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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and David and rainbow. [00:00:05] Hello, how [00:00:06] are you today? I'm pretty good. Yeah, that's good. Who I on night? Hello night. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I'm [00:00:17] like, What? Anything? [00:00:19] personality wise. I'm nice. [00:00:24] Pretty laughable guys about it. So yeah, likes hobbies, music. I'm hobbies, interests likes, I like music a lot. I play guitar. [00:00:37] Ah, [00:00:38] I really like things like that. And I played all the sports and stuff like that. [00:00:47] So we're from. [00:00:48] I'm originally from Oakland, but I moved to Wellington about 10 years ago. What about some momentum? I'm a boss. [00:00:59] So what is you're 66? You were born one? [00:01:03] Female? [00:01:04] What is your gender identity? Male? What is your sexuality [00:01:09] by? And how do you express yourself? [00:01:13] a masculine feminine way? Both. [00:01:15] It's kind of both really. It's kind of both you have your moments where you just walk down the street. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:01:23] You know, the random moments that the random moments Yeah, [00:01:28] I mean, I do on the pink shirt. So [00:01:31] it's all about the pink shirts, you know, Pink Shirt Day. Or in junkies case? Red Shirt Day? Yeah. When did you first realize you were bisexual? [00:01:43] I'm quite later on, actually, quite later on. Oh, what happened first? [00:01:51] Well, I knew that I like goes a lot. But I didn't really know anything about guys at all. [00:02:00] Then I kind of met someone on the way and I guess happens. I mean, I knew that I liked guys. Like, what kinda did? I mean, I [00:02:12] from like, let's say 12 to 14 ish. [00:02:19] I would like watch things and things like that. But then I wouldn't really think anything of it. But then I kind of thought something of it when I'm supposed to. [00:02:29] And things went on from there. Yeah. [00:02:32] Okay, how about when you first realized that you're a trend? [00:02:38] All it took a really long time. Because I think first I had to go through my sexual identity first, because that was quite weird. And [00:02:53] because originally, I wasn't, I didn't come out as trans I came out as gay. [00:03:00] My sex. And then that lasted for about two months, before I realized that that's not who I was. And, and then I partly came out as trans and it wasn't really a good time. [00:03:19] Um, because so far in the trans community, it's not as accepting as the gay community right now. Because the gay community is way further down the track than the trans community right now. [00:03:34] Did you ever went through a stage of denying your sexuality or gender identity? [00:03:42] Um, yes. [00:03:45] All the time. Sometimes. Sometimes. It happens a lot, actually. Even though I am out. [00:03:52] I tend to deny it a lot. But um, yeah, it happens with a lot of people as well. [00:03:59] def go through stages. We're at the moment we tonight at the ending. You say that you're like you just jumping in? And now the closest and away? I guess so. Yeah. Yeah. And denying it to yourself in a way. Yeah. Yeah, [00:04:16] that's it. Yeah. Things happen like that. [00:04:20] Have you ever felt like you had to keep it a secret from other people? [00:04:23] Yes. [00:04:25] bisexuality? And [00:04:26] yes, but mostly it was because of my own safety. Sometimes it was uncomfortable for me. But in order to keep myself safe, I had to keep that on the download. [00:04:38] Why is that? [00:04:39] Because again, it's not the also the place that I live in. It's not really that accepting of people of that [00:04:49] identity or whatever. So but, you know, if you go further into Wellington, the more accepting it gets, but then again, it's just you know, the people that you're around. [00:04:59] What? So, have you heard of anything that's happened bad in the trans community? And specifically, [00:05:07] um, there is no trans community enough a hot so you are the community? Yeah, I guess I am the community. I'm the it's more of a gay community in a pot and it's quite large ish underground. We call it because everyone seems to know them. Because it's quite a small town, but it's like an underground community. It's quite funny. [00:05:30] So when you first came to realize about your sexuality, and your gender identity, how did you feel? [00:05:38] I'm [00:05:40] sad. ish. Kind of that, you know, thinking that in because from here on out that it'd be quite hard, depending on if people know or not. But I'm being me it's quite actually is easy to pass through the day because I, I really look like my identity. And you know, I click it through the day quite well, except I look quite young, which goes along with it over is fine. Um, he gets a lot more people as well. Yeah, yeah. [00:06:15] Does that annoy your approach? Or? [00:06:17] Um, [00:06:18] I don't think it annoys me. I find it