Takataapui workshop - Shift hui (2016)

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you in association with inside out and pride in z.com. [00:00:08] killed me Miss Kitty Kitty, I am not the only only Panama hockey Robocop and I found it. [00:00:17] I found [00:00:19] love 20 years of money turn, but being back home now, since my partner is a New Zealand what someone, we've been together 24 years. And yeah, 17 years. So they sampled feminists, it's time for us to move. [00:00:39] And [00:00:42] I come into the space. [00:00:45] As a young person I was an activist on when I was about 1415. And Mike's formed, we could see this, some of the things that we needed to [00:00:56] ask either way. [00:01:03] And that was part of the movements of the 80s. And so set a time when feminism, laziness, all of these things in the women's rights movement, we're all happy come into our country. And so these things were bubbling along. And so when I come to talk about for the pathway, then I come from a place that said, when we started, and we go from the English, the British, when we were colonized, and the late 1800s, the word was homosexual, heterosexual, were invented. And so, there are still some of that elders, they identified homosexual, that was a language and when they grew up language in of lesbian and gay and he came in, and 70s and those kind of times, so they will start to identify as transgender in the 90s. And so all of the words from Neha talks about a sexual way remeeting under the radar. So, things that is a progression of language that that happens, what we know is that from the very first time, those that language is common sense as the feelings the identities have not changed, they have been here for centuries, later ancient identities that we all have the names and language into English [00:02:22] is very, very recent. [00:02:26] Some of you will have heard the story, this was found, and the writings of [00:02:33] what he was the first basically if his mighty scholar, because for the pokey that we had that these writings about ginger, a woman, we from him, and so in the story of him, and [00:02:46] he tells of how to identify, and his the spring turkey came around. And then what was quite intrigued, she has a pretty, and she was not allowed, really to choose here, partner. She is the eldest of your family. So daughter of the chief, those things were political, [00:03:07] political arrangements, and so through rolling through who power in that she could create peace amongst neighboring tribes. [00:03:16] But still like the sky, and so he was a musician, I don't know if any of you musicians in the room, we have a lot of fun. That's okay, a lot of problems that safe watch those musicians they will, [00:03:27] they will grab your father because they'll always attract those particular focus it that will take your woman away. And he was he played the flute. And so they were not [00:03:39] animals. So instantly that there was an addiction going on. And so I don't know if any of you know Dr. Joy and all the data sets and input. [00:03:51] And decided is, is a rock which is the second thing. And so they had [00:03:58] intended to do the middle of the like, the island area, and to Dominica and 68 gone into that space sphere. [00:04:11] And animals father removed all the Walker from the shore so that she could not go to the island. [00:04:19] But the connection it was between them was too strong. And so she would sit on the rock thinking and it's like, she could hear the flute playing across the water. And see the stories that said this was all pre arranged that, that she still had to cross the water. So she swam out at night, and to use the sound of the flute to guide who like to the item. But when she got there, and this is the greatest mighty love story we have the streets are named after the images The great thing. So what they don't talk about, and that exact same story is that when she got the issue disguise yourself as the main to get the attention. And so through the subterfuge, she finally was able to get close to to Tai Chi, and Marty culture. We don't even have a word for within. We don't have a word actually for husband, wife, mother, daughter, [00:05:11] father, son. And so the way that you announced your coupledom and that sense was that you've got found and be together. And so there's a lot of stories about counting the feet. And the beat is a way of signifies a new relationship. I know now coach or nowadays the periods finding you and be with you in a potluck, not such a great [00:05:32] story, [00:05:34] to go proudly out to announce that the entire village Now a couple of the survey today and they've seen since so the father, it was done. But we get the Word or PowerPoint. As the story goes on to say that after they were living together to tannic I went to his father in law and see it I am dying, I love of my taco taco, my city. And the story theme as that he arranged for tricky and Henry what allowed me to come and look at them. And so we know from the very first Monday dictionary 1832 translated that that that we decided to the Companion of the same six. [00:06:17] What we also know from diaries of sailors, [00:06:22] Flores whalers is that our sexuality was much, much more fluid, then the colonists with we're happy with and select click down on that quite severely, but for many, many years, for decades later, our people continue to live and operate with a much a fluid identity. Well, you see, this is the thing is not an identity as such, it was more from what I can tell from the