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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride indeed. And rainbow you [00:00:07] Hello, how are you today? I'm good. So well you're into [00:00:12] all kinds of things. Anything to do with the outdoors? [00:00:17] You're really into your outdoors. [00:00:19] You saw him. What's your favorite outdoors? [00:00:22] rock climbing insanely [00:00:25] indoor outdoor. [00:00:30] Outdoor [00:00:33] hunting [00:00:40] quite like my hunting, fishing. Camping. [00:00:47] Just hanging out with people. So [00:00:53] what do you say? [00:00:55] Yes. [00:00:56] Where we born? Thomas the know how to say no, sir. Come on. Wow. Yeah. [00:01:01] Two and a half ish. Yeah, so how long have you lived in Boston? [00:01:17] About [00:01:19] soon thing is soon as [00:01:24] you hold tight? Yeah. [00:01:27] So what do you like to do for hobbies? [00:01:31] Fix computers pull them apart put them back together [00:01:36] game [00:01:40] like building as well. Yeah, I'm building [00:01:45] and yeah. [00:01:46] So [00:01:48] what is your six? My was your gender identity? [00:01:54] by [00:01:56] good you [00:01:57] get that christian right. [00:02:00] What is your culture identity? [00:02:08] Zealand European. And what is your sexuality? Yeah. [00:02:15] And what [00:02:16] was your expression? masculine feminine? [00:02:28] masculine. [00:02:30] masculine. [00:02:33] So [00:02:35] when did you realize that you're a guy? [00:02:38] About 15 [00:02:41] What happened? [00:02:43] Oh, I started to get a crush on boys. was a in the classroom. Yeah. Yeah, [00:02:52] it's pretty hard to avoid lockers [00:02:57] wasn't noticeable, you know? [00:03:01] Did you get yourself? [00:03:04] Did you get a thought [00:03:05] where you had to keep a secret? [00:03:09] Yes. [00:03:11] Keep the secret for quite a while. was only about [00:03:17] two years ago. I told one of my basement. [00:03:23] That's good. So you're out of the closet in [00:03:27] half and half. Depending on who it is. You [00:03:34] still gotta tell the rest of my family [00:03:40] so far, just my mom. How that go. quite good. What happened? [00:03:48] Mo face [00:03:51] cheeks is saying on a day to talk to her. And then she came home we both sit down in I told her was her reaction. [00:04:06] She wasn't surprised that you know [00:04:10] I had a feeling she probably knew [00:04:14] I may not bring me home deals or anything. [00:04:18] He was saying you have another guy? No, no. [00:04:26] Big Did you [00:04:29] ask your question like so you have a boyfriend? Or do you have a girlfriend or had any of those hints [00:04:37] have Do you have a girlfriend? [00:04:41] I just said [00:04:44] was kind of the early Christian shave us [00:04:49] How about [00:04:50] what happened when you first saw your friend? [00:04:54] Oh [00:04:56] hey just treated me like normal so [00:05:00] because he is one of my best mates. [00:05:04] So why haven't you told the [00:05:06] other parts of your family? [00:05:09] Because I nice my [00:05:15] older sister [00:05:21] Yeah, like I have something to eat the scales or something so [00:05:27] I'll get there [00:05:31] we'll [00:05:34] get there eventually. [00:05:35] What do you think the reaction would be with you told them probably shocked Why is that? [00:05:49] Probably because they always expect me to get a girlfriend because no one else in the family's gay so [00:05:59] you are yeah but no one knows apart from me [00:06:04] David know how many [00:06:06] kids [00:06:07] yeah [00:06:13] five five kids between them [00:06:20] in theory [00:06:21] one in 10 people [00:06:23] a gay [00:06:26] so like eight people living in that household [00:06:33] so so what's mass and like for you? It's very boring. of seeing the roofing Danny roofing and you [00:06:41] apart from the nicest houses [00:06:45] yeah [00:06:48] what I do to keep busy is usually go for late night walks. And I kept my mental war three four in the morning [00:06:58] say don't mean I just say at night [00:07:03] it's hard to notice things with you don't have a light with you sir. [00:07:08] So [00:07:11] I involve was a commission [00:07:13] master [00:07:17] I'm