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[00:00:00] This podcast [00:00:00] is brought to you by pride indeed. And rainbow you. [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:07] I'm good. Thank you. That is good. What's your name? I'm mas mas? Like the [00:00:13] spa [00:00:15] on the planet marry him. Yes. [00:00:18] It is from a different planet. Yeah, [00:00:19] exactly. Pretty much. Yeah. [00:00:21] So how are you? I'm it. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:24] Um, I was born in Australia. I moved here when I was nine years old and I'm a student here you go. [00:00:32] What's your favorite thing to do? And [00:00:36] I don't know. [00:00:39] I'm really into the ice age who wrote out this stuff? Yeah. Lady Gaga. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, [00:00:46] try that thing that that looks like a person sneeze [00:00:52] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. [00:00:57] I'm so happy hobbies or interest. A [00:01:03] giant geek. I really like video games. I'm really into painting all that sort of video. Yeah, [00:01:09] I know. It's horrible. I try not to admit it when I'm not. [00:01:14] Stuff like this. [00:01:15] Alcoholic anonymous anyone wants video games. [00:01:18] Pretty much I try to keep that little fact to myself. [00:01:22] So you're [00:01:23] like so what's your favorite artist? Oh, [00:01:26] I really like [00:01:32] I don't really know that honest. I really like that and that was what really cool real Spanish stuff. That's about it. Yes. My favorite video games [00:01:47] survival horror. Yeah, [00:01:51] it's pretty bad lifted Resident Evil Sancho [00:01:57] Yeah, I can see you this displaying [00:01:59] like Hi. [00:02:20] I'm not gonna lie that [00:02:25] conscious a [00:02:26] conscious put out to chips like [00:02:30] any lollies [00:02:33] sometime. Pretty, pretty. [00:02:38] I love it. [00:02:42] Was your original six. Thea? What your gender identity female and what [00:02:48] is your culture or agency? What do you mean by that? Well, I want to [00:02:53] cover necessarily what culture do like to be. But you're more involved. [00:03:00] Oh, if I say Australian does that [00:03:02] count? Yeah. [00:03:02] Okay. Yeah. Australian. [00:03:07] What is your sexuality? [00:03:08] Demi sexual daily section? Yeah. [00:03:11] revenues. This was a while. [00:03:14] Watch a steamy sexual. [00:03:16] It's basically the gray area in between sexuality and a sexuality where you're not sexually attracted to somebody until you're connected with him on a really emotional level. [00:03:27] So you're a sexual What is your romantic them? Are you paying romantic lesbian or gay romantics? Right? Right. panoramic Really? Yeah, [00:03:38] so even I could still be sexually attracted to somebody it takes a long, long time for that to really kick in. Yeah. [00:03:45] Okay. How do you When did you realize [00:03:51] I all the label I really only [00:03:53] probably found out about last year I think I went from bisexual to pin teach robot painting was really on the fence about because it wasn't quite right as well a sexual was real was it was a bit too extreme as well until you found out until I found till I heard about Demi sexuality. I researched it and talked to people in that [00:04:13] sport. Yeah, [00:04:14] that sounded perfect. [00:04:17] Little discovery Really? It's like It's like the three little bit on [00:04:29] this ride. [00:04:30] good cheer for me. [00:04:32] Exactly. That's pretty much it. [00:04:36] How old were you when you realize that then? [00:04:42] 17 just 18 I think when I figured out about the Jimmy sexuality thing, although I've been struggling with my own sexuality, probably 12 or 13 I started getting a bit on the feet about it. [00:04:55] How's we feeling you [00:05:00] kind of confused in some ways. Um, some other people at school were coming out as being you know, bisexual a lot of girls divert. But that freaked me out a lot. So I didn't say anything. A lot of the girls that said they were bisexual back then actually aren't at all. This [00:05:16] phase that [00:05:17] phase it will Yeah, or label or just the same different. And it scared the shit out of me. So I didn't say a word at all through the entirety of high school, and to worry about my final year and make jokes about it. But I never actually admit at all because you know, the room wasn't around pretty fast. Exactly. Yeah. [00:05:35] You tell one person the whole school. Nice. half day. Yeah, [00:05:38] exactly. I wouldn't even I don't think I told anybody. Somebody just [00:05:41] said it once. [00:05:43] At least be under my arm. Oh, yeah. [00:05:47] But the last [00:05:49] couple months. [00:05:52] So not too bad. [00:05:54] It wasn't too bad. So [00:05:58] when I yeah, yeah, yeah, we out? Yeah. screaming out. Yeah. [00:06:05] Not very [00:06:05] not screaming. Screaming if somebody asked me that. Oh, yeah. I'm not too bothered. I'm [00:06:11] just starting to bring out like a collection of legs. Yeah, [00:06:15] no, I don't know. I don't provide it. But it sounds curious. [00:06:20] Right. My flag goes up and he starts saying born this way. [00:06:25] Oh, national anthem. Yeah. [00:06:29] So who did you come up to fish? [00:06:32] Oh, actually, my boyfriend at the time I'm dating movie screen right now. But I wasn't with him then. [00:06:40] I've been thinking about all know how to explain. I had friends that had been with me throughout the entire freaking out process. But when it came to actually discovering the Demi sexuality term, it was actually my biggest might be spring. He's sitting next to me. And I said something like, Oh, so I'm thinking about coming out to my mother's me