Brian and Matthew - Queen of the Whole Universe

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[00:00:00] This podcast is funded through a generous grant from the gate Auckland Business Association, charitable trust, and brought to you by the queen of the whole universe Charitable Trust and pride in [00:00:12] Well, photo photographer and have been for a number of years since 1998. And then Jonathan introduced Queen of the whole universe, and requested my services as a photographer to help out where needed. When you say, gay photographer, [00:00:27] what does that [00:00:28] what does that mean? Oh, I worked for the Express gay magazine for a number of years, when I announced that I was gay in 1998. I thought, well, I've since been a photographer, offer my services free of charge. So we knocking on the Express store, and say, Well, here I am, I as a photographer, use me. And of course, they did. And of course, I went out on the streets 234 in the morning, with people falling out of windows, taking photos, people doing charity work. [00:00:58] They just catching the gay community. It's a whole perspective of fun and laughter and creativity, some with you know, theater openings, we had lots of the the big guy out or that we're just catching up on form. And then we'll a nice size, it was foam. And then of course, I'll publish the photos and the experience, of course, as the years progressed, so to digital photography, and it's so much easier when you can take photos, download them on the computer, and send them through to the magazine, and then get published for everybody to see and also took collected photos of everything that I've taken. So to give you a concept of what the gay community has evolved over the last team, so years, [00:01:39] in that time, can you see changes in the gay community in terms of you know, visually, [00:01:46] I think he definitely it's come out of the Charles evolved, but quite incredibly in the last 10 years, because at the beginning was very, not cloak and dagger, but the law reform has come through and everything was fine, you still had to be incredibly weary. That you know your prep your gaming, walking the streets were at the nightclub and what have you. But as the years progressed, it's become more acceptable. And of course, there's a lot now people who my age group in the 50s, that now feel comfortable say, Well, this is a game in and the 70s 60s we caught on. And of course, the being comfortable for a man, you can actually say, Well, hey, I'm going. And if someone says I've always said, if someone says to me, how you doing? I say, Yes, I am. So I walk. And there is the freedom that we have received. You know, it's that freedom of being able to express ourselves. And artistically, we can do that without any barriers. And as the years of progress, like, I've actually got a 25 year old son, and just the other day he sits dead, and Matthew and I said, you know, if you want to be a boulder and gone, the golden SAP of the pink lunchbox rumbling became the size and no one would even recognize. And that's exactly how we've progressed. As a people, you know, we accepted, it's not so the m&s anymore, we're integrating, you know, it's time to be together. [00:03:11] Do you think something like the queen of the whole universe could have actually happened prior to the 2000s? [00:03:18] I think it should create a whole universe is helped bring everybody together, to be quite honest with you. [00:03:25] How can I say that? We are we're all gaming, getting on with our own world. And then Jonathan's collectively brought us all together. And we've created a pigeon or Jonathan's created a peasant show. This is primary day, however, it's entertaining that brings everyone spirit of make people more aware. And as the years have gone on, that's even become more simple. So I think he's actually helped being made. [00:03:55] Like, these, a lot of friends a, you know, we talked about, got the show coming up. They're really anxious, they don't get a ticket for me, and even my family. They're all when you know, want to know about the show, say something like it sort of opened it up a bit. You know, for people that don't really know, the side of the gay side. [00:04:17] So Matthew, what's your background? Because you've been with the show for what about four, four years? [00:04:21] But yeah, three, three years? Three years? Yeah, when I first started, because it was a good opportunity for me to meet other people, because I didn't really know much people at the end, you know, but on the quiet side, that is fantastic. And I was one of the contestants last year. So how did you get involved? How do I get involved? Well, I got involved because Brian [00:04:52] pushed me to take i'll come on and say, well, like four years, when I first saw the show, as it was the Queen universe across the aisle, you'll laugh at me, went to Wellington, and that's when we saw the show. in Branson, you'll be doing that next year and said no way you won't you won't see me the next man normally [00:05:11] is Miss America. So it was a laugh a lot of people wants to know about the show and my family they say well, it's a beauty pageants. You know, they have funny names like Miss India, I earned a degree or my name was Mr. Fatah fella officer fade in but it does kind of laughing is safe and in the people is great. I really love them to death. Yeah. [00:05:35] Have you done any type of performance before was the first time ever [00:05:39] saw my face one. Normally I'm a shy person. [00:05:44] By the graphic, I created a monster since I came of the interface. [00:05:49] So take me through how a really shy person can blossom in be on stage. How did that evolve? [00:06:00] Well, I think as you know, dressing up [00:06:05] once you dress up with the makeup and everything, you sort of a different character. And not only there, when you're dressed up, you get different people, you know, sort of treat you in a different way, which if I was dressed up and trying to get behind me, but in a different costume. That's like what he called the alter ego. Yeah. [00:06:31] It's amazing how people react people gravitate to you. [00:06:37] Welcome photography didn't go to a movie or a sideshow and just normal and now with the handshake switched over Muslim scribe, but you put a camera Ranch, Nick fortress happen and trade and go to a show. Oh, everybody comes to you. We did a cruise around Australia because I'm sick at the moment. So we've been traveling a lot. And Matthew Renton Drake is going to are on the cruise ship. And the faithful just click on save and sign up. So on this one evening, that the company director this ship director got really pissed off because no one was coming to him with all this organized paint the gravitating to make you famous tomorrow night. [00:07:17] I didn't mind if I didn't mind having the highlight tonight. Everyone taking photos of me that's like that is a scene it's totally different. [00:07:25] There was a bit like Miss Simone was [00:07:30] so and of course this great big screen on the on the shirt and every we admit the reinforcement. So Mr. Mr. Mr. will be calling and everyone be cheering, clapping and frying the buses on the year. And I [00:07:39] did ask some for Jonathan's permission as Mr. Mandela expresses his death on the bike. [00:07:47] But need we say that we ordered this in the middle of the Indian Ocean at 35 to nearly 40 degrees at night, and Mr. Mars make up a clothes for absolute duration by the end of the night because it was so awesome. But it was great. It was a wonderful fun. [00:08:08] That first rehearsal you went to for Queen of the whole universe. Can you recall how you felt? What were you nervous were you. [00:08:17] And I was nervous. Because I could hear the people behind the curtains. Because I was in the opening. And once the curtain just opened. I was nervous. And then once we start going, I was really excited. [00:08:32] You actually said to me when you first did the show, he said it was quite thunderous when the curtain went up. Let's go exactly how you described it wasn't hearing all the people clapping go? Yeah, whoa, and the curtain go up from the music. It was quite I can't explain Gareth [00:08:46] but it was just a fantastic. Like, all the audience all the the noise was like, Oh my gosh, this is what it's like on the stage. Yeah. [00:08:55] So on the other side of the curtain actually, in the audience, Brian, it's where you this, [00:09:00] what my camera of the crane, the universe between people sitting in the front row from [00:09:07] you were there right at the very start, when can you recall the kind of brief that Jonathan gave you in terms of what he wants to kind of capture, [00:09:16] he just wanted to create a show that was going to raise funds for the, you know, the charities involved. And and to create families always, always insisted that it has to be fun and creative. and colorful was lucky. [00:09:32] So knowing that what kind of images were you trying to try to capture what [00:09:38] just really the and photography remainder, it just really the people that have taken the time to, to try this out, you know, whether it be audience or an honest the actors on the stage, because, you know, sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the actors and the audience. Because they get everybody gets so involved. And, and the auditorium at halfway normal or