body more, and then document as someone who was up the same team to esteem, but we know that people whatever to be sexual will be attracted to other people have different genders. And that was an accepted part of our culture. Of course, colonization, just ordinary things. Alain de language, economic base, but it also took that away from us. And so I always say that the historical trauma both at the top we and then how things happen this country Saturday at that point. [00:07:26] Many areas, I think tied off and see where it comes from around history. And I think other areas, we we will more isolated, those relationships continue to happen. But we kicked undercover. And so and my wife had talked about [00:07:42] sometimes people perceive that like is discrimination by family don't want to talk about it, don't want to hear it, I believe that was actually founded protection. When you're in the body of your family, then they could they could look up to you. And they knew that all the second second down here, the homophobia by phobia transphobia, that was happening. [00:08:02] And even today, as our parents, oh, you're going to get ivory fleet. And instead of helping build us up to be stronger, a lot of him you just try and stop us doing it then. [00:08:13] And so [00:08:16] part of I guess the group that we actually funnel funnel is we look to ways that we can work with our funnel to remind them of how are people used to be because there's so many areas of our culture in our lives, we're that link, that knowledge has been taken away from us. And it's up to us the to bring that knowledge back. So partly it's, I'm your daughter, and your child, he should just accept me anyway, regardless. And part of that as a reminder, this is how we used to be, we've always been there. So I say all the identities, all of the feelings, all of the attractions have always been throughout people. [00:08:58] So I really enjoyed thank you to all the panelists that spoke this morning, I really enjoyed listening to people talk about how we, how we live, how express who we are, and how we make our lives around what's important to us. So when I moved to Wellington was early 20s. And I could see that there was a lot of racism and the rainbow communities that there was a very specific ways you're allowed to be lesbian or gay. So some of our elders talked about you could hit to be factual thing. So there was that thing that the people we three for a long time, I look now at those old days, and I see a lot of what we call the stone witches, action of the likes of me well before surgery or hormones were available. And for we didn't have any language in for that. [00:09:51] When by the time I got the and I was active and start off with listening in got got more important things. And so I thought is a Marty had no way to kind of go to the with many of us. And I missed that connection. So I set up the funnel funnel. So we could bring all the parts of ourselves together. Because so often we go home and we have this thing here, we're very contained, where don't talk about this don't bring your partner on are you don't have to say you were doing that match over the don't talk about politics and from the planet. But what city and grandmother, all of those, sometimes I'm not saying it happens here, but some of you will be familiar, or it's not part of our culture, it's not part of religion doesn't like this. And in other spaces here, and the rainbow kind of field, it's culture doesn't matter. It's all about this identity. And so to find a photo was a way to bring those things together. So we set it up, that it was always open to all the parts of our community, because we recognize we have non to the top of the patents, we have the friends we'd we'd like to hang out with and do things with. So we started off with the place of being able to speak body if you spoke Marty starting to learn with them. And [00:11:10] in we started, just started working with other organizations to say Do you need help with us? Have you thought about that? Because she kinda wasn't used pretty much and most of the community. So because our group was, is inclusive, that we had many people from other organizations, we started through the relationship, that initial contact, instead of building a relationship with the organization. So when they're organized in the next week, they Okay, then, you know, which should think about how you're going to open it. What is the Copa Boggy Creek? What are the values that you're going to do? And so we did that organization by organization until now 15 years later. [00:11:50] But it has nothing happens in the Wellington area without us involved in some way. And it's, again, it's not it's moving past that token thing. When you're talking about inclusive spaces, it's not that he started to each time with kilda because a that still awesome, that by itself that is not going to bring people and and so what we've tried to do is then work with organizations to say right, [00:12:18] Let's steal right, right back to who organizes the space? Who has the power of decision making? And are there any Marty people involved? And there? Are there any other people of different cultures involved in that? Because if it doesn't take them why they're here, that's not going to happen? How are these things? What resources do you use? Whose knowledge do you access, because the factors there's not many modern depend on where you are in the country at percentages are changed dramatically. So Wellington one of the lowest percentage of money where I come from piston the