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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth. [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? I'm right. How are you? I'm good. Whoa, enormous. Hi. Yeah, [00:00:11] yo, nice person today. I am. Okay. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I'm Mr. Mrs. [00:00:19] Mrs. [00:00:21] Miss, let's go with moves. It's [00:00:23] very obscure. [00:00:24] Miss anonymous, [00:00:26] and I'm in my last year of high school. [00:00:29] My live in pumps tunnel. That's a pretty average place. I've left him my entire life. It's kind of boring. kind of wanna get out? Go somewhere else. Yeah, [00:00:38] I'm thinking of doing a bit of travel next year, because I can't really decide if I want to go to university or what to do at university. So [00:00:46] I like art in Japanese. I paint flops. Yeah, pretty much about me. [00:00:55] And [00:00:57] Watson hoping [00:00:58] I'm, yeah. [00:01:01] I read a lot. [00:01:04] Live in the library. And I pretty much have a library in my house. [00:01:07] As far as I didn't say you like on Tuesday or anything? Because obviously a lot on Tuesday, [00:01:11] I think. A library Yeah. library? [00:01:13] Oh, yeah. No Tuesday's I stay at school to do work because I'm, I have custody. I have loads of stuff to do by the end of the year. Yeah. [00:01:25] So watch is your sex? [00:01:29] I am female. What do you know? [00:01:31] So you were here last week for curious? Oh, yeah, I was. So you know what gender identity is? [00:01:38] I [00:01:38] couldn't stay for the whole thing. But I have a general idea. [00:01:43] So what is your job? gender identity thing that identifies me now? Yes. Hey, you know, you know [00:01:50] what it means? [00:01:52] What is your sexuality? Um, that's a bit of a tough one. Really. [00:02:00] This is a bit of a long story behind that. [00:02:02] I go into the long story. [00:02:06] A couple of years ago, [00:02:09] I [00:02:14] I had a close friend, and she was female, and [00:02:20] things developed a bit and I realized I was attracted to her and we started dating. And we actually moved out firm a year [00:02:28] and a half, I think. [00:02:30] And after a few months, we sort of like became, you know, public with it, and other people found out and stuff like that. And I think sort of [00:02:39] from that. [00:02:45] I don't know, it just sort of came about everybody sort of, you know [00:02:47] how people label you. [00:02:49] And they're like, Oh, so you're gay? And I'm like, Well, if, by that you mean, I'm attracted to girls the nice pose yet. And so [00:02:59] I sort of just went along with it, because I didn't really care [00:03:01] too much what people [00:03:04] said, um, [00:03:07] but lately, I've been? I don't know, I've been thinking about a lot more. And like, [00:03:15] wondering if that's actually true. Like, I know, I am attracted to girls, but I'm not sure whether I'm attracted to guys at all, as well. So by curious, I suppose if you want to label it, yeah. [00:03:30] If you could labor, there probably be the best way to label it [00:03:34] properly at this stage. I'm, [00:03:37] I'm just figuring out as I go, [00:03:40] pretty much. [00:03:42] Okay, and what is your culture identity? [00:03:47] Um, [00:03:48] I told early, oh, that's really [00:03:50] difficult. I don't really have a culture. [00:03:54] That make sense. I've always felt like everybody else, all of my friends around me, they have [00:04:00] more culture than me. [00:04:03] I have some old friends and they have all of their customs and the traditions and all of this and, like culture is it encompasses so much. You've got your food and your customers and your traditions and just language as well. And I'm just I don't know, I'm a kiwi, but that doesn't really mean a lot. To me. No. It doesn't really to me. We don't have anything special to us. [00:04:30] I don't know. [00:04:32] I don't know if that helps at all. [00:04:34] So watches your expense expression, like how do you express yourself in a masculine way, feminine way, like way? tomboy? I'm not actually sure. [00:04:46] I was just talking to some people before. And [00:04:52] I mentioned [00:04:53] how I act very differently around different groups of people. [00:04:57] So I don't know if sometimes, I guess [00:05:00] I act more of a tomboy, you're sort of away. [00:05:04] God knows I've been called enough times. [00:05:09] I don't know. [00:05:11] But [00:05:13] other times, I guess I can be quite feminine and sort of, like in between? [00:05:18] I [00:05:18] guess. So. I don't know. I'm not. I'm [00:05:20] a bit vague, I guess. Yeah. I think we all sort of [00:05:23] act, how I feel