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[00:00:00] This podcast is funded through a generous grant from the gate Auckland Business Association, charitable trust, and brought to you by the queen of the whole universe Charitable Trust and pride in [00:00:13] I've always got a DVD of the show. And my day job is an ESL teacher, I teach English to international students. And sometimes I'll show them the DVD of the show. And I'll say, okay, which ones are the guys and which ones are the girls and which are the girls are actually guys? [00:00:30] And how does? How does that go [00:00:31] on great debate? cyber [00:00:32] really isn't really a girl. Yeah. Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure. But what about that one? Is it really a good? Yes, it is true is [00:00:42] if you hear him speak, he's Thomas. Hello. [00:00:45] It's good fun. The first [00:00:47] ones you were in the audience? Can you describe what the kind of feeling was like, [00:00:52] Oh, it's great. The first time I went was the very first time they had poise. And the energy coming off the stage was, you know, the audience and the performance for feeding off each other. And you're always waiting to see if it's really good, what's going to come next. [00:01:07] So I was wondering [00:01:10] whether any memorable moments in that performance, [00:01:12] and the swimsuit grade was was good fun. [00:01:16] I remember that. And that was [00:01:20] Select one or two. But I remember all these guys in various sorts of 123 swimsuits, and they remember that was fun. [00:01:30] But scary, but fun. [00:01:32] The costumes are amazing. I mean, the amount of work that goes into those [00:01:36] are the, we're really lucky, we just get measured up. And we do a little bit of selling ourselves. So we're a little bit of both, but it's mostly done for us, whereas the individual performers, [00:01:47] the girls all do their own outfits. So for example, in the headgear of nations when we have to do is, we'll come off and on. And they might, they might give us a little bit of something to wear for one year. One was, for example, it was Venezuela, where she was Miss Angel Falls. And so we had wings on angel wings on an angel halos. So if they if the girls want to give us extra bits for our costumes, you know, that's fine, we're quite happy to put those on. [00:02:18] Last time I was with having the super city, it was actually in a wheelie bin. So I had to put on one of those orange vests and the hard hat, and that wheel around, [00:02:30] sort of drop it. Fortunately, she wasn't too heavy. But the couple of times my means and nearly got away from me. [00:02:36] What are the key things to make a good boy on stage? [00:02:41] Don't be too self conscious. Okay. [00:02:45] Be very flexible fit in because you're there to support the girls and make them look good. And try not to wind the director up more than necessary. A little bit deeper now. And it's fine. [00:02:58] About, [00:02:59] yeah, you just fit in and help out as much as you can. And you know, if you see somebody needs a hand, just go and do that. [00:03:08] Can you take me back to the first time that you got involved as a boy, and just take me through the whole process in terms of going through the rehearsals and then getting onto stage technique? Yep, [00:03:19] sure. [00:03:21] I can't quite remember, we were rehearsing, but [00:03:26] it was sort of a meet and greet. And talk to some other. You know, you talked to some other boys who have been there for quite a while since the beginning when it was kind of a whole Pacific Standard at Sky city, I believe and then moved on to the center. [00:03:43] here so it was just sort of meet everybody and [00:03:48] eyes, eyes wide eyed and begin and all that kind of thing. And when they the dance tips [00:03:57] as sort of thinking, you know, we have and let's do it again. Let's do it again. Let's do it again. God. Okay, so [00:04:05] going through all that process when they said we're going to learn five dances, and after the first one, you thought my god, that was hard enough? How am I going to learn another four? [00:04:14] Yeah, but you could actually see it coming together. And once we had a got to the stage where we could sort of run the whole first act of the opening scene. That's the biggest part. The opening number is the everybody's on stage most of the time. The rest of the show, you're not on stage that much. And [00:04:39] Excuse me. So yeah, that when, when having been in shows before, and rehearse the scenes here and there. I could actually I knew the process. And to see it all come together more smoothly after six weeks was really good. Yeah, he think, oh, we're getting somewhere. And I remember these dance tapes. And I wasn't the only one. Oh, yeah, I wasn't the only one that popped it up. [00:05:03] It's always a relief. [00:05:05] Those first rehearsals Have you ever