highest, we need that 50%. So again, your access to resource that's different. And that's part of why I made the Tucker top we resource to [00:13:03] kind of give a really, really broad definition of what it is. But theme to help us start that conversation. So we could start building relationships. [00:13:14] When [00:13:17] I'm just thinking when you had your conversations just now and you broke into workshops, where the people there, they talked about inclusive spaces, did any of that cover some some of those cultural things? Think what kind of things were coming out for you. And those workshops to transfer. [00:13:37] So I noticed that [00:13:42] a lot of the discussion in terms of culture, and religion was there was some things that came up between we didn't mind is if the other was that was a big one way, you know, for example, as [00:13:55] determined, yes, apple juice is going to be there, which literally translates into like a woman. But with religion was introduced, like if you came up with gray area that people didn't really want to talk about. And so even to this day, thanks to is to have for people to [00:14:15] think you. [00:14:17] I'm just wondering, [00:14:19] and some of the other groups if or even just generally, and then that you have some of the issues that you come up with for things you've struggled with or [00:14:28] awesome [00:14:30] about payment place of having Marty in your groups. [00:14:38] How many people here kind of run groups and haven hit the discussion? [00:14:45] I didn't, we just [00:14:45] talked about five. [00:14:48] There was one girl that was talking about racism. [00:14:53] Yeah. [00:14:55] Interesting, what to focus on, what we try and do is create a space between welcome, that invite can be any identity. And we're these issues that they can come to the group for support in that particular way. So for example, then to six round table that was held this week [00:15:15] that mommy came to us and say is an organization How can we support with that quote, proper. And that's what we do for the people in our group, they will just tell us that there's something coming up that they need support or knowledge around. So So that's our big part of the funnel. [00:15:33] When I was when I came out, and decided planes, the least include the [00:15:40] I told my family as they kind of kid has bought up to be very strong, very confident. I was the eldest of my family, my father was the Alice's pulled up to be in charge of stuff. And, and so soon as I did, I told everyone except my father, my father was a crazy violent megalomaniac, and I heard him totally gonna kill me. [00:16:02] But I went up to guess when I hitchhiked from the needed to get them to talk to my great grandmother was born in 1901. And I said to her, I was these course neighborhood of the weird, I've got a different way. And so [00:16:16] we have six, [00:16:17] as well. And she told me that her Auntie's lifters, female couples, when she was young, they had to born in born in the like, the 1870s 1880s, [00:16:29] of course, then she said that, you know, the big except yet we accept all of that, how would that you must have children, this is one of the number one we get. It's tough, it's tough when you take out all these things that are kind of the same because we Marty that we see without the model you take up all these things we share because of a sexuality and gender, these the cracks these a few things that are absolutely specifically because I think that's number one, we should kids. And because it's all about Papa Papa, and I talked about soccer popping aside some time, it is literally just because we have like a top it doesn't mean we're not going to have children. But actually we inherent another fucker Papa, which is that supernova tough way. And so that we come from a tradition of people and sexual fluidity. And we need to claim it. So by claims I could talk we say yet, except regardless of whether I speak Marty or not, regardless of when I go home to my mother, I will even feel comfortable or even like this people by Monday, before. [00:17:33] And so the other thing being we took about money, we inherit Amanda, when we born, and it's the motto of our tribe, and who we are, we also accrue manner through a lifetime way achievements and updates. And I believe it is that money is at the top with it, because that's the standard to say, actually, not only are we going to deal with the discrimination that happens in our world, we have the right to deal with the discrimination that happens in that banner and inside of our culture. [00:18:02] Because [00:18:04] as I say, [00:18:06] well I want to do is remind them of how we used to be. And before they don't not, but now that they do, they need to change with it. [00:18:18] Let's see, what else did I wrote? The so yeah, so when I come back to my story, my great grandmother and I see it, what was the name? What did you call your aunties? And she said there is no name, they were just part of the funnel. So this is that part of the fun. I said, We don't need men's one that takes the most amazing leaders, he always tells the story when he asked his mother. What What do we used to call people like us, and change us, of course, we had a name was Michael Porter, ranch. [00:18:55] That's actually all of the naming all of those things. None of it does. And the end doesn't matter, you find I see. Because you part of these. You're part of the tribe, part of the fame and part of the household. And that's what we try and remind us remind a foreigner, this was produced