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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in z.com. Hello, how are you today? I'm cash. Okay, can you tell us a little bit about yourself [00:00:09] and 20 and I'm gay living in Auckland wanting to be an actor. I [00:00:13] want to be an actor. Yeah, I like shortlist straight act or movie actor. [00:00:17] Well, like theatre, film and TV if I can just [00:00:21] all of it. So you're really out to winter? Yes. [00:00:24] I'm definitely 20 [00:00:26] because even by microphone, you actually sound like a 13 year old. I know. It sucks. [00:00:32] Do you get stopped a lot? Yes, I do. I'm kind of like, everyone just thinks I'm a school kid. It's really annoying. [00:00:40] school kid. Okay, so it's 20 Watkins do you identify with male? Male and what sexuality? Okay, and what culture? [00:00:52] I'm like, Australian, Irish, [00:00:56] and Irish. [00:00:58] Little bit. This is a little bit. [00:01:00] Okay. Um, how old were you when you realized I was [00:01:03] 1616? [00:01:06] Yeah. So how did you feel when you realized I was [00:01:09] terrified? I [00:01:10] was so new experience with you. [00:01:13] I was I mean, like. [00:01:16] I know, I knew a lot of gay couples at the time that were like friends with my family. But just the idea of me coming out as gay was really terrifying. Just the whole coming out thing and everybody what they thought of me and stuff. Like that just really terrified me. So I didn't actually come out then. But I did realize [00:01:37] Did you have any experiences with Father guys then? [00:01:40] I knew that I liked guys very much. I had never been with anyone at that point. But I knew I always knew that I like guys. [00:01:48] So when you realize Did you had any fantasies? Oh, [00:01:55] you don't have to go into detail. [00:01:57] So when you came to realize God, did you feel that she had to keep it a secret for part? I kept it a secret until I was like 19. So that was pretty recent. [00:02:08] quite recent. Yeah. Have you lived in Oakland all your life? [00:02:12] I've lived in the country like just south of 70. I've been living in Oakland for like two and a half months. So so I was it. [00:02:21] Did you feel it was a little bit different from living from those two places [00:02:26] differently? Like, I feel he can be a bit more openly gay. [00:02:30] More from the guy. Okay. [00:02:34] So you've come out of the closet now. [00:02:38] Everyone [00:02:38] to everybody? How did you come out? [00:02:41] Facebook? [00:02:43] Daniel area. [00:02:47] the neatest like guns are closer than this came out and say hey, I'm gay. Yeah, [00:02:51] I pretty much said it all at once to Facebook, my family. My friends, everyone. [00:02:56] Everyone. So did you tell you by in person? [00:03:02] Oh, except my mom. And my dad works overseas, so I didn't get to tell my person. [00:03:08] Facebook or email. Yeah. So how did you come out to your mom? [00:03:13] I wrote a letter to her in a book. And it was at like midnight, I wrote a leader. Five page leader. just explaining to her and then I woke her up. She was really annoyed. And I gotta read it. She's still really annoying. She wasn't really awake. But yeah, that's how it [00:03:33] and I was like, I was like, kind of upset and it was really awkward. But it happened. Now [00:03:41] how does she feel about look? [00:03:42] She's really kind of [00:03:46] not sure about all of it for like three months and now she's finally coming to terms with little just really cool. [00:03:52] It's like my mother and why should she took like three months to just like this so new. [00:04:00] you been? [00:04:02] Wait, wait a minute. He's He's wearing colorful clothes. [00:04:07] This is different. [00:04:09] So um, what was the general reaction from people did you get I got [00:04:13] a really positive reaction. And I'm not surprised reaction as well. really light of people being like a totally new and I didn't one friend Tell me those bad at being in the closet. Okay. [00:04:27] Did you ever have like any fake girlfriend sister? make people think of like, [00:04:32] tried to make it seem that I like girls for a while there but couldn't even force it. [00:04:37] gonna work. [00:04:39] The gills normal. [00:04:41] I think some of them [00:04:44] to try to do something. Like, try to go before you came out? Oh, I did [00:04:49] try to go for like five years. Wow. Yeah. Very long [00:04:56] time. I always [00:04:59] was like 13 1414 [00:05:02] when I met her. And she was actually the first person that came out to mobile still in a relationship. And she was actually are kind of like she's become a really good friend of mine. [00:05:12] Hello. [00:05:14] I'm a little fake. [00:05:17] Yeah, [00:05:18] so [00:05:20] what so? Did you get upset from the whole thing? [00:05:25] To me or? Well, Buffy. She, I think she had guessed previously before. And I was obviously very nervous and anxious about the whole thing. And it was really, really rocky reaction for like, five months, and then it was okay. And then [00:05:47] not because of that. Well, partly because of that, obviously, that there was this very complicated relationship. [00:05:54] That's right, go going alpha gay boy. [00:05:57] Actually, she's at least been. So that's why this what I mean by complicated. So she was she was actually figuring that out while dating me. So I sort of figured each other out or dating each other. So it actually worked out pretty well. [00:06:12] That's a new way of looking at it. [00:06:16] I'm pretty optimistic. [00:06:20] This could be a book how gay boys and this means turned out to be gay and straight up in this means. [00:06:29] A straight relationship goes wrong. [00:06:31] Oh my god. That's perfect. [00:06:36] So how did you feel about the whole coming out thing? [00:06:40] I felt pretty good about it. Because I was kind of the person is like I came in to do this. And I just do it. It was just another thing I had to do. So I