been in such a large group of gay lesbian or whoever? You know, you have such a diverse group before? [00:05:14] No, no, I had been on larger groups and other some other shows have been with crowd scenes. And But no, not a, not a whole bunch of LGBT people. What was that one? [00:05:30] No different really. Some of the jokes are but saucy. [00:05:35] And [00:05:37] double entendres people are making me to laugh at them mainly at ourselves as well, but and then they gave a good sense of camaraderie as well. So, yeah, you felt sort of felt a bit more? I wouldn't say family. It's a bit cliche, but it felt there's a friendly atmosphere. That was some of the other shows have been a no, there weren't any prima donnas, or any divas? [00:06:00] Sort of a key thing. I'll go you know, get over buddy, get on with it. [00:06:04] Had you ever experienced that in the gay community before? In terms of like that kind of thing? sighs [00:06:11] No, because I'm not really out and about in the gay scene as much as I was when I was single. And [00:06:21] now just, I wasn't sort of a club in prison and live in prison. Even when I've been to the the Big Gay out, as you know, just sort of wander around and eat the dogs and and we my my to straight? This is destiny church, even within Scientology. Know that? [00:06:40] No. [00:06:42] One of the other things with that diverse group of people is that you're also taking people that maybe have not performed before. And you've also got experience performance. How does how does that work? [00:06:53] You pretty much we just asked people, you know, have you been on the show before? And if you haven't, you said Oh, don't worry, you know, you gotta hang of it. Trust me, if I can do you can do it. So it says helping them along, especially the the young ones who are a bit bit nervous. And you say I just just watch your old uncle, and I'll tell you what to do. kind of thing. So yeah, we keep an eye on the new ones, especially the younger ones as well. And just make sure and afterwards, you know, you get picking it up. Don't worry. [00:07:20] That kind [00:07:20] of thing. So bit of gentle, gentle encouragement. What kind of age range from 18 to guys in the almost 70? I think [00:07:30] so yeah. Pretty, pretty strong with it. [00:07:33] And it must make choreographing something quite interesting in terms of having all those different abilities. [00:07:38] It does, it does. Because when you actually you think you're dancing well, and when you see yourself on stage, it looks like you're walking around with a broom sharp up your ass. But [00:07:48] fortunately, we haven't had to worry about fitting in any Zimmerman frames at the stage that'll come. [00:07:56] It's not too bad. Because the choreographers with we've been very, very fortunate to have some very, very patient cartographers, I would be pulling my hair out of 5 million little remains. So yeah, they've been very patient, I'm sure they must go home and knock off a half a bottle of Bombay gin afterwards. But we've been very fortunate. And [00:08:18] they've [00:08:19] taken us you know, if there's like four lines to make sure the line at a time you know, you know what to do. And that's why we have the long and the number of vessels we do so that, you know, you've only got one chance to do damage number. And judging by all the screaming and yelling and clapping, we usually get a right [00:08:41] length of rehearsals. So So how far out for [00:08:45] three months. [00:08:48] Which is that's sort of the first meeting and then the show is blocked has any show is. And depending what your role is like last year was first time I've been involved in the next to pilot show sort of wanted to do that. After because as a boy, essentially, you're the only pattern actor you're involved in is carrying out the two hours and the flowers and other met you can set up on the on the godson, watch the show, we're downstairs. [00:09:19] So it was something I wanted to do. [00:09:23] So that was extra rehearsals because I would rehearse I was part of this Francis work. So we would rehearse earlier. And then after thing would go to the degree at the same venue, but we'd get there like an hour and a half earlier. So we do our thing, and then that everybody else would arrive. So that was a big time commitment. And unfortunately, couldn't do it this year, because I'm busy with 30 or 40 other things. [00:09:49] So yeah, it's it all depends, of course, how much with an active person how much they want to put into it. But as the whole show is, it's really good. Because, you know, after four weeks, when I say right there, we're going to do some number one, you got it. Right. And so you do that little thing. And then you go on to number two, [00:10:09] left, oh, no, no, the other Lyft. [00:10:13] But we get there. And it's not a drag, you know, you don't it's a commitment, you know, and you you've made the commitment