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[00:00:00] Over the summer, we're going to be hearing from volunteers from around the country who are contributing their expertise and time, and all kinds of ways to all manner of organizations. Today we're adding anti Dan is optional and central Wellington name for local champion of transgender people. It offers a safe environment and an array of clothing and accessories for its clients. And hit it as a longtime volunteer here. First working for Red Cross op shop before moving to anti Diana's like Warlock shoppers, she loves a bargain. And she's also amazed at how generous people are with donations, you can get a sense of this much loved community amazing place by looking at the photo gallery, and the summertime is web page. I rocked up on a recent sunny Saturday afternoon. [00:00:41] So my name is Anna here when you tower, and I'm volunteer here and Angie, time is up shop. And I'm 37 year old transgender female, particularly with working with anti Donna's is that at a store designed for transgender, gender diverse and six people. So obviously that covers the LGBT q amp a rainbow. And I thought would be really good to put my energies towards that, like it's helping back to my own community, obviously being transgendered. And we often have a lack of support and society. So by volunteering here, and being able to help create a community based place, which is a nice safe space for all our wonderful Ruby people to come, just felt natural, like it just came naturally. Like it was a good time today. [00:01:30] Just thinking if when I didn't know you were in your teens were to shop like this had been helpful for you. Are you finding your way through? Absolutely, we'll see. [00:01:38] thing in my late 30s. When I was a teenager, there wasn't much support round for any of the LGBT q i people. So it would have been invaluable for me to be able to come to a place like this and get information on name change and documentation and also a medical information about hormones going on hormones, and all those sorts of things like it would have been perfect for me when I was a teenager. [00:02:05] I imagine you have some interesting conversations here, not just that outfit looks, you know, great on you. Do you find yourself having those deeper conversations with some of the people coming through here? frustrations and joys and heartache? [00:02:17] Absolutely. I think it's really good that our community, especially as some of our Ganga community of don't really have safe spaces to go where it's just LGBT q where people, often society can be accepting of us and it's not as easy to be forward or open about who you are or the issues you're going through. with people who don't necessarily would understand. [00:02:43] Let us I'm bit jealous because I think working on a secondhand shop is a really cool gig. And just before we started speaking, I was going around with my camera looking around really lovely things here as well. So it's a nice environment. It is nice, [00:02:56] it's a nice environment. And we encourage all people to come in here you don't have to be under the LGBT q a rainbow to come and shop here. But we don't encourage that. [00:03:06] And volunteering at tends to become a family. You know, volunteering by its nature. You tend to be social don't who you're working with other people with joint interests and passions, you know, shoulder to shoulder sometimes, is it part of the attraction for you [00:03:20] added attraction as did like you see it being social with peers, especially that we're all on the same wavelength. Like, it's nice to be around other volunteers that dude, they want to give back. So didn't win over all like minded people. And it's really cool to be able to come together and interact with each other. And also, it's inspiring for for each of us, to motivate us on the path that we're on. [00:03:45] People often I think one of the barriers volunteering might be Hey, look, I'm a really busy person. I haven't got much time. So I'm not prepared to commit myself to anything that was the volunteering. I don't know here, how many hours a week would you spend here? [00:04:00] Me personally. So I do one shift week on Friday. So actually, I normally do to SAS, so we have a morning shift in the afternoon chef. So it's actually broken into two separate parts. And then volunteers want to they can come on the day that suits them. And so a morning shift as any from team to toe. So that's four hours, and then afternoon shift as from total sex, [00:04:22] just he [00:04:25] just had to become a Buddha. And it should never become a Buddha. And [00:04:27] that's right and also hear it I'm at Dan, as if people can volunteer necessarily their time, or they don't want to do a shift every single week, they might have a few hours available. We encourage them to come to like a working basement, we will doing like organizing through donations and sorting through things. So they don't necessarily have to be constantly returning. But as they came to a working be that would definitely help to keep this place more organized and all the stock up to date and an ad on the shelves where you can sell them to [00:05:00] the public. We can be really interesting because you've got a lot of objects here. So the sorting through and the placement is really important. [00:05:11] Absolutely. So the story here, it's downstairs, and we have a storage room upstairs, which is obviously filled with donations. But the thing is because we get so much donations, it's really important to keep track of that and to do the soft. And so we do encourage people to come and help out on a working be if they don't necessarily want to volunteer here every single week. And that way we can help organize and sort the donations into the way they go. [00:05:40] Well, that's great to hear that you hear so many donations. Are they from a broad group of people members of the public? Absolutely. So [00:05:48] I think the majority of our stuff does come from people enter the LGBT q a rainbow, but we also accept donations from all sorts of people. [00:05:57] So there's lots of [00:05:58] people in the public, you're not pure with donations and then it could it have to be really fun to sort through them. And it's really interesting, you will find some real gems sometimes [00:06:08] it was gonna be my next question, what are some of the most interesting things that you've come across [00:06:12] with I've actually come