Queen of the Whole Universe documentary

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[00:00:00] This podcast is funded through a generous grant from the gate Auckland Business Association Charitable Trust and brought to you by the queen of the whole universe Charitable Trust and pride in z.com. [00:00:19] I [00:00:19] think it's a lot like [00:00:21] wearing a mask for a lot of people. Because even after it's my family told me they didn't recognize me, my mom said she only recognize me because of the dress. [00:00:30] When you put on any costume changes how you feel but something that's that took a transformation. It's almost like a feeling of freedom. [00:00:40] Mike, [00:00:42] Todd, Tony, Liz, Jeremy. Maggie. Andre. Ash. Jackie. [00:00:53] Even [00:00:55] David, if I am dying, Trevor. Rob [00:01:03] Campbell. JOHN, Michelle. [00:01:08] Boys now. [00:01:12] Charlotte. Kids guy. Anton. David. James. Jerry. Ronnie, when a baby. Okay, that's us. [00:01:25] I Thanks, guys. Right. Tomorrow night, during the show, we're going to be making five announcements. Some of you won't hear them because you'll be off stage. So I thought I'd give the five announcements to you now. So you know what they are. [00:01:39] First one, [00:01:41] I can confirm that we've definitely raised 40,000. [00:01:49] I can confirm that this is the largest audience we did I hate. [00:01:56] I can confirm that we will break the Guinness world record that we see. [00:02:10] majority people and not to not to drink elsewhere, do not do any sort of performance. So this is really this is the one special moment but they love embrace it. And we take everyone regardless of size, shape, sexuality, gender orientation, we're not worried about that it's very inclusive. So we've been a safe place for heterosexual people who support the cause or support charities that was supporting HIV charities is what we support positive women, body positive and the New Zealand foundation. So that's always been that we want to promote safe sex and the message of you know, of health for people living with HIV and prevention of HIV. So leave the monies raised, that's where it goes. So people who support their cause and either have a supportive of the gay community at large or hit may even have a son or a daughter who's gay. They've been in the show been a strong contribution. It's a safe place to be now and you know, no one gets a rough time. We don't question people about why they're there. So we've had everything from transvestites to cross dressers drag queens, [00:03:24] heterosexual mothers guys who just would like the idea of for the first time ever dressing up in a frock and during the shop being part of a show. So really, women dressing as muscle boys which is fine and boys dressing as girls and and even people sometimes been the girl one year and the muscle boys a year a year the next year. Again, that's just great. [00:03:50] Hello, Justin, I'm Miss Belgium I'm and Twitter. And I've just done the hit Gareth nations. I've got the mannequin piss, which is the famous some statue from Brussels. And on the night, he's gonna be peeing on the front audience. I've saved that for tomorrow. And this is men my dresser she's, she's been helping with the chair. And here's my Miss Polly Hi. Cheering my dressing room. I just gotta carry on. Thank you. [00:04:22] There's construction of all your costumes and your head gear. What should he do? Especially a little bit of work. So it's very, very impressive. And there's a lot of time that goes into rehearsals, especially coming up to the towards the show, two rehearsals a week. If you are next to girl you're working with the next two gold is more on top of that for their influence. [00:04:43] So have you done drink before? [00:04:45] No, never done drink before? [00:04:46] Have you done any kind of performance? [00:04:48] No, I was one of those kids who always wanted to have it. I went to a rather large all boys school and the drama group. It was very, very small and very separate from everybody else. And it's Neva sort of got into it. I was more geek group at school. [00:05:05] But, you know, I thought why not? We're gonna, we're gonna get the chance to be on stage in front of 2000 people [00:05:12] at our place [00:05:13] at imagine our spot. [00:05:17] Okay, so as two meters long about a metre 40 Hi. It's the Beatles Yellow Submarine album cover Yellow Submarine. And the front is a large porthole. So it sits on my head. And I look out through the porthole and I'm wearing 60s inspired. [00:05:38] Gogo girl gab. And I have one of the Beatles with me on stage two, which is [00:05:42] pretty groovy. [00:05:45] Angelina Jolie fish, Miss Atlantic Ocean. And one of my issues is I have credits. [00:06:00] Probably the most fun community event [00:06:05] that I've ever been involved just because it's so diverse. And I just get really excited by what how it all shapes up and what people do and what they bring to us. The love they bring to it in the family, in the