to be part of the group to be there. And unless there's something really major on that you can't get out of it. And you should get an email, Jonathan say, you know, look, sorry, I just can't get the ethical sounds of such and such as happened. But I think and all the shows, I've been that I've missed, possibly two rehearsals. Yeah. Because to me, it's you know, it's a, you know, you've made as I say, you've made that commitment, and it's an integrity thing as well, you know, you don't want to let people down. Because if I was on the issues, if somebody didn't turn up, I'd be Lyft. To put it mildly. officially the same presence gave me the excuse three times, right, that's area. [00:10:58] So in the course of a week, how much how many hours would you be spending with this? And [00:11:03] once we get closer, it's twice a week usually three is an evening and Sunday afternoon. So [00:11:11] five, six hours a week, maybe a bit longer? [00:11:15] And it's for the x one x one thing number mostly and then episode was actually when specific performance take groups use groups of people Yeah. [00:11:25] Because act to the is the challenge section, the interview section and the performance. So [00:11:32] you might want might be a little bit of that, but but in the performance, that's your main role vape supporting excuse me, supporting the person through the dance numbers. So that's the big thing, but Act One is the opening number in the water for the history of nations, who who's escorting kind of thing. [00:11:58] So they just sort of pay off with people. And then you just get that word in the right order. And because these [00:12:05] say for example 10 boys, team of 12 boys and is like 30 girls you have to soon as you get up all the one of you got me on the back of the stage and grabbed the next one. But luckily the sage crews got us all sorted out for that. So think of the gradual [00:12:21] hasn't been any mishaps behind it. [00:12:23] Yeah. couple of times. [00:12:29] Yeah, I remember one one rehearsal we were doing the opening number and it was actually was Bruce rehearsal. And as boys hit on kind of like little mini skirts essentially. And we were running around on a circle and line just completely fell off. My it was only one that didn't Jonathan just about had a huge laugh effect. [00:12:52] Let's see what some drag then it was. You could see us mascara running [00:12:56] bad. Yes, I think I've got a somewhat of a [00:13:01] entirely [00:13:01] undeserved reputation for doing the odd robbing the old clanger. [00:13:06] I [00:13:06] have no idea why. And then your role changes that we but in X to where you're actually supporting a single [00:13:12] year system two years in act two last year, when I was part of the Miss France team France. [00:13:20] Us [00:13:22] Yeah, it was more of a. [00:13:25] Again, we've we've blocked it. And we had a had a very good corporate office. And [00:13:33] h format, I think had five minutes on stage. So we had a routine Miranda, four minutes and 58 seconds. So again, there was what However, they choose to tell the story. [00:13:45] You just sort of fit in with that. And you know, maybe four or five different characters. So again, it's a matter of running behind the backdrop, you know, doing a little bit during the dance, and then behind the backdrop change costume come back on the other side, often, often often kind of thing [00:14:01] to the two girls take it seriously in terms of the because I understand that the next one, you've got the heat Gareth nations, you see all the girls, and then a lot of the girls don't get through it. So yeah, and the two girls know they're getting thrown to absolutely correct, but they don't know who's gonna win. No. So do the extra goals. take it seriously. Yeah, you know, [00:14:23] the amount of work that goes into it. [00:14:28] Because not only is it's bragging rights, of course, nice trophy to put on a mental piece and photos for your Christmas cards. But yeah, it's it's if you know, if I was going to be an actor, girl, I'd be entered to win differently. And they competed there. But again, there's still no divas. There's no snow, which fights in the back alleys or hissy fits or anything like that. [00:14:56] Everybody's pretty much just focused on the team, because there's just so much to do that, you know, you don't really [00:15:02] care what the others are doing. I have said any audience after, you know, before and after album, but rehearsals and sort of punch them in their nose and cool. But it hasn't had any influence. I haven't sort of come running, no one's coming running into the changing room will see it. You know, [00:15:18] Miss Guadalupe is doing this year. [00:15:21] It's like that. So I would think that would the amount of if they'd want they would expect to you know, [00:15:28] why would you do it if you weren't [00:15:29] serious. [00:15:31] Because even third prize, you