afterwards, you know, it is this makes your trade stop there as much as tomorrow. And you've got, you know, one of the drag queens from high road or down Hamilton may or, or even the, shall I say the straight community, taking the time to wear a jacket, you know, there's a woman 68 literally check up here or then up flags flying. And it was just so exciting entertainment, he took the time and trouble to go after the way like methods work crowd. They all dress them to tutus and colored tops and some diameter sunglasses. They just all [00:10:35] made an effort to dress up for this. And that was great. [00:10:41] What are the key things to making a good photographer who captures moments like that or terms of like working with [00:10:47] with big crowds? What what are the key things just jump on and be incredibly friendly and say something totally outrageous? You know, how should six live for You know, you know, come on, let's just do a dance on the lyst to struggle, you know, or my favorite sayings. I'm a wedding photographer, and I've done it for 25 years, have always said to an eight year old, you know, to a wedding or, or thing or the queen of the universe. Awesome, darling, I'll take a photo of the beast here. And once I tell you, the fighter will go clubbing and don't worry, we you we go they'll be you'll be totally safe with us to be surrounded by 200 mean, and you'll be perfectly safe. Oh, they just like us fabless because they've been put on a pedestal they've been made it so spiritual, especially a 65 or 85 year old grandmother that's coming to see their son or daughter on the stage, you know, and they just love it. So by capturing that, talking to them and chatting, I said, Come on, let's have a photo. And so I grab a couple of the actors or, you know, Jonathan Cavan or Buffy and Dumbo is I or Muslim or whatever, throw them all together and take a photo and they just love up because then I always get down the email address and shoot it off to them as a suggestion. This to say thank you, you know, for being part of the show. [00:11:58] So can you describe the audience's is all the totally charismatic home [00:12:03] Expo [00:12:04] for years, you have the normal lawyer, the normal housewife who's on the night tuned into something like Madonna, [00:12:15] or Superman or something like that, because they know it's creativity. They've known that the person they're going to support is on the show to raise funds and the California so let's just join their world for a few hours and totally honest with you and they've gone for days on this is one that my aunt she brings and she said find her grandmother and her acquaintance it or you know bring to the show her and he said [00:12:48] stop [00:12:49] joking me but she was just mimicking they guys dressing up as woman you know, and just been a funny she laughed and she talked from nothing else for about a month to two months afterwards. So you haven't I'm not sure it's a bit of fun fabulosity just for a few hours, but those few hours can obviously be memories for [00:13:09] for a lifetime, especially to catch up on phones. And with you You're saying that you're your family comes along and [00:13:16] it ain't a hit our group of friends and it just happened lover lover in the the all day. Yeah. So yeah, it was all together. But my family, they came and they really enjoyed it as well. [00:13:33] So having never done a performance like this before. How did you present it to them in terms of Hey, I'm doing this [00:13:41] well, you know, my family's you know, really laid back and down to earth and so I'm doing this Miss Samantha got Anya someone's work is empty now. [00:13:52] But um, yeah. I just come out strong in. My family's always acceptable. You know what I do? Yeah. Which gives me a good support. iPhone [00:14:02] has a family gathering yesterday. And I said, when's the next one? Well, [00:14:07] I'll be there. And I'll be there uncle good. So it'll be very supportive of Matthew definitely. [00:14:13] must be really nice having that [00:14:14] support. I hear. Well, my dad is a minister and is even though sometimes, you know his sound. He he lost me daily. Last point. is a Samsung as well. So yeah, got a really good loving him. [00:14:33] Happy been to nothing like that before. [00:14:36] Well, now my dad isn't. But [00:14:40] my sister and brother center they live have been saying. [00:14:43] Nice, really good. And what was the reaction? [00:14:47] When they said yes, they want to come again. So [00:14:51] thoroughly enjoyed it. And of course, she was standing up there. And Mr. Mark came on your system standing up, and clapping and waving. And it was the flags. And yeah, and we all knew where it was coming from