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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in Gareth support from the rule foundation. [00:00:07] How do you describe your identity? [00:00:10] trans masculine [00:00:12] descent, the words that we've used to talk about identity is change over time. [00:00:17] Yes. But 15 degree, there's, [00:00:22] I would say close to 100 other terms that can kind of cover the covered by gender queer. But if you look back and kind of in history, there's kind of nothing other than maybe he didn't declare. It was kind of course, each time I'm online. [00:00:37] What do you think it's going to be like the future? [00:00:40] I would hate to think. But hopefully we won't need to use labels. [00:00:46] And so how did you figure out that you were [00:00:51] transferred to an all girls school and ended up meeting someone in the airport, me who was beginning the transition? And we sit down and talk No, kind of middle few things clicked in my head, and then went home and researched and thought, yep, it's me. [00:01:10] We're about to [00:01:12] go from Wellington. [00:01:14] What was it? [00:01:16] Like being realizing you were friends at an all [00:01:18] girls school? [00:01:20] somewhat awkward, but luckily, I cannot the end of year 12. And we must defeat today. So no more wearing a skirt? [00:01:30] Oh, my legs are fine with it. Most of the teachers will go with it didn't bother me too much. [00:01:36] Did you experience much transfer? [00:01:39] from some of the United teens that didn't, I guess, didn't know me as such just saw me walking around at school. And then kind of gave me [00:01:51] times on the train home? [00:01:54] And do you remember learning much about what it means to be? [00:01:58] Clear? I don't [00:02:03] know. It was pretty much nothing. That being said, I didn't really get taught much like health at all. The first school I went to, or physical address went to it was health was pretty much just a fitness side of it didn't do anything else. [00:02:23] And did you come back to your family a second time, [00:02:27] about five or six months later, once I kind of got used to it in kind of worked out how I was going to tell them ended up telling a leader before I went away for a week. So I'd kind of like when I saw them after I came back on today. Read it today read it. And then kind of neat at all. So Mike, while the envelopes been opening, so I'm assuming someone that read it. They ignored it a very long time until stuff happened at school. And the counselor wanted to talk to my mom. And it was brought up in my mom as soon as it got brought up my mom just change the topic. And we didn't want to have a bar of it. And it still go for years later. [00:03:17] So they don't accept you kind of know. [00:03:22] It's all female pronouns and birth name. [00:03:25] How does that make you feel? [00:03:27] It's my parents kind of accepted that they're not really gonna ever change. [00:03:34] Little baby steps hopefully. [00:03:37] Did you have much kind of caught when you were 17? [00:03:43] Yeah, most of my mates at school. They were supportive. Some of them didn't really know what it entailed if I never went home to YouTube videos and found more information than I did. [00:03:56] And then yeah, School's out and Wellington was a big help. What's up? [00:04:03] queer youth group that meets up school. Basically just hanging out chit talk. [00:04:11] What's it been like moving to the Christchurch [00:04:16] I didn't really know very many people. When I moved down, I literally knew I think four people in Christchurch. [00:04:27] But once I got involved in key topia, which is the question school youth group. [00:04:36] And a few more people. And then, yeah, kind of stuck to myself [00:04:43] studying and now I'm working. [00:04:46] What's your study? [00:04:48] I studied carpentry. And I now work making element in windows and doors. [00:04:54] experience much kind of homophobia and transphobia. [00:05:01] This morning, they were actually reading the paper about the Eurovision winner. And that was it just kind of sat there quietly in the corner. Ignoring ignoring all the comments, that was a [00:05:15] one who was the Eurovision, [00:05:18] drag queen, the bearded drag queen. And they were having massive discussions about why you would even want to do that. So I kind of just sit there and pretended not to hear them. [00:05:30] And a [00:05:32] study, only one of my workmates nor, and that's from being on my Facebook page. Like completely forgot that I added them to. But yeah, he's gay himself. So he was like, yeah, whatever don't really care. [00:05:48] said you try and kick this. So he likes it. [00:05:52] Yeah, most of the people I work with are like the 40s? Or [00:05:58] Not really, female would associate with outside of work? [00:06:03] Would you like to be open about it? A few felt like back to that, are you quite happy? [00:06:08] I run a transgender development trust or charity. So [00:06:14] I don't mind being out just in situations where it matters if it's safe or not for me to be up? [00:06:21] What's your charity? [00:06:23] At the moment, it's basically just can't