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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride with their support from the rule foundation [00:00:07] How would you describe your identity? [00:00:11] Well, I'm gay. I like it as always being I don't go by the they call the descriptions people use lifestyle. But sure. I don't I didn't fall by any of those. Just me. So [00:00:32] do you think the language that we use to describe f6 orientation is changed over time? [00:00:40] Has when you look at you know, back in the old days gay used to be no mate happy and now it's there's a lot more things with words like the eastwood. [00:00:57] I think mostly gay guys would find that offensive. The [00:01:02] I certainly don't love the word. But yeah. But yeah, it has changed a lot over the years. Lots of new words have come out on the dictionary. And [00:01:14] when did you first become aware that [00:01:19] the windows 910 [00:01:23] and yeah, that was scary. So I always see throws never going to be gay. But well, they're gonna change. [00:01:32] And yeah. [00:01:35] It was a good, scary moment, I guess. [00:01:39] Why do you think you think to selfie began denial to be decided to bed visitors? [00:01:47] Well, my father was homophobic. [00:01:50] Really homophobic. And I'd been bought up by 12 years. So I didn't want to confront him about it. When I did, he didn't do twist to it. But he's fine with it now. And mumbles you know, we are We always knew you're gay. [00:02:13] So what kind of reactions that you get from people? Um, well, [00:02:19] my mother and my grandmother. I mean, my grandmother, you'd expect from her that she was a man, being a grandparent, and lots of grandparents these days were brought up in a generation where you know, being gay was not acceptable. But my grandmother, she's completely. Did you know who I am? And she forced me to meet her these been friends. [00:02:50] She did it was really uncomfortable. [00:02:56] MMOs like we always knew your gay day didn't always didn't talk to me for two weeks. So I moved away. And then he said, don't make any language. Excuse me. Shit. [00:03:07] We're back city. [00:03:09] Mostly donating. And then [00:03:12] I moved in with my mom. [00:03:16] Let's do 456 years of my life now [00:03:23] you have been down here for nearly a year. It's been great. But yeah, study. [00:03:30] Did you experience any, like have a very high school or anything like that? [00:03:35] Um, no, I had a gay friend in high school. He came out before. Well, before I did, and yeah, I didn't. I had moments at our school where I was like, I think I might be gay. But I didn't really take much on board about that. I don't know what that is. The attitude was like towards gays. But [00:04:06] they did there was a lot of bullying [00:04:11] from wives or anyone that just wasn't good. And then the new principal on a corner stop the grown up but put in harder roles. So the bullying can't stop. Not really but much better. [00:04:28] Didn't get father to be great. [00:04:35] To be honest, I don't know what schools up north or like I guess it depends what area if you're in Oakland or Wellington then it's perfectly acceptable but I don't know small towns will be [00:04:55] more [00:04:57] Yeah. Down here often good. The same line. And the biggest cities that will be okay, because the amount of guys that will go but and really small towns? [00:05:09] I don't think so. [00:05:11] They might be okay. I'm not too sure. [00:05:15] So what's it been like? Coming out going to university? [00:05:20] It's good. I've got two gay friends and [00:05:27] three lesbian shooters. [00:05:32] And, yeah, that's a perfectly welcoming environment. So y'all I'm really enjoying [00:05:42] him over his career. Because [00:05:47] I do go to q4 [00:05:51] so father's semester have any been twice [00:05:58] q4 as the we're coffee at four. I normally just call up cuber. But [00:06:06] that's what they used to describe it quick coffee at all. So basically, just chill out. No, do people have a good young? socialize? [00:06:19] What's fun? Is it important to have kind of like a sense of [00:06:23] community and belonging today? Well, [00:06:28] again, because if you you know, often we've got a couple queer groups down here. If you go then year, you know, make new friends. And, you know, a few haven't come up to Appearance yet. at all, just give you a bit of security. To know that, you know, you're not the only one that's like this. And you have like, different people, all different sexuality. And I support you and yeah, I guess it says, I know for me anyway, I was just security. Knowing that, you know, I could have gay friends and [00:07:18] all that. Yeah. [00:07:22] That's a good support for it as well. So [00:07:29] have you had an experience of homophobia at university? [00:07:34] No, I have no. [00:07:41] Um, how do you feel about the way queer and trans people are represented in the media? [00:07:50] Well, people don't really advertise so much on the media. Apart from when the headline big things like the big the queen, adult, queer, I began this one. And I think these are trends Jean parade thing that happens once a year? [00:08:12] I'm not I don't know, I [00:08:17] don't know a lot about Wellington's gay saying. But [00:08:22] from what I've heard, they don't have like, [00:08:25] a big gap sort of thing up there. Just right off it from the screen. [00:08:30] Yeah. Okay. And what do you what do you think that the way [00:08:38] characters are portrayed on TV shows and movies, music [00:08:46] some [00:08:49] Encarta and some, you know, animators, directors, writers, whatever. They I don't know how to put a two pins like South Park. You know, they would come across as quite homophobic with some of