the balcony. Find out was [00:15:04] it's going to be risky about that, because I think he's going to be 20 of them. [00:15:11] So do you do I know that some of the contestants with the supporters will give Apple packs of either flags or we was not? Is that something you do? [00:15:21] Yeah. They did on the summer flex Wayne organized all there. And yeah, so I'm not sure what they're going to do this year, because they're going to be Miss Valley High. And with a they're gonna do bits and pieces or do a fade off my flake, we're not going to show him quite [00:15:42] a while we'll do a flag but because it's wearing for the hit of mentions, and maybe flag material or whatever like that. But last year, we're all up there standing there was all about goal setting. Yeah. See it on the DVD. [00:15:58] So to see what comes is an obvious gold and black [00:16:04] and glamorous color. [00:16:07] We went to Thailand last year, and we're going to Bangkok and we've got the highest opening number for my age, and also got the headgear made. So all the time we're in Thailand, we're trip a journey for three and a half weeks. We're capping the speed gear, and every plane. You wouldn't believe it. We went through so many planes internally, but we can't she came home. They wouldn't let us put the Hickey on the plane. [00:16:32] So what should I do? Should I put it on a weird way? That time? Yes, I had to wait until it was shipped to New Zealand [00:16:43] cannot describe the hip You what? It's like a big star thing. Sort of like a tradition of stylings will [00:16:54] gold just out there. Also [00:16:57] a statue of liberty [00:17:00] you know, before the Spark Summit having all the claim and it was made. Honestly, we found that in Thailand and way in the store. And it said Matthew wanted a few operations because even though he was very quiet, he's very meticulous as to what he wants. And he stipulated to the to the store owner what they wanted. And they said you can become a noun became known as the executive What made you want to go down was really good. You know, it goes same with this costume. For the head gear nation system, especially I met he was quite insistent, or what he wanted. And before production, we went and got the material and the movie mean, so it's gonna be quite stunning for you all to see the opening number. Wow. Wonderful job and Bangkok. That's all I'm rude and sober. And it just looks like a clump. [00:17:48] No, but there are six gills all around me measure me. And they say that they will happen in three days. And was that the and then [00:17:58] Buffalo Trace, that's all little CDs painting from they've made this monstrosity of a flower that's about a foot in diameter, and goes from here to about eight feet, nine feet. And he rips it all around his arms and everything. And of course, it just sits the government doesn't look at us. And I put red and black feathers all throughout. So it looks it looks really awesome. [00:18:23] So did you have an idea of the shops that you were going to go to before going to Thailand? Did you know that the [00:18:29] Yeah, I had a few tips with where to go but it was quite hard to try and [00:18:36] look for it because it was an a big market. And that was like a Robert Redford read the warm while to work your way through. And I find the beach he found [00:18:47] he found by accident because a friend of ours is right brain and he goes in as well as outfits there. And he says I said well where is that? And Brian if it's just impossible to tell you but if you get the spice Yeah, I just got right into the middle so over without them down, right. But and then all sudden pretend to fantasy named Matthew to say to feel bad. [00:19:13] And so trying to communicate what you actually wanted, how did you have an image that you could show all? [00:19:20] Well, I was actually on the mannequin, and I just said, Oh my gosh, that's what I wanted in she sort of pointed because he couldn't speak English. And yeah, [00:19:32] then she showed you the material. [00:19:35] We just went away in maybe three days but then [00:19:39] she threw creativity because Matthew wanted his arms but more softer. She made the spot totally thrown fluid on you know the describe the back and the rebound so long so it's gonna be unraveled around and of course it just looks [00:19:56] like she did a really good job. As Matthew says, Constantine does you hope you're paying the right money? Because wouldn't have a clue, you know? But all in all the valley came to $200 for the trades plus the bar, so that was pretty good going, as you see like currency. Because she knows, you know, but he Gareth nations, which means what nearly $200 on the material, another hundred $50 getting it made. So because Matthew silver should go back to Bangkok. [00:20:28] So actually, people will and you specifically you're taking it quite seriously in terms of what you want to wear how you want to be presented? [00:20:36] Yeah. Well, since I'm in the act to [00:20:41] it sort of counts more. [00:20:43] Because you've got to show that you know, you've taken time and inches beam and it's not work and it's not a chore it's fun. So you want to get the best out of committee wants to get the best as possible ego as much as possible. So Hinduism married with fun, no good down to the Coventry never going to get all the joy the sparkles. And that's how we drop don't matter [00:21:12] how far out before the performance, you start thinking about what you want to do and how you want to do it [00:21:20] the best year of their mouth [00:21:23] because we know that it's coming up. So you really start thinking venture and you draw your pictures of what you want. That is a wonderful door. So he sketches out what he wants and then we finally get told what color the opening numbers and then we just take it from there and then as we go along through all the shops and you know overseas which we have done a lot with it all that would be good for Mr. Mr. or Miss Valley I and all that will be good to go. But then as you click venture as you go along. [00:21:52] Yeah, I say it's about a year Gareth [00:21:55] of the time, he's putting more things together. But being an actor, to sort of hit the paint a bit faster, because amounts go really fast. You need to organize, there's a lot to do on act to organizing your dancers, costumes and everything, which I haven't done before. [00:22:17] So what are the things you need to organize but dancers costume, [00:22:21] I had to organize how I'm going to do a story in five minutes with the dance and everything. also organize my my dances in the costumes with everything. [00:22:39] incorporated the props on you know, it takes a lot to nuthouse executive the story that we want to create. And the monster story in your mind is created. You didn't have to think of the props consuming the story and who we're going to have as actors and actresses and also the gym color and the theme that runs through and also the funny highlights isn't as you don't want it to be a boring five minute sketch. But once we leave that center here we're going to go and get blow up monkeys. So it just gives you an idea of you know, so go through a few black monkeys lying around the stage or hanging from the from his head on one day and that sort of thing. Well it was just a bit of pleasure lots of things [00:23:25] went on so we're getting the care of them got everything put together a and we also got a choreographer to do a few dots no but I did the first one which is the island dance say yes all pulling together in [00:23:44] therapy will finish in the time counseling July [00:23:49] we do you get locked monkeys for [00:23:53] victorious yeah I just found it as a rebounder the other day and said to miss it that's very what we need fear those all lying around sort of [00:24:04] the not exactly small they're about two and a half feet by that [00:24:08] is my my theme is the island thing. So yeah, heaps of monkeys and bananas and [00:24:15] we're doing a bit of the South Pacific movie that was out all those years ago. And it's a love affair between a captain and an alum muscle man and Miss Betty Hi. And whoever ends up here so lucky because I'm trying to find the muscle man that was a trauma we finally got them so [00:24:38] it's been a lot of fun to that been going around all the journals are scouting [00:24:43] was actually it was actually getting the fingers working and find it tonight and we managed to get through very creative people through for my photography. I took photos of each virus salute about Oakland and they put us on to these two muscling so because we want them and love lovers and [00:25:07] a nickel segment but at the end we met is doing the dance routine rather the English for very colorful so we want them and black boots speedos and that's all and we thought oh we're going to get someone to do that but they've come back and center which is where jock Scrappage and we thought well that's even beta because it really throws it all out into the audience today by Grant Gareth [00:25:29] that I wanted to migrate a bit of mixture in a typical looking muscle guys said this in a mixture of them audience and got straight and gay in you know the for the the straight woman said oh my gosh there's two ways seeing these two good looking muscle guys in Israel with us you know just up in droves [00:25:49] and I've always said Matthew accrues always