get a nice bottle bottle bottle bubbles, and some, you know, a weekend away at a country launch in a b&b or something like that. [00:15:39] And so the two girls, they have to come up with the choreography, the design, the [00:15:45] everything, the whole shebang, the seats that design the seat, they have to [00:15:50] submit quite a detailed plane to Jonathan, in fact, to get through [00:15:57] and saying how many priests I think there are to bring, I think know, our team and the crew, possibly, and half of them will have to be outsize. So but we were all, we were all part of Act, or everybody in this team was France was in the shower already anyway. So we're out of MMOs have actually bought him maybe one or two professional dancers, or people with certain skills. I can remember, a couple of years ago, I was talking about in a tongue and cultural group, sit there and do a proper dance in the proper and respectful way to the tongue and people. So she was the main our main focus, of course, but they were the proper tournament feels risky as they would be in tunnel for similar occasion, similar occasion [00:16:43] for a certain occasion, and they were doing their thing and they would dress properly. And they will find a life that they were having a great time you can see them downstairs in the change period is a huge struggle. Which of these Mina random times something done the car wasn't as good. So. [00:17:02] So yeah, it's good. The amount of work and planning goes into it is obviously very detailed. And that's not something and I think some people must begin planning for the next show, possibly two or three months after the previous ones finished. Judging by the other book, you see. And [00:17:21] you've never had a kind of a even just a flash in your head thinking, Oh, actually, I want [00:17:26] to be an actor, or no, no, well, not so much to go. But I was trying to think you know, what would I call myself? Because I can't you know the names. And I've helped other people with their names because all these ideas keep popping into my head. Like when you hear this Russia didn't have a very good name. So unit because often on ski, skip line and because on ski something like that. [00:17:51] So [00:17:54] it's it's I'm just sort of, you know, what would I be? Just so just as I go, it's just a exercise. We've sort of set down the busboys, you know, if you're on like to what languages kind of thing, so we just don't do any changing. And we're sort of thinking, Oh, it's a bit quiet between next just the dead spot as far as that's gone. I've never had the the slightest age to put on some rouge and pat up and get my big bug out there. [00:18:25] Can you recall any other favorite names? [00:18:34] See, [00:18:37] not at the top of my head. below. Yeah, I spent a bit of time [00:18:44] thinking about my name for this year, so it's good. I've decided to be in the program. You've got your name, then you've got a week bio underneath. [00:18:53] Last year I was refers to Firefly, which is of course scratch and that's from duck soup. And so I made it any references to the match brothers in my bio is I could enough tonight to be awkward today at the race is going to thing. And this year, I decided to be uncle Clary. Everyone's got a dodgy uncle. [00:19:14] Keep it short. But I do have I do I have enough. When I first started out on the program, I was blowing up a team. And now last year, I've moved up to point number six and this year I should be boy number two. So I'm gradually moving up the boys, boys and girls. But I can't knock Terry off because he's been here since the beginning. Here we go. Number one. Sorry, Ronnie, Ronnie. Not right here he was he was teary telling soft and easily pulled. [00:19:43] So Ronnie is still number one. Although at the moment as we speak, he is on holiday in South America. So [00:19:51] it [00:19:52] sounds like you must have some amazing nights just coming up with these concepts in terms of names and buyers and [00:19:57] described as a breakfast. [00:20:00] But yes, they've got to keep it down to listen 50 words. And so I would like to be [00:20:07] the Jonathan and sort of get all these. It's not until you actually see see a mock up of the program that you actually get three people to buyers, but actually have helped a few others out with with ideas for this. Creative Nigeria. [00:20:22] You mentioned earlier that [00:20:25] you've won a number of costumes as a boy and I'm just wondering, Can Can you tell me describe some of the other costumes that you've had to it [00:20:32] yet? first year we wore sorry, the first day I was in an apartment we had [00:20:42] we had white Humvees and we had [00:20:46] dark blue vivid shirts with sparkles on them and a dark blue waistcoat. And the heck we sort of looked like [00:20:53] rejects from the village people not quite that bad. But like Tina travels and we're all different sizes some