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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? Awesome. What's is your name? Bob. [00:00:11] JOHN. [00:00:12] I show? Yeah. I show it's Bob john. Yeah, [00:00:16] both of [00:00:19] you are very confusing person. And date. Okay, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:25] Current living at waste, but moving back to the Sure thing? Sure. What, as usual, but anyway, that's beside the point. [00:00:32] That's what I say. What are your interest? [00:00:36] interests? [00:00:39] Money hanging out with my partner, Shane. He's awesome. [00:00:44] And saying family and friends. [00:00:49] So how old are you? [00:00:51] 2424 [00:00:53] What is your gender identity? [00:01:00] Yep. Mio [00:01:03] because your culture? [00:01:06] What? [00:01:08] What is your sexuality? Okay. Okay, so when did you realize? [00:01:18] Maybe when I was 19, 2019 2021 [00:01:28] to be exact. [00:01:29] So [00:01:31] what happened? How did you realize? [00:01:35] Um, I realized when I started loving guys, when I was with my past ex girlfriend, and starting hooking up guys between [00:01:48] behind the back, and then kind of found out I mean, just started going from there. [00:01:55] How did you feel when you realize? [00:01:58] Normal? Normal? Normal? Yeah. Normal. You ever had to feel like you want to keep a secret and some sort of way? [00:02:07] Nope. [00:02:08] You're just like, really? out there? [00:02:11] Pretty much. Yeah. [00:02:12] So when you've told your girlfriend, that you're gay, how does she feel? [00:02:24] I'm [00:02:27] sitting right here to be honest. She's one of those 10 pitches her feedback Really? You know, pretty much you walk into the bakery and it was nothing there. [00:02:35] So what was her reaction? [00:02:39] Non Rica. [00:02:42] So when you told her she was like, Oh, okay. I like cake. [00:02:50] Pretty much Long Story Short. [00:02:54] Really? [00:02:56] Yep. [00:02:58] So how about telling your theorems? [00:03:02] To be honest, I think he know. [00:03:07] Really? Positive you have a [00:03:11] Do you have any siblings? [00:03:13] I got one brother and lots of cousins. I have no idea about So do they know because no, and rather knows [00:03:22] why did you tell them and not your parents? [00:03:27] I think they just found out through Facebook and [00:03:31] and then [00:03:32] starting guys rather than [00:03:35] this is very face both on the go. Ah, we're gonna meet him and what's he like? And how Christians you know? What's his name? Howard is a tricky, right blah blah, blah. Yep. last story, but yet basically 21 questions. [00:03:51] What was the main question that they kept on asking? [00:03:55] When you meet him when you get to see him? Yeah, [00:03:59] pretty [00:04:00] is something like or say something like, oh, we're worried about that you're gone kit age or something like that? Nope. [00:04:10] So [00:04:13] have you ever gone through so you've always been in a relationship in some sort of way? Yeah. So you've never had to do the whole single life kind of thing. [00:04:25] kind of thing. [00:04:26] Long Range? No, that was downstairs kind of fit for me. Pretty much I enjoy doing otherwise. Yeah. Take things away is pretty much the way to go. [00:04:38] He's such a baby at clubs. [00:04:44] So how did your friends react from when you told them if you told your friends [00:04:51] and favorite which basically just knew my first I heard the then doesn't use the word Yeah, whatever. And there is accepted me for who I am and [00:05:06] that's pretty much how it goes. [00:05:08] So I don't have any problem. [00:05:11] No problem. No problem giving a shit this is how it goes. [00:05:15] So when it comes to customers have they ever given you shit about it? [00:05:22] Sometimes I have yet but you can pretty much take that on board and you know you get in church. They give you shit where they give back and yes, it becomes a shark fest. Yeah, long story short, but you know, they give you a shot you give them how rough guys know so [00:05:42] what's the worst situation of pain? Because Because of your sexuality? [00:05:47] I'm [00:05:49] To be honest, I don't remember. Yeah, [00:05:54] now they might have some say things ever bullshitting with a drunken is? Yeah, nice day. They don't remember and just take it on board and live is it? [00:06:09] So [00:06:11] So what's it like working in the bar? Yeah, [00:06:15] that's right. I didn't even want hours though for life. [00:06:20] But yeah, that's right. I would say you know, cheap drinks is where to go. [00:06:25] So working in a tiffin it's like a type of work. Yeah, so working this heaven Do you feel it's a bit unusual for a gay guy working