right from the word go but it's fabulous the pain of the whole universe but more the more heavy but to actually a bit of male muscle little show just offsets everything so like a union Yang and a few got a couple of muscle men and the show the audience goes one so that's what really wanted while the [00:26:13] casting must be sorted short [00:26:16] Jonathan's put his hand up to oil the muscle main down [00:26:22] to Brian here [00:26:25] because we when he mentioned our work incredibly well because Greg feels very artistic. And very, you know, he's mine [00:26:32] during the show, and he loves wrestling and Raven, whatever, were some totally the opposite. sort of more sort of, you know, boring old photographer, you know, but with a Yang Yang situation it was really good because he throws on but woman perspective. And I can throw on the masculine perspective from between or mixing it Campbell comes out right away. Yeah. [00:26:54] So you photographing during the rehearsal period as well, for our [00:27:00] he's perhaps had actually been [00:27:02] photographing, and what kind of photos he taking [00:27:05] people doing funny things like daughters learning without them even [00:27:10] looking, you know, like, we're taking a photo friend, who's practicing man, Matthew starts most this time hanging out. [00:27:19] Slept, you know, and also to a clip, the photo of everyone will hugging each other and kissing each other and doing makeup things because at the end of the day, it's all about fun. It's all about getting together a comradeship for those few months leading up to the show, the show itself and the aftermath of the afterglow, really, of bringing the whole universe, because you do make you do some really good friendship with the cast and crew. [00:27:46] And I know it's a competition, but I just want it the same time hit fan. And we've got a fantastic group. So the [00:27:56] how do you set the scene as a photographer, to take kind of documentary images of people reducing, without being feeling that being exposed? [00:28:07] Just surreptitiously, it's a bit like taking photos of a couple getting married right at the back of the brain. And you've got the zoom lens on so you're not in the face, you don't want them to feel intimidated by the cameras. So what you do is you and I always start with weddings, you know, you're always saying 20 to 30 feet, they put the zoom lens on and they don't even know they'd be photographing category. And that's when you capture the best moments because they're not all posed or, or you know, anything other than the fellas come out recreated. [00:28:41] A lot of fun. And also to Dean. Dean's been wonderful because he's done a lot of the rehearsals over the years, and he's taking photos of the People's, these guys, the beard mode, t shirt, shorts, stockings and high heels. [00:28:58] Because you've got to have the heart deals. So learn to draw the movement song because that's what's going to ever so it's quite a lyrical section. Yeah. How the hierarchy will speak for you. [00:29:10] Is that what's you know, been all my sprained my ankle, but you get used to it. But that's the funny part. [00:29:20] High Heels trying to walk. [00:29:24] When does that transformation happen from being Matthew to the same [00:29:30] point that you can feel I'm actually now this other person. [00:29:34] Yeah, it's like I'm not saying that. Dr. Jacqueline. [00:29:39] It's a different transformation year. We're not just a summary is just get all of us different. at the same point, just different reaction from all the people. And as a fan, I am a as like, I'm getting more attention. But was I'm just Matthew [00:30:02] Zell Hi, mate, and you find 70 or, you know, but I just noticed the difference when you just tell us the ego. Yeah. [00:30:12] I've actually known Ivan he has had a bit of a mentor, because I see it as a perspective, you know, he goes upstairs to try this out first. To make sure that everything's talking right before the show. And go golf is mythical from blonde, you know, and then about an hour passes and I'm watching TV and then it comes down floating, you know, or soft and and throws the stress around what have you and it's almost it's just become this other character. You know, [00:30:39] and these another character [00:30:41] because once you've got your once your ego once you've got your makeup on, or have you just instantly have a life having as I mentioned before, camera, shutter engineer, you become another person. [00:30:52] Just the voice change. [00:31:00] retire speedos better. [00:31:04] Yeah, I'm you sort of Charlie sort of speak differently. Because the, the makeup and everything. [00:31:12] The costume is a different