a bit on extra company size myself and there's guys with he is and what, whatever we wearing as soon as the boys come out, especially when the boys do their own number the crowd just goes nuts. just scream and I love it. We've had to we're siloed suits, and my head kick for coming off kinds of pain. [00:21:21] What else we want? [00:21:25] Just thinking [00:21:32] last year, [00:21:34] we've won sort of as I say that evil spirits with different colored vs like you know, fo for kind of things that you know, I'm quite able to whatever [00:21:45] my bundle excited they can this [00:21:49] Has this ever been that? Has there ever been a costume that you thought oh my goodness, I'm not going to read that or [00:21:55] was mainly just the the fishnet stockings inside the signed the document and boots. And it was it was the [00:22:05] we had to use double sided tape to keep the songs up. And I was glad it was only twice right to wear those for the dress rehearsal and for the for the show. Excuse me. [00:22:18] Because taking off the take the of course. [00:22:21] Fear but if you look here. So yeah, yeah, a few things, you know, you thought I should sit down, some people in the audience might get an iPhone. But hey, you know, absolutely, that's why you pay extra money for the stores. So I was a lucky day. [00:22:37] Has there ever been in a thing that's really challenged you this that that's kind of pushed your boundaries in terms of I don't want to do this or I've never done this before. And I'm really freaking out about [00:22:50] it. I'm just the first time when we started. [00:22:58] First time when we're on stage and and I'm and associate that costume with the spark sequence and the waistcoat and the chips. And I've just got my undies on. And I'm thinking well, all those people have never seen me Amanda, we are bouncing. [00:23:14] But the music started up and you start doing it and steps anymore. I was more concentrating on my dance tips. Because for some strange reason we were wearing flip as I have wrapped up mountains and I was more worried about standing on something or whipping it too far to the right. person in the theater, I would get a flip on the face. [00:23:36] Yeah, it was a little bit. [00:23:39] But the action was about that. But the other people in the in the group are very supportive and [00:23:47] down sticks and all that kind of thing. So after after that you thought it wasn't so bad. [00:23:52] So that was the only thing you know, after that you go, whatever. [00:23:56] It's not a big deal. It's quite liberating, actually. Because if you can do something like that, even though there's three or four people in the audience, you know, most of them don't. Unfortunately, they've [00:24:12] been out for a few drinks beforehand. I should tell them it's skincare fi if anybody's going to the universe down with the men had two minutes to kill the shooters by that stench. [00:24:23] We got to tell them my friends was sitting in about five seconds. [00:24:29] It must be quite nice tonight, though that you've got people in the audience. Oh, [00:24:32] yeah. That's great. Yeah. [00:24:35] Yeah, especially but it's a bit embarrassing when they cheer more for you. Here's my son so and then woke up and people especially clapping for hearing a three, half a dozen people screaming really that? [00:24:51] That's good. [00:24:54] So from the rehearsal process, it moves into the kind of production stage yes to about bed, how's it moving into the freezer? [00:25:03] It's good because the home any any protect any practice space. [00:25:12] Even though you might have the dimensions of the stage, you don't, the only thing in the theater was holding you experience. Because you've got the depth of the audience in front of you that even the theater and even even when it's empty. [00:25:27] Usually the ceiling is higher. You've got more backstage, you've got a new york you can see now All right, this is where I go. And this is where I go off. And [00:25:38] you've got a bit arrived here of it's more real, obviously. But also it's you can actually make the connection [00:25:49] that goes with it, right? Yeah. So I've always found that when I've actually [00:25:55] other shows I've been in prior to Queen of the whole universe, we actually rehearsed in the theater. So you're aware of your exits and entries and how much space you had on the stage and you got used to the feel of the place. Whereas going into a vignette, it's only available for two or three days beforehand. [00:26:16] Excuse me, too much drinking in the kind of the way that [00:26:21] it's good because, you know, you get to wander around, have a look around, you know, like last year last time with the village Opera House, which was a famous for me. And it's quite a rabbit Warren from all the ways in the tunnels under historians and everything. [00:26:38] So yeah, it's it's [00:26:41] more tangible. As