camaraderie they bring to it. [00:06:21] And just working with the collective. So you know, you've got about 35 to 40 or 50 people on stage, you know, including all of the performers. And we usually have like addresses and volunteers and stage crew, probably another you know, 60 or so people behind stage. And it's all going together. It's a great it's a great atmosphere really. And we we it's run professionally, but it's run with a real sense of family. [00:06:53] So uh, you want to stage opposite dress and see [00:06:55] I'm addressing messenger, as you can see that huge configuration lint the other night had put together but we got a text to us do it stops in the skirt in the head. And Brynn helping [00:07:09] us forget half of it. So yeah, it's involved with this wonderful [00:07:16] group of people. Yeah, diverse because I should work for the DJ as well. So this is business Egypt, Ellen. There's a whole body city made his hat in costumes as well. And the head gear and everything else that the design students storing here. This is Ellen. [00:07:35] So how long have you been doing this was a serious time or? This is my [00:07:41] fifth year but food food character? Yeah. Yeah, I was in France in France last 22 more plants. And prior to that was missing via Victoria force. [00:07:51] was one [00:07:53] thing that you've seen an elephant at the table? That was fast food restaurants. We entered it number. Yeah. Looks like fun. And [00:08:01] you're making all these costumes yourself? [00:08:03] Yeah. Yeah. [00:08:07] Yeah. Okay, bye. They've got to rush out and do come down through the aisle. So again, again, watch that it's worth the watch. Yeah. [00:08:18] I was actually really lucky, my family's been very, very supportive of the whole thing. They were a little bit thought at the beginning, the whole going to be in a show dressed as a woman didn't quite understand what that was about. But after they adjusted to that, my mom actually helped me make all of my costumes. So to start off with thought we'd go shopping and see if there any things that we could just buy pre made. That was very interesting. I remember going into Greenfield mall with my mother into women's clothing stores and trying on clothes. Yeah, but my family has been amazing. [00:08:51] My dad was actually very keen for me to do the act to this year when I see that I wanted to. [00:08:57] So he's actually sponsoring me for it. So here's your his company is sponsoring me so that we can actually afford to do these things. Because I see I'm just a very recently out from being a student and I have a printer SkyDrive this I don't have that much money, but yeah, helping helping you out of it and the families all sort of pulling together. [00:09:22] Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please. [00:09:35] Ladies and gentlemen, [00:09:37] it is their time to take a few moments to acknowledge a very special person. [00:09:44] Many years ago, this gentleman had a dream, to create a very queer live show to entertain the queer and the straight community alike. [00:09:57] his commitment, his dedication [00:10:01] has been nothing short of incredible. [00:10:05] It has been such a pleasure and an honor to be part of the dream. That is anytime thousands of people over the years, not to mention the world breaking records. [00:10:18] Of course, [00:10:18] we are talking about Noah then Mr. Jonathan Smith. [00:10:29] Jonathan Smith, [00:10:43] probably about 30 40% gay community and probably 60% wider community heterosexual to me and and it's pretty consistent. It's sort of it's fun and not the new face. We're not we're not beating the drums, we're just celebrating a lot of different things. What's in our community states, you know, and we, we get a full house and so we make the most of it. I mean, that's so one night to make the money that we need to make for our for our charity, and we don't [00:11:16] have you got any idea how loud it's gonna be? Okay. There's something I say to people, which is when this curtain goes up, [00:11:24] it's like the audience of trying to pull you into the house. [00:11:28] And people remember people look at me and thinking, what [00:11:30] the hell is he talking about? But you all experienced that? They actually want a piece of you. I tell you what, this is gonna be a really loud audience. So [00:11:39] be prepared for it. [00:11:40] It's gonna be bloody loud, really lay out the loudest we've ever had. [00:11:43] Yeah. [00:11:44] And the acoustics on here are even better, which means you're going to hear it. [00:11:48] Yeah. I enjoy it. [00:11:52] Because it's the whole universe, because we're really inheriting a fantasy realm. We've had everything from Fantasy Island, Miss Antarctica, outer planets, Mr. Rainer, so in Mrs. Venus and so there's this character's lizard lenders that are just totally possible and fit within the genre in their own unique way. The boundaries can go on in the direction of people want to take it there. And we had just thinking from