through a suicide prevention. We know that one of the number one protective factors they call as support a funnel. And this is about reminding honor to remember the core job of our families to look after us. That is all there is. They will learn over time, the Tuesday night to use for ourselves, they will learn to meet and know that people were attracted to and love and we'll share our bodies with they will learn to connect with the communities we can equip, but at the absolute guts of it as part of the funnel. And although this was written with type of pathway in mind, I believe all the things to Well, I would hope to everybody. And [00:19:56] I wanted to [00:20:00] this is not an apologetic or face criteria. Number one big beautiful, it was important to me, this is my artwork. [00:20:11] Oh my god, I just did it was great. Oh, [00:20:15] sorry. [00:20:19] Okay, this isn't the room. It's like we want from the McCormick, the but this is kind of a resource with some attitude. That actually there's some really, really bad things that happen for particularly for young people. Because more more organizations, more more groups that have been, even though as of our generation before, we knew when we were young, my service, no agenda for the time of three or four, and my stomach, nice sexuality, while the teenagers, that my generation before didn't come out till later. So with you being part of the generation coming up when you're young and taking all the crap that you're taking right now. And so this was part of it to say Actually, this is unusual times, this is new times, this is how this is and finally just need to be reminded of what the job is. [00:21:09] And so finally, [00:21:12] I'm talking to think when I think about impulsivity, [00:21:17] they come back to those basic valleys that when we set things up that the people that we weren't included in the spaces we eventually create need to be involved at the beginning of the organizing quite often we can't find all those people [00:21:34] not they might not want to be on a group for whatever reason amazing so you might all be Lego other things aren't people are busy people are in demand this then you're looking at how other organizations and other individuals you build that relationship with so that then you build that trust that you can rank tip you can ring me and say what about this and that's because I'm going to be now [00:21:57] nearly 10 years and so you build it up over time. And so if you're working alongside say is whatever kind of group that you're in that you work with, say a mainstream for example, money youth group, then you build that relationship. So they might be key activities to say right maybe twice a year, we do some joint joint projects, joint activities and you just over time develop a relationship so that [00:22:27] they need to trust you as an organization because all these separate topic over here it might be keen on on Sunday, but they just this is just a foreign place. So and the over here probably follow or run the model organization to the Sports [00:22:44] Overtime in that can say actually these are called people physical things that they're doing and people start to hit that fluidity [00:22:54] I always recommend you think that that's Apple is a word to refer to Almighty [00:23:00] Who He made fun of data Danny this being gay bisexual, transsexual trends and to six a sexual a romantic or the different identities that we have in many more that we will create and [00:23:16] I think if you are you start from that base number one hit us on the organizing it's not really a group or an organization develop relationships all about relationships and talk some more about that tomorrow. [00:23:31] And for me key things in here it's about respecting the wider of the person that who we are our gender or sexuality I believe all the knowledge of the amazing this we bring in the world part of that is because we are conduits that we have created a password insistence whatever they shun that's it he says have come from and so when we trample discriminate against we've discriminate on the manner between trampled on the mana we tripled in the wider when we hustle anybody so whether that's us amongst ourselves whether that's how what ever happened several us in the world and that is the number one sin sin Christian and reference there. But all Viking Viking FC kinda so fun is number one job to look after us in the key thing is to protect the wider other person and so I hope with this with the work that we do [00:24:29] that we enhance the wider of you will say acknowledge all of your insistence the fact I know that you come here as individuals but actually represent your final you represent your groups and you receive your ancestors and our method to all of them so there's a convoluted convoluted encoded or but [00:24:50] it's been lovely to talk to you today I'm gonna open up for any other questions that nor data now thinner Koto Koto [00:24:58] Koto Koto [00:25:11] what you think about it, [00:25:13] I'm going to bring up and it'd be great if people can think of things maybe that make it really hard. One of the things that [00:25:23] someone six me just before is one of the issues that people think is that type of happily Yeah, can't be it means suit and identities or certain level of knowledge of being Marty so I just want to reiterate that that is not true. When we reclaimed took a taboo in La Jolla reports currently Smith was found that too and the writings of the car here and they gave it to the community from day one that tomb was given