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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth. [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:07] I'm good. How are you? [00:00:08] I'm good. What's your name? Tomorrow? That's good. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:14] I'm [00:00:16] not very exciting. Wow, that's exciting. [00:00:22] I have [00:00:24] three cats and a dog. I gotta get shaped and chickens and I want a bunny soon. I've named it Pegasus. Yeah. [00:00:34] That's pretty cool. What else you like Do you have any hobbies or likes? showering? That's what I do. That's extremely important. And my favorite thing is showering is very important. Generally [00:00:51] as a hobby. [00:00:54] And [00:00:56] how can I take Stella? [00:01:00] Facebook, Twitter, the general material thing? Yeah. Well, how about music? Do you like music? [00:01:07] I love music. I played so many instruments. But I am into guitar at the moment. [00:01:15] And I'm until I make so I'll tell [00:01:20] Hello. [00:01:22] Did you even matter the constant saga that was [00:01:27] the thing he like three phones or something? Yeah, [00:01:30] and they got into them like [00:01:35] a while ago. Yeah. So I'm here we're here for the here. So for the USA teaching thing here. It wasn't space last [00:01:45] week. No, I didn't come off like nine I usually come [00:01:50] as a slot last week. Something happened some strong [00:01:57] our dear. [00:02:00] Let's align go somewhere. [00:02:02] Car Accident, but yeah, yes. dramatic. I UK? Oh, yeah. Fine. [00:02:09] So what is your sex [00:02:11] and fame? So [00:02:13] when I say gender identity, do you know what they mean? [00:02:17] Like what do they say? identify myself as pain? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Same. [00:02:23] That's good. What is your sexuality? [00:02:27] Um, I am bisexual [00:02:29] bisexual. What is your culture identity? [00:02:33] culture. [00:02:35] I guess I'm Modi. But we don't like we used to have a lot to do with it. And mommy's to speak a lot, but we just don't really anymore. So. Yeah, [00:02:45] and what how do you express yourself feminine masculine by tomboy or anything like that? [00:02:53] I'm kind of a tomboy and a tomboy. So, [00:02:57] when did you realize that you're a bye? [00:03:01] Well, when I was in [00:03:04] primary school, actually, I thought it was a lesbian for a long time. I had my first real crush when I was nine years old. And yeah, I didn't know I was. I mean, it just wasn't until recently that crashed in the sky and decided to be bisexual. [00:03:24] Oh, well, this is a big change. Yeah, [00:03:26] it was a bet with black psycho ever, data guys or anything? Because I had I just had always decided will not really into this. Yeah. Yeah. [00:03:39] So [00:03:41] did you ever went through like a big denial stage of your sexuality? [00:03:47] Um, [00:03:49] I went, I never really denied it. But it's a stage where my head is a lot. [00:04:01] I never [00:04:02] tried to sell myself. [00:04:06] So it was above a secret period. Yeah. [00:04:09] And that was [00:04:11] how did you feel when you first realized? [00:04:19] I wasn't too worried. I didn't freak out that but I knew it wasn't exactly normal. [00:04:25] Was it like a light bulb moment? [00:04:28] I think it was just over time. Really? Like a one moment when I knew I was getting. [00:04:35] So Carrie, rainbows and bliss sparkles all across. [00:04:43] But let [00:04:49] me say to my family, I never actually like came out of the club. What? I guess my mom kind of just knew. [00:04:59] And then I felt Let's go home and show after she left mom was like, You and more than friends. [00:05:09] I wasn't gonna do not I just didn't really want to have the conversation. [00:05:15] gonna lie. So yeah, that's kind of how that happened. And then my mom told everyone. I didn't really have to say anything. Is that how you came up with? Basically I just a conversation with my mom. And she told me. [00:05:27] Oh, thanks, mom. Thank you very much. Yeah. Do you want to tell them that? [00:05:36] Yes, this is the personal stuff. Mom. Thank you very much. [00:05:40] Nice. My family was really cool with it. I know my dad was a little bit weird about it. [00:05:47] But I just made my day whenever class we got class recently. But in the past I haven't been like my stepmom was totally cool with it. She was like all about she's like riding on it that old gatherings and all this stuff. She saw them I'll say instrumental at the parades and Mardi Gras. Yeah, like she was really excited to. [00:06:08] Finally, [00:06:09] now my life is complete. Yeah, [00:06:11] but data me never talked about it until maybe a year ago. Yeah. [00:06:19] I freaked out. I just like I didn't even talk to my grandparents because they were like, really heavily Christian. And so it's really like, I know lots of religious people are homophobic. And so I was quite scared that they were not going to accept me or like and disown me like I hear about other people dying, so I didn't I didn't see them too much. So when I did I was kind of awkward after that when I knew they near. I don't know. They don't say they. They called my girlfriends my little friends and stuff. Okay, [00:06:54] this new show. [00:06:56] Like your friend has a little friend. [00:07:00] She's, she's crying. Yeah. Like, [00:07:05] actually ever say that? Yeah. Yeah, [00:07:09] he's like you. Hi, this one is your friend. Yeah, [00:07:13] this is my new little friend. Yeah, [00:07:16] that's funny. She's older than me. Yeah, [00:07:21] she's talking to me as well. So I can I still call them other friends. [00:07:27] And friends [00:07:31] will never have this conversation again. [00:07:38] Any here? [00:07:40] What was it like coming up to your friends? [00:07:44] Are you out to your friends? [00:07:45] I am. Yes. I will have been to three different hospitals. So those three