agree based with pony being kind of a charity who have six months now. And we studying another trans youth group and Christchurch. And we have some end of projects trying to get information out into schools. [00:06:47] What inspired [00:06:51] kind of my own time at school, and then I was involved with unlimited writing a policy for transgender students, when they move into the a new building [00:07:02] that gets built [00:07:04] in kind of the changes that they can are able to make having a whole new building being built, like the single stone toilets. [00:07:12] That's really awesome. Do you think it's having core fans on the South Island? [00:07:19] It's not as except for that I noticed. The further south you get, you kind of end up being kind of forced into a closet. From what I've discovered in the two years of being here, there's not a lot of support, unlike Wellington and Oakland, where it's kind of left, right and center everywhere you look with some sort of support going on. [00:07:42] Is it important to to have [00:07:45] a sense of community and belonging for yourself? [00:07:48] Yeah, kind of not having a context. My family and I need to build my own sort of family with sir. Yeah, the support, it's kind of an important thing. [00:07:58] To have me find it. [00:08:00] At the moment, mostly online. [00:08:04] And a lot of the guys really in Christchurch [00:08:11] still support? [00:08:12] What kind of online savvy for [00:08:16] several different Facebook groups and isn't enough email list, which is kind of outdated. [00:08:25] But yeah, mostly Facebook groups. [00:08:28] Do you say love them 2.0. And click connecting more, I'm finding that community more in line. [00:08:34] I'm not so much in the [00:08:38] male trans community seems to be a little the younger guys are kind of shying away from connecting with everyone else. It's more of like 30 and 40 year olds, which is a little bit weird. As far as dynamics are every now and then there's like a 16 year old that pops on for a couple of Lake City like no, sorry, guys. No good place to be. So it's not much further specifically. [00:09:07] Yeah. Why do you think different? That's why lots of transgressive Chang like, well, is that other reason, [00:09:13] I think there's just bigger support on things like Tumblr, and just kind of YouTube videos and just kind of, if they need help, they'll kind of talk to someone but not in a group situation. [00:09:29] Looking at those more international kind of [00:09:31] channels, where no one really knows them, it's just the face. [00:09:38] How do you feel about the way current trans people represented in the media? [00:09:42] It's getting better slowly. [00:09:46] If you look back 10 years, it was pretty much nothing about maybe the old gay couple, or even just a gay person who's every now and then you kind of hear them talk about the partner or whatever. But it's definitely become a lot more common. [00:10:01] There's a lot of teenage kind of shows that have trans characters [00:10:09] portray it was getting a little bit later. But it's kind of a starting point, and hopefully it will take on [00:10:16] what are some of those? [00:10:17] Degrassi? [00:10:21] Although they managed to kill the early trades character, [00:10:26] do you think stereotypes have the same kind of storylines, playing out? [00:10:31] there going to Barrow to get humans and family acceptance? And then when they finally are level mode, something terrible happens? [00:10:41] How do you? What do you think they could do? You know, like, how do you like to see trans people portray? [00:10:48] A good thing I noticed is differently trans woman that tons of just being played by male characters. I'm sure there's a lot of other trans women that would happily act those positions, but yeah. [00:11:06] Have you seen your kind of identity like, reflected? So [00:11:11] I'm kind of element Degrassi kind of went through some of the similar things I did when I was at school. Except, you know, quite I didn't get bullied as badly as Adam did. But definitely the family side of things. [00:11:29] Did you have other issues at school like bathrooms and things like that? [00:11:34] Once I came out, I was allowed to use the one male toilet school grounds if it was unlocked, but most of the time it wasn't. So I just kind of grin and bear it and use the ladies toilets. [00:11:49] Have you been involved much in any kind of activism will follow politics and crew [00:11:55] was part of queer inches. When I was living in Wellington, [00:12:01] basically a kind of quiet out there, group. [00:12:07] It was originally a small group that came from Queen The Night March. And that kind of wanted to change. And now it's becoming quite a big group is sort of getting a refutation across the country, being quite out there about what they're doing. [00:12:25] What were some of the things you were involved with, with him. Um, [00:12:28] I was poster boy for one of the campaigns about trying to get into schools and kind of getting education to schools, and meeting with the Ministry of Education. [00:12:44] It was a weird sharing my story. [00:12:48] And then the meeting that actually