well, I'd say, more tangible, you realize, okay, we're two or three days away, content, that stuff up. [00:26:53] And you can sort of work out where your friends are going to be sitting between if you're nominated, you can. [00:27:01] Okay, even though you might have been showing the plan, the floor plan, you can still go sitting so you know where to look. When the cheeky parts when you're not supposed to open somebody off, [00:27:12] give them a bit of a wave to not have a hit to your nearest and dearest sounds good. [00:27:19] For some people that have never done theater before I imagined it would take a while for climatologists, [00:27:26] I would say so because as I say, it's quite a huge space, because it can be overwhelming for some people. [00:27:35] Because with rehearsal space, you know, walk across from one side to the other but and there's always a different boundary. But on the stage, the only boundary is the edge of the stage and you don't dance up to this power and the separation between you actually realize within three or four days, those The seats are going to have people in them. And for some people that's but if a bit of trepidation comes up there. And so you keep, we keep an eye on each other, it's a very [00:28:09] communal sort of feeling. And everyone see my name is Heidi right. [00:28:14] And [00:28:17] what is good is we have some of the support people [00:28:24] dresses or makeup people or lighting crew or whatever other other other people connected with the show in some way, they'll be sitting out in the audience. So they might be up to 50 people at a time scattered and these tools. So that gives the people a taste of an audience who've never had one before. And it's really good. But plus, as with any show, if people have never actually been on stage, they need to be aware of that. [00:28:55] And listen, least the lights are on in a certain direction, you can only see about four rows back, you can hear them. But you usually busy, he's so busy doing what you're doing on stage that [00:29:06] you're never on stage by yourself. [00:29:10] As as performer, Buffy and member all together and then disappear. But from the opening number when the curtain goes up to the even when us boys are doing our own dance, we never run by ourself. And so you're never feeling as though you're the center of attention, or focus, I should say. So that, that knowing that that's not going to heaven is probably very good for many people. But no one is going to be looking at you. And it's just going to be you guys. [00:29:44] So you might be last off. And some people really want to be last off [00:29:51] total to do that too many times. [00:29:54] Just sort of having enough. But you know, if you want to be first off, that's fine. [00:30:02] And you sort of wonder about some people because they don't seem to be very effusive or very bubbly as to you know, in the practices of rehearsals, Nippert but quiet. And you know, the amount of energy that's needed on stage, and you sort of thing Kelly going to go, he did quite well [00:30:23] is that does that work in the alternate way where you know, some people outside you really larger than life, and then they kind of shrink on stage [00:30:32] one or two, possibly because they don't care, that amount of confidence, and they're bouncing. And [00:30:41] what you need to keep in mind as a performer is that the audience doesn't know, okay with the first first and only time for them to see it because it's a one man show. [00:30:51] And if you go Lyft, and everyone else goes, right, whatever. As long as you don't stand on anybody's hands. And you know, there's not a costume function, it's not a big deal. Because quite a few of the fast stick dances, you know, [00:31:06] you're busy thinking to yourself in the offseason, quite quite often you're watching what somebody else is doing, because you might have forgotten halfway through [00:31:13] the audience is just really going with the bus. And they're not singling anybody else. [00:31:19] And because as as the boys, the only major focus for us as the dance we do, you know, [00:31:28] you've really sort of probably possibly possibly put a bit more effort into that, then slightly little more, no, no disrespect to anybody else for the dancing ability, and they are the reality of it. But I do know, but because the focus is on us, I actually work a bit harder with that dance to make sure that I don't make the rest of the group look [00:31:49] any way. [00:31:53] I don't bring the group [00:31:56] game. One of the things is different, obviously in rehearsals is that people aren't three stop. So when you were saying about looking at or watching somebody that you know, in rehearsal, you know, they're there. But actually in performance, they could look completely different. [00:32:14] Well, we do get a clue because quite often the guys will bring along the shoes keys to dancing