over for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people that was all the language and we had at the time so the fix since then some parts of our communities have claimed it for just gaming because they say Arctic entirely to me before means gaming actually just on a basic into more logical you know, not that I even know much about it, but on day basis it's just absolutely not true but when it's gifted to our communities to us, it was always and we know ethical by the way nothing to eat a ton of giveaways and leadership and now and our communities so I just wanted to reinforce that anything else people in the group's [00:26:35] I was wondering [00:26:38] or ideas will have my [00:26:41] takeaway [00:26:44] really [00:26:46] might be more to come. [00:26:51] I think some practical things around [00:26:56] I we were advertising [00:26:59] do you actually get your family and your notices out to places where other media so do I do have a relationship or your contact with all the local mighty youth groups? Do you to them and I [00:27:14] people who work with with Marty so that they they can all help direct people to you? So these that the other thing? [00:27:26] So for example, a lot of our [00:27:30] targets Apple who might identify as, as lesbian, and bisexual women play sport, it's the thing you'll find them on the softball fields. [00:27:42] So then it's Do you have a relationship with any of probably Molly sports groups. So it's a thing of actually getting thinking a bit more naturally, firstly, about how you let people know what you're doing because then it's like, okay, maybe if you had a relationship with sports for the you could organize sports events, so some of its will fund and some that's real competitive. That in itself would. So when we were running Amazon software, for example, for a long time, it was predominately pocket, then we end up with the social team, we made a competitor to highlight all the models to end up [00:28:18] in the Pacific Islanders because that we're going to play music was competitive. [00:28:24] And so they those kinds of real practical things doing things they might be interested in. And then the things you already do that they probably would be if they knew about that [00:28:35] the some real things around pronunciation. [00:28:40] So we know say people's names correctly in place names. Opening with always suggest people open with the correct Yeah, I think it's not necessarily a prayer, I'm not talking about a premier talking about something that brings everybody into the space and closer to an open that for your discussions of what he's going to do. So those centers so minimalism does come along, and someone who's at the top fully then they are so so somebody something [00:29:06] is not in the room. [00:29:07] So it's just a normal part of how you operate because people feel that if you are this is a normal thing you do. Like using inclusive language, when you even if you've never had someone into six new group a few ways, say into six by the way, when someone does come up, I am included here, and specifically [00:29:25] specifically named as for me. [00:29:32] Yeah, I think I looked at the end of course, it's it's those money who do get involved we did they come from who the networks and networks thing, who people know and let's, let's have fun, have fun. And we have a similar tiny group with no funding. But we create relationships. So we need this person here. And I got all the inmates and then they'll send people to us. So I really want to invite anybody who's and Wellington to come and please come and check out to fund a fund that comment Singh, Kham be good if you can sing but it is not compulsory. It's also good for a little bit of rhythm, but also [00:30:12] Yeah, I think it's a mixture of those things, because they sold number of groups that I don't join. It's a slight cool, I like to do, for example, one thing to a fitness and walking [00:30:26] but they need to talk about something they know pivoted to. Yeah, I think that that applies to lots of people if you're doing the thing that come with it. [00:30:36] Yeah, thank you [00:30:39] say I really love the [00:30:45] way of doing things [00:30:48] because well I guess like people don't change but societies change and [00:30:56] when we look at [00:31:00] modern society free [00:31:04] 1800s before [00:31:07] super came and met [00:31:12] I think that's that society is much more [00:31:19] natural in a way of how people and so I like to think that [00:31:28] party have should be embracing this as well [00:31:32] recognize that [00:31:37] our identity is a [00:31:41] really really big thing case been organs [00:31:45] and find a partner that we all can where we come from. [00:31:49] So [00:31:52] I want to know how I can use it properly and [00:31:57] responsibly. [00:32:00] One [00:32:02] partner [00:32:06] I suppose [00:32:06] for some people monitoring is gonna fall under the sun like we tried is that we model there so joining an ending kind of learning some of those and [00:32:20] I think again, connecting and with whether it's going to stand to my classes work on getting some basic feel good pronunciation [00:32:29] that same to understand some of those values. So even here at this way the fix it to be introduces them in users with like Copa that you know that this topics of discussion. [00:32:40] And so when we use to compare values that we're using, Marty concepts, so study to learn those things, either and local groups, things that you can read this lots of things on the internet to give