across some most amazing high heels like I mentioned, we've had some drag queens that have donated tangent and store and officers are just amazing. Absolutely most beautiful hair, heel shoes I've ever seen. And course at tops and also am costume jewelry. We get all sorts of amazing custom jewelry in here. [00:06:34] Have you had any good byes yourself? I have [00:06:38] I think most of what I'm hearing from the store and you're [00:06:41] looking gorgeous. [00:06:44] Yeah, well there's also there's a move back towards you know, the recycled and reused being list waste oriented. So I think our shops I was wondering wearing about them actually there for a while with Trade Me and various things, even free cycle, maybe they'd go out of fashion. But if you finding that this still the same interest in donating and still the same number of people coming through to buy Absolutely. [00:07:05] So there was always like even say we've had three people have popped in today and donated items. And we've also had about four people that have come in and purchased link. So it's definitely high demand for donating and reusing these old clothes, and especially a lot of them that are synthetic. And we're going through this big phase of getting rid of plastic things and not checking, trying to be reusing as much items as we can because obviously it ends up [00:07:33] and the landfills and and oceans and stuff like that. And that's definitely not good. So I would definitely encourage recycling clothing and going shopping from ups ups as opposed to buying brand new, like brand new can be really nice. But I think if you're more eco friendly, then it's often better to go to ups ups. Also you won't be wearing things that are trending, you'll be find things that fit your specific style. So that's quite name, [00:07:59] and probably made the last [00:08:01] bits Right, absolutely. For the [00:08:03] series on a hero I'm I'm looking at a whole range of ways that people can volunteer, and just really trying to encourage people to do so. And given that you've worked with the Red Cross and your got your passion project here as well. What would you say to people who have maybe been sitting on the fence or thinking again, will but one day I might get round to it. What's what do you get from volunteering, [00:08:24] volunteering as a really good way to give back to community places like the request and I'm raised to work, it's all volunteer base, and without the volunteers then there's no requests. So it's a good way of keeping community together. And then obviously, secondhand stores are really good way of being able to access cheap and affordable home we're and clothing and secondhand shows in there. And so it's really good to be able to give back to the community and help them [00:08:58] some stuff we don't. [00:09:02] Hi, [00:09:03] my name is Corey, Canada, and how long have you been volunteering? why I've been here for a year, year and a half now. And why I mean, it's a beautiful day out there. There are things you could be doing, but why do you volunteer your time? [00:09:17] I've always wanted to like go back. [00:09:20] I've always been that kind of person anyway, so just give [00:09:23] and the people who come through Do you find yourself having some cool conversations and enjoying the environment? Yeah, [00:09:29] there's lots of conversation. [00:09:30] But there's some explicit conclusions as well. [00:09:34] So I feel like it's like just for everybody that's there's no specific lesson everything so it's very neutral. Yeah. And sometimes get some really cool stuff here we were saying that we've had some good friends right what are some of your finds here? I'm wearing it now [00:09:51] that I'm you actually find that there's lots of fabulous clubs here and [00:09:56] the jewelry is really nice. I've [00:09:57] really enjoyed the jewelry the mice [00:10:03] can be really amazing. Yeah, [00:10:04] yeah, I'm door and also in this lots of like cute knickknacks. And Sally I [00:10:09] can't tell you how long have you been volunteering you [00:10:11] know, I don't volunteer I just shop [00:10:16] and tell me why this [00:10:17] place is is I think it's an awesome space. Because you know it can be uncomfortable being LGBT and shopping the mainstream fishy when it comes to change Tinder or dresses. And so for have a space where they can come and shop and feel comfortable enough to try on the clothes without any judgment as really awesome. [00:10:37] family [00:10:40] friends like can I help because we cannot help ourselves really I [00:10:45] started I think it's a good space for their just everybody can feel like they can just come and have a look around. And also its fundraising for you know a good cause for the senior center which is an amazing come with. With good. Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, [00:11:00] country. So what are you dropping off today? [00:11:01] I'm my hand me downs for the next generation. [00:11:07] Everything that doesn't fit anymore. [00:11:11] Yeah, it's too short. [00:11:14] So you can you first of all as as a shop or your friends. I'm friends with the sisters. They work? Yeah, we're like for for them? Yeah. [00:11:23] Like one person was looking hand and word of mouth got out. And we will just come on and move away all of anti China [00:11:30] to carry on his spirit as it's really important. to them. She was amazing. She was inspirational. She could tell stories. Africa, Asia, India. And she was she was an empowering woman who was the really strong life force and the sisterhood and the change and it's the third. [00:11:48] Yeah. Transgender advocate for the last 3040 years so this is like predating our time. And so she's helped to pave the way for [00:12:00] for [00:12:01] generations to come. [00:12:02] She started as like a cap or a girl. [00:12:05] Yeah, Lego Lego. Yeah, [00:12:07] Sydney Sydney. should be really proud. Say what they thought Oh, she's she left. She would be so proud. [00:12:15] She said the soccer was be named for a name for him. [00:12:18] Yeah. So and then she passed away. That's quite sad. [00:12:23] Yeah, it was see that. Minimize here and honor your name and all the work that she's done for transgender people. [00:12:30] Volunteer interview today was recorded. Anti Dan is optional and Wellington we've got lots of big photo galleries on the summertime is we page. Thank you, Robert. including one for that story.

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