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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by Prime date and rainbow youth. [00:00:04] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:06] I'm good. Thank you. That's good for you. I'm telling [00:00:10] you. You're like for the facilitators for que si. [00:00:18] Yeah, I'm the National Coordinator of an organization called Big kiss a network out here. And we're just kind [00:00:23] of starting up for about to [00:00:26] apply to be a trust. [00:00:29] Yes, that's very exciting. Very exciting. [00:00:31] You're, [00:00:32] you're part of these children yourself because of the cemetery. [00:00:37] Doing some rural [00:00:40] work. So recently, we've been doing it in 1 million Palmerston North. [00:00:45] But you've also been to Oakland as well. [00:00:49] Yes, but not because of that. [00:00:51] Reason. Yeah, [00:00:52] I've been. [00:00:54] Are you travel at you? [00:00:56] So can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:01:00] Yes. [00:01:17] So you go to your [00:01:21] I [00:01:21] moved to Ellington from Nelson last year. [00:01:25] And [00:01:26] yeah, I'm just doing lots of volunteer work [00:01:28] getting a new set up. [00:01:31] Some exciting name out there. [00:01:34] Yep. And [00:01:36] feta. smiling. Passion. So [00:01:40] I love the theater. [00:01:42] Do I go to St. James a lot? [00:01:45] No, that's exciting to [00:01:48] me, but I love some of the things I put on a bit. I will [00:01:52] get some exposure. So I'm very [00:01:54] like, wow, about the fish. [00:01:57] So I'm [00:01:59] washes your sexuality, about sexuality, the silence again? [00:02:02] What is your sex and female? [00:02:05] And what is your gender identity? Female? And what is your sexuality? [00:02:11] my sexual orientation as [00:02:12] queer and pencil [00:02:15] and washes your culture. I didn't say [00:02:21] I was brought up [00:02:22] in England. So [00:02:24] English or European English. But I moved to New Zealand [00:02:27] when I was 12. [00:02:28] So [00:02:28] I guess I'm [00:02:30] also a New Zealander, but [00:02:31] I [00:02:32] identify more strongly with my English kind of heritage. And [00:02:37] I still don't have [00:02:41] anything [00:02:42] whereabouts in England where you from? and suck, suck. [00:02:50] So how do you express yourself in a masculine or feminine way, or any of the expression [00:02:57] identifies a famous [00:03:00] it's not just about [00:03:05] an identity. [00:03:10] Which I can expand on that. [00:03:14] I think it's kind of about reclaiming femininity, required to speak speech of [00:03:22] chocolate, you can be queer and feminine. [00:03:26] And be that's great. And [00:03:28] so when did you realize that she repent sexual? Like, [00:03:34] came out this is bisexual, [00:03:36] when I was 14. [00:03:41] And then later on my kind of [00:03:44] more about him and decided I preferred the term pen sexual because it [00:03:49] encompasses [00:03:50] all gender identities. [00:03:52] With some people's like that bisexual doesn't. [00:03:55] I don't really believe [00:03:55] that either. The likes and dislikes 10 six year olds [00:04:00] was first time we had show first feelings for the same gender. [00:04:05] I'm [00:04:07] not really sure like I think I [00:04:12] haven't really got from my family. [00:04:13] And I never really realized that it was like a big thing. [00:04:19] Like I remember, [00:04:20] first time I had feelings for the someone of the same, same [00:04:25] gender, I think I was [00:04:29] as well as my people. And [00:04:32] the first time I kissed ago, was when I was nine. And it was in front of my class because they kept chasing me and my the screens and [00:04:44] the code is Lizzy's and all this. Because we were really close. And we would hold hands and kiss on the cheek and things like that. So they did us to French kiss in front of the whole class. We didn't say anything wrong with it. So it didn't taste [00:04:58] so good. Denied your sexuality didn't you? know? [00:05:07] I think [00:05:07] I'm lucky for that. Because [00:05:09] I know it's not like that for a lot of people. [00:05:12] But yeah. [00:05:15] It was good for me. I was happy and [00:05:17] proud to be here. [00:05:20] So you came out at the age of [00:05:26] 14? [00:05:32] How'd you come out here? Who do you come out to? [00:05:37] happened to me because I joined the quiz trade Alliance group at