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Nate - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth. [00:00:04] Hello, how are you today? I'm good. Thank you. [00:00:07] That is good. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:09] Okay, um, I just night and I am the youth coordinator. [00:00:15] I'm [00:00:15] also known as wacky. [00:00:21] I started coming as a youth member to wiki about two years ago, before I was in staff position when I just come out to all my friends that was trans, so it was a big support for me. [00:00:35] I'm also an early childhood teacher. And [00:00:41] so you're from Hamilton. from Hampton. [00:00:44] You always been from him? Oh, yeah. Yeah. [00:00:47] So your proper house and proper [00:00:51] never moved outside? Yeah, [00:00:52] so it's like the big barriers. Yeah. Yeah. [00:00:54] I shall not leave this place. The dome? [00:01:00] Because it's like hills surrounding us. [00:01:02] Yes. Apart from the likes and the river. [00:01:05] And the purchase to purchase. [00:01:07] Follow the river. [00:01:08] Follow the rules of the river and the return again. [00:01:12] Go to Lake Tahoe. Yeah, [00:01:16] so what is so how old are you? I am 2424. Yes, finally, someone that's older than me. [00:01:29] What is your gender identity? [00:01:31] Male? [00:01:33] Is that your six it? Six gender as well? Know. [00:01:41] And what is your sexuality? [00:01:44] I am bisexual. [00:01:48] And what's your cultural identity? [00:01:52] And what is your gender? gender expression? [00:02:00] Depends on the day. [00:02:03] I present manly masculine, and a slightly can play sometimes. [00:02:09] So this guy was like, [00:02:11] Hello, my name is [00:02:15] really [00:02:19] this has a foot stomping in the other one skipping [00:02:23] doesn't look like I'm gonna little black and white Metallica tissue, and then sometimes it's like [00:02:29] the tissue [00:02:31] tissue is back [00:02:33] to work. [00:02:35] So [00:02:37] So when did you realize that you're a transgendered? [00:02:41] Um, [00:02:44] I've always known it was something slightly obscure about myself. But I, I only found the word that kind of clicked in to everything when I was about 60. And then continued to deny it. [00:03:00] Have When did you realize that you are by [00:03:05] really early? Like, [00:03:08] I kind of discovered I liked [00:03:12] both genders when I was [00:03:14] 10. You know? I'm gonna hold your hand stays. [00:03:19] bridge between the groups. [00:03:23] bring everybody together. Yeah. [00:03:29] James White. [00:03:32] Did you? [00:03:34] Did you do the whole boat thing? Didn't you? Yeah, yeah. [00:03:36] Go, you got to go. No, no, no. [00:03:44] That doesn't make sense. [00:03:45] That makes sense whatsoever. This is the picture tag that this came out [00:03:52] the return of the wacky password? [00:03:55] Sometimes. [00:04:00] So how did you feel when you realized you're a boy? [00:04:04] I'm [00:04:07] confused. Like we I felt really weird. such a young age. Yeah, I was like, I haven't just like one. I'll just roll with it. It wasn't until I think [00:04:20] in the middle school, it started to become apparent that it was actually okay. And most people's terms, like, Hey, you can do that. [00:04:27] Even though the kids a year are allowed. [00:04:29] And there's times, like, [00:04:32] under 14. So well, it was just like, you know, the 90s 90s? [00:04:44] And when How did you feel when you realize that you were [00:04:50] horrible? i? I did [00:04:53] a lot of self hate that like are, you know, you're afraid? I'm [00:04:59] not sure. No one's like this in the world. Where [00:05:06] it took a long time to come to terms with it within myself. [00:05:09] How did [00:05:10] you accepted at Oh, how did you feel when you accepted? [00:05:13] Um, I basically was going through a huge depression and was like, Well, I have like this, I'm just going to kill myself. And then that didn't work. And I kind of came out the other side saying, Okay, I've got to embrace this I was my life is just gonna be nothing. So it was just kind of [00:05:30] get over and refresh yourself. [00:05:34] It was really freeing, but still kind of isolating. [00:05:38] Did you find someone to help you [00:05:40] support or anything? [00:05:42] I'm the first person in my family that I came out to was my sister Alex. And I basically just started twisting, like binding. And then just because we had real movie dates, couldn't see each other. And I just started dressing [00:05:59] as male and by stop, and she just, she was out. What's your name, then? And then that's that was me coming out to basically. And then from there. She's just been a constant support, which is awesome. [00:06:10] So do you keep on contact with her? Yeah, [00:06:12] she comes lucky. Actually. She'll be here later. She's one of these peoples. [00:06:18] And [00:06:19] then when did you? [00:06:22] How did you feel when you? When did you accepted that you were by? [00:06:27] Um, [00:06:30] high school. High School? Yeah. Although I wasn't very vocal about the lack of the girl bands. But I was to know and you know, so okay with it. [00:06:40] When did you come out? [00:06:45] The end of high school I the last year of high school? Yeah. Cuz, you know, I wouldn't. [00:06:53] Have you been fully transitioned? And yeah, [00:07:01] yes, sir. [00:07:01] Yes or? [00:07:04] No, I am currently on hormones, and waiting for surgery. [00:07:10] When do you know, when you get to [00:07:13] the surgery? [00:07:17] top surgery, I'm on a six month waiting list. And then it depends at the end of the day, either pump you up and start over again. Or if you actually get what you need. [00:07:27] It's a [00:07:28] little bit complicated. [00:07:33] Do you have to pay for that? [00:07:38] If you get it like the bare minimum chance that it gets, like funded by everything and to pay as a private consultant, consultant fee, that most likely [00:07:52] was