like the time and however that comes across. I guess [00:05:27] we all have our moments. Yeah, yeah. [00:05:30] So when you got attraction to the skill was that the first time you realize that you're attracted to the same gender? Um, [00:05:42] it was the first time that I was aware of it, I think. [00:05:45] And then afterwards, I started to question other things, like thoughts that I've had before. And I'm like, was that Yeah, I don't know. But it was the first time that I was really aware of that [00:05:58] about before. Sorry, well, before it. Um, [00:06:03] what do you mean? Like, were you attracted to guys before you had that? [00:06:10] That's one of the things that I started like Christian a lot, because [00:06:17] I went back and I thought about all of the people that I've had like crushes on, or sometimes they're fictional characters. Often those fictional characters, like manga characters, anime characters, and if they were guys, they would always be quite effeminate. And like, yeah, [00:06:35] is it my characters alpha? [00:06:38] I suppose. Yeah. I just took that as sort of another [00:06:42] sign. That's like, no, everybody has a [00:06:45] Yeah, I don't know. It's like all people have enemy finishes in the way that you do. [00:06:53] On your own know, a few people. [00:06:56] It's like a role playing. [00:06:58] Anyway, off topic. Actually, that's one of my hobbies, but not the dodgy kind of role playing like the actual kind of role playing [00:07:06] whatever animator you like. [00:07:08] Oh, let's too broad a question. [00:07:12] I watch any kind of anime relief. [00:07:15] Unless it's too confusing. You know how animation just go crazy. Yeah, you don't. fucking car fine. [00:07:22] Exactly. I'm pretty much anything other than that. It's got a decent a watch it here. Yeah, [00:07:28] that's something happen. go nowhere. Yeah, [00:07:31] exactly. Yeah. So [00:07:36] So I closet about being attracted to female. He. [00:07:43] My mom walked in on me and my girlfriend. We weren't [00:07:47] even doing anything like dogs. Yes. But was maybe sitting closest probably what she got from that. And then she started asking me questions [00:07:55] with which [00:07:56] I did my best to avoid. [00:07:59] But anyway, [00:08:00] it came out anyway. Um, [00:08:03] and I always felt like quite comfortable around my friends and stuff. So they knew pretty much from the beginning, I think. So pretty much yeah. Yeah. [00:08:15] So [00:08:16] although I haven't told my dad, [00:08:18] I don't live with a mouse. So you'll see me out. Carl was [00:08:22] pretty much mocked up from that side of my family. They're quite religious. And [00:08:28] I don't see them a lot because I don't live with my dad. [00:08:32] But I'm not entirely sure how to go down. Yeah, this edgy? [00:08:39] A much. [00:08:42] There's not much. [00:08:43] I don't know, I don't really feel like [00:08:44] there's too much point getting into it. Because I don't see him [00:08:48] that often. Like, I couldn't just put it off in that spot. And [00:08:51] so when you told your friends, what were the general reaction sort? [00:08:54] I'm one of my friends was offended, because I thought that she wouldn't [00:09:00] proof because she was religious. [00:09:05] She was like, what, what even? I wouldn't, I wouldn't ever. Yeah, [00:09:11] she wouldn't ever be against it. [00:09:15] You know, [00:09:15] he has a friend because of it. [00:09:18] And all of my other friends, they were just really supportive. They didn't really care either way, I suppose. [00:09:25] So you kind of have a support system? [00:09:27] I guess. So. Yeah. Yeah. So do you come to spice it? Often, [00:09:31] I'm usually every week, except when I have loads and loads of work to do or you know, then you guys are [00:09:38] pretty much unlimited scope. What's your favorite subjects of school? [00:09:42] Um, well, up until last year, it was definitely off in the in my art teacher Lyft. Two boys high. [00:09:51] And she's like cheating on the scope. [00:09:53] It's true. [00:09:54] It's real. It's really like she's abandoned us and just, that's just about other people. But, and this year, I haven't got such a great teacher. And so I'm struggling a bit with it. But [00:10:05] I still enjoy it. [00:10:08] I'm still getting to that point [00:10:09] where you get a new 13 that you are just sick of you for thinking you want it to be over already. [00:10:18] But if I [00:10:19] had to say probably my favorite subject at the moment would be photography. Yeah. [00:10:22] So when you leave school, what do you want to do? [00:10:27] Such a hard question. Go [00:10:30] go through like Open University to study [00:10:31] art. [00:10:33] Not