the remarks. But [00:09:13] I'm a pretty easy person. So when it comes to like making jokes about community I just [00:09:22] see it from that point of view, but I can also see it from that point of view. And yeah, but sometimes Yeah. Have you seen a cat or uncle thrown together? at a rip off of Big Brother pretty much have like all these cartoon characters that are ripping off other reality show reality shows up cartoons? My you've got the superhero you've got a Disney Princess type thing. The way they portray hit, oh my god. But this a gaming character called Zander, the Gale. He's the beast character either about I don't like the term to game. But it's things like that, that will you know that from my point of view are is okay. [00:10:17] Everyone has their own views. Life. So have [00:10:21] you seen any characters or like storylines that [00:10:27] reflect your identity that you can relate to? [00:10:30] That can't YouTube videos? Sure. Yeah. [00:10:37] I follow what I [00:10:40] like watching I'm hard [00:10:45] on YouTube videos that I rarely do whatever name is. [00:10:53] I follow someone [00:10:56] gave you trouble. But that the more calm did anything else. [00:11:06] do follow because the guy was a guy that [00:11:12] I do follow them because of the gay [00:11:16] but also because Hannah [00:11:20] Hart BMSK YouTube channel suggests [00:11:25] she is she's got to channel she's got on full I advise and then she's just got like applying comedy. You know, dude is the hell she wants all of them. And yet, sometimes they can. They can be really good advice and the videos. And yeah, especially because the gay and you know, you're gay, you can kind of relate to [00:11:51] a lot watching straight. [00:11:54] People. puzzles. [00:11:58] Sorry. Do you think social media [00:12:01] and things like YouTube [00:12:04] play a big part of the moment? And how Korean people [00:12:10] kind of connect to their identity or find other people? Well, [00:12:15] Facebook, [00:12:18] I there are a lot of support groups on Facebook. [00:12:24] I know what's a few pages, but I don't pay any attention really. But you know, you can talk to people from around the world get, you know, advice from everyone. [00:12:40] The groups are more [00:12:44] they are the most supportive. Because they sometimes you got to be careful about you know, some people joining the groups and then they just bombard the page with homophobic comments and all that and something. You know, people who trying to come out the appearance, they don't need the X and they just claim back up into the show. And yeah, sure. [00:13:09] And how do you feel about the marriage equality? [00:13:15] means we can get married. [00:13:20] Yeah, now I was quite proud when I heard the gay thing past. And then nothing was early this year. England, England, Ireland, Scotland. The gay rights bill and pass as well. So now they can get married. Some states in America are still getting [00:13:43] spread. California didn't get it, though. But [00:13:47] yeah. [00:13:50] As soon as the bill came through YouTube, so I'm referring to usual the account remember the national parties? The National mother's name is one that made the Big Gay rainbow. [00:14:08] When [00:14:11] no idea but, you know, he was like the, you know, [00:14:15] the [00:14:17] first person in Parliament, you know, have a positive outlook like that, you know, it kind of faded into a joke as well. Especially with all the religious, you know, [00:14:29] my [00:14:31] kind of my thoughts and jokes about the homophobic kind of emails, etc. Yeah. Yeah, people, people kind of making ridiculous claims about what was going to happen. What's going to people could get married [00:14:41] by a big with all the time, they're going to be more earthquakes. And [00:14:47] I think at the end, you kind of get this big speechmaking and [00:14:51] it was funny. [00:14:58] What did you study? [00:15:00] We'll do a study on the attacker, Polly. Doing design. So that's fun. [00:15:07] What do you want to do after that? What do you hope for [00:15:10] the future? That's one thing I've been thinking over the past few days. I want to do archaeology next year. But I don't think I'll get them now. But think positive. [00:15:22] Now I want to [00:15:25] I want to go into a Bachelor of design hopefully next year. And then maybe go into the film industry. [00:15:33] Yeah, should be fun. Looks like fun. [00:15:39] Marriage and kids and travel. [00:15:44] Yeah, I was planning my girlfriend at the moment. She She wants kids in three years. Yeah. And if I'm still studying, I won't be able to have time because the bachelor takes another three four is I want to travel for five years. And because my partner's from England No, I was going to take it back to England. So she could go and visit her family and all that but lots of her family don't know that she's gay. [00:16:19] Because apparently the quite homophobic [00:16:24] but I also wanted to get a [00:16:28] little town and border border border region. [00:16:34] Still got family there. Maybe Australia [00:16:36] was so happy but [00:16:40] now mostly England. [00:16:43] For instance, that there you know, she'll marry me just so I can get residency. But no, [00:16:50] I suppose we'll feel about that. [00:16:53] But yeah, so it's a toss up between within to have kids or travel Personally, I just want to travel. Kids can white. [00:17:02] earlier. [00:17:04] Have you talked about how you would have kids? [00:17:08] Well, [00:17:11] she would have them. [00:17:13] Yeah, cuz I always sit down. I don't want to give a close. I'm being selfish. I don't want to ruin my body. But also I don't want to give them my treasures, bloodlines. While we have, you know, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. [00:17:32] There