slowly getting new. [00:07:20] A new door for you. Isn't it? Nice? [00:07:24] Can you socialize with any of the gay community? [00:07:27] One or two? [00:07:30] Yes. Often Do you like hang out? Or [00:07:36] take some ticks me or whatever. But nothing really hanging out from acquaintances of a [00:07:47] very subtle wasn't as [00:07:49] nice [00:07:51] as smart [00:07:51] and accepting for gay people. [00:07:57] Probably not. outside [00:08:01] your personal opinion? Yeah. [00:08:03] My face No. Was that [00:08:08] we can tell how everyone X ray on other people. [00:08:16] Tough from there. So that's how I can so [00:08:21] so you have a lot of support from your mother with your sexuality as well. of a lot of things. [00:08:27] Yes. [00:08:30] She supports me with everything I do. So [00:08:36] please hear me talk Tanya. Yes, I was quite scared of what her reaction was gonna be. You finally got over [00:08:48] expecting anything from you have to coming out? No, [00:08:51] not really. She treated me the same. [00:08:56] She wasn't gonna expect like you start wearing makeup. [00:09:00] Carrying out your room with a dress on [00:09:03] bringing boys are all their part. She'll probably speak [00:09:08] evil. Yeah. It's inevitable. [00:09:10] Sorry. Yeah. Yeah. So do you like living in masa? No, no. [00:09:20] It's very rural area. Yeah. [00:09:26] suburban rural areas. Yes. [00:09:31] Just [00:09:32] been living here most of my life you know [00:09:35] me to move on. [00:09:39] Have you been in a relationship before? No. [00:09:41] Real? Why's that? [00:09:45] I'm giving a [00:09:50] physical Reason No, no really make the right run or heaven meet the right one. [00:10:01] Start socializing with the community gotta start socializing more [00:10:09] hopefully if we should [00:10:12] probably promise to know [00:10:14] this about a community day you can probably find someone there [00:10:19] so [00:10:22] how do you meet other people in the community? [00:10:27] online you take Facebook [00:10:33] no no for you other freeze any of us like I'm [00:10:40] in C D. Which is using the internet dating [00:10:48] dating com main Haan [00:10:54] na. [00:10:56] grinder [00:10:58] none of those. Just take them Facebook. [00:11:05] Say [00:11:09] nothing else. You [00:11:11] know, nothing kills us over the other side of what? predators [00:11:17] all sorts of pressure. So this is your you just need to know which how to filter the predators out. That's true. [00:11:28] So what is your definition of virginity? [00:11:37] question to answer. [00:11:40] I honestly don't know what to say. It's your personal opinion. My personal opinion [00:11:49] Well, what I tell my niece she's not allowed to have sex until until I'm deed [00:11:57] was obeyed him up. [00:12:00] How old are you? 26 [00:12:04] told him young told him all the [00:12:09] so you think it's the first time someone has said? Yeah. [00:12:13] The easy way? [00:12:18] Well, that's a very simple questions. [00:12:21] So you haven't been out for long? You [00:12:23] know, probably a couple weeks. [00:12:26] So being abused because of your sexuality. No, [00:12:32] not cheat, not gh. [00:12:37] So [00:12:38] what is the attitude around Mohsen? [00:12:44] Laughing [00:12:46] Well, this team from bowling is real. [00:12:51] You didn't even show me [00:12:52] saw? Yeah. This is Tim from bowling is the movies. [00:13:00] is probably the only good things. [00:13:04] Do you know much about Martinez in the historical know? [00:13:10] Why is that? Because I just look for you know, researchers. So yeah. You don't [00:13:17] like you don't know just these things. [00:13:19] Not much of a history person. [00:13:22] I those types of people that go out to a lot of coffee cafe so if you could afford it. [00:13:29] If I really want to I would rather pursue us coffee. Iced coffee. Yeah. So coffee. Yeah. You like your coffee? It's hard. Yeah. [00:13:42] It's different. [00:13:45] It's different. [00:13:48] It's totally different. [00:13:51] So what's your plans for future [00:14:00] career? I really enjoy. [00:14:06] Thank you for the interview. You're welcome.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.