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Evan Donnelly - Queen of the Whole Universe

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[00:00:00] This podcast is funded through a generous grant from the gate Auckland Business Association charitable trust, and brought to you by the queen of the whole universe Charitable Trust and pride in [00:00:12] I knew of the show when a very first started that used to be called Queen of the whole Pacific. I remember seeing posters for it when I first moved all kind of thought that'd be that it should be quite fun to see. But I actually saw the posters on its last, like on the day, and stuff like that was it. So it's only one show. That's it one night. And then a couple of years later, I had a friend who was in it, and even any rehearsal pop, blah, blah. And when I set off, what do you actually rehearsing for, and it was going to the universe. And in the following year, he was camping with us with a group festival going up north and was sitting around the fire at night. And he was talking about the thing and by the end of the evening with all this is [00:00:59] doing this, Jonathan, it takes got our names on the list and [00:01:03] all relatively sober. So [00:01:07] did you have to have any kind of prior experience before kind of signing up? No, no. [00:01:14] Some people that are involved in the show, some of them are dancers, some of them aren't, some can sing. Most can't. Some people make their own costumes, some don't. It's a completely random level of skill and every aspect of the show. You get some people that come through and have no experience no idea of anything at all. And by the end of it, they've probably made their own costume. They've learned to retain if they struggle, there's always somebody on hand to give them a hand and if they know what they're doing then the other one that's giving the hand [00:01:47] had you done any performance week before [00:01:49] or not since not since high school? Yes, super high school what we do as usual school productions that every year they the senior school would put on the play or show Okay, Brian of some form would go for 345 nights and that was that was that was the extent of [00:02:09] Have you done Drake before? Ah [00:02:11] randomly, like a costume party that sort of thing. It literally it was just putting on a dress sleeping on a rough wig and walking in. That was it. So to go from buying a dress at save Mart having a good laugh to shaving your armpits shaving your face, putting on makeup false eyelashes, it's a bit of a jump [00:02:36] Can you take me through that process because I mean even just shopping for dress I mean if you've never done that before must be quite [00:02:42] an interesting experience. Um, [00:02:43] so far it's a good example because there's so much there for so cheap. And as I follow people when you go there so the first time I went there was for this random party and we basically walked in as a group of three or four of us straight down to the woman section. And we have flicking through because it was for a little black dress from head to wear a little black dress to get on. So we went to the evening we're and I'm pulling out all these dresses and so lots of 12 What would I be so you're 18 that always sounds like a good girl. So bear witness I'm an 18 Arabs the different different rib cage the different size things so you sort of go along pick up your phone grease 14 bucks and away you go with the show we tend to have a theme like a color last time we did the show it was purple and so you would make a dress or buy a dress or have somebody make a dress for you one lady actually died who wedding dress she died at football I look really cool how do i do the very first year I was on a show I'll just get a dress like from save Matt Allen just throw stuff onto it was a good assignment I'm sorry so that'll be a quick easy way of getting around making a dress and that was it was really bad as embarrassing but it was all I had time for the in the following year we had arranged for somebody to make those my flatmate mine arranged for somebody he to make dresses for us to those nothing last minute as all down there we're going to fit in theory that we're going to look really good The thing I got handed a couple of days before the show was it was an embarrassment I was afraid that somebody thought I would have made colon sick for work the next day went down the road visited the ladies of the pen Sean What do you need for this what's how much fabric and how much three and all this sort of thing all How big is she in the set the other thoughts for me though in though they were in the 70s and they were quiet for a couple of minutes and then there were a way they when they thought was great and got my pen put out fabric all across the kitchen floor learn how to make a dress. So that was the start [00:05:06] so other any kind of like a sewing bees we're you know people kind of pulled together to to make things or is it just very much you know, at the dress rehearsal is actually when you start seeing bristles [00:05:19] at pretty much as Yeah. [00:05:22] Last year, I made a big bug and like a hope trees and everything for the last time. And an old flatmate of mine who had done a show for a couple of years as well he came around so we were cutting out our Pitons on our lounge floor because got a large floor area so we had was purple fabric everywhere. strips of I had to put it all on order of when you'd cut it so you don't put it in his pile and we didn't get them mixed up. We went missing pieces. I think it's probably the sewing bs it's