last year's pageant. Miss sama was to fetter fell off a sofa. [00:12:30] And she loved it. She loved that name and all the friends to enter. Yes, I'm on so it was [00:12:36] time to get away with it. too. Fat fell off a sofa. And Miss Transylvania Nora vain just plays on little names. And these are more recent, and famous famous India who won this year was Miss Iona dearie. And we head down to Trinidad and Tobago, we're contestant and they were Siamese twins joined together. And they got him we found out to be fakes, because they're actually masquerading as five. And they were found to be joined at the hip by device and that was unlocked, and kicked out. [00:13:22] New Orleans guys, especially I like I wanted to get through it's like, No, we can't say no, it's not gonna happen. But it isn't going to happen. Is it? [00:13:32] There is a an element of true competition, isn't it? [00:13:36] Yeah, there were there were there was a small group of people who are committed in advance to be two finalists. And they have to be because they've got to do you know, they truly are the competition part of the show. So there is built in the, the audience doesn't know who's going to really be those ones. So at the beginning of the large production opening number, all the girls are there, and the end the muscle boys, and you don't know who's going to be going through that tune. That's fine. That's all as and the elimination process happens. And then we come down to our last performance. And we usually have to do a special, special special prayed and interview Christian. And in a five minute performance piece, which is judged by we have a judge panel in the audience, celebrity judges, and in that. So true competition. [00:14:32] My friend Diana is, as I say, she's my Creator. She was doing an article that ran for college. And it was like that first year, when you go to university and you do your first year of art, and you find out which which you want to study. And there was three T's or something it was truth transformation, and something about that. Anyway, she chatted with me and she said what about the transfer formation from you from Ed into a direct cream, you know, the truth HIV AIDS? [00:15:08] And so I said, Yeah, fine, I'll I'll do it. So she did this amazing study. I've got this lovely book she did me on the sewing machine and picture of just Maalik, my hairy legs and then in stockings on the shoes and, and, and then the last picture at the end of some failure, I failure died. So I was Miss Holland. [00:15:33] And it's interesting, because even though you know, I'm an openly gay man have been in love dressing up and all this Dinah really had to fight with me, because it's the only time I feel Butch is when I put a dress on. I just feel like a men in a dress. I said, Oh, you know, and when she was taking all these photos and things, she's saying, soften, you know, your, your. And she sat me down. And I think I was about 58 then and she said, what you've got to remember is you're not a 28 year old woman. You're a bloody good looking 58 year old woman. [00:16:16] You're [00:16:18] right, shoulder, we're back. Good on you. But it was really, really interesting. I found it really, as I say, I just felt just like a bloke in a dress I just felt so [00:16:32] I don't think I could ever be Butch. [00:16:40] Good afternoon, we're getting ready to see that. And the shows on tonight. How you feeling? [00:16:47] Feeling but really relaxed. But you know what it's like the minute you get on here, these just things bombarded me that. I always think of the last week, the last week of the show, like I get the show, really a week, a week performed, get everything done. And then my last week, I think it was my slow my troubleshooting week, just putting out fires and the English sort of thing. So now I'm good, I'm relax. So we're just going to warm them up. Now we've got no, no feedback, we did all that last night. So that means it's just a really positive thing we start on. And we'll get them to do the opening routine just to loosen up a bit. And we normally play around with them a bit. So we tease them and play you know, [00:17:26] they may going to do the point out because the points wasn't good last night, they weren't lip synching several, chase it up, do the finale. And then they can all go off and heavy shave and shelves and get ready for my captain and the two girls will run the performances [00:17:42] till about four o'clock. So [00:17:44] I'm feeling good. We're ready. We saw even more seats for selling them every minute. So we're going to have a very full house. [00:17:56] Backstage workers [00:17:57] on stage [00:17:58] place I want to talk to you. [00:18:02] Oh, backstage workers, thank you. [00:18:06] The one [00:18:06] thing I'm gonna tell you all but particularly backstage workers, including yourselves, do not become involved in the show when you're not on, don't get involved, you must not start to become emotionally part of this show. If you're in the wings, your