in a seven that's like your work? [00:06:42] strike pub [00:06:44] was kinda thinking dog get from my flight. Take him out me and everything but as the way guys name every pasty where cash and fishing and how that you know they give you a shirt you can say emboldening these give them sit back when you can say yeah, that's how it goes. [00:07:05] So how did you feel about your advisor reaction the war on [00:07:11] towards the end? Is there any problem maintaining that is getting to know them and how directed and brothers [00:07:18] and then just [00:07:21] so um, I have you always lived and born in Auckland or you from somewhere else [00:07:29] raised and born and opened [00:07:31] up whole thing. [00:07:35] So did you ever have any support with your sexuality? [00:07:42] Well, that can be technical, you know? [00:07:49] Why is [00:07:53] the cause making someone else from I was dating someone else? [00:08:00] More than once I was cat Henry time to be honest. And having a new occasions like two three in the morning. [00:08:10] But yes, just get this person every bit like three in the morning. Go down to Myrtle Beach or wherever. And yeah, it kind of just started from there. [00:08:20] So you slept around a lot? [00:08:22] I wouldn't say a lot just [00:08:26] more than one person. Yes. [00:08:30] Well, you've had tix a lot then. [00:08:34] Um, well, I want to record that kinda more thing, that person that I kinda get more towards. [00:08:43] So I'm going back to what is the know from the Did you get any support? Which was the no part? [00:08:55] Yes. Do not have time. Here was also still as No Why not? No. Not going there. Yeah, it just [00:09:10] wasn't the base of relationships. [00:09:12] No Long Story Short. I'm [00:09:17] talking about Patty and as Blake Timberlake I finished work late wasn't my fault. And then decided to blow that high. And I felt like bros on the side of my face. Yeah. [00:09:32] Awesome. That painful [00:09:37] not painful not hurt cuz I colonized that he felt really sorry and just [00:09:45] was Yeah, well, I was born it but then I got really upset when he did the whole final breakup takes [00:09:57] work to me takes longer for a short time. Yeah, there's not the core since day one. I got started saying so it's kind of cow dishes. Yeah, that's not cool. [00:10:08] So you're currently obviously in a relationship right? Yeah. Was that like fucking fantastic. Are you meaning that with a panel [00:10:25] can be taken both ways but [00:10:27] like I said without the founder what [00:10:31] I say without the kinda can be at the box. [00:10:38] How was your [00:10:41] year like you said before there was there's a lot of shit going around trong they give you shit you give them shows at work and your customers. How's that affected your relationship? I'm [00:10:57] being Vampira psycho them while but neither you certainly am more than one standard pop like every week, outside. [00:11:12] day that they get you swim and they taught from a loss and [00:11:16] they've gotten to like him and I think he's a good person and gotten to know him better than [00:11:22] Yeah, this is smell Shashi [00:11:24] know. [00:11:26] Making sure. So how do you meet other people? [00:11:32] And then genial way [00:11:38] well as three of my current partner The [00:11:44] reason having him came back was through a threesome with my [00:11:50] other half Mongo mentioned his name or who he is I'm saving my other half the time [00:11:56] had a threesome and then be classic enlightening. Started me me out with him behind my back at the time. And he didn't know him nothing was going on. And [00:12:12] then without me then about [00:12:18] one week, day, one day later [00:12:26] on at [00:12:28] the time, I think [00:12:31] are laying on top of them. And just planting the seeds. What would you say if I asked her out? [00:12:42] And really just kinda started from there. [00:12:48] A good general way to start a relationship [00:12:52] outside by lying on someone enlightened for them and just looking into the eyes and just saying, you know, pretty much Long Story Short. [00:13:02] That's the good way to go. [00:13:04] So I'm cautious your definition of virginity. [00:13:16] You don't know. No. [00:13:20] So have you experience or received any abuse or abusive behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity or your culture? [00:13:29] No, no, no. [00:13:32] So you're a happy chappy. Yeah. Okay. Have a lot of shit that goes around. There's other Any other comments here like to say? [00:13:42] No, that's my head is prison moment. [00:13:45] Okay. Thank you for the interview. You're most [00:13:47] welcome. Thank you.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.