gotten. [00:05:54] Yeah, what about favorite shops? Do you have favorite shops that [00:05:56] you go to um, I Pfister, I went to Jason for him six bucks and made a nice and shake. That was really good. And at the time, they had some good stuff. Then once it became a different color. As a previous time, it was sort of more random. You could have any any color you chose. It Brown was emailing Texas, our source people at such and such a place and they'll take same prices and stuff. So we all ended up there's probably only about four different fabrics that you saw on stage. They're all very very similar. [00:06:30] And I got mine from [00:06:33] Martha's a new market [00:06:37] seem to point that seemed to point a new market. Yeah, they were quite good. Have a good with price and then I'll internalize that all all I've got from my Sangay is what my grandmother left me so an old time machine and some old scissors and some random trade. So I went through and I bought scissors and chalk and like the tape measure and all the sort of the sign suffer me but my mom having so I'm normal kitted out ready for the season. [00:07:00] So who taught you how to sew? [00:07:03] start school back in intermediate he did. [00:07:08] Or the year was sewing quarter the cooking would work in the middle work. So you had you know four things you did an intermediate. And that's for two years. I think that was the everybody got the same treatment. But in my mother's side. When I was a kid, she made my clothes. My grandmother was really really clever with her sewing. And I think because I was around it and I saw it. I mean all you do is you put your foot down and push that's all sewing really is I don't know how people say they can't so the pattern is even beta you cut out the shape follow what it seems to do and this address that was a lot easier than I expected it to be. [00:07:46] Is there a difference between looking at a fabric and thinking this will look good on a day to day basis. But you're not doing that you're thinking this will look good on stage how do you actually work out what looks good on sage on the lights. [00:08:02] I like with the people because I needed a lot of people for this thing not created I picked it up and I held up their heads and lights hanging down so I just wiggle around them there is got to put a shine to it. So they'll do some people go for like the sequined they're really really shiny stuff. I haven't said that before. So I don't know what that will what that will be like but that's probably what I'm going to go for this year. is I want something being the last show you want something that's going to stand out Yeah, you sort of thing how also how we want to look from a distance. When we think of we're in a theater, we're in a large theater, and the audience is meters away from us, especially the ones at the top there they're quite a distance you think well hey, is there a point getting something affecting the pattern on nobody's going to see so then you get a plane fabric or you get something that's really bold and that would actually stand out like the eyelashes the first year I did it okay let's have a go with false eyelashes see what these lights I bought some that to me locked quite long. And when I went on stage on the night once even had the makeup on, I shouldn't even bother you had these things that like an inch and a half long and he was my little seem to meet a long thing. And I even had trouble blinking light looking at them because they're so foreign and when they're on you, they're so big until you get used to them. Whereas now I've got [00:09:26] the inch and a half ones as well. I think these are great. [00:09:30] But you need that because people they really do only see you from a distance. What about shoes, shoes are a challenge. My very first year, Jonathan who organizes the show, he's very good at listening, especially new people know things I need to know like where's a good place to get your shows with a cheap place to get your fabric. All those style of things. I think he even said to me was I knew Jonathan beforehand. I was talking to one day and it said do your first two or three for rehearsals just in your normal shows and then start filtering and your show shows so you can get used to them because you're not just walking around on a couple of pumps or something the other is a monstrous bloody things. And my first job again like the lashes I've seen so on I bought a couple inches here and struggled sort of dancing around and moving in those because when you rehearse and shows it's all relatively easy because you've got a good good footing you stick heels on in the try and do that same thing that you learned the last week. Certainly he was gone everything you learned out the door because it's so focused on the heels and not tripping over and then as the years go on the heels get taller and taller. So a couple of years ago I was involved with a an actor show which was for Japan and the three Japanese girls and we all had these white knee high PVC boots like five inch heels on them. [00:10:55] And [00:10:56] I can run them on the things like they were amazingly steady [00:11:00] but for the normal part of the show was just in the opening section. I'd gone on record these big perspex shows like laser really colon the heel was attached to the front of the show by little perspex bar so there's no worry about the heel wobbling or falling off which I'm saying happened to a couple of others and that was so lovely I couldn't dance properly on that note he dangerous this year I'm involved in an another part of the show as well so we've