ended up in tears and a couple of points, another my story with a couple of other trans youth stories, their time at school. [00:12:58] And they realized stuff needs to change, but they can't really change it. [00:13:04] What they said, Sir, [00:13:06] what is having that tendency like dizziness, [00:13:10] and six and health education, not just male and female couples? Getting a little bit adventurous as far as that goes. And then bathrooms are a big thing. Kind of just in general. But I know a lot of schools can't accommodate other than just male and female bathrooms. And then it's using which is safe for everyone. [00:13:39] How do you feel about the marriage equality bill that passed last year? [00:13:42] Um, I followed it quite a bit. But it's never really been something that I ever thought about. For myself, so [00:13:56] am I aware of the bell go through power at the moment with social around, kicked into the human rights? Yeah, [00:14:03] to be good. What do you think? [00:14:08] Just because it's in the human rights doesn't mean it's gonna be followed all the time. But it's a stepping stone to at least get it in there. [00:14:19] What do you think are some of the other most important issues that are facing current trends, youth in Israel and [00:14:25] access to medical care? It's been a big thing for me personally. With moving country or moving cities, in the middle of trying to get on hormones, ended up being a three year white for hormones and having to go privately to get my psych assessment, because questions District Hospital doesn't actually have anyone who they say is fine to do them, that currently taking public patients. And not everyone has the money tree kind of aspect. But three or $400 just for one sit down to get home and just kind of ridiculous most people. [00:15:12] What do you say something solutions for that? [00:15:17] I don't really know of as Lucian to such other than the HB is getting more funding. But fundings being cut left, right and center of the strict childhoods. Even if they just find that one person who they say is ok to do it. Because I know I paid for them privately, then had a meeting with the endocrinologist and then got told no, sorry, this isn't good enough. If you're back for another one. So another $400 down the drain. [00:15:50] For a couple of bits of paper. [00:15:54] What do you know about the [00:15:57] history of current transaction news? [00:16:02] Not a lot other than kind of marriage equality kind of across the world? [00:16:09] What do you have for my 13 years? [00:16:15] Everyone is treated as equal no matter what. But history is proven that that takes quite a while and little baby steps. [00:16:25] If you could give a message to a young trans person struggling coming out of school and coming out to their family, what would it be? [00:16:34] things do get better at may not feel like it at the time. But in five years, you will look back and be like, Oh, he's so much better now. And yeah, hormones aren't miracles. But they're a good step. [00:16:55] Any unclear or trends, role models. [00:17:00] Aiden in the States, who runs point five CC, which is one of the big charities over there. He's pretty cool. He went to charity, and he has a pretty impressive body for someone who was one female and elevating his male. What does his charity do? They make clothing. And they've just recently started funding sit one male top surgery, and they've now open it up to anyone in the world who's getting surgery in the States. They only funded small portion, but it's literally your surgery cost, which is pretty good. And they've just branched off into a [00:17:49] male to female line of clothing and intuition items. [00:17:55] That kind of something you'd like to see here in New Zealand. [00:17:59] Currently, we run a small version of that. But it just isn't the kind of demand that it's justifiable. And it's really expensive, especially during a get now if a female transition things in the country. And you hit so many lows, you have to somehow work around the import phase to kind of makes it worthwhile [00:18:26] Dena many kind of like famous and trans people. [00:18:33] Not really, and don't really [00:18:38] watch much TV or involved in much kind of online media. [00:18:44] Rarely [00:18:45] do you think if there had been more positive portrayals in the media and kind of models around your school, that would have been helpful. [00:18:54] I didn't watch TV as a kid but I was not to watch the news and that was about it. [00:19:01] Even like growing up in college, it was literally news and that was it. [00:19:06] It's not really something at the moment I'd ever expect to see on the news. Maybe one day on the news, it will be a positive light you know someone being dead. [00:19:21] What's your favorite thing about being again trans person and [00:19:27] making people question things. Like [00:19:32] I met someone who didn't even know what transgender was. And then I kind of educate them just like a tiny little bit. And then Wow, so you want to go live as a guy and they like seem really mind blowing when he explained it to them.

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