so much. [00:10:34] Maybe not? [00:10:36] Well, Wellington [00:10:37] University, [00:10:38] well, I consider [00:10:40] going to messy Wellington for a while [00:10:46] to study finance, because they have a creative art school. And it's quite as well known and everything. [00:10:53] But both because of finances. And because I didn't think I'm ready to go next year. I put that off now. [00:11:04] So the stage I'm working next year. So we're having more [00:11:09] haven't break [00:11:10] a break from studying. And I think that will be really good for me because I just need a break and not smacking your head against the corporate world. Yeah, [00:11:18] pretty much. [00:11:19] So um, your favorite relationships before? Obviously? Yeah. [00:11:24] How many relationship? Just the one just like just [00:11:27] the one serious [00:11:28] mom? Yeah. So currently with that? No, wait, wait book up after about [00:11:32] a year and a half? Yeah. Would you [00:11:34] like to tell us about that relationship? [00:11:36] Um, [00:11:38] we started out as really good friends. So it was like a good [00:11:41] beginning. Yeah, [00:11:43] um, we're still friends. Now. We just don't talk about all that often. But we were still on good terms. [00:11:50] We, yeah, [00:11:52] we were good friends. She's a couple years older than me. [00:11:56] And we had mutual friends as well. So we hung up quite a but. And we had common interest in stuff, reading, writing, stuff like that. [00:12:07] And I think we actually started out, [00:12:09] it sounds kind of cheesy. I'm writing leaders. [00:12:16] And we were just like, sort of sneak leaders to each other every now and then. And it was really fun because nobody really writes these days, not [00:12:25] physically. [00:12:28] And in the process of that, I guess we sort of found out a lot about each other and no things just developed through a number. Yeah, [00:12:39] pretty much to me a cliche. Yeah, [00:12:43] we went out for a year and a half. [00:12:46] And I know we're good for about [00:12:51] a year of that. And Leanne, because she moved to a different city. [00:12:57] Distant sort of took its toll on [00:13:05] sorry, the break happen a [00:13:07] mutual way. He. [00:13:10] I mean, I was really upset [00:13:11] about it. [00:13:12] But I was the one who brought it up and breaking up in the first place because I knew wasn't working anymore distance and everything. Like it's only two hours from here to Wellington. But [00:13:25] when you see someone that's just Yeah, okay. That makes it tough. Yeah. So, [00:13:31] how do you meet other people and LGBT IQ [00:13:35] community? [00:13:37] Come to closet space for one thing. [00:13:41] But [00:13:41] once you're there, yeah, [00:13:42] I'm actually it was quite hard to find it to begin with, like, [00:13:47] I heard about it. And you know, I had no idea how to contact anybody or we're all how to get to it or anything like that. [00:13:54] Very much, pretty much was it's not like, it was still me in the [00:13:59] box here. The bother we're into looks like what I gave our look like pre law. [00:14:07] This pre pre law rafal. [00:14:10] You know, how, how many security [00:14:12] law reform law came into place in 1996? [00:14:16] Not so much. And 1986 [00:14:21] it was made legal for a male to have six right [00:14:25] into one. Right. [00:14:26] Okay, meaning that we were allowed to be gay. Yeah. Before that. It was illegal. [00:14:31] It was illegal. So I guess clubs. Wasn't legal for woman because nobody could possibly imagine what they could do with each other. [00:14:40] That's what Queen Victoria thought. Yeah, [00:14:42] exactly. So that's why that was never. Yeah. So let's have a look like if Bry [00:14:51] quite secret, the ground [00:14:54] is not really underground, but [00:14:56] nobody really knows who it is. Yeah, [00:14:57] no one knows where it is. Yeah. Yeah. [00:15:03] Um, so yeah, [00:15:05] so have you ever been abused because [00:15:07] of your security? Um, [00:15:12] not so much. [00:15:14] I don't know I had a little bit of bullying when I sort of came out at one school. [00:15:21] And me and my girlfriend [00:15:23] like we're in public together. And you know, the teasing name calling shit like that. I'm pretty emotional stuff from young people. [00:15:34] A couple [00:15:34] of times, like I was walking home from school and I got stuff storms on at me and stuff like that, but sort of just ignored it and it went away. Probably not the best way to deal with things but [00:15:45] it has. Yeah. Yeah, [00:15:49] they did to us most. [00:15:52] Literally. [00:15:55] Thank you. Okay. Thanks.

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