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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in Hello, what's your name? I'm Zach. Okay, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:09] I'm 18 K, from not sure. And I go to 80 [00:00:14] Yeah, so you're gonna be a very interesting interview today. [00:00:19] Yes, apparently. Yes. [00:00:21] So can you tell us about a little bit about yourself? [00:00:24] Wow. interests. My interests. [00:00:28] I love music cooking. making clothes. Singing dancing. [00:00:36] Yes. So here's an interesting patch. Who are you? Watch gender or your parents? [00:00:44] Both female? [00:00:45] Yes. Yeah. This mean? You got me here? Yes. So I going up? Has that been a thing? slightly difficult for you? [00:00:54] Um, well, my mom tried to cover it up. Really? Yes, he did. See them really? Well, I kind of found that when I found her [00:01:06] with her girlfriends. [00:01:09] And I just thought [00:01:13] I was young. [00:01:15] So when you so was a lesbian couple when you were born? Or did you actually had a mother father? [00:01:25] I've never met my father. My I've had my mom. She's been a single parents with me since up until about [00:01:34] six, six years old. And then she when she got a girlfriend, and they've been together since then. And I maintain [00:01:47] go out. So. So you're 18 [00:01:52] wash your gender identity. I'm male. [00:01:56] But sometimes I do drag. [00:02:00] I'm female. [00:02:01] What culture you didn't File [00:02:03] New Zealand, [00:02:04] and your sexuality is obviously gay. Yeah. So when did you realize [00:02:15] I probably officially realized some 16. But before then I was experiment. [00:02:23] Like [00:02:26] that's an odd thing. Because that's my other self is my track. So coach Jesse, and through her I dated guys [00:02:42] had a girlfriend. [00:02:46] So how did you feel when you realize? [00:02:54] Well, at first I wasn't quite sure. Because I've never I wasn't really with me you want to play? And that sort of just happened. [00:03:05] And the weird thing was that my mom sort of guessed for me. [00:03:10] Because I did she feel that since she's in lesbian relationship, she's gonna have a gay son. [00:03:17] Well, she tried to bring me up the straight cuz she likes female. So she wants me to like females. And she's, um, she's a Christian. So she tried to bring me up with a Christian background as well. So kind of unusual. Yeah. [00:03:33] And did you ever had to feel like, they had to keep it a secret? [00:03:40] Um, since I had lots of Christian friends and sort of my mom, I felt I had to keep a secret from them. [00:03:50] Just from them, from everyone, everyone. So you, [00:03:56] obviously came out, right? Yeah. So how did you? How'd you come out to them? [00:04:03] Pretty much when I had [00:04:07] my mom found out I was gay by kissing. And so I went along with that. [00:04:15] I haven't really officially. [00:04:18] People asked me, I'll say yes, I am. And on Facebook, it says I saw [00:04:25] has never been actually like a non official like I [00:04:31] you sitting down with your mother saying, Hey, I'm getting [00:04:34] off recently. Because she thinks [00:04:40] she keeps saying I'm confused whether you're gay or trans because I just [00:04:49] I say I'm gay. I'm just like, wearing different clothes. [00:04:53] It's like to be you just want to express yourself. [00:04:59] Express your was [00:05:03] born this way. [00:05:07] Look it up. [00:05:10] So you've come out to your family? How? How about to your friends? How did you come out to them? [00:05:21] How did I come up to them? [00:05:24] I think once I told them, I had a boyfriend or something. I can't really remember. They were just they were pretty good with that. [00:05:33] I said, I have a boyfriend say okay. And I'm like, Yeah, they're like, Oh, that's pretty cool. Because I never really had proper gay friends before. And that enjoy having a gay friend. [00:05:45] So how did you feel after coming out? [00:05:48] I'm more confident. And ever since then up in making more friends and socializing more. So drinking more drinking have a [00:06:01] Yes, sir. Was the general reaction that you that you've gotten when you came out? [00:06:07] It was all pretty positive. Everyone's really friendly and positive about it. [00:06:13] But sometimes they say random on the street and they're not positive. So did you [00:06:17] get abuse from the street? [00:06:20] I got spat on once. Yeah. [00:06:24] No. [00:06:25] Not really the thing that you really want in the day. [00:06:34] Was it just from a random guy? [00:06:38] was like a Kairos queens. [00:06:41] queens right now. [00:06:43] Okay. That's delicious. So [00:06:49] how's it What was it? Like? Did you come out when you're at high school? Yes. How was the school? Was school. [00:07:00] A lot of the people at school didn't really notice cuz I don't know that pretty much blind to little, [00:07:07] but there's like, a sec. Yeah. So [00:07:11] some people used to call me like a homo and stuff I'm not pass. [00:07:14] And what we like, [00:07:16] Yes, I am. back then. I wouldn't. I wasn't I was just experimenting, so I wasn't sure them. But now I might. Yeah, I am. I actually said that to someone, like two years ago, when I yelled out. And I'm like, Yeah. [00:07:32] How did they react to that? [00:07:36] Okay. I kind of negative [00:07:40] usually the super popular guys that have sex of everyone. [00:07:44] I think it's like when you