picture. Oh, anyway. Oh, okay. He had no idea that I was even questioning anyway. So yeah, he was the first person I ever. Yeah, it was friend. I think my mom actually end up being the last person I told. But that's usually the case from what I've heard from other people was his [00:07:19] or the main reactions that you got when you told them [00:07:23] parents or friends. Friends were really supportive. They didn't really care at all or March them seed and you were ready, or they could have guessed. [00:07:32] Parents will my mom on live with her she was really negative at first very negative. She said she supported me. But she was really negative about it for a while because I just told her I was bisexual because it's so easy for her to understand. [00:07:47] Because everyone [00:07:48] told her I was your day me sexually. She'll be like, hey, yeah, [00:07:51] and then I have to explain it and as you get confused are comfortable them. Yeah, [00:07:55] to bring out the [00:07:56] whiteboard line that it all falls under just my mom's tool for that. Advice each show. Um, I think the first time I told her she was really Sue, she was supportive about it. And then about two days later, she exploded. One of my favorite quotes was I can't believe my daughter is a lickety split. I yeah, that was that wasn't very good. That was pretty bad. Yeah, I've never heard that to myself either. Yeah, [00:08:25] mom was quite negative at first. She's still a bit weird about it. She's kind of obsessed with it. Actually. She brings it up a lot. Like my boyfriend, my boyfriend. People [00:08:34] were like, [00:08:34] Oh, so how's it like for you for your girlfriend? [00:08:39] Girlfriend liking girls to he thinks it's awesome. Obviously [00:08:45] Yeah, my mom was like all your junk. Don't tell him that you you know that you bought it. But he's the first one that [00:08:52] you [00:08:55] thought well then she she's quite a she's okay with it. Now we don't talk about it though. Yeah, [00:08:59] how about talking about with your partner? [00:09:03] honor he loves it. He thinks it's hilarious. I tell. We talk about birds all the time. [00:09:11] I think we found a [00:09:14] spot. Yeah, yeah, [00:09:15] we found a video on the off somewhere of this. [00:09:21] Hang on. I [00:09:23] have a weightlifting chick. I don't know where she's from. [00:09:28] That doesn't sound very good. But she was she wasn't bought [00:09:31] but when [00:09:32] I was telling my I need to show you this video of this weightlifting. He was like, [00:09:35] oh, [00:09:36] weightlifting. She's like super lightweight. She thinks about 50 Katie's is tiny, tiny shoes so hot as well. I was like you need to see a heartless triggers. And he thought it was so cool. We got really excited that we were talking about this [00:09:47] hot chick together. [00:09:50] I think he almost died or is he cute? But he couldn't get over there. That was so cool. So yeah, he thinks it's great. [00:10:00] Like he could watch pulling [00:10:01] together. Exactly. Yeah, he thinks it's great. I was dating a girl before I started dating him and he likes to tell himself that he turned to gay gay or straight, which he didn't but helps them sleep at night or something. [00:10:15] At least he can tell his TV. Yeah, [00:10:16] exactly. [00:10:19] Give above support apart from your mother. Yeah. [00:10:22] Oh, yeah. Moms don't support me though. I think it's the the age group like the generation makes it difficult for her to fully get through life. Because I'm an only child she says it's a bit of a hard one as well, because she wants grandchildren all that even though I can. I'd still like mean she seems to be obsessed with the female part of it. But shrug. Even though I would have liked full support, I don't mind that. The it's it was a bit touchy in the middle. I wasn't surprised that happened at all because of the generation age gap. So that's fine. [00:10:56] So how did you feel about the reaction sets? [00:11:02] Good. [00:11:02] Oh, not really that surprised? Because a lot of my friends that I've made through the years ended up actually being gay in some way or have voice that they were completely fine with it. Even though it took me ages to tell them I always knew that they were okay with it anyway, so quite fine for me. I don't have that much trouble. So [00:11:24] you're on the right ship currently? Yeah, yeah. [00:11:26] You've been in relationships before that. Yeah. Yeah. [00:11:27] Just a few. Not a lot. Not a lot. It's like the sexuality thing kind of puts a bit of a [00:11:35] relationship. [00:11:37] For 14, actually, with a friend of mine. She was great. She was really cool, where she's still really good friends now. [00:11:44] But that was when I was still really questioning and I told my mom about one of the other girls at school who said that she was bisexual. If I was like, Oh, no, it's not as high as it doesn't exist. And I was like, Oh, shit. Whoops, I'm screwing around. You know I'm obviously in the face. So I actually broke up with my friend which I come to regret now she knows that we both regretted actually, but yeah, 14 Yeah, that was the first one that went for like three months but I've probably been about before relationships and Paula which is fine. That even seems like a lot to me. But apparently it isn't. So is it like two girls two boys? Yeah, actually Exactly. That Yeah. Gaza Neva. [00:12:21] So how long have you been with your current partner? [00:12:24] Two months next week, but we've been best friends for ticketless amount of fun [00:12:30] as he open to sexuality. Yeah, yeah, he, [00:12:32] he straight himself. I might get out to them all the time. But he's not bothered by it at all. If someone you