my school called next Island coach. And [00:05:46] I [00:05:46] went along to that with a few friends who identified as bisexual, but I wasn't [00:05:49] happening. [00:05:51] We just kind of [00:05:52] went along. And we stayed [00:05:53] part of that group. And we got a chance to go to and assess the queue to safety in schools and quiz. [00:06:01] Which is really exciting. So we launched that. On the first night. These people came up to me my friends were like kidding me. She says it's going to be and they sit down. They're like, so what are you gay? And it was like, This [00:06:13] time I really [00:06:14] liked it. And so kind of saying, Oh, I think I'm bisexual. And I suppose the first time I said it out loud. [00:06:23] Yeah. But then [00:06:25] when I got home, my mom said [00:06:26] to me, so are you the only straight person there? Because [00:06:29] that's part of the question. You know, she didn't know otherwise, I guess. And so I said, [00:06:35] No, actually, I think I'm actually bisexual. [00:06:38] And then she said, Oh, no, you can't possibly know that you're way too young. [00:06:43] Which was a bit [00:06:44] disappointing. Because she had [00:06:47] always been really open minded. [00:06:49] She was kind of [00:06:50] say that to me. [00:06:53] Once you realize that, like her was it was just like thing. [00:06:58] So she's quite supportive now? Oh, yes. Yeah. [00:07:05] Yeah. Anyway, Yes, she's very supportive of queer rights. And [00:07:08] my sisters also [00:07:12] got two of us to [00:07:15] actually pay for that group in New Zealand. [00:07:22] There's a strong p fake group and dinnigan [00:07:26] might be another hostile country. [00:07:28] As far as I know, there's not one in Wellington or Nelson [00:07:31] space. [00:07:33] So your first LGBT IQ group was in NASA? Yeah. So that [00:07:38] was an x at my school. And I was really, really lucky [00:07:41] to have a career say that, [00:07:43] because part of the reason I'm so passionate about [00:07:46] getting [00:07:46] essays and schools all over the country. [00:07:49] And then [00:07:51] me and some other people in the group were kind of like, well, this is awesome. [00:07:56] But why doesn't it? [00:07:59] You know, what about that people? [00:08:02] And so we set up Keith, which is the community [00:08:06] based group [00:08:06] and Nelson, always set up in 2000, a month from now. [00:08:15] Did you facilitate that? And I [00:08:17] was one of the people who started that. And then I was [00:08:23] a facilitator, volunteer. And then I was co chair of the board with Marion state. And then I was really lucky to be employed there still continue coordinator, which was [00:08:31] still an amazing [00:08:33] opportunity. So [00:08:34] do you know Marion street quite well? [00:08:38] Friends? [00:08:44] Yes, this morning. [00:08:45] I saw your likes, like like, [00:08:50] he covered above a support system, [00:08:53] didn't you? [00:08:54] Yes, [00:08:55] yeah. It was great. [00:08:58] Yeah, I was really lucky to going to have the freedom to our [00:09:02] template group at my school and to be able to [00:09:07] be proud of that. And we can go to make full [00:09:09] changes in my community [00:09:11] protection system as well. [00:09:13] Yeah. I think because of because of my family, being supportive, and already existing, my school [00:09:22] wasn't really hard for me to [00:09:25] come out [00:09:26] and be clear in that sense. So I didn't really need [00:09:31] that support [00:09:31] system. But that might be because [00:09:33] everyone was already supportive to me, generally. [00:09:36] There was still some homes over here. That's cool. I got a paper and it made it called the game and things like that. [00:09:44] You [00:09:45] always have to California. [00:09:48] So [00:09:51] yeah, I mean, nothing's [00:09:52] perfect. But I was really lucky. [00:09:54] So have you been in a relationship before? [00:10:00] How many [00:10:02] of you if you [00:10:05] look at account them right now? [00:10:08] Currently, and the relationship [00:10:12] with that girl, we've been out for two years, and almost two months? [00:10:18] Yes. [00:10:20] That's a good relation you practically married? And [00:10:28] so [00:10:30] would you like to tell [00:10:30] us a experience [00:10:31] of any of your relationships? [00:10:38] Kind of, like, [00:10:41] friendship? Why? [00:10:43] Why did you break up or anything like [00:10:49] any