job is to do your backstage job and keep an eye on it technically, click it over in your head do not become involved. And if you're in the wings waiting to go on again, don't become emotionally involved with what's happening on the stage. Your job is to show these people out here who have paid $100 a seat to actually see you perform. Don't think oh gosh, this is [00:18:51] great. What's going on? Oh, [00:18:55] you can't do that. [00:18:57] Okay, that's all I wish to say. [00:18:58] And I hope you have a very happy dress rehearsal. [00:19:08] Hello, everyone. [00:19:10] Can you please all get into your places for the bow at the very end, because I just want to go over that because the timing wasn't right for everyone. [00:19:21] So the act two girls and Buffy and member in the front, can [00:19:25] you all go [00:19:27] from where you do the arms up, arms down, [00:19:30] hippie, hippie, hippie hip, [00:19:32] do the last lot of that. Ready, so the end of your dance at arms go up, go down, hippie, hippie, hippie hippie walk around 234 imagine that was the last time and, um, so then then you take your bow and then, um, so well, then then you take your bow and pose. Now you hold the pose for 101, 102 103 [00:19:59] the audience go [00:20:00] wild. And then you'd all take three steps back. But hang on, before you do that, be aware that the people at the back might be close to the steps. So you may need to go up the steps Off you go and walk 123 and another post, then you wait for the cushion to bounce it goes back up, then you watch Jonathan, and you would all go. I'm so well Ben, then you take your bow and then the arms go up, then take your bow and make a pose. And the curtain may bounce again, that whole thing may happen a couple of times. [00:20:38] Let's do this again, please. [00:20:42] Most of the shows that I work on deal with professional dancers and actors. And so working with people who are not trained dancers has been just, you know, really refreshing. Obviously, it brings its own challenges with it because there was a lot of choreography to get through. So we have to try and work quite fast at the beginning, which for non dancers can be a bit overwhelming, that everybody has been absolutely amazing. And to watch them have the journey from the first one, you know that first rehearsal, right through to what we're seeing now in the final minutes of resting before the kitten goes up tonight. It's just amazing. And I'm feeling so excited. I mean, my job's sort of complete now. So I'll be in the audience tonight watching everybody. Which is also hard, because usually I feel like jumping up and counting out loud, which I'm not allowed to do. Jonathan's given me strict instructions. But yes, the choreographers job is over now. And it's up to the dancers to go out there and just have a blast tonight. [00:21:43] What's your most favorite thing about the queen of the whole universe? [00:21:46] Um, definitely the fantastic people that I have come to work with who a lot of whom have now become my friends. And it's just so lovely to be welcomed by such an amazing group of people and the community pulling together and doing this sort of event. And I feel privileged to be a part of that. [00:22:08] Oh, my God, [00:22:09] it's going really well. I think it's a it's a luxury to have technical rehearsals just a few hours before the show. And I think what it does is it picks it up. It gives us that that last running through [00:22:25] and it goes really well. [00:22:28] Guys, [00:22:30] guys, hey, how do you feel about that? [00:22:38] What is it it's about? [00:22:41] time. [00:22:50] So we've just finished our final run through what we call a dry run. So without costumes, but we started all the scene changes and round random main X to make sure everything flows, right. So what was stage read, it's called the calm before the storm. So we have about two or three hours before the madness starts again. So in that two to three hours, we have a chance to get some food. If there's any technical issues on stage that is lighting changes or any touching upon scenery, or even moving works up to the stage that happens now. [00:23:31] We have here just a couple of things where people have hit golf, acupuncture, because of the hindrances have been quite heavy and his impacted on on the spines. So have to think of that. Also, there's been a few nails have been broken. Couple sequences have come off. I just hit to quickly fix a point [00:23:49] before [00:23:51] which is at the end of it. One but a ministry done. Yeah. So it's all been good. Everyone's coming together. So it will be a great show tonight. So looking forward to us. [00:24:05] Because it's such a large crew 35 Greg links to be exact, we do the makeup progressively. So in the room, we have brown black stations, we've got a basis station then you go through and heavy cheeks, and lips done. And then you come to the last section, which is eyes and browse. So there's lots of moving around the room for the model [00:24:24] 55 drag queens, [00:24:27] how long does it take? [00:24:29] Well, we've got three hours. [00:24:32] And there's other things started on top of us as well. We've got muscle boys to do up. We've got Cleopatra, we've got somebody that needs to be made really dark. So yeah, it's not just standard. [00:24:47] At the moment, we're getting rid of my eyebrows. [00:24:50] suck up my [00:24:52] triple D caps on Rudy. [00:24:54] And then once the song that's it, so Garrett's here talking Jason g strings, Penny has the works. [00:25:06] Last night, when Jonathan, before we started [00:25:11] technical rehearsals, [00:25:13] Jonathan kind of gave us a couple of [00:25:16] real life examples of [00:25:19] where the money goes that [00:25:21] that the show raises and kind of bored at home, the importance of why we're doing what we're doing before. And, I mean, we're all doing it for fun and different personal reasons. And, you know, boys want to be on stage. But before mentioned, being a frog, that you're not just bored at home, the importance of what we're doing and why we're doing it and how it's impacting and affecting other people's lives, which is absolutely amazing. [00:25:51] So Mickey, how's it going? [00:25:53] Good can notice now? [00:25:56] Yeah. [00:25:58] Butterflies, you [00:25:59] know, cuz? Yeah, it was dope. But then once. It's fantastic. You know, you hear all the noise and the crowd is wonderful. And all this is it was all part of it. You know, it goes so quickly. Like, it's all it's all open flash in tomorrow. It's like, take a bit of a dip, because it's been going on so long now with rehearsing and everything. So now it's fantastic. It's going to be a good show. Finally show for Jonathan. We'll do our best [00:26:29] for him. That nervous is the next part of the makeup transformation of everybody. [00:26:37] Funny, um, I originally was going to be an Act to girl this [00:26:42] year. [00:26:42] And I was going to be Miss Candyland. [00:26:46] And her name was gonna be candy cane Nicki lollipop. [00:26:51] And she was gonna have like a southern Texas accent. [00:26:54] Oh, yeah. [00:26:56] She did. She was just gonna be Hey, yo, [00:26:58] money can King King. [00:27:05] I'm gonna make you call my friends in Texas and just say what you just said, I'm going to hang up and not explain it. [00:27:11] For a second, [00:27:13] we are [00:27:13] covering the brows that will foundations on it looks like there's no eyebrows there. So we can draw them higher for more makeup. [00:27:21] And I hate to admit [00:27:21] Facebook bigger. [00:27:23] And I hate to say in my early years of doing makeup, I did the same thing to myself. And I'm a girl. [00:27:30] Like more room for makeup, why [00:27:31] not? [00:27:34] For me the biggest point in the transformation, especially the first time I was running a little bit late, just with me getting ready. I bought a pair of eyelashes and one of them was broken. And that was a very big eyelashes. So I spent a very long time in makeup with him trying to fix that. [00:27:50] I was running so late that when he had the final rehearsal on the stage, which is supposed to be the final dresser, so we weren't supposed to be ready or nearly really, I was my makeup was half done. I had one eyelash on and I was only wearing my jeans surrounded by everyone else pretty much in full. [00:28:07] So I just remember running full speed down the stairs, got my makeup done, ran back up to my dressing room, I didn't even have a chance to look in the mirror when I got [00:28:15] dressed. [00:28:17] But when I got my jewelry on Greg tender, I looked at the mirror and just sort of [00:28:21] stopped. [00:28:22] Because I just couldn't recognize myself. It's just such a [00:28:27] it's such a shock. [00:28:29] Seeing that you can look so [00:28:31] different. [00:28:45] And we'll just planet [00:28:46] Yo, are you happy with it very happy. [00:28:52] I managed to fracture my ankle [00:28:54] about 12 days ago, which unfortunately means my availability to do some of the dance routines is somewhat limited. So I have to remember it for the next six weeks, which is rather uncomfortable. But Jonathan's been great. And so we're going to participate in the show where I can. So we're just going to try and cut it off and make it a little bit less obvious. And I'll be on stage dancing the crutches Is this the first the whole university, this will be my fifth show that I've done. So it's great to be part of it. It's a fantastic show and great cause. And that said to have it as the last one. So make sure you're out with a bang regardless. And who you being this year, this year, I miss Turkey. So I will be a physical Turkey for the year. So which will hopefully get a few laughs because I'm not sure whether people will expect that or not. [00:29:45] This is my first show. I've been doing theater for a few years, I was intrigued by the concept of the show Sunday because it's so different to anything I've ever done before. And so I certainly