quite flattering sometimes. I think so. I think everyone should. [00:06:26] This really hits home. Yeah. Yeah. [00:06:31] Anyway, so you're out, obviously. I'm partly I guess, yeah. My, my parents tend to deny it. So it's like, flight really basically coming out every day. So but I'm out to my friends and, and stuff like that. And frankly, the like, they are the most open minded people that you will ever meet. And half of them basically straight and they completely and utterly lovely. So it's amazing. Yeah. I with your sexuality, as well. I'm halfway as well. Yeah. [00:07:05] So my friends, I don't care either. Some of them couldn't really grasp it. Some people can't grasp it, either. They'll they'll ask questions. And, you know, asking questions is good, because then they understand. [00:07:19] Apart from the occasional question, we just go What? [00:07:22] Well, yeah, yeah. [00:07:24] So when did you [00:07:27] took a Tupac question? When did you come out? As in for dinner? I didn't think [00:07:36] after I two months off that I had [00:07:38] come out as, as gay. How old? Were you? 616. [00:07:44] So who did you come out to first? My friends? And they positive reactions? Yeah. [00:07:51] What about your parents? No, no, no. [00:07:56] Of course, I think that, you know, parents, they have this, they have this picture of you and then never going to, you know, [00:08:04] they're never gonna, it's never going to change. They, they kind of just want you to be the person, like kind of want you basically to be like them, in a way. And my parents are very old fashioned. You say, and they're quite old, the middle age. And they grew up quite. [00:08:29] How do you say, reserves? [00:08:32] So because my mother was she was, um, she was orphaned. And my father, he, he grew up, just very reserved, as well. So they weren't really open to this kind of stuff. They didn't think they'd have to deal with it. [00:08:47] That was a new territory for them all completely. Yeah. So the shock for them? Yeah, completely and utterly. So [00:08:56] what were the general reaction from people? They came out? So [00:09:02] it really depends on who you're talking about. Because it my parents, the general reaction was, [00:09:09] well, we love swear. Yeah, [00:09:10] that's where I'm fucking out. [00:09:16] And my friends, basically, they were more open minded, because this is basically 2012. And you in, [00:09:25] in the environment that we grew up in, it's more like, Okay, well, can I ask you some questions about it? You let me understand? And then you know, I'll think about it. And basically, that's how my friends reacted to it. When, if you look at my parents reaction, it was more like, I'm not going to listen to you, your child, you don't understand anything. You don't know what you're talking about. And things like that. Because back then it was more. Um, it was cloth as um, yeah, there's seriously something wrong with you. Yeah. [00:10:01] How did you feel about your friends reaction? I thought was lovely. How about your parents? A little shit? [00:10:10] Obviously, can you expand on that? Um, [00:10:16] I [00:10:16] just didn't like it, because it's still going on, frankly. [00:10:22] So it's just going to take them a damn long time. Frankly, they don't think that they're ever going to get used to it. So. Yeah. [00:10:31] So do you have any support? [00:10:36] Or ever help support? Yes. Yeah. Do your friends. Yes. And yeah, yeah. Yeah. [00:10:44] Do you? Have you joined? Or are you part of USA or LGBT IQ group? I am indeed. I'm part of three. Actually. I'm parts of the, the heart que si. Um, [00:11:02] oh, it's in, it's in with School's out, which is all through like New Zealand and things like that. All mostly in Wellington, so and then the Wellington schools as well. And they great. And then we're also setting up a QA at my own Maya my high school, hopefully, next. Yeah. My other one? Yeah. I'm helping those kids with it. Right. So, um, do you know the process that you need to go through for being a trans person? Yes, yes. It's quite hot. We're trying to explain. Um, it really depends on what you want to know. About for yourself, for myself. [00:11:45] So really, it starts off with hormones and things like that, but it takes a long process to get those hormones and things like that, um, I have been on blockers like, so Was that me? The blockers, they basically block hormones in your body that you don't want. So for me, I get sharing with the homeowners right now. But [00:12:12] it's not testosterone. It's the it's the other one. Yeah, for a female. So that's how you basically blocks that. So things like that. So what else is there? Um, and then there's also a top surgery which I found on getting which costs a shitload. I'm going yeah, it depends where you go. And [00:12:36] you can't my friend, he got it. He just got his and he got his in Auckland. So [00:12:43] hopefully, if I ever have the money in the next, what, five years, then that will