all got shoes for that and again, nice and tall that really really strong and it gets shows that buckle up. If it can surprise more supporter and the top of you fought then that's the safer you are and the less chance you're going to sort of slip out of the mall or fall over because it's a few people to try and lose it pretty tall shoes and as the male foot [00:11:49] different from the female from [00:11:51] a little bit wider. Okay. Yeah. But not that toes with or anything like that but the foot the plant of the foot as wider. The show and yeah, Ronnie's It was called net was right in the first couple of times and they specialize in and shows for the fuller footed woman so solo that a lot of the performers and drag queens and things they tend to go there because they have the shows that when we got the PVC boots we went out now with the ladies to import them she had all sorts of things. recession hurt she stopped bringing things on so we had to find a new source and there was a lady supplies a lot of gear to strippers and she was out on mission by so close three guys travel on to her house into his stripper room and there's all these horseshoes look at this look at and she's how she wants to say over she is looking at us sideways and she had full catalog whatever you want you just order up she brought her down from the States. So really, really easy. [00:12:55] It must be quite fabulous having those familiar shots we're the assistance know instantly. Are you coming in for Queen of all universe or what have you. [00:13:04] Yeah, that is really good. We went to another friend I went to number one shoes. They've been something on TV possibly he'd seen these shows, but he wanted somebody to come with him while he's trying them on. And so we hit the two young shop guys running around trying to find that largest peer these things that they had. And I think in the end I had to come in from a different store. Because they don't make those like that started one shows large enough that you're lucky if you can get them in a normal shop. So you generated we have to order I've got some from the states this time around here in three days. It was great. The only thing is you can't try them on first. So I thought I don't want to get these things have been wrong. So I went down to the mall and marched on and that's it. I've got a bit of a query and you're probably going to laugh at me but I need to know what my shoe sizes as an American woman. Sure enough, she just pulled it the little slider thing that I used to have put on my feet when I was a kid and measured me up and she wrote down. I didn't even know there was such varieties of shoe sizes but you had I think I'm a 42 or 43 American woman then there's a US size I know a British sizing which we run on and then there was the centimeter sizing as well. So they can be now gone to these websites. And you know the different things you need to order so yeah, I might be getting more shoes for the for the finale and the after party as well. saying this is the last show you're gonna make [00:14:36] making effects. Are you keeping all your shoes and all your costumes [00:14:42] the very first dress that went on the button that really was terrific to be seen again. I keeps the horror address that was made for me that's become a bit of a standing joke. I think it was even at one point I was talking about tuning into a flag when I go camping at New Year's. The other dresses very lovingly screwed up into a ball and put into the into the shoebox it's the shoeboxes and assigned to outnumber the Christmas decorations and the Halloween stuff because a box of heads with the wigs on them and then there's the box full of shoes and in this address and the patterns for the racism, the spear fabric for things and lashes and stockings and all the different things that you buy. Now Polish if you rip your stockings secret socks your feet don't hit so much party feet because your feet will hit it just go back on so the nail polish because if yours and I remember hearing this years ago, a few lady stockings which she went it starts with a clear nail polish on the starting point. Stop that lettuce breeding and it would go pear stockings spent about 40 or 50 bucks on forgiving while it's so cool. Very first show sitting on the ground waiting for the warm up just before you're about to go on performance and physical devil snag them on my shoe. But he learned he listens don't sit down once you've got stuff off, set a standard and paste because your feet start to hurt so much as you've been rehearsing solidly for a week by that stage because that's performance night and when you might have a week between your whistles your fees are very forgiving but when you've been doing it every night and commenting around the way that we do you feel quite so forgiving so you're looking forward to anything you can lean against prop yourself okay yeah stockings are a bit of a challenge. [00:16:35] Do you accessorize as well? Are you allowed like bags handbags? Or was all [00:16:42] I made for those three of us in the house and want to just go on and talk about also handbags for the clutch piece things for for the after party so good product keys know if postcards inside these bags and we all got fabric that matched addresses all all the same. So you hit that I think I've borrowed a purse from one of my workers last year. She brought it in for this also [00:17:11] because because they're turning up every morning to go to work and he is a three story in the in the lounge for the ball gamma. [00:17:19] So um you do that sometimes people have tiaras. Fees ago I got I