thought this is a challenge. So half of me throughout the entire proceedings from the very first it was going What do you doing this is this is drag, you don't do drag, and the other half of me was. [00:30:08] And so this has just been brilliant, so much fun. [00:30:13] Yeah. [00:30:15] Hi, I'm Mel and just a space g8 out of about six years that I'm being a kW boy, and really enjoying that experience getting to reflect shoes and doing different kind of moves. And I'm really grateful to be part of this great experience and for such a great cause. Hi, I'm Wendy. And I've been part of the show for I think, maybe five years. And I'm loving being a boy this year with Mel. And I just love being a boy every year because the atmosphere is so great, and not always an awesome bunch of people. And we get to have a lot of fun because we get to share a dressing room. So few ticks and few mischievous things that go on, but hide it so part of it, right. It's the boys raising boys. [00:30:59] See what I mean? [00:31:01] Yeah, just really looking forward to the show love the cause and being awesome to be a part of it. [00:31:07] I'm David, and this is my first show. So I have no idea what to expect. But that went pretty well last night. So Tom says great, really, really enjoyed all the rehearsing and getting to know everybody and then hit forgotten. The excitement that comes just minutes before you know, the [00:31:25] all the work that [00:31:26] goes into it. And then it's all over in the flesh. So they might be a bit of a down tomorrow. [00:31:33] I mean, it's on. This is my fourth show a [00:31:37] little bit sad, because [00:31:41] you know, I've missed a few because I live in Melbourne So, but it's great to be here and to be able to support Jonathan and the cause and be part of the show. Yeah, and be seeing everyone again, [00:31:56] scribe [00:32:00] cascade, also known as Mr whippy. That's my stage. Now normally, and I think that this event is a really significant event in the queer community. In fact, probably the most significant commit terms of people joining together in terms of recognizing while we're doing it for and as a performer, it's the most important thing I've ever done. [00:32:22] Now, this just the sense of like seeing everyone, and you can see the energy is really ramped up a level because its collective, [00:32:28] if [00:32:29] it weren't hands off, and there's all the little final finishing touches, which start to kind of complete the picture. So I'm really excited about it. [00:32:40] It's gonna be fun, and there's always that thing of like, what will happen, you know, like, will there be anything that happens, don't delay or someone fall over or, you know, all of that stuff is kind of fun seeing how it's going to hang out and stuff. [00:32:54] I miss Spain this year. So there are a lot of frills involved. Some very, very big dresses planned. [00:33:04] The best performances, from what I feel from what I've seen to the ones that do have a little bit of a storyline going on or a feel that goes through them. And it's just trying to create that and five minutes. But without it being too, too much of the same thing. You need to have changes and costume changes because the audience loves that. One of the greatest ones I saw was, I was helping out with that she was Miss France, and I think he had seven costume changes. And that's not including the backup dancers. So it's just [00:33:36] it gives it another dimension. [00:33:39] The spine is a complete family team that put that together. Father built all the seat. His mother has done all the costuming and they go into a meeting with with Campbell, he's with Spain. He's sitting there, his mother's day and his father's here and candle was talking about his words and his costuming father was talking about how he's building a tower and his mother was talking about how she's making Matador outfits. And I'm sitting there thinking, wow, Mom and Dad sitting there talking about this with camera. I'm thinking this is what the shows about. I'm thinking back to when I was coming out and I could I [00:34:18] have done it with my appearance. No way. [00:34:21] I think that's just an acknowledgement of the show as well. When you say Johnny when you say that that's why Andre Andre played Miss Japan and Miss Germany this father got all the see everything [00:34:35] we are [00:34:36] I remember the one of the first ones I came to was when aids it did the the flags. And the English needed a whole whole rows of people who were his supporters, he may [00:34:47] 120 flags. [00:34:50] All sitting in the front row. [00:34:52] She she did the same thing. He's Miss Belgium. The first three rows he bought, I think he bought 160 tickets. And the first three four rows are almost Belgium over flags. And he's told them that he goes through the X to where we know something happens. So Kevin and I were both booed off the stage where my to squat fight. [00:35:16] The front four rows are gonna go absolutely. [00:35:22] If you've