happen. And basically, when they do that, as well, they, they also take out parts in your body, which you don't need anymore. So because it's so basically the female organs and things like that, because you can seriously hurt yourself after being on testosterone for an amount of time. [00:13:09] Because the rest of the body's like, what the fuck? I don't need this anymore. So they just get rid of them. Yeah. Yeah. [00:13:15] So do you have a support person that's going to be helping you through that? Yeah. [00:13:21] Um, so forth. I have my boyfriend. Yeah. [00:13:25] Okay, so, girl that answers Next question. Do you have a boyfriend? Oh, boyfriend? Yeah. Yeah. [00:13:32] So how many relationships? Have you been a? [00:13:41] Lot? [00:13:44] Um, well, I wouldn't really call them relationships. [00:13:48] Um, [00:13:52] do we have to say that? [00:13:56] That's just a loss. [00:13:59] I didn't really [00:14:02] treating that relationships last longer than a month and this flings at last. [00:14:06] Okay, so a pad like one relationship then? [00:14:12] The current tool? [00:14:14] Oh, no, no. Okay. Well, then two, then we're like, oh, three, three relationships that last month ish. And the rest were just flames and as many of those, so [00:14:25] it does. Yeah. Yeah, [00:14:28] so you've had a lot of things. [00:14:31] Yes. [00:14:33] Would you like to tell us some of your experiences that you've had with one of your relationships? [00:14:39] Um, [00:14:40] well helps out in any, What's your relationship? Like [00:14:44] with any of them? Or? [00:14:48] Okay, well, um, I can talk about to, I guess, I mean, [00:14:53] see, I had no, I had a relationship when I had just come out of being trans. And they took to it quiets. I don't know if you would say like, well, but um, [00:15:11] well, I okay. Yeah, that took quite quite well, which is quite nice. And I just like seeing people's reactions, because I pass quite well. [00:15:24] And it's very hard for people to tell that I'm trans. [00:15:30] So because of my face. Yeah. So yeah, [00:15:38] it was quite well, and then my boyfriend right now he, he took to it quite well, as well. It was really well. [00:15:46] Do you ever go through days where you don't pass very well? [00:15:49] Yes. Actually, I had this one day that really pissed me off. And I didn't understand why it wasn't passing. And I thought it was quite funny. I had my friend with me and I hadn't this hat, which was quite really, really weird. And whenever I put it on, some would think that I was a chick. And it was really pissing off. And every time I take it off, they wouldn't think I was chick. So it was, it was really weird. So disgraceful. [00:16:17] I never used that hat. But I these days, I actually post quite quite really well. So [00:16:22] that's good. How do you meet other people in the LGBT IQ community? [00:16:27] Just walk through the streets? [00:16:35] I'm, [00:16:38] well, there's the obvious one, which is the Q essays, basically, but then you can't say that because we also have straight people come in as well. [00:16:46] Oh, that could be part of the community. [00:16:48] Of course. Yeah. Of course. Um, and [00:16:54] just [00:16:55] basic, you know, things that happen. So you know, if you want to meet some one of that, [00:17:02] you know, thing that you know, you go to the Big Gay out, or you know, you can just go anywhere that has the name gain it. You know, just find it, you can find them everywhere. So, [00:17:13] what is your personal opinion of the definition of virginity? [00:17:19] I have no idea. No idea. Do you [00:17:21] have an opinion on that? [00:17:23] virginity? Yeah, I think it's a bunch of crap. Frankly, why is that? Because, um, I think that, you know, [00:17:34] I have a couple of feminist friends, I guess. And you know, it's just, I just see the label, or the word or whatever is just competing other crap. Because if you put it on guys as well, then, you know, it doesn't really make any sense. And I just think that it was just put on a bunch of girls to show that, you know, [00:17:56] oh, what's one point that I'm a [00:17:59] feminist, I guess? [00:18:01] Um, yeah. Well, basically, that you know, that the guy or whoever takes over journey away from them is just, you know, it's something that's bears. And yes, I just, I just think it's sex really. So, [00:18:16] have you received or experienced any abuse or abusive behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity? [00:18:22] Yes. [00:18:24] I'm mostly just walking down the road. I mean, I'm, I've heard of other trans people. Where it's really, mostly for the people who can't par three well, which is really sad sometimes. And if they use the toilets, then you know, then they can get a quite a lot of abuse in there as well. But other than that, I've only had verbal abuse. And that's, that's around about it. [00:18:55] Thank you for the interview. [00:18:57] All right. So good.

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