the average for that. [00:07:55] Costs cost? Yeah. [00:07:56] In New Zealand, it's anywhere between 16 to 60,000. And America, it's between 10,030 thousand. And Thailand. It's average between [00:08:13] $9,000 in the dollars and 50 [00:08:19] cents. He's done your research? Yeah. [00:08:21] I'm looking a little bit. [00:08:25] museum. I'm [00:08:27] not I'm probably in San Francisco or [00:08:32] like a little bit exhausted. [00:08:39] Well, you're adding up like hotels and flights and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, yeah. [00:08:44] Is it all included as well? [00:08:49] Oh, yeah, [00:08:50] it is. It's particularly cheap. [00:08:53] I wonder why this makes you like wonder better. Same time, then it sounds like that. [00:09:02] So when you first accepted your sexuality as being by Did you ever feel that you had to keep it a secret? [00:09:10] Um, no, I've always been pretty open about it. But once that I was past that nervous point of like, I don't go someone say Hi, I'm dead. I'm bisexual trans. Like some like that. But if someone asked me or if it comes up about relationships, I'll just [00:09:30] tell them the truth [00:09:31] about [00:09:32] you being trans. [00:09:36] Is came out? Yeah. Yeah. [00:09:36] Just [00:09:40] not hide it. Even with kids at work. [00:09:44] I was real nervous about a fist but [00:09:48] to ask me, you are [00:09:52] when you [00:09:54] were you were going for transitioning or [00:09:58] breakfast at work? Yeah, nope. I will. I started where we're currently. I started with there when I was just leaving high school. So I've been there about six years. [00:10:10] So I came out and amongst women, which was [00:10:14] a bit rocky in a way. [00:10:15] Oh, yeah. I actually I was more worried about how people [00:10:21] don't react to anything. They'll be like, Oh, yeah. [00:10:25] Ask you like five questions. And forget about it. Yeah. [00:10:29] And then come back five minutes later. Yeah. [00:10:33] So you've heard of Dave above support system, their [00:10:38] work or with your sexuality and trends? Yeah, [00:10:42] I'm rocky with secure sport. And my family has been amazing. [00:10:47] And like rainbow youth, [00:10:48] the youth help. [00:10:50] I'm Tommy, Megan. Tommy was awesome. I met him through a trends. One in one workshop, which was [00:10:58] for Hamilton, like that was like a blew my mind. Because that was like the second time that I've ever heard anyone say the words like tension and and I took my mom, my mom took me along. And that was the information from that was just amazing. Yeah. [00:11:14] So I'm saying, Is there gonna be a group that's going to be set up for creative edge for trends for the trans community? [00:11:23] Yes. There's, [00:11:26] with wacky, we're currently working on a transition. [00:11:31] Like just made up, because I'm just kind of a gap between younger generation and the older generation of trans people what Xiaomi agenda and that I'm covering stuff, but so we were looking to fill the gap, because I know it's like to not have that kind of people can relate to it, but it's kind of scary. [00:11:48] So what's it like working with wiki? Awesome. [00:11:51] It's like one of my passions, basically. [00:11:55] Okay, you know, you get the little ones just running around in this. Yeah. [00:12:02] As you can probably hear from the door. [00:12:05] got quiet. Maybe I can hear [00:12:08] this free. Yeah, [00:12:11] so marshmallows, yes. [00:12:15] First thing that came to my mind. [00:12:17] So if any relationships Yes, [00:12:20] yes. So you'd like to tell us about your relationships? [00:12:27] And what fits? [00:12:28] Well, how they, how being trans affected them, or you've been coming out? [00:12:36] in any way. Um, [00:12:40] I was already out into my relationships as trans. Because I only had two actual long term relationships. Like that was kind of a couple months. [00:12:51] Flying and [00:12:52] yeah, you know, basically to test the waters and inside your head, like, what [00:12:58] do they know now? Yeah, yeah. [00:13:01] Do they like yeah, and we're still friends. I'm still friends with my son. [00:13:09] Which is cool. [00:13:10] But yeah, so how about so were they were they're all fine with you being trans embark. [00:13:17] By yet no one cared about that. Um, the trends thing was slightly, I think [00:13:24] it was hard to understand. Like, it was like a concert and no one had actually come across. We must have. [00:13:33] The first time I haven't relationship was when I was 19. My long term, boyfriend, one paragraph, like two years. [00:13:42] That was kind of big. But he was just kind of tomboyish and stuff like that. But [00:13:48] yeah, [00:13:48] and the other one, [00:13:50] and that was a nice. And [00:13:58] she, me, what else? And so, [00:14:03] um, [00:14:05] how do you meet other people? Like, [00:14:08] in the trans community? [00:14:10] Oh, um, let's see Facebook. Is it like Facebook groups? Women? Did I [00:14:14] come to been asking for advice and stuff? Yeah. [00:14:19] Um, since I've been out of wacky there's actually been a lot of other people who have come out as trans which was quite interesting. Just the dynamics of the group changing [00:14:31] as an increase the group's population. Yeah, yeah. [00:14:39] So what is your definition of virginity? [00:14:48] and Christian change? Okay. [00:14:52] Everybody has a different definition. So I always thought it would be well funded, but at the same time, it was not. [00:15:00] Suppose you can have like, the first like sexual diversity of six but then I guess, as well as the first time you have sex with offices. [00:15:10] Culture. [00:15:12] So have you ever received any abuse? [00:15:18] Actually, no, no. [00:15:20] Maybe like a drunken verbal abuse? [00:15:27] Do you have anything else to say? [00:15:30] No, no. [00:15:32] Thank you for the interview. Thank you.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.