on them. So you know what the GO GO GO GO boy, sort of thing. So they want to get used to dancing in the six inch, other the big chunky platform shoes or whatever, whatever they wearing? And [00:32:37] because it's the same people coming back year after year, you know that right? Okay, there's going to be a girl who's going to be a little heavier boy. So it went and [00:32:48] you know, you asked everybody or who you going to be with so and so all of a sudden sounds like it's it doesn't really make much difference. You just say give me the question. Nice. [00:32:56] Nice question. [00:32:58] Ask a good me. [00:33:01] Do [00:33:03] you like some advice next Sunday? [00:33:06] You just think, Okay. [00:33:09] The dressing rooms must be quite an amazing place. [00:33:13] Yeah, unfortunately, we boys get our own dressing room, which is really good. And the dressing rooms at the age is not nice big one for us. We just sit around. And of course we we follow their rules completely about not having any alcohol, or any other thing like that. So [00:33:33] people will bring along that will have on the nights will have a shit. You know, people somebody brought a lot of pizza, somebody's been a lot of sushi and just busy stuffing yourself. And they provide us with Red Bull. And [00:33:44] it's a good very good buzz in the news today with the bank. And you mentioned munchies and we got the the intercom some shaky What's going on? [00:33:54] 2121. [00:34:00] So yeah, it's good, we just sort of sit there and relax. And plus you have a wander around, and flicking the rooms and you see what the girls are wearing. That's good. And there's a big gum green room as well. So I could sit in there and relax and chill out. We just wait to live finished reading the judges then we go and unable to leftovers. [00:34:19] Good food. [00:34:22] The tech side of things, how are they to deal with? You know, I mean, for instance, does this is the stage manager like barking at you? Or [00:34:31] no, no, Elliot's a lovely lady, we should, we would, she would never do that. And that she doesn't take crap from anybody, which is really good. And as long as you're supposed to, or john also was a stage manager, she's, you must be one for the night and one for the crew. We know that the really good you know, as long as you [00:34:52] you know, you try and you listen to them when they were explaining and this is what we'll do this, this will do that, you know, don't stand there and get a sandbag drop on the heat kind of thing. [00:35:02] The view really good and we you know, they're like we couldn't definitely couldn't do the show without them. And if there's any issues, we say, you know, look, my can't make it from here to here. And this time because of XYZ it is it okay, if I come on here instead. And you know, you say you're Jeremy whistles, you find out that you can't make it from one side to the other. So you'll have that big costume waiting there for you. And you say, look, I need to change that. Because if you've got something often and get something f1 and change boots and everything, there might not sound like a lot. But when you've got like, one minute [00:35:39] it's so much easier if somebody is holding the coat, you can just run into it and zip it up and somebody else will be taking your boots off and putting shoes on for you and what kind of thing and they're on stage. So the great. I can't say enough good things about them. [00:35:53] Fabulous. [00:35:54] How many people on stage at any one time? [00:35:59] Well, I do they set a record in Wellington for 35 drag queens on stage but they didn't count as boys. [00:36:07] So they I think the most revered on stage has been around about 50 for the open number [00:36:12] so what does that translate to backstage how many people backstage [00:36:16] after 20 there's the SEC there's addresses are ready to cut people off and on. [00:36:23] There will be stage crew taking pops off and on. [00:36:28] There will be some of the actor girls will have their own dresses as well. Sorry, some of the girls not just the actor girls, because the costume so they've written unique people just a waiting for you to move on. [00:36:42] Yeah, use it sort of learning where everything's going to be so that when you're running from one side to the other behind the back that you don't collide with somebody which I needed, or or especially if you've got certain restrictive headgear on, you know, you just get out of people's way. And try not to stand like anything as well, because you wouldn't want to stand. [00:37:01] Put your foot through somebody's head gear that they spend 50 hours making right to the pen and paper measure it. But so yeah, it's what seemed to quick, organized chaos says people saying, [00:37:15] so we're here on on the night couldn't about to go up? How does it feel? [00:37:22] Yeah, it's a bit of a rush thinking. [00:37:26] Because the last