other relationship or current relationships? [00:10:54] I think it's something interesting to talk about, it's kind [00:10:57] of when you don't fit on the [00:10:59] face, it kind of ends of the spectrum. Like when you are somewhere [00:11:03] in the middle was bisexual or [00:11:07] whatever you are, it can be a bit more complicated, like, [00:11:13] especially when you're younger, and you're if you're dating people of both genders. [00:11:21] Yeah, [00:11:21] it can be quite confusing. Like when I would go [00:11:23] out with a guy, [00:11:24] I sometimes think, Oh, am I my choice? Right? You know, like, I'm making this up, like, what is this? [00:11:32] And the same [00:11:33] thing when I'm faced with a girl that's quite Yeah, it can be quite confusing, but [00:11:39] now I can understand that Yeah, [00:11:41] I am addicted to people differently does. Next good. [00:11:46] Okay. [00:11:53] So [00:11:54] how [00:11:55] do you make other people and LGBT IQ community? [00:12:00] I think going along to favorites [00:12:09] I think [00:12:10] place always can be one of these places to meet other people and then you get to meet often people from different parts of country [00:12:20] lyst board How [00:12:21] do you make [00:12:23] other people in a social situation? Not in a [00:12:26] working work situation? [00:12:31] to [00:12:34] Facebook, [00:12:38] I guess a lot of my fans our next caller, [00:12:44] please can you feel like how I have made [00:12:45] them for me, but um, but in theory, they might will make nothing. [00:12:51] So I'm [00:12:54] always like, [00:12:55] Oh, my son, or always in work mode when it comes to self help ever go into like, [00:13:01] personal TV mode, I [00:13:07] guess I'm quite a [00:13:10] calm person in a way so I could manage to like be working and be really serious. But [00:13:15] come [00:13:17] I don't know if that's got. [00:13:21] Think for me just being able to like, go home and chill out and just go on the internet or watch movies or [00:13:27] TV shows or whatever. Like I [00:13:30] think just getting away from [00:13:32] work and forgetting about it and distracting myself. Really good way to calm period. [00:13:39] So what is your definition or your personal opinion? And [00:13:45] I think it's different for everyone. And it's up to you what it is about for yourself? [00:13:54] Again, I think when you're like somewhere [00:13:56] along the middle of the [00:14:02] Yeah, it can be hot if you have six of us. Male and female people and then you're like [00:14:07] so I guess in a [00:14:08] way I lost both my male and female. [00:14:13] Scott how [00:14:14] to define fraternity? [00:14:16] Yeah, I think it's [00:14:21] consenting sexual [00:14:21] acts. [00:14:27] I think yeah. [00:14:31] So have you experienced or received any abuse or abusive behavior because of your gender identity your expression I didn't say all your sexuality. I'm [00:14:44] not really get this. Like I already mentioned a little bit let's go [00:14:54] get some [00:14:55] language and things like that. [00:15:01] I guess [00:15:01] may Oh, come on in the form of [00:15:03] things like kick to sexism. [00:15:06] A few our queer kind of [00:15:10] women [00:15:14] who are kind of marching down the street [00:15:16] holding you [00:15:17] girlfriend's hand or wearing a raincoat. [00:15:22] I just know people assuming that you strike [00:15:28] me. [00:15:29] And they like it people like my, [00:15:33] my nanny, she would [00:15:36] bring up and she always asked if I had a boyfriend. She knew how adding five and [00:15:42] one point she knew already that I had [00:15:43] a girlfriend as I say, No, I've still got my girlfriend and she'd be like, [00:15:46] oh, but do you have a boyfriend? [00:15:50] You know, just listen and accept that part of me [00:15:57] than anything. [00:16:00] Have you? [00:16:00] Do you have a fear of peers? Now I [00:16:04] know. [00:16:07] The funny thing about that story was that the person who threw at me, [00:16:10] then turned out like [00:16:12] later I found out that it was someone who became one of my best friends and yet the brothers and they actually ended up apologizing to me for it. So that was, [00:16:22] yeah, it was kind of delirious story and means, but I'm still the fact that it happened the [00:16:26] first place. Good. [00:16:29] Thank you for that interview. It's all right.

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