character. Yeah. But if it's Brian, then I'll just talk normal. [00:31:19] Talking to you know, [00:31:22] the audience of me. I love you chase that. Thank you in a sort of change your personality. [00:31:28] Let's put on perspective from Wellington. Matthew was met through then he became a smile. The show has never had a wonderful time, as we all know. And then we decided to go and have hamburgers, and my habit is two in the morning. And there was Mickey pulling up the streets that I had going to the takeaways I'll have this little head there and I'll have it and then it does it all then goes down. And then it becomes smaller again. And it's good because he was worried that people were dying even though he's suffering trade he was wearing the people are going to read them about thought that he was in drag. But then he was going symptoms happier and he's eating inside to life. And then you saw on the wall passes, come on sugar sit on my lap, sort of like [00:32:11] diversity. [00:32:15] And this is what I mean. The reaction on the people was different. Other you know, all my customers see a dragon they'll pick on at night have a different reaction. Yeah. [00:32:27] That's good. Well, [00:32:30] how's the advocate that looks like Mr. Mr. Got buying a takeaway, big. [00:32:37] Just, you know, just amazing. And he was just trying to be so much. But he almost forgot that he was on a dress. So instantly, you know, you see the cinema creature but this deep voice wanting this thing and everything on the stage. [00:32:52] So do you think you become more aware of [00:32:56] mannerisms of other people in terms of my feminine mannerisms? You know, how, how you walk, how you hold yourself, how you move your arms? And yes, 10 different once you have a dress on you, sort of like you know, you walk [00:33:14] like a woman and try not to sort of walk in I can see because Jonathan showed us how to walk in it. So yeah, but once the party's over you know, you can just [00:33:26] not spit a speech [00:33:29] but a few drinks a lady and a queen the universe is over we can be normal. [00:33:35] But Jonathan guys know you always question me see, and I and I, because he's really struck me on stage that this is how you will [00:33:46] take a lot of directorship. [00:33:51] They are both absolutely fabulous. Because they've given us all a chance to be our ego and they've given us a chance to raise money in a fun way. You're given us a chance to just laugh at ourselves and the gay community and honestly if it wasn't for historic friendship, and through hell the [00:34:13] Valley High get to various groups with me as you know, never done it. Or we wouldn't be where we are but we really because he is just a lovely [00:34:22] person. Jonathan's funny, like I remember he called six nines and he said, Okay, guys, I want to see a call the six nines or the risk and go home. And I want to see I mean, Peter, look at each other Miss don't miss Dominican Republic. And [00:34:44] I think because we're really good. This way kicked out 71 put us on a special on the front. In [00:34:52] actually got the rain jumping it. Okay, you guys are here because you can't walk like [00:35:00] say okay, after I say to myself, I thought I hate walk down perfectly. So we hit spin one hour to work like a woman. Yeah. And I said, you know, a new mind walking popular, and the next man Daya and Wellington. I didn't expect I've got a reward this wannabe. [00:35:21] So Well, speaking of the nothing, you know, at least. [00:35:27] So yeah, it was funny. But I love Jonathan. He's just so funny. [00:35:34] He's got a [00:35:37] characteristic of being incredibly jovial and incredibly helpful, but with a with directorship like a world of Ceylon. So he knows what he wants and defines that. However, does that work creativity, and fabulosity I used to see a lot of us on here, because that's really how I can describe green in the whole universe. And as precise as it's just a fun out there. Colorful, vibrant, exciting, want to be the show. And there's enough. And that's what it's all about. And you come away feeling really good. inside you, that is so many that movies or, or that plays that people produce these days. And it's just lovely to be able to have a bit of slips that a bit of poking fun at yourself. [00:36:28] Do you see in the photographs you take on the night of the audience or difference between when people coming in when people go out? [00:36:36] Yes, they're all very nice and tidy when they're coming up, you know, there's certain prim and proper with the drinks, and even though they're all dressed up, and then halfway through it, and two, but when I'm still taking photos, Oh, come on just taking a glass for the wine