was another one [00:17:35] that I read online. So I hit this condition was little humility, anemia. And apparently that's [00:17:46] passed down through the gene pool. And yeah, I don't want to get the kids. [00:17:54] Yeah, I'm passing on the kids. So [00:17:58] I'll donate me. But I'm not carrying internet. [00:18:05] Helps you guys meet [00:18:07] through Raymond. He was gonna hook us up on a blind day, but I got really impatient and just went through his [00:18:16] friends list and [00:18:17] industry. [00:18:20] And the next day, she came over for a cup of coffee and [00:18:26] completely gobsmacked for [00:18:30] sure. We've been on off the past six, both since June last year, [00:18:36] July last year. How do you see people meeting people for dating and stuff? [00:18:45] Well, [00:18:47] depends if he's straight up gay. [00:18:49] If you're gay [00:18:52] Well, I guess we're if you've got enough gay friends yet ask them they might know someone. I would suggest internet dating. But there are some weird on like, literally, I know I've done it before. [00:19:15] There we [00:19:16] go to q4 and you know socialize meet new people know they might be someone single? [00:19:25] Or, you know, [00:19:27] you know, one of the good mates who's another? [00:19:31] Who's friends with other queer people? Yeah. [00:19:36] And what do you think some of the most important issues facing content young people in New Zealand [00:19:44] hasn't really made its way into the us [00:19:49] the whole [00:19:50] skin heap fact isn't. [00:19:56] I went to the eyes of the International socialists or organization. And [00:20:03] yeah, they see their [00:20:06] skin here to white power of some sort. Again, [00:20:11] we're moving the chorus to the name from Christchurch. But luckily for most of the students, the movement assassinated which [00:20:25] is the Dutch power, so I'm [00:20:28] kind of Moscow emotional. [00:20:32] Yeah, just one of my [00:20:37] I have a [00:20:39] gay friend. And that that's why I don't go into town anymore. Personally. There's white Ben that drives around town. Bates people are young, so much cooler while flatmate she's, she's gay as well. They tried doing software you would never barber she managed to get away. But [00:21:05] was the other guy [00:21:11] I posted on Facebook, he had pictures of this big black welts [00:21:17] on his face, he'd been beaten up and I personally teared up and I was like it was you don't come into enemy I know. On Fridays and Sunday nights there are a few what Ben said river torches avoid the white fence and last [00:21:35] night Eric Peterson [00:21:37] have over here Yeah, what a pair or just the people like I don't know either did they're from Milton. [00:21:46] So you know show us have ever hosted game real kind of fun? [00:21:51] Yeah, exactly. I mean, for a line of [00:21:58] they could be the skinheads you know, we're going to move this up the night and Oliver. I don't know. But [00:22:06] yeah. In this new zealand was in Alaska. [00:22:11] And what [00:22:13] a message that you would give to young people who might be struggling this instrumentation in [00:22:23] autumn [00:22:28] basically, you are who you are. No one can change you. [00:22:34] Yeah, you know, you want to come at the parents. Come out to your parents is not my decision. It's yours. Yeah, basically. That's what I keep on telling everyone. As you know, if I was your own daughter, but I'm not yours. So you do it your way. Yeah, you are who you are. No one can change you for the world. Even if they don't change for anyone. You are you are. Everybody's unique. [00:23:12] Yeah. And [00:23:17] I love to say their part. Socks. [00:23:22] I think what's happening in Russia [00:23:27] effect is pretty much illegal to be gay over them. I was looking up on one the other day that wrote the laws. A few the if the government funds that you're gay, you get $20,000 fine. Or Yeah, we seems to help group to, you know, push that slogan pray the gay away. [00:23:54] Stupid but a $20,000 fine. And after that, you know what, let it be gay. [00:24:00] Yeah. Also the fact that, you know, Russia's gone downhill, they're [00:24:06] taking over of the Ukraine. [00:24:11] One of my favorite artists is brushing GM, who was also gay. [00:24:19] as inferior Fira. I don't know last night it's really hard to pronounce [00:24:26] them for. [00:24:30] Some people know who she is. Yeah. [00:24:36] He's great. [00:24:38] You know, she supports the Ukraine, which, you know, from issues born in Russia, she's not Russian. But now she supports the Ukraine, which is a good thing, I guess. Because, [00:24:53] yeah, Vladimir? [00:24:59] Kind of international news. [00:25:02] International News is a lot more interesting. Because museums [00:25:08] are small as see the you know, movie here, there and everywhere. [00:25:17] Or really bad political stuff. And [00:25:21] it's like, well, [00:25:23] lyst overseas, they have breaking news stories. [00:25:28] And [00:25:30] BBC didn't wants to follow him. What American American media twist things a lot. Mondrian really does. If you watch different aspects of the news, you know, especially if they're a big international story. They need in color. They'll report it in different ways. And they'll have different informations like [00:25:56] yeah, neutron spot coming up. [00:26:03] And maybe just finish up. What's your favorite thing about being queer person? [00:26:11] Um, my favorite thing [00:26:19] being [00:26:21] I don't really know. [00:26:24] I don't honestly know I would say you know, being like the only gay one in the group. But I've been pulled in networks. I know so many gay people. [00:26:38] No

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