know, teasing that being gay, he doesn't understand why that's a bad thing. Which is really cool. That's actually great. I know. He doesn't understand like, Why? Why would I be upset, you know, upset if he thought I was gay, which was really cool. It isn't bad all the time. He got glandular fever a few months ago, the doctor asked him if he'd be kissing a lot and he cracked up laughing in the class and featuring kissing boys or girls which was probably the funniest thing ever. I don't understand why gender would matter. But he was fine with it. He thought was funny when mostly I think guys are probably get a bit shitty about asking if they'd been you know, swapping split with other boys but keep in mind at all. [00:13:21] So do express yourself as a feminine or masculine or any other way. [00:13:28] But of both, [00:13:30] I did have a bit of gender identity problems. A few years ago that went on for quite a while. Every now and again. They still they still flare up a little bit. I'm [00:13:42] probably on the more masculine side of feminine I dress really girly when I have to but most the time the voice is low. The you know the three. [00:13:53] Pretty much i [00:13:54] get i can get pretty uppity sounds horrible. Pretty mouthy. Yeah, I can get pretty mouthy. If a boy starts being a bit of a dick come not shy to throw first [00:14:05] at all, sir. Yeah. As your boyfriend mature. [00:14:09] No, surprisingly, no, he is a guy like [00:14:13] hey, I'm straight. [00:14:17] How are you today? [00:14:20] She doesn't check. [00:14:22] But he's he's actually a pretty shy very introverted that really [00:14:29] makes it he was really quiet no sit there and he's really polite and if he's going to be mean he's passive aggressive so you can't even tell it he's being mean he just seems really modest it's hilarious and really different in that way I'm quite loud and I move around a lot but he's quite happy just to sit and be quiet so yeah, he could be he could come across this meter I think if you lead them but he tries his best not to [00:14:53] yeah hey guys I was like oh my god those jeans do not [00:15:01] it was sort of like click his tongue or something so he could he's like trying not to [00:15:09] function [00:15:12] exactly he could I think if he's almost there not quite not enough to be called Metro but I think he wouldn't have to try hard to be out of passes [00:15:25] just wait till there's a JJ isn't [00:15:30] working [00:15:34] so how do you reach other people in the community? [00:15:38] In the gay community? Yeah. [00:15:41] The video game and [00:15:47] a lot of my friends on a big horrible video game of but I try to keep that out of quiet [00:15:56] Yeah, that's how I meet them. I [00:15:58] knew the community love video games. Oh, yeah, [00:16:00] there's quite a few of them. One of us rookie people knew that Armageddon thing I go to that ever you just made hanging with my friends I went they went out physical for about 14 with my friend at the time were different at the time. And we met his people there and now it's just we we go to because they're all around the North [00:16:17] Holland. [00:16:18] It's mainly because if people like to dress up Yeah, yeah, that's a year there's a lot of people that do that there as well. I don't put my know my friends do in you actually, I wouldn't be surprised if you've interviewed some of them. [00:16:31] I meet them through their actually and then through their friends. That again, we've all sort of collectively come together. I went to like through my high school a lot of people it's quite a close place so people usually come out after they finish high school and when asked the gays like when we figure out that someone else when they was gay we always like I'm friends with pizza people that I honestly wouldn't have even talked to them at the time because we gay like we just was connected through that way. closes twice as well. Yeah. I found out about this place. I was like, Yes, that was so good. [00:17:05] And I see your whole to Ben's Oh yeah. [00:17:11] I love your condo moments. Yeah. And [00:17:13] in this one is actually one of my friends little sister's name on it. She has leukemia in so we all we want to be Michelle Watson. She all of us we're one. Yeah. Which is really cool. was about for about six or seven hours and have one of those and never take it off. I shower that and everything. And the same but [00:17:34] yeah, I got the labs the condom skinny, Green Party, and [00:17:40] glow in the dark. [00:17:44] is a [00:17:45] glows in the dark. It's math, math, math, this [00:17:48] is fantastic. [00:17:51] Math, and this is [00:17:53] something wrong with my voice don't know my voice pronunciation of coming out of it. [00:17:59] So what is your definition of virginity? [00:18:01] Oh, I've actually had this conversation quite a bit when you brought it up in the other room. I was like, [00:18:07] Oh, no, when you were in there before, and you've mentioned I had this conversation all the time. I think it's a personal thing. Yeah, [00:18:15] definitely a more personal thing, depending especially with that the religious backgrounds like some people say that, you know, like, [00:18:22] thing you said, you know, once the cherries pulped, which is some but like little I think that can happen just by riding a bike. So I wish I was kidding. But it's true. It's our Yeah, it depends on I think it's a personal personal thing. I honestly don't even know my similar self. I haven't thought about it that much. But yeah, I think it's a personal thing. [00:18:47] Well, thank you for that interview. [00:18:48] That's fine. Thank you very much. Not a problem.

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