spilling out, not drunk or anything. They're just so relaxed, because anything goes on the show. And it goes anything goes with the audience. And you don't know, like, Miss Patti, Hi, it's got a right at the end of her show. She's doing our Dream of Jeannie song. And she's actually coming out from to the audience and kind of sit on people's laps and play with the earrings and all that type of thing. Of course, when you interaction with the audience and the and the actors. It's that relax sort of in the party afterwards, of course, you know, just everybody is you wouldn't even know who the actors and who the audience were because they're all remakes. And you know, you can the really blokey bloke, you know, turns out to be, it comes to the mother in this valley. You know, that's, that's very much. There's a lot that brings the straights and the guys we like to call it all together for one time that, you know, and all honestly, as I said before, you know, and months is following they look back and think, oh, he [00:37:52] could memorize [00:37:54] this upcoming performances, the last Queen of the whole year universe beauty pageant. And I'm wondering if you had any thoughts on on that? [00:38:04] said, [00:38:07] we haven't really thought about that. I [00:38:10] said, I mean, Matthew, is it Come on this will be this for months. And of course, that was a shame that he was on the freeway together earlier for that can go through, but it is here, but I can. Yeah, I can appreciate the amount of work during it, too, is a lot a lot of work and still have liquid say. But [00:38:30] you know, surprise, surprise, Jonathan, something new and exciting, that we can invite them to as well. So but I say but in some ways, I hope and I really do hope that Jonathan and Kevin will do a sort of a grand Norton show on TV, because because of my 25 year old son who has said, Jonathan and Kevin with the Berlin Berlin Berlin paper enterprise. [00:38:57] Yeah, I hate them. There'll be something more. [00:39:01] What if Johnson's [00:39:02] decision is going to be because how else can you do it yourself? [00:39:07] Well, I was gonna ask, I mean, if even if the whole universe stops, does that stop you from doing more? Well? [00:39:17] Yeah, I'm not really sure. [00:39:22] So you mean to say that on the next show, so I won't be seeing you victim in dusting. And you don't [00:39:31] know what goes on behind closed doors. I've always said nothing queer them folk. [00:39:37] Now I am dressed up for the queen of the universe. [00:39:46] Korea go into the paint ball. Look, the guy ball on the shadow hotel that was last year. Matthew interesting last summer. And he will go if [00:39:56] you go again, because I think it's a good chance to wrap up yourself a publicist trying to decide what outfit he should for you and how wonderful she's going to [00:40:07] go with you. [00:40:09] I know that a lot of drag queens whatever you guys take a lot of time to get made up but it seems to do it for that reasonable space of time venture for meditation this month. So the people will be fabulous, you know, [00:40:27] it's wonderful [00:40:29] to raise money for it is too [00:40:31] short for but it does, it's a chance for collectively and people are coming from overseas for and last year was the first one and as I said I Tongariro and just a beautiful old patient You're too young to remember Gareth but in the 60s you know and the balls is the favor that's what's the same sort of [00:40:51] beliefs [00:40:53] that's all we're off to before the end of the interview say we're going to be trout fishing for white men Why doesn't mean upload [00:41:00] especially high as a young [00:41:05] actually really funny wouldn't have responded how walks on the main street or to Randy with his fishing or buttons barely highest close I'm not really get the locals. [00:41:16] One thing good, been the other character. Like when we're on the cruise ship after the Hawaiian night makes money at breakfast. They seem to Brian and his lovely Drake woman that you didn't realize that was maybe something near [00:41:35] and quite often them and they'll go really quite serious. I went piping panels as the Secretary Smith you [00:41:43] realize. [00:41:45] But I'm just still I still recall on the [00:41:51] cruise ship look pretty strict. I was really bummed out because that was his job the night to make sure it all runs perfectly and push it to end up at Massimo and everyone flocks though. For the not site. He doesn't have a chance to try to get line dancing going on. I want to be around the whole evening shouting and drink. [00:42:12] A lot of fun. And that's the whole essence of it.

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