got some rings and things from Trade Me and necklaces. I had the earrings for the wigs so fact that you don't see your ears. earrings are a bit of a waste. [00:17:38] I mean this the wigs [00:17:40] what what do you look for in weeks? [00:17:42] Depends on what you're going to be depends on your character and your country. [00:17:49] I was Miss Tracy Island. [00:17:55] The last show was Miss Tracy Island. So I was lady kind of sort of model myself on lady Penelope. So I had to be blonde. And for the opening routine I've made the big last sort of bells and beauty in the base of big purple Bulger and that was my opening dress and I had long it was a Pamela Anderson style wig and that sort of slightly raised a bit like sort of mini mini mini beehive and then all just came around and layers and that's actually pretty cool. For the woman I'd want here like that. So that was my opening in for catwalk I had a second wig and the lady from work effects. She started this work out for me and a French role because Penelope was always done up and good clothes and good here. So I'll get the hair up like that look all classy like a sophisticated 61 by myself a black and white sort of paneled now I think they call it a pencil dress possibly made one of those it was more challenging than the purple dress because of the shape of the panels you hit on it. And and so different week again, caught off in your body awaken next week for the whole show. But then I was involved in Germany for the actor number that same year. So I had my Pamela work for the opening. I had my French roll wig for the catwalk then I had a black like 1930s sort of lies and Minnelli cabaret work little Bob thing. Then we had a second word for the the end of the egg that we came out like Jim and V Winchester, we had big blond pigtails. So depending on what you do, and how involved others and how involved you are with it, you can have several costume changes. See for wigs, several pairs of shoes. [00:19:45] Nothing stays the same and it's all very quick. [00:19:48] We were the actor number we were nurses, full stops and little PVC slutty nurses outfits. And [00:19:59] he walked out tonight to have [00:20:03] good still fit it so that was good. [00:20:06] Then you basically as you're you're running from one side of stage to the other to get a prop, you're also unzipping the nurses and wrapping that off because you've got another costume squeezed in underneath. And then something else happens and you run off and within 30 seconds, you're back on stage again, and a different costume maybe even the different week like we had the be winch wigs and pom poms, we were cheerleaders at the same time. So yeah, things happen pretty quickly. And you've got to keep track of all your stuff and know exactly where it's sitting. So on that aspect, that very much as a stage production, you have to have your thing you've got to stage hands here, if you need help. Everything has to be set up lined up practice and rehearsed. over and over and over again. So the on the knife, in theory should do it all without thinking. [00:20:52] You're doing really good coordination, I think I've just been Terrible. Terrible. [00:21:00] always feel like I'm, I'm the weakest link. [00:21:05] You do this over and over and over again. And when it comes to the act to stuff, you're not quite so something conspicuous as you are and the opening and the opening you up 4050 people on the stage at once. So if you turn the wrong way, or you put your arm up no good chance a few people didn't actually notice that even though you'll be mortified for the rest of the night. Because oh my god everybody saw. I don't go into actor it's a competition and up everybody has been judged on everything. And it has a little more pressure there and a lot of lot more self conscious deaths. You just you rehearse more your practice two or three times a week. Depending on what people can do your practice at home. Sometimes people will video and put it on a like a private YouTube thing you have to sign in for thing you can, you can watch your routine. And practice from that book is guaranteed, you'll forget that's by the next time you will get together. Two or three shows ago, again, when there was several of us living in the same house doing it, we would actually get together an hour before rehearsal on Sundays. And put on a show for our neighbors would be out in the backyard on the lawn with the stereo cranked up. So always handbag music, and here we are dancing around. Luckily, we've only got one neighbor and the rest of the street behind us is empty sections. But if they've looked at the hell's going on, she wants to start putting the dresses on the show. But it helped. So she that year was the first year for three, those five of us five of us got together that year practice. And three of them was the brand new, brand new thing and, and one of them was love. He's it and so I needed those results to to help them feel more comfortable when he got there. So it wasn't so self conscious about actually simply just being there, and having to dance feeling uncoordinated. [00:22:57] So with those brand new people, what are what are the tips that you give them? [00:23:01] Yeah, pays it, keep it simple. Don't Don't think about things too much stuff up or so hokey is nobody sees. At the end of the day, all those rehearsals are simply practice for the night. So get all the crap out of the way first, and then on the night, everything will just come together even when you think it won't, it tends to just fall into place. And before you know it, I mean, the curtain goes up and then the