you that real basic [00:32:56] introduction, [00:32:58] I think, because I want to wait say, Okay, if you're going to talk about connectedness and, and people relating, then you might as well use for knowing that [00:33:07] there is a term and a concept rooted here. If you're going to talk about history, and our because fuck up is about genealogy going back in time and into the future, but that also means a wider collective relationship sideways. Because when you're talking far No, you're not you're talking connectedness, but that and here we have student obligations to each other and therefore accountabilities. And so I think if those tunes actually dive with what you're talking about, then I'd say use the tunes become familiar with those so so they can gradually build on those things because not enough to fund a fund is one group in the whole country. [00:33:48] So it's not always an option I think starting to learn this basic concepts and feeling that's what you do anyway it's how you think even use use those tools for it. And it starts connecting them with this of this length of this [00:34:03] of this area. And you know, I see a future we everyone in this country six months [00:34:10] the early settlers that came to this country all Marty but once a column colonization Percy started that are Oh, no, we don't do that. So they stopped. And then it was like we wait to speak English. [00:34:22] So it's a different way of thinking of connecting [00:34:30] two versions. [00:34:33] If you like music, watch your favorite [00:34:34] song. And the second one is you're talking about roles and punch in the [00:34:41] face of the top three, [00:34:43] how how it's been type of top three, can you play a role and memorize sitting or [00:34:52] pre pre [00:34:53] pre call? [00:34:57] Is Christian [00:34:58] music. They have got [00:35:03] decided offer this as a music break. So she knows a lot about music and organizes it. So I have what I call my favorite thing. I have my all time favorites. [00:35:14] If I had to pick one [00:35:19] would it be Sunday, little bit together. [00:35:24] Adele at a civil union, we did an acknowledgement of all of those type of top when people have dug a six is genius and sexualities, who could not live the life they wanted to love and want to fund a fund a son, a teacher at the time Delphia Sunday, Sunday will be together. [00:35:46] Yeah, so I'm not gonna make a sentence. [00:35:49] It's a very old song. It's also it's Diana Ross and the Supremes. [00:36:00] So yeah, I think that [00:36:02] would be [00:36:05] something more recent. They know what has to be done, Chef, we'll see how it goes. [00:36:24] It's a confidence thing. going on. The second thing, really important [00:36:33] is the thing I've noticed. And as I've gotten older, that I see that when you grow up, and you're connected with your father know, and they regardless of your other identities, that they understand you and I know you because you'll do is we need to live is most Marty do 90% of us live outside of our tribal areas, you come back and that what's what this list and yeah, and they don't get it, it's a pocket becomes a part here concept. So there's something in there about and I think it's connected to that fire protection of phi while you're here, we get who you are. But when you're out there, and you come back with this craziness, we don't get it and we don't really want to engage with it. And so, when it comes to roles, because certain when to find a funder was formed, we talked a lot about Copernican models, culture, highly gendered, move into this, the main do this, you stay in in these roles, and you do this. So several of us come from backgrounds. And we decided that if a way it was written in a particular way, if a hacker was written to be performed by men or women, that the people who identified in it [00:37:45] and that way performed those have Weaver it was the incumbent on us, because we're not about to say, Oh, we must change what modern culture to do they say actually, then step up. So we hit to write out and wired, separate write down, how can we wrote out songs, the when we perform all those, then we can check out the rose, we can do whatever we like, all of the all of our group. But when we deploy, for example, all of our mean, now identify members will deploy. And so then we break down those things, talking about calendar, [00:38:21] because we've hit to deal with situations, say, out for a few minute game need wanted to do Canada, were like, No, you can't have a trans woman, no problem at all. Because the thing about Karina, and I take that really, really seriously, it's about our connection to the land, and to the gods, because of our female essence. And so if you live your life and acknowledge that female essence, then you have the right to do that role. And so, and that's fine in our communities, this is a safe space where we can learn and we can teach those things when you go home. And I have totally seen this and being hit people asking me about this, hearing a trans woman following up who hasn't grown up at home doesn't know many people and say they want to do the color, they might I mess up fights like you did what [00:39:20] data is not good, solid, it is not as supportive or even good to get away to operate, that you have to connect, you want to take particular roles, I have been home now for six years, and I still am totally the backup car no go everywhere and the race time I pointed at nearly every four you're going to but as long as I've got older cousins, as long as I've got