never had like an audience cheering at you before, it's just the most is very energizing kind of feeling. It just makes you feel very like all of your hard work has paid off and it's valued and these people appreciate it. Right they might not necessarily know how much hard work you put in but [00:35:39] it's got familiar [00:35:44] Welcome everyone. So come on start doesn't matter what state you're on. [00:35:54] They will get a machete now [00:35:56] become the performance, the design to vape as you can see, everybody looks stunning. [00:36:03] I never know who I'm talking to because I can't recognize them with all their outfits on but [00:36:09] you know the show is about to get underway it's I'm sure there's the audiences are starting to gather on the outside [00:36:18] let's look for a great night [00:36:37] universe. [00:36:52] Dolly we came last you to [00:36:54] Wellington way from Australia and waiting for the GM the [00:36:58] Asian Pacific out guys. And [00:37:00] we love the show so much. We had to come back [00:37:02] Thursday. Shut up on [00:37:05] this for China was from Australia. Just come [00:37:07] over for the weekend and watch this [00:37:09] wonderful show with It's fantastic. [00:37:10] And we came out of our CEO Danny Wellington because a guy games the app guy sorry. [00:37:16] And also we really want to know is my drink [00:37:22] what we really want to know [00:37:23] what has happened to Mr. Australia we are most upset Can you hear us we screened and screen share fucking tits. I met Aaron Ricketts up because Miss Australia went home. So some bloody little Kiwi basses upset of and we're not real happy about that. [00:37:40] And we were here last year. She got [00:37:42] disqualified last year. We're most [00:37:43] upset about that, too. So [00:37:46] you have any other favorites. Oh, you [00:37:49] go oh absolutely [00:37:51] me spot we got we got we got [00:37:54] Scott. [00:37:55] Oh, he's that he's a priest. [00:37:59] Believe it or not, [00:38:00] please, [00:38:02] officially in this country. And that's through [00:38:05] the board as a solo. [00:38:08] And also, of course Miss Belgium because we're going to the games in and work make sure you [00:38:15] My name is Jennifer Hills. I am married to just actually recently married last Friday to the MC of the show one of the MCs Brad hills. That is my husband. And that's what brings me to the queen of the universe. Yeah. [00:38:27] Wow. So just married. So is this your honeymoon? [00:38:30] Yes, this is. This is our honeymoon, which I know seems a little different. But I couldn't be happier. I think it's very exciting to be a part of this. And even just to be able to be here and see everything and actually get to watch my husband perform and see him and you know what, in what he does, I think it's very exciting. My [00:38:47] name is Andy and I got involved because the organizers asked me if I would be available to do one part of the show is a guest appearance and award two prizes. So what kind of guest appearances you don't. I'm the current mystic and New Zealand and Mr. A world? What do [00:39:03] you think something like the queen of the whole universe as important as [00:39:06] it is? I'm showing the variety of gay life. It is such a wide spectrum we have from very good players to very feminine queens, and I think I think it's just what it what it makes it so unique. So I'm really happy to be part of it. Have you ever done drugs yourself? Um, no, I haven't I tried walking in high heels once almost broke, broke both my feet. So I'm not trying anymore. [00:39:34] I started my involvement with the whole universe when it first started in 2004 as a MC. [00:39:41] And I was later, [00:39:42] obviously, I did something right because I was led to move to the judging panel. And I was judged for several years and now head judge, which seems an extraordinary responsibility. But there you go, fake it till you make it. [00:39:54] What are you looking for, as a judge, [00:39:57] it's an overall experience essential thrill, this pageant. And the girls have worked so [00:40:05] hard on [00:40:06] it on all parts of their performance. And you have to look at everything overall, I think the important thing is not to be too dazzled by the sequence, as they say not to be too swept away with props and audio visual stuff, but to actually see through that and look for the talents [00:40:24] on stage. So [00:40:27] if you take that attitude, you can easily see when one of the girls is just stepping through a routine and the choreography is perhaps not that strong. And you know, for the real performance, that overall performance. [00:40:39] What about the audience? Can you [00:40:40] describe it, how the audience reacts? [00:40:42] I love this audience [00:40:43] because it's a really broad range of people. Last time it was in Auckland, which was in November 2010 interval, I ran into two gorgeous girls who'd left their husbands in, Hamilton was calling and come up to Oregon for a girls