curtains going down. And so oh my god, it's like three or four months worth of work and stress. And it's all over now. [00:23:30] But even worse this time because we won't be doing it again. But as it passes, passes amazingly quickly. [00:23:37] So many other tips. [00:23:39] Mostly mostly it's just keeping things simple like fish, especially the so much for them to think about because they've got to learn these routines, they've got to make all the rehearsals because things are routine can change in a rehearsal, placings of we're going to stand, the Teresa's, they might have an idea and what they want, but it's going to be constricted and not gonna be able to move properly and things like that. We'll have to have full length dresses as well. Now, if you want a big splash or something, that's all fine, but no short dresses. So they have to think about things like that. So sort of show them if you know them. All comedy show the photos from last year Come on, watch the DVD, there's Dean, we tend to buy the DVD of it as well for for a keepsake and, and from there you can give them point as well as I don't get shoes like that those ones break. Don't go here and buy those shoes, those ones break, get this sort of show if it's the first time and a half. So don't be Don't be stupid about it. I know they're going to look really good, but you'll break your ankle, get little short ones, wigs, some hair clips, you'll appreciate it later when you're eating it or it's caught in your eyelashes and you're on stage. You can't sit there and keep pulling it out of your face because all it wants to do is go into your mouth. And what you do how you move that wig wants to get in your mouth. Because every time you try and get rid of it, you've now got makeup on your face. You don't have makeup usually so associate this makeup on my glove. Because the way gloves you don't have to worry about doing nail polish and pantyhose. So you don't shave leaks. Most most shaky legs I am I just really I just can't be bothered. I don't like shaved legs. So I'll put on three or four years of thick, thick pantyhose. And you never know. I shaved my eyebrows. The last the last show I showed my eyebrows off for that because that's what the pros do the show their eyebrows off and put new ones on. So the eyes become bigger from a distance from stage lighting and everything like that. The eyes become normal restaurant as it doesn't have big big eyes that the lighting and the distance shrinks your eyes down to nothing. So instead of putting all the wax, they put wax over your eyebrows, smooth it all down, make it flat, and then they paint the wall paint over the top. And the wax Yes, it looks funny within team minutes as well flaking eyebrows assigned to lift again and you look like an alien. So let's just shave the things off of it take a couple of weeks that will grow back. And at the time I was well overdue for here. The whole bloody lot shake my head as well. I look like I had cancer is really bad. I looked so ill and different. keep staring at me. And a flat might have gone down with me. When I went to get it done. even look at me. Every time I turn around the car to I saw stuff it [00:26:31] made him feel sick. [00:26:33] So I wouldn't do that again. I personally, I wouldn't recommend shaving your eyebrows or for an event that goes for three hours. If you're going to be doing a show that's lasting for a week. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. But I like the next morning I had to go into a quote for a new job. And so I had hit on to hide my shaved head. And she's just staring at me. It's like yes, pulled off the head. I have no eyebrows. I have no here. No, I don't have kids. And I was like that for two weeks. Then I finally get second your eyebrows. So finally. But it took two months my eyebrows to be normal again. It was took a long time, considering how quickly the hair on my head gross. eyebrows? No, not like that at all. [00:27:19] You mentioned just before, very briefly about stress. And I'm wondering, do you find the process stressful or [00:27:26] depends on other commitments. [00:27:32] I found the future I did that. [00:27:37] I just started a new job. And so time was a bit different time was a bit strange. And so rehearsals are fine. They were on the weekends, I didn't work weekends. But trying to organize stuff. And amongst other commitments was a little more challenging than I thought. Next year came round, I find was backing us back in the sink of things that was all good. Year after that I actually had left my job and started working for myself. So I great I've got all the time in the world and I just arrange my jobs and rehearsals around to suit by the next year, the business tripled. So that was actually a big challenge. Even making rehearsal was not too difficult. But you really had to plan yourself and work hard, make sure that you're done on time. Making the dresses was harder game because I had to make this year I made the ball gown. So I had to make that I had made the hendry's and what I found was I'd be up six in the morning. So in the way go to be for a couple of hours get up again at eyes and off to work. Because it was like the week of the show. Where's all my time gone? How the hell did this happen again. This year I've had, I've got staff now. And I have to pay an extra person to work in my place. For the for the weekends. Luckily, I don't work on the the Wednesday nights fellowship or also rehearsal even so I don't do that anymore. So that was going to be a challenge too. So the shower itself, on top of all your your costuming and the address and