different chances to do that. [00:07:54] But this time, I came out with one of my girlfriends. So that was like, Hey, we just and that was a Catholic school. I always just kind of joked about it a lot and brush the run off. It was like we would take it as though it didn't matter. My seconds go I got bullied for the law. And there was people I would not say like people that I knew were going to judge me if they asked me questions I would not. I don't really think of it as lying. I was just avoiding being bullied by these hateful. I've been like nice. So that that's like my life. And then other people would tell the truth and that all my friends knew they will go with it. Oh, there's one guy, rabbit. Psycho with that I was playing around next to me. And they sound like a fable and I punched him in the face. [00:08:50] That didn't hit me. He cried. [00:08:54] He was he was talking to someone and he was like, Well, I'm not going to tell it x. What am I going to say? At least being punched in the face? [00:09:02] She's already booked as well. [00:09:07] Okay, now [00:09:09] after that. Yeah, [00:09:10] he got I think he got over and stuff. [00:09:13] So do you have a support system? Money, man, like you people supporting you about your sexuality? Yeah, [00:09:20] there's not really anyone at the moment who has a problem with it. [00:09:25] And also, you got closet space as well. Yeah, [00:09:27] it's been really cool coming in closet space. I didn't even know it existed till recently, or I think at the beginning of this year that someone invited me to go with them. And I did and I've been coming since and that's really cool. Yeah. [00:09:44] And in this car. Yeah, [00:09:46] it's funky. Yeah. [00:09:50] You know, I still, I still find the spot. This reminds me of a gay bar would look like I'm pre law for. [00:10:00] What's up? That is the backstage anywhere. So you've been in relationships before? Yeah. Yeah. [00:10:10] flings old relationships. Oh, boy. [00:10:14] I'm probably a little bit of both shoulders thing what two weeks and longest been a year and a half. So but [00:10:25] you're practically married? [00:10:28] No. [00:10:31] Can you tell us about some? Um, yeah. [00:10:37] I relationship with the skill at one of my skills. And she she was not very well liked for us kind of her attitude of she doesn't care what anyone thinks. And because she was very openly gay, and people never showed a lot and she would just start right there hit them. So lots [00:11:00] and hung out with her a lot. And people will remain to me because of it. But that's okay. She ended up getting kicked out of the school. [00:11:10] Anyway, and I had a relationship which is kind of recently in the that was waiting for for a year and a half. Yes, that was coach, she lived her high strength so long. Just have a well, cuz she was actually I think [00:11:31] at the time when we first started going out. And I wasn't [00:11:37] sure yeah, at the time. And so she wasn't in school, but I still was. And so I kind of had a lot of reason to stay where I was. I couldn't go sit here all the time. Yes, she could. So she came and saw me at least once a month usually for different anniversary. [00:12:00] cuna on the 27th every month should they down here the same Scott to my family. [00:12:09] But they allowed it obviously cuz she made me happy. They're really not. So should stay with us and welcome. Well. Yeah, sometimes she'd have to stay with my mom's free and when mom decided otherwise she could stay. I don't know what that was about. [00:12:27] Having the moment Yeah, yeah. [00:12:32] Probably that was my most serious relationship [00:12:35] was really sweet. [00:12:38] She says [00:12:38] things like finally flowers. Definitely. Mona David done. Adult relationship. Yeah, it was a [00:12:45] loving real life. Yeah. Yeah. So how do you meet other people in the gay community or the LGBT IQ community? [00:12:57] Like [00:13:00] so our online [00:13:03] Yeah. [00:13:05] Well, yeah. Yeah, [00:13:09] better. [00:13:14] That's for friends. Yeah, [00:13:15] sorry, friends a lot. Especially if you have like gay friends. I have other gay. [00:13:24] So what is your definition of virginity? Um, well, there's a lot of confusion about that. When some people think it's fun, there's like [00:13:37] the high middle something breaks but I don't know because that can be broken by lots of things. So I don't think that's that or just your personal opinion? Yeah, I'm not really sure I think it's [00:13:51] just when you decide to have sex with someone that's when you lose it I don't think if you're right you've lost your but generally think it's a choice [00:14:05] Have you ever gotten abuse or abuse her thing have received in the abusive behavior because of your sexuality? [00:14:14] Um, [00:14:16] I had a cold obvious if you punch someone in the face. I yeah. Yeah, [00:14:19] that was [00:14:23] that I know there's lots of keyboard warriors who have a lot to say about it. A lot online people [00:14:31] I've never actually heard that term before. Oh, really? Yeah. [00:14:34] The keyboard warriors. Thinking that real tough but if you meet them in real life [00:14:39] yeah. [00:14:41] I just got like imagine like a Viking song and [00:14:49] see what they think about this. [00:14:55] And that was homophobic and she's really damaged way [00:15:03] can't remember they said something and she said something back that might know since little, and she to fizzy drink over my friends. He'd because she thought she was a lesbian. She was awesome. She just hung out with me. Yeah, [00:15:18] there was like five of them there. And they were like a little gang and they were pushing us around and stuff. [00:15:26] Which we told on them. [00:15:28] And you never seen them some? [00:15:31] haven't actually. [00:15:33] Both. Thank you for the interview. [00:15:35] Oh, that was okay.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.