than when I first came out as transgender. Um, I was more sure with the fact that my issues weren't worth the body I was born in it was due in the way I was treated because of it or how society what's expected of me. So that was all social role of female I thought I fitted in more with than the physical body. That's why I have I feel I've felt wanted gender fluid as it's not terribly necessary for me to transition but at the same time, it would be nice. So [00:07:41] what does it mean to [00:07:46] or how to describe that to people who don't really know [00:07:49] I'm [00:07:53] having a finish my [00:08:00] To me it's sort of a state of being comfortable enough with yourself to not need to define your gender as one of the other it's sort of a like a middle gene yours be comfortable to act or we're what you like and taking the tributes from both male and female how they perceived [00:08:30] and how did you learn about like dinner food? Or did you know when you first can ask him Did you know that that was kind of optional? I didn't [00:08:40] know I didn't actually I had no idea about it until I think it was last year sometime in one of the trends group someone on Facebook they posted like a link to definition of lots of different [00:08:56] identifications [00:08:59] Sony It wasn't until recently that I was actually [00:09:04] told about the terminology and there's more than [00:09:10] one of the density Lyft Haskell [00:09:15] I've been trying to figure out my place in life I'm working well forget what I want to do really working [00:09:24] I'm [00:09:26] building sites where else bakeries also [00:09:35] in many of your workplaces [00:09:37] usernames North the northern part from the one I'm at currently that was more to do with they know my dad than me as a child so I was sort of that harder rather than coming as a fresh face. It's like oh, that's that person that was your name different. So yeah. My past jobs spent a little awkward at first is the workers got used to it but afterwards have been comfortable around me. It hasn't been [00:10:06] Have you had any transphobia? [00:10:10] No, actually, which is quite surprising. [00:10:14] What was it like working on the building site? [00:10:19] It was what were you doing [00:10:22] at the start I was sort of going in before the building stuff so like little personal stuff and then I got to most the balls put the concrete to the pastor and painting [00:10:34] build a house there wasn't [00:10:40] no it's probably wasn't actually they they're still trading like one of the guys but this country speak to them. [00:10:49] How do you feel about the way current trends people are represented in the media [00:10:54] and some of them on the positive light efforts? Generally efforts [00:10:58] been written or via a trans person that's in a positive light because, you know, people see themselves in public life. Um there's bound to be lots of negative media I can't feel in anything. [00:11:16] They've been any characters or storylines that you've been able to kind of relate to a senior editor to reflect [00:11:23] is a shoe box or it was a movie foreign movie. Oh, sorry. [00:11:31] Foreign necessarily wasn't spoken English. It was about a [00:11:35] tomboy that moved to a new town it was just it was a boy and playing with the boys and stuff. [00:11:46] Was Carol it's called but yeah, it was a it was about a girl who moved to New Town and Fred closed the boys I should change the boy snuck in and found out the end but yeah, I felt okay. Isn't your life with that? cause some departments go live sort of tried to Scott Scott was off skill but [00:12:09] sort of [00:12:13] present Yeah. [00:12:18] How do you feel about the marriage equality bill that passed last a [00:12:21] long time coming? [00:12:27] Yeah, I watched I've watched all the ratings of the bill up late at night on TV. And I went out to friends since I read the last one we launched that be redone see it Good. I'm glad it's finally passed. [00:12:42] That shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. [00:12:47] What do you think some of the issues other issues facing current and younger [00:12:56] that was made I can think of is mainly [00:13:00] Scholes. [00:13:02] Do you think we might be in 10 years time? [00:13:05] Maybe we'll save it for now. [00:13:09] I think they're still a few weeks ago. But we just like to run off will be Alice like or else will be treated just like everyone else. You won't have to come out anymore. It'll just be really funky to chose the certainly but won't be coming out so to speak. Oh, okay. You like boys and girls you like it was the boys it won't be a big deal. With some vegetables, keto here, I help facilitate it on a weekly basis. And for job trek trans youth group. It's currently things currently on hiatus. So we're doing some rebranding and trying to get some more information for soft game, but it's not so involved helping trying to [00:13:59] do saving, what kind of DC those groups. And the [00:14:07] main thing I say is, [00:14:11] helps the young people, the young people realize that they're not alone. We're not the only one going through this. Sometimes good for them, but everything but main thing for them is having friends, meeting other people going home alone, because most of them are at different schools and they don't see each other outside of utopia so they feel quiet, can feel quite isolated as go, especially if there's not many other gay people they know. [00:14:46] What does that mean to you to be volunteering with that group? [00:14:52] Means quite a bit to me because when I was younger, the facilitators have challenged me quite a bit come to terms with how I am and know that it's okay to be gay. So it means a lot to me to hope that I'm helping some of the young movers to accept themselves and not feel ashamed. [00:15:15] Have you had any [00:15:22] be role models? [00:15:27] Right. And [00:15:31] if you could give a kind of message to [00:15:35] the person struggling to come out of [00:15:41] the gates better? [00:15:44] Maybe how at the moment, maybe it's not maybe you still just signed a Christian yourself but it gets better one day things will change up so many different you'll be someone different. [00:15:57] Don't stress out about her punch. [00:16:04] What messages Do you remember getting when you were growing up about people [00:16:13] that were creepy. I would mean that MIT people in toilets. [00:16:17] That was master mysteries. query for [00:16:23] Oracle disco [00:16:26] balls of all the friends. I don't know. Yeah, it [00:16:33] was a sort of the schoolyard gossip. [00:16:37] What's the kind of Have you been part of much kind of nightlife scene in Christ it [00:16:44] know [00:16:46] if you're like it's a safe place to clap and [00:16:50] harping geeks, but I honestly wouldn't have any idea on bit. So [00:17:00] what's your favorite thing about being a [00:17:03] part of a group [00:17:07] that you feel welcome and seated. [00:17:11] So you are [00:17:14] free to be yourself around your peers because half the time village playing with someone else or trying to please others but with your family, you can just be yourself.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.