when it comes to popular people even though you know teasing. When you lay out [00:07:50] your [00:07:52] day. And you say he's I am I just thought I don't actually expect you to say Yes, you are. Yeah, [00:08:00] when you say yes I am to be like our shit. [00:08:03] They don't never come back to that. Yeah. [00:08:09] Well, you guys suck cock. We you can say Shut up you come up like a [00:08:17] dumb met before. [00:08:19] Um, [00:08:21] I say nasty things to pay for. [00:08:25] And disingenuous. So um, do you have do Did you have support? [00:08:30] support? Definitely from my mom, she put me into counseling as well, because I had a lot going on. He is [00:08:41] counseling helped me fed me to remember you. So that's how I started going there. And then a quite a few friends on that. [00:08:48] So was a stirring. we're realizing what coming out on now. [00:08:55] was when I was just before I turned seven. So about a year ago. Yeah. [00:09:06] And I was just starting to get myself out there more. So I was a bit shy. [00:09:12] Trying to discover yourself. Yeah. [00:09:15] I'm discovered now. [00:09:17] I am quit. I'm here. [00:09:21] So [00:09:23] from a young perspective, how do you feel in the gay community? [00:09:31] Um, sometimes I attain now I feel a bit more free. Whereas before I didn't really feel so free. You can go to bars now. [00:09:40] Before you can start with [00:09:42] Yeah. Cuz I always liked the party thing. Because I don't know you get to meet new people. [00:09:52] Did you feel that you can do anything when you're younger? [00:09:54] Pretty much just go to print eight. That's what I thought I could say. [00:10:00] He knew that it was more of a more group activities which are true that when it's not, not necessarily we're not involved in drinking at all, thanks to drugs or anything like that. But if you knew that there was more out there, and like more groups, would you go? Yeah, what would you feel more like? Hey, there's there's actually more stuff I'm not. [00:10:22] So I constructed? Yeah, that would be quite good and meet more people. [00:10:28] So did your school have a [00:10:32] had a Geiger? Nope. Was that [00:10:36] Cisco was like, they try to get Christian people to [00:10:43] gaze at the school. We're like, No, you don't. [00:10:48] I remember when I was at my school. They're like [00:10:52] I said, [00:10:53] I went with like, what's come to you into a college? Yeah, [00:10:57] my school. It was like, there were like, we do not allow groups that are religious or security orientated. As an extra column activity. thing. I'm sorry. Have you been in relationship before? [00:11:16] Yes, yes. Yes. I've been in a few boys or girls. Boys never never been with the girls. [00:11:25] So what was that? Like? [00:11:27] My first one was a bit quicker. That was long distance. I went on a 10 hour bus ride to Palmerston North and back for like, 20 hours for just one day. [00:11:41] Five days. [00:11:43] Was that with it? And [00:11:48] so has you been out affected your relationship? [00:11:54] I'm not really get positive, hit things on paper. [00:12:01] I used to get a lot more negative. So I suppose that's been transferred to positive about [00:12:06] how about when you're saying having a baby in mother? has that affected your relationships? [00:12:15] I'm not really because everyone thinks that's pretty cool. [00:12:20] So [00:12:22] do you feel that you live a different life with having a to actually having to be a mom? Yeah. compared to a normal, straight life? Or even just like a wife [00:12:34] to me? I think it's quite [00:12:38] that's, that's where I get my feminine side from cuz I've been brought up around my man. So I don't know why I became. [00:12:56] So how do you meet other people? [00:12:59] through group so internet? [00:13:03] entity? Yeah, kinda [00:13:09] Facebook? Yeah. [00:13:13] random people on the street. [00:13:19] Your face? [00:13:20] Hey, nice meeting you. [00:13:25] So what's your definition of virginity? [00:13:35] Today, a better physical and because [00:13:41] you have to have like some sort of feeling towards that person when they happen to call Sophia. That's just how I feel if you don't really have any feelings whatsoever. [00:13:57] So going back to your part, the question before, have you experienced any abuse, like more abuse in the special effects? Yeah, [00:14:07] I've had numerous times. I've had sexual abuse and town when some guy thought a man to the bathroom and putting pretty much forced me on. I've had sexual abuse in the past when I was younger, [00:14:28] and that went on for like, six years. [00:14:34] And [00:14:38] I think that's about it. [00:14:39] Do you feel that Kairos slightly dangerous for a young gay youth and community? [00:14:48] It depends how you dress. [00:14:50] Depends on how you dress. Yes. [00:14:53] So [00:14:54] getting abused as a dangerous for very campy for No. gain. Very cap table. [00:15:01] Yes, definitely. Because predators tend to go for the people that definitely look gay. Because I've had like, an encounter on k road as well. I'm to think of some Arabian guy thought I was okay. [00:15:20] Lovely. Yeah. [00:15:20] And he came up to me and said, Do you want to get into my car? And I'm like, nice, like, I'll pay you and I'm like, No. Yeah, [00:15:31] that was wasn't really [00:15:36] well, thank you for the interview. That's all right. Have a lovely day. You too. Thank you.

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