empties, they do that I'm at the bed. And so these that thing as well you need to be home you need to be asked to do certain things and you need to have done some of that practice and learning yourself. So we do get asked then you can step into that role. I don't know if some of these know PDT while he is also on our board board of the funnel funnel who's a transmission and his partner Karen, his wife. And they run topic today, which is the trends market trends targets our organization, they have a newsletter that goes out around the world, but six 7000 subscribers and it's all cope up in mind things that hit me throughout all of their communities, but the focus on football why he named penetrated banning trans people and and of course inside there and puts out non binary and gender diverse people. [00:40:42] So he went back to his Medina and they and hit that negotiation over time because he grew up there and from poking me to and data one and we'll do our end [00:40:58] and so that conversation started thanks that he was transitioning and then by the time [00:41:06] they overtime the they got to see and understand they could feel the wider and then got to the point where they see if he was really to speak that they could sit on the pipeline and it took time that didn't settle well and it's [00:41:22] it's a real decision if we if we're going to step up to those roles or want to be available for those roles we need to know what we're doing because we really were representing say we have this difficulty throughout the country that have had fucker whacking the color not only my for decades because they know that essence they recognize that way to have them and then they can be no question [00:41:46] whatever tools they call themselves or whatever other people might have to say about it the fun or not and in respect there was very very clear that that is not how it operates even we take credit goes on and so part of doing this research working [00:42:02] with far no is just to start working on it dealing with things and not going where we are kids are getting hit with a getting kicked out of home and take no connection with them right because they find a cannot cope with the diversity is not acceptable. And I guess to Connor Connor all of our work is about addressing that reminding her father what the basic job us who we are where we come from kilda [00:42:32] So anybody who would like to come into that how it is for the more [00:42:37] I know some people here the to tackle that isn't [00:42:41] another Skype [00:42:43] let's say anyone that would like to comment on it [00:42:49] was we showed up last thing [00:42:54] Okay, this this resource was the first one I am doing a PhD I finished in June on the emerging markets application today [00:43:01] Yeah, [00:43:02] yeah. [00:43:06] I was asked to do it and I see tissue I had no idea it's a lot of writing a lottery ticket purchase 100,000 words Yeah, but there's no research needs to nothing on top of top week so we did we did it. And as loving Lisa my craft those hundred thousand leads, I know you're not going to read it. So the resources of this one, we're doing one now remember you were interviewing tapa, tapa use the parents and the grandparents. We are looking for volunteers, we will come to you will go to your phone or live wherever that is in the country. So we [00:43:40] so Morgan, we interviewed her final and why cuts off. So we interviewed moving and the mom the FaceTime and we interviewed Morgan's anti cousin was the eldest son also photography and the name Yeah. All together It was incredible. We're looking for more volunteers to do that because we want to put something together that gives hit salute directed by so parents can speak to parents are quite motto can speak to each other and just say how do we create a support a foreigner so I'm looking for volunteers please come and see me Yeah. [00:44:16] So no data no finish here. Yeah, nope. Someone you perfect [00:44:20] sir is that I'm [00:44:23] only to do a mouse read the sentence for this particular one. Yeah. [00:44:29] That's what late [00:44:33] I encourage you to do [00:44:34] never visit to culture. Thank you for having me not either. [00:44:52] So so important that we continue to tell the story and history and knowledge the language and the way we can come from and to speak like ice cream Yes, reading that story of territory and what that means that there's a term that many people at this at the story and that will meet in our groups and stuff but they can claim that you know, that belongs to you and that's your your history. [00:45:14] And as well I think just talking about how we can make efforts and spaces or implicit Oh, check it halfway. It's just so so so important and really, really appreciate you coming to share that with us. [00:45:28] And I realized I didn't do my wife says I'm going to do one quick one, which I'm going to help you to sing with me. So I like [00:45:35] to [00:45:36] do this. Even though you don't speak model [00:45:41] or it repeats and [00:45:44] I'll get [00:45:47] those things [00:45:47] I will go like this. [00:45:52] I've had this my favorite anyone who knows is joining [00:45:58] we are [00:46:01] three years [00:46:07] the MMA nation and cross the why why creation we want kneel down we will [00:46:18] fall on the ground. [00:46:21] Oh how to hear them say mama Holy [00:46:30] God de de ma [00:46:39] p for know [00:46:42] to [00:46:45] call [00:46:48] me today and Monday [00:46:53] May 20 know si de la

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