weekend. they'd seen this on a website sought and bought tickets just because I thought it was interesting. And they were [00:41:03] having [00:41:05] absolutely loved it. [00:41:07] And I think this is [00:41:08] the kind of event that brings us all together and breaks down barriers, and I really value it for that. [00:41:21] Okay, gentlemen, please welcome thank you the last time and our four finalists. No sage, I must say. [00:41:34] So what I'm [00:41:35] afraid of the whole universe 2012 receives a prize package to $4,000, including $2,000 in [00:41:47] controversy here is [00:41:49] one by a long way. [00:42:19] astounding. In fact, I thought it was outstanding, which is a cross between outstanding and astounding. And I thought they were they were amazing. And I loved it every single second. It was the most wonderful, outrageous, fun show. Yeah, I just was very sad at the last one. So I've been to a few of them and always supported a lot of fun. Well, it was quite fabulous. It was more [00:42:46] a little more extreme than I was expecting. This is my first time. lot of effort by a lot of people. [00:42:52] Yes. I love the mix of community and sort of basic. It was sort of downhill. And it was then yet my cheeks are really strange from laughing and I was yelling I was in the front front row. And it was just really funny. [00:43:11] Everybody's smiling when they come out. It's really good. [00:43:15] Not so chemical places [00:43:16] when we did before. Yeah. And [00:43:19] that was sort of spiritual and you know, [00:43:21] just the way they're getting into it. [00:43:24] Like I was saying when the curtain went up, I was just awesome. I just hear this wall of sound and the darkness and it was just just absolutely incredible. And and all the colors of all the girls and their dresses. You get to see [00:43:34] sparkling red everywhere and an energy from the crowd. [00:43:37] It was just amazing. I love it. I absolutely love them. [00:43:41] Amazing. And the crowd was so good. I was so supportive as soon as we started so soon as that happened you something Yes. Yeah. No, it was great. It was a really good show. I think Jonathan and Kevin are really pleased Yeah. No, now what now my night to find something else to keep me occupied [00:44:06] geriatric [00:44:13] we had a great audience capacity audience to center and we have just had a rockin Good night. [00:44:26] Enjoy the show. [00:44:27] She drove [00:44:28] up from Rotorua after work at four o'clock to make it here for the show. That's [00:44:32] what I call dedication. [00:44:37] On rockin is tough on stage, she's really into [00:44:47] performing [00:44:52] satisfied pants on Michelle was a first time in the show consistent, so just brilliant. And such good spirit. good dancers left. And she's got the moves. Thanks, darling. She's got the moves. And she she helped us Spain when [00:45:09] we have a competition tonight Gareth [00:45:11] we does. And [00:45:13] you know, on the night, people lift the game incredibly, they just give it performance to the crowd. The judges see it. And that's what it's all about. [00:45:24] I see [00:45:25] Well, that's got to be the big shines, no doubt about it. And what a way to finish. After nine years, what a way to go. [00:45:36] We just didn't get nervous. And [00:45:38] you know, we try not to ad lib but when you've got an audience out there that just wants [00:45:41] someone someone. [00:45:43] Yeah, we just need to come up with a script [00:45:45] and embrace sadness by. [00:45:48] And then of course, we may be already playing all these sort of one liners and all of a sudden they all started to come out at once was absolutely hilarious. So no. Good night. Good night, you know, mill done to the 42. Girls today, today? Very, very well. Very well. [00:46:02] That's a good night. Right? I need to go and see the people upstairs and have a chat to them. [00:46:12] How do [00:46:12] you come down from such a intense experience? [00:46:17] I did find out it was I was I felt a bit lost. I've used to having these rehearsals so often and seeing this group of people every week, and twice a week. And then it's just all over. It's a bit of a sad thing. You know, saying goodbye to everyone. [00:46:33] If you had the opportunity on that last performance to address the crowd in some way, is there anything that you would want to say to them? [00:46:44] I'd want them to take the feeling that they get from the show that feeling of joy and acceptance and there's a huge feeling of love that goes with it. And to keep that with them. You know, don't leave it behind and treat everyone else that they come into with that same compassion and happiness that the show brings to people. Right? I think it's it's amazing just the way that this huge Lee diverse group of people and the hugely diverse audience all come together for this one night and everyone has an amazing time. And I just wish the rest of people's lives could be like that.

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