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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by proteins eat and rainbow youth. [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:07] I'm good. Thanks. That's good. How are you? [00:00:09] Joseph? Hello, Joseph. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:15] I'm 25 live in Napier. Sunny yet, Wendy now [00:00:23] I'm in a princess Baker [00:00:27] season looking at the same cast for three years. Loving the job. [00:00:33] Loss partner. [00:00:36] Yep. living a dream. Yeah. [00:00:38] What is your likes and hobbies? [00:00:42] I do like cooking. I like banking. I love coffee. Chocolate. [00:00:48] And I love I love performing. Performing. Yeah. [00:00:56] You're into theater and stuff. Yeah, [00:01:00] put them into tiny brothers dressing up. Doing a bit of drag. [00:01:08] Things like that. [00:01:10] Have you ever been to the [00:01:14] gay club? club? q? Yeah. Yeah. [00:01:16] I went there once on a Sunday night. And there was three people they're [00:01:23] both vaping when my friends [00:01:27] as the underground pub, it's not so on the ground. Yeah. Yeah. So the straight bars like Melbourne. [00:01:34] Melbourne. So, [00:01:37] what is your six? Male [00:01:41] Yes. What gender do you identify with? Male? [00:01:46] What is your sexuality? [00:01:49] Okay. Yeah. What culture do you identify with? [00:01:55] Oh, you're a pain. You know? [00:01:59] And how do you express yourself in a masculine feminine? can watch [00:02:06] in between the probably [00:02:09] just straight acting straight acting or comment just just an average. Gentlemen. [00:02:19] What would you like to to Jolly good. Without the accent Yeah. [00:02:30] I can be feminine. I can I can be feminine farm really wants to be usually with the men of hair off got a just people look at me and they just think I'm kind of straight. [00:02:43] Fair enough. So when did you realize [00:02:50] has basically been in my head the whole my whole life but I didn't fully. [00:02:56] I didn't I didn't actually think there was [00:03:00] something like that. And may Intel's that. 1770. Yeah. Yeah. [00:03:08] Maybe Maybe 12. Maybe? fulfil. 17 Yeah, [00:03:12] I stick my head. We like [00:03:15] sitting in them, like crossword man. You know, as a boy across the room. And in the eyes. Sexual. Looking at I'm looking at strike porn, or porn magazines. And it was the coffins like, Oh, that's hot. Right. [00:03:34] There wasn't there wasn't the female part of the phone. It was my apartment was. [00:03:39] It's like, you look at the female pages like yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, my Oh. Yeah. [00:03:45] So I turned on more than [00:03:50] Did you even wait for a denial period? Yeah, [00:03:52] of course. Yeah, of course. It wasn't. It wasn't like, No, it wasn't. No, it wasn't more. It was more just not knowing that that was the fear of the unknown. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Now, I'd be stuck like that for the rest of my life. [00:04:13] Did you ever felt like he had to keep it a secret? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [00:04:17] But two to three years before you came out? Yeah. Yeah, it was. [00:04:20] It was horrible because the town I was living in Foxton. We spoke [00:04:29] to him Tommy and Wellington. [00:04:33] If you blink, you will miss it. Not [00:04:39] maybe. [00:04:44] small, small city town with very narrow minded people. So city people. Yeah, yeah. So the norm, most dangerous right. That's it. If you want anything else. [00:04:58] Good to go on. Yeah. [00:05:05] So when did you come out? [00:05:09] 18. I didn't have it now. Yeah. [00:05:15] It kind of [00:05:19] would have been a friends close friends. Yeah. [00:05:24] A couple of close friends and a couple of gay friends I knew had already known. [00:05:33] And [00:05:36] and then my mom. What via text [00:05:39] was the general reaction. [00:05:47] It was it was mixed. It was half and half between Oh, oh. Oh. And I was like, [00:05:54] Oh, yeah. Yeah. kind of figured that. There's reasons why you go. Yeah. Thanks. So. [00:06:02] So how did you tell them? [00:06:06] text, tapes, [00:06:07] text or email? over the phone? [00:06:11] or What did you say on the tape? [00:06:18] I think that's just what everyone else would say. I've got something really important to tell you. I'm not too sure how you take it. But this is this is fact. And the end and [00:06:35] kind of leave some room for anyone to [00:06:38] give the feedback. Yeah. Did you ever get the reaction where they say, [00:06:43] Oh, this is just a face? Yeah. No, [00:06:46] no, not not a face. Like Did you ever get on that side? [00:06:49] are so I must have had your phone or something like that? No, but people did say a couple of my friends said or you just you just dry out of the [00:06:57] fridge? No, I haven't. No. [00:07:00] Growing but not. [00:07:05] So was your mother's reaction? [00:07:12] she already knew the mother's instinct. They always know. [00:07:18] When you were born, a rainbow came out of the uterus or [00:07:24] a leprechaun? Yeah, yeah. [00:07:27] When the water breaks, there's some kind of rainbow. [00:07:32] Like a rainbow. I think it's woman's intuition. woman's intuition. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they haven't got you for nine months. So it's gonna learn something. [00:07:45] Yes. The whole mindset. [00:07:48] Yes, hormones. Yes. Yeah. Did you [00:07:54] have a support system? Did not No, no. No, not not at all. No, I had to do it by myself. Yeah, I was too scared. People just point some judged. And [00:08:10] so [00:08:12] it was a very slow process. [00:08:14] So I did go through any LGBT IQ groups, or have you been to one. [00:08:20] I have been to one but that was the youth group. That was the incorporation meeting was was that that was just a [00:08:33] sign Sunday Lifeline just to [00:08:37] get enough. Do you scrape once get enough signatures to be incorporated? What she heard was that [00:08:45] Okay, okay. [00:08:47] The whole thing? Yeah. [00:08:50] Yes. How's it going? I have no idea. [00:08:54] I've been someone Nathan. has really had one of the amazing I think I've got mine for Where's your word? It's doesn't have a name. It's more of a social thing. That unknown group of young. Just gonna? [00:09:10] I don't know. I'll pick it off. Think of a clever name for this guy. Yeah. [00:09:19] Cool. That's a good ring to it. Yeah, [00:09:21] it's huge. So I just thought that a couple of weeks ago, [00:09:27] about 10 members, or 10 people turned up and just throw around ideas, and we're just gonna get together every couple of weeks and just do something. Social, Hector? Yeah. Last night had a dinner that went very well. That's good. [00:09:43] So you say you're in a relationship? Obviously, obviously, you've been in relationships for for [00:09:48] many, many. How many? You should? I'm 25. So I've been there and done that. And the small small, small amount of time is cumulative. [00:10:00] What would have more flings or relationships? Yeah, yeah. [00:10:08] voiceprint yet [00:10:18] to come out your first relationship. [00:10:22] Or make me remember, I'm [00:10:26] ships. [00:10:33] Well, I've had a few girlfriends. [00:10:36] This same six, right? [00:10:43] That was probably [00:10:45] probably when I was maybe 2020. Yeah, possibly. 20. [00:10:49] Actually, how did you feel when you're dating ago? Did you ever feel like this wasn't right or anything like that? Well, [00:10:58] I think is a teenage girl it up in [00:11:02] the society of this world, you kind of sexually your penis goes for [00:11:08] not everyone but I think generally So then, um, sex was fun with the girls, but that period of time. I couldn't stand them emotionally and that I just felt like having a [00:11:24] vision. [00:11:28] Not paperless enough. No, no, no, not here. [00:11:33] So would you like to give us tell us experience you had with relationship? [00:11:43] I have the best one. Oh, this is good. [00:11:49] I was I was living by myself. I was having sex with random people and regulars and everything. Just having fun just working, living having fun and of course on in the day I met this guy and he turned out to be okay. [00:12:09] And [00:12:12] at that time, I was only six. But we went out for two weeks he lives in Hawke's Bay. I lived in Foxton. And then [00:12:24] I probably cut off because I just didn't like him [00:12:28] was two years later, the same thing. I'm someone into dating again and then got talking. And we started to go out and he'd make a trip over here. I'd make the trip over there and so forth. And then he convinced me to move over to Hawke's Bay. So I did and I knew he had a temper. [00:12:53] But [00:12:55] soon as I moved over here, I moved into a place with them. That's basically just worship the fan and you don't know someone to really live with them. Yeah. And so so he was he was really insecure. So he an angry so he took a lot of his anger out in a lot of us. insecurities and just the morass, it was basically a manipulator and an abuser and all that. So, [00:13:27] three, two years. [00:13:30] Two and a half years of gain base and up and bullied and just this the whole shebang and led me to cutting mama and a few places and my legs and this and eventually one person said it was just this one person. Kind of random said you need to go see someone. I've got someone who can help you. Here that number and I went to that person. That's where I turned my life around. That's where I said no. Fuck you. Shit. And yeah. [00:14:09] How do you meet other people in the community? [00:14:13] word of mouth. It's small. Nick is a small town. And you may hear her boy [00:14:19] there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:14:24] Or Facebook. Yeah. [00:14:29] So what is your definition and virginity? [00:14:32] Tennessee? [00:14:33] Yes. [00:14:37] What's your definition like your personal definition? Your or your opinion? [00:14:47] I guess if you're on call frightened every single person Yes. [00:14:55] Put on the whole I guess it's gone. Okay, [00:15:01] I guess but but a part of me also thinks [00:15:09] you've got to stick around for China. [00:15:12] I don't know. It could just be my traditional [00:15:18] Have you ever received or experiencing the abuse or abusive behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity? Yes, yes. Always. [00:15:28] Yes. People like to my straight friends. Sometimes they [00:15:33] use it as a drug. They can they can play with it. They think they can play with that and they think [00:15:38] they think it's okay. Yeah. [00:15:39] Well, they are they're okay with but just like [00:15:46] TechCrunch hot. What do you think? What do you think of him? Yeah, [00:15:49] he's ugly. Okay, whatever. [00:15:52] But But native my opinion or close. That's the worst thing. We can go shopping. [00:16:00] Is that Well, that's all I'm good for. Yeah. Right. Well, thank you for the interview. You're welcome.

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