couple of numbers, it's been Buffy and member in the boys. So the focus is on you straightaway. and different things like right, you know, this, listen to the cues in the queue. [00:37:41] Keep the right expression on your face. Hope the people who was here supporting me Don't scream at my name just yet. [00:37:52] But likely, usually they watching the beginning of the number in the white leads of trading. [00:37:57] Depending on how many shares they've had beforehand, it doesn't always work. [00:38:03] Yeah, it's great. There's a little bit of that nervous energy. And it's within the group and everyone before the stage is, you know, we, for example, that all the little boys will get together with the answer. Let's go to [00:38:15] bed. I'll go muscle boys, whatever. [00:38:18] So yeah, it's good. And as soon as the curtain goes up, the crowd cheers straightaway. And you just know, having been in the audience, because he is eager, we're watching what's going on. [00:38:33] And [00:38:34] of course, if you know somebody is on the stage look for them. So I know that you know, I'm being watched. But that only comes into my head at the end, when we're stopping with the applause is ongoing, that it's more, you know, next number next number next step, I'm going to be here I should be standing next to so and so on sounds. So, you know, [00:38:54] let let rehearsal pays off? Because, you know, it keeps my Are you enjoying yourself? [00:39:03] Which part of the whole thing do you enjoy the most [00:39:08] getting to know people better? And because not, you know, I might see a few of them around the town during the year. But as x I'm not really into the scene or anything like that. So it's just, you know, making more friends. And quite a few of them are on Facebook, which is fun. Catching a little they're doing [00:39:28] the it's the friendships that you make. [00:39:33] And it's the odd claim is that people drop, you know, there's always finding me, but I'm known for my very bad jokes. And [00:39:42] but it's the gentle Good, good natured ribbing is also a good friend. [00:39:48] And [00:39:50] it's amazing to see the amount as I say that he'd get, because all we do is just work with girls out. We look at it and go, Wow, that's amazing. So it's pretty much there are there are no parts I don't enjoy. There are parts that of course didn't go on as long like that. Well, let's do that number. Again, let's raise it on again. Because of course, some choreographers are very executive, which is, I'm sure it's what we need anyway. Because if we didn't hear something 25 times, and probably will not back on the night. But after the fifth time I'm doing something. [00:40:27] But they're not No, they're good. They crack the whip, and they make us look good. So thank you very much to the choreographers for giving us a kick up the bum when we need it. So I'm sure we did. [00:40:38] It's just you know, it depends. [00:40:41] It's not so bad. Because even if you had a rough day at work, and you go along to rehearsal, good energy behind your How's it going? Yeah, yeah, can you sort of thing. And Jonathan be given us a bit of a pep talk and telling us we will have to water things, which is good. [00:40:57] This, [00:41:00] this upcoming pageant, your team is going to be the final one. Do you have any thoughts on that? [00:41:07] Yeah. [00:41:10] It's like anything else, it's run its course. And you don't want to sound like we don't want to watch. It's like, [00:41:17] we want to be like Rocky and go on for 23 or something like that. [00:41:22] I'm sure something will come along afterwards. But I think it's [00:41:31] because it's been the brainchild and the baby of Jonathan and Kevin, to a degree. You know, [00:41:38] it's it's for them. And we're that after in the life and the professional life and all that kind of thing. I think the medical school, everyone's had fun doing it. There's been no [00:41:53] you know, of course, it will be a shame that it's over. And I think I have what am I going to do next year. So come along. [00:42:02] But [00:42:04] I think it's definitely been a plus in every way. [00:42:08] I'm very proud to have been a small part of raising money for community groups that support people living with AIDS and HIV. And you know, [00:42:18] it's important to me to give back to the community in some way. I've done it in many other aspects of my life with adult literacy and [00:42:27] Boy Scouts. [00:42:32] But yeah, so I will I will find my own [00:42:36] way of life, find another community group, I can go on support. But I think it's more that, you know, [00:42:46] go out when you're on top. [00:42:48] Because it's mentioned it's a huge commitment. time wise for Jonathan McKeever. And teeny is just enough for anything. I think that's really great that it's lasted 10 years, but I think that's a good goal.

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