Snapshot 2000 - Jay

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride and I How did I feel when I know I'm attractive guy? I probably, I think I think I knew it from [00:00:14] the young [00:00:16] teenagers, I knew it already. But everybody has different backgrounds, family, and society, especially if you're from right country, but with easier, and it was usually very, very, very difficult, especially in, in Asian cultures. And most of the people, I think you probably know it, and they need to suppress it, and just don't, don't do anything with it. Some people even get married, which is very popular in, you know, wherever you come from. For myself, I think I knew it since [00:00:55] I was a kid. [00:00:58] I didn't do anything with it. Do you like do whatever, society or my family or other people, my classmates, what they do, get a girlfriend and you know, hang around with them. So I actually got a girlfriend. And we've been sort of seeing telephone quite a long time. And most of the time, I'm with her will actually talk about getting married. That was when I was in my 20s, early 20s. And we actually got engaged just because I think it's the right thing to do. And, and also our family size, or, you know, wouldn't see that happen. And I kind of got go along with it. But I knew the whole time I I wasn't happy. And it's not really me. So I kind of cancelled the marriage. But I had to get away from it on that feminine over with people. Because I feel like it wasn't right. And I had fun, useful for both of the family. And I wasn't ready for marriage. So then I started thinking about going abroad study. Canada, actually, that was the main reason why I did that is get away from my family and you know, find myself and have a perfect excuse for everybody. I said I just wasn't ready to yell not really ready for for anything yet. Then I went to went to Canada to study. And that was time that really close to my house to the UK culture. And I was first time in a Western countries. And I was free and you know, willing to accept and talking gay bars and getting to know more people. And then I realized being gay is attractive. Man, this is not a mistake, or is not something wrong. You know, I I'm not the only one a lot of people like they're very confident of themselves being gay, some are getting more and more confidence that realize this slide, you know, I don't have to hide it. I think eventually, it needs to be honest yourself. And ask yourself, What are you the are and if you prepare for the worst, like I came out to my family as well, couple years later, because I've been I've been I get to travel a lot. And I work in the United States and it helped a lot more to be really happy being who we are. So I decided to come up to my family and everybody. And they actually turned Okay, I mean, they had some we have some family problems when I tell them but I was really prepared to [00:04:10] to say hey, if they not going to accept me, [00:04:14] that's okay, I can enter my thoughts to can help myself is for myself all the time anyway. So I know threats from them if they're not accepted, and what some of my family are not very happy about it. But I didn't, I didn't really care. You know, that's my life. And I looked at myself, and I need anything from them. Even if they emotionally not gonna support me, I am actually a fine pretend that. So [00:04:47] I think you just have to be [00:04:50] confident about yourself if you want to come out if you're not really happy. My friend, especially Western friends seems to be less problem than they have been a Asian country. Why come from Asia? So [00:05:10] making little bit Harrison [00:05:15] I'm totally out now two companies, my work and school whenever. And I actually came up to my class. They were kind of joking. And so yes, I am. And and so them, actually. Okay. And actually, they're quite gay, gay people there. I know, there's a gay guy in there. It's sort of a joke. Like jokes, jokes about gays and and I guess I am gay. And the first one came out. And then I saw the other one. They didn't they didn't visit. I know they are. But I just said gay bars are you are to the they think I know as well. But they didn't want to tell anyone. My case is very different. And my parents died quite a long time ago. So I don't really have parents after I was 28. And I came up to the up to the post as to why. So to me, it's sort of a relief of my burden. If I if my pet was still alive, then I probably would never tell my parents, but I would tell my brothers. Most of them did meet on the sense. And actually, we had, we had got into some sort of arguments. And it was quite quite a trauma. And least I had one sister, she's very supportive. And she's like my mother. And she was lovely. She's the only one that is really Ellen found on at least probably I would say 90% to the ones who said, okay, to my father, whether you are happy no doing and, and you're happy? We don't. We don't have any question. But others, they just sort of wake up to that told them. We started that characteristic away from each other, I don't have, I don't hardly see them anymore. I will emanate my purpose to avoid them. And somebody I made them, it's in a many years now I see them again, I'm sure you'll be fine. But I can't be living overseas. So I really, you know, I still see them a lot. And if I go back to my country, I usually see my favorite sister. And that's it. You know, I don't care about all the others. It happens when I was in the army. It was sort of just naturally happen. with Marilyn around. And we have a juicy became pants. In winter, it's quite cold. And we just try to keep it as low in the same bed watching TV. And just, you know, mostly with cutaways and trying to be warm, there's no heat. And, and that's when, when it's happened. For the jerking off, there's nothing, nothing like you know, just whacking it. And then the next Sarah sell out, I felt so bad as I had the same way. And we can look into the in the house. Couple of funds, we can't even speak to each other. And it was quite the size beside because I think the first time for both of us. And we'll proceed you to change and maybe stupid. But at the same time you still enjoy it. And I think just driven by sexual desire. Man who happens to be a man next two years. So that was my first time experience. And then although we didn't really talk to each other for a long time. And actually, it happened again, happen again. It is again, that was quite strange. And after a couple of years I I knew he got married and I didn't go to the wedding. [00:09:47] And I knew I was married. [00:09:50] Now basically and he was faithfully

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.