the wigs and all that sort of stuff. If you don't work a normal nine to five job, and you can't decide take time off for a nap away for life creation self employed or sort of doing sort of things that I do. The show is actually an incredibly expensive pastime, hundreds of dollars. And that's just the staffing, let alone the several hundred dollars to spend, or possibly spins, creating your dream even more. So if you have to pay somebody to make it for you. A fee can't say which many people can't. That's pretty much the only option is to pay somebody to make a dress or buy a dress or Trade Me and hope. Hope that's going to be okay. [00:29:57] Given all things what keeps you coming back for more? Why do you do it? [00:30:05] Right now I like it I I really enjoy the show. So there's a lot of fun. And in the lead up and on the stressful days where we works a problem or I'll be because of a rehearsal I might have been working towards like three in the morning. And then three in the morning and I'm just going home and I'm cursing out why am I doing this again, stupid thing to do. I knew this would have come out of the show absolute love it and it is all worthwhile. I've, after that Fisher's idea, I will do this. As long as it goes for I will I'll be involved because I like the show. I like what stands for a light call it supports. [00:30:44] And I like the people [00:30:46] that I've met through the show. I mean, there's people that I would never ever have cross paths with. At least it was because of the show. And so some of them you'll actually start to see shows socially. After the show. Others you'll he have a car Tommy during rehearsals and you look forward to it. So first two or three rehearsals let's let's try to catch up over the past year like what have you been doing? That's good. It's an all aspects. That's a really, really good experience. [00:31:15] Coming up to the 10th and final performance of Queen of the whole universe, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on on the head being the final. [00:31:26] It's nice to go out with a bang. It's sort of one of those things like it's [00:31:29] gone from strength and strength every year, like every show has been better than the previous year and at the saga. Last year was nothing better than that. The next year comes along and you said it's better than that the performances are better, the routines are better the costume every year, the costumes [00:31:46] get better, he gear when you do the catwalk gets bigger. [00:31:51] So this year, it's a build up again on last year, but also on all the years previous it's a combination of all of it. Mashallah, and it's a showcase for all the shows. [00:32:04] When it's over, [00:32:06] I can have a lot of boxes full of stuff to store. [00:32:12] As it has been to be the last shot, [00:32:13] it's not mean to continue again, and I keep hearing the words in its present format. So maybe in the future, the show might come about again, in a different style or in a different way, or with a different purpose. Who knows, it may not come back at all. If it does, I've got my boxes I'll be pulling them out of we just see, we'll see what happens. It'll be it'll be sad to know that we're not gonna not gonna be doing it again. Because it is it is something that you start to look forward to. I've been rehearsing for the the actors show that I'm in now for five or six rehearsals over the past couple of months. And so as the builder is already there, we haven't even started for the show itself for the for the opening routine, that we're already sort of getting underway for that that five minute performance at the end. [00:33:08] So this time, are you reprising your role of [00:33:10] Mystery Writers? No, no, that was my free first year. [00:33:15] Somebody has already snapped up your anus. So I can't have it back. So I'm actually undecided. I don't I don't know. I had the idea of Hades for a couple of years. And last year there was a haven so I thought there'd be really good Heaven and Hell levy. But there's not going to be heaven this year. And so who's going to know what Hades is? Because when I was Miss Tracy Island, nobody knew what Tracy Island was. There's only a few the devout Thunderbirds fans that knew. So when we did the show and Wellington, I was the Thunderbirds so people can understand who I was meant to be. I have been Venus. I was Venus one year. So I came out I had a giant clam shell behind me and had a river on stage my helper, who guided me down, the lights change and it went to black light. So my whole clamshell glowed in the movie. And then while that was happening, she runs parcels of dressed up in furs. And then she told the fears off me and I'm just standing there and knickers and thanks. [00:34:17] Because the fish suit was too expensive $300 to go live. So I'm wearing on stage for like 30 seconds and lots of thinking. I don't know what I'll be this year still, I'm still very understand it's the same every year, every year, I just cannot decide. And the more and more people that perform. And this is [00:34:39] what I am this is what I'm doing. [00:34:41] That's what I could have been. [00:34:45] So that's that's probably the most stressful thing about it is actually trying to decide on something. So this year. [00:34:50] I think I want to be a country and actually known country that has a theme or something that's well known about it that I can that I can use. Yes, it's still still up in the artists. I have to get a list from Jonathan to find out who's doing what then I know what's available.

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