felt good. And it turned out good. So I didn't get any negative reactions whatsoever. [00:06:53] About glow, not negative batch. That little bit like I just told my mother kind of thing. [00:06:59] Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like I sort of felt bad about it for my mom, but I couldn't let myself feel bad about that. Lets me did you [00:07:09] felt during that three months that your mother was coming to terms with you felt that a little bit stress? Well, not stress. What slight tension? [00:07:20] Catherine? Yeah, definitely bit awkward tension. You feel like this Sunday. Talk about what they were talking about? [00:07:27] Did you ever had that? Mother some kind of [00:07:33] conversation? No. [00:07:36] No, she's just like, she's still avoids talking about it. She's much more accepting. [00:07:44] Yeah. [00:07:46] So she's accepted. It more accepted. Now. How about your father? [00:07:51] My dad so cool about it was just like, Okay, [00:07:54] that's good. [00:07:58] That's good. Life is pretty chill about everything. [00:08:01] So are you the only [00:08:04] brother Do you have any siblings only one it's just me [00:08:08] the one and only [00:08:09] it's just me. So how about as a cousins or anything like that? They don't actually know you better know yet. [00:08:20] Australia so it's kind of hard to tell them [00:08:26] know what that white for good conversation when you first see them again? I'm gay. [00:08:33] conversation so Do you have a girlfriend? No. [00:08:39] Friends? Do you have a boyfriend? [00:08:42] Maybe [00:08:44] oh my god we have again the family [00:08:46] think we actually do have [00:08:51] at least being appropriate and getting this [00:08:55] queer for Nina family. [00:08:58] So did you any support when you come to realizing or coming out? [00:09:06] Definitely when my friends with my support my mom was just too busy dealing with it. Brother was it was good to just have constraints helping me [00:09:15] so how about for youth organizations? I [00:09:19] found out about Rambo use only a few months ago sorry. And I gave that up courage to bring the fine [00:09:25] oh I spoke to told me to tell me Yeah. So what was that like? It was good. I'm kind of see the foreign so that was the biggest problem. You have [00:09:35] a phobia phones [00:09:36] not a phobia and this makes me really anxious when I'm talking on the phone. [00:09:41] Because I hate my voice [00:09:43] because it sounds a little bit like a 13 year old. Yeah. [00:09:48] I have a vibrating phone [00:09:52] Have you [00:09:53] been in a relationship before [00:09:54] with with guys? [00:09:56] Yes. Unlike currently in a relationship with Montague's in South Carolina, who was a sexual romantic polyamorous he's he's like a complicated person. It's rather [00:10:16] hard to deal with most of the time just not having that physical closeness with someone. So I've been kind of thinking about whether or not it's good for me. [00:10:27] But he's Polly's I have the option of just dating someone else at the same time? Yeah, yeah, so there's Monte and paste my official first but they were other guys but I didn't really official [00:10:42] fling. Yeah. [00:10:44] Okay. [00:10:47] Has you coming out affected your relationship? No, no. [00:10:52] Okay. [00:10:54] Obviously affected your relationship with your past girlfriend, obviously. Yes, [00:10:59] she was it was really difficult for a while and then we broke up because of Dan because just it was a nice Yeah, but now we're good friends. [00:11:13] How do you meet other guys just [00:11:15] coming to remember us? [00:11:19] advertisement for remember, you've come to remember your 401k road? [00:11:24] Yeah, don't really do it on purpose. Just go do stuff. And if [00:11:31] you do go like on any dating sites like into the man hand grinder kind of thing? No, but I have heard of them. Like, [00:11:40] my flatmate is on Grindr. He tells me about it. I'm like, I want to [00:11:47] go on you know you want to [00:11:49] go. [00:11:51] So do also make guy from Facebook as well. [00:11:53] Yeah, I have before. I'm kind of like too shy to say anything. [00:12:00] Okay, so what's your what's? Okay, this question is difficult for a lot of people because they have their own version. And sometimes they get scared but awkward explaining it. What's your version of the definition of virginity? [00:12:19] That's a hard question. [00:12:22] I think virginity is not so much. Maybe not so much a physical thing, but like mentally you feel like it's been taken off? [00:12:33] Just it's a really strange question. [00:12:38] Really hard to answer ritual [00:12:42] is definitely a mental thing. [00:12:45] And obviously, if something's happened to that person that wasn't like [00:12:52] consensual. I don't know if it would count. [00:12:57] So I use it. Yes. [00:13:02] Okay. So have you ever experienced any abuse or abusive behavior because your sexuality or gender or dingy? [00:13:10] Yes, I have, unfortunately. [00:13:14] Both verbally, mentally, spiritually and [00:13:18] physically. [00:13:20] So are there any other abusive behaviors that have happened? [00:13:24] No. [00:13:26] Okay, so um, so I do live in the general area in the city. [00:13:32] Yeah, I live just over there. [00:13:35] Oh, literally just [00:13:38] like a rose of another hour. Course enough. [00:13:42] is enough. It's only [00:13:44] a 10 minute walking [00:13:46] for like half an hour actually. [00:13:49] So what are your interest personally? [00:13:53] I escaped. longboarding? I want to do acting on right. play video games. [00:14:03] I enjoy a lot of art. [00:14:07] Do you guys do the arch gallery down on Queen Street? You're not going to burn you [00:14:12] know. [00:14:14] I play the bass guitar. I love animals, especially amphibians. [00:14:25] That's pretty much it. That's pretty much it. [00:14:27] Okay, well, thank you for the interview. Welcome. Thank you.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.