Jayden - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? Good thank you. [00:00:10] Okay, tell us a little bit about yourself. living longer know a business setting is cool. [00:00:18] just general business. [00:00:20] Are you looking to open up your own business or some [00:00:25] really just something handy to have? [00:00:29] Good on the CV? So, [00:00:30] what about your interests and hobbies? Play music? [00:00:38] What type of music [00:00:41] here? [00:00:42] Say like disturbed or Metallica? [00:00:47] Black Sabbath [00:00:49] down Did you went to the Smashing Pumpkins out in Auckland? [00:00:54] No, [00:00:55] I ran into the producer the other way who can't remember whose name is but yeah [00:01:01] sure, okay. [00:01:03] And juicy barf. Yes. So how are you 2020 What is your What is your original six [00:01:14] and what is your genealogy? [00:01:17] What's your culture? I tend to say [00:01:20] it's necessary white Kiwi European. You see in European and what is your sexuality straight straight? So when did you realize you're a transgendered? [00:01:40] Basically [00:01:43] you know you don't realize that you do you realize it to a degree but it all sucks a nice caveat is he is [00:01:52] basically after going online and researching a bit about that kind of stuff. really opened my eyes that was possible. So besides go down there. So did you have to [00:02:04] explain me? Because I don't see a lot of transgendered people what was the process of going for [00:02:15] a self realization or [00:02:17] Firstly, some realized Whoa, how you go for the first I came out as least via [00:02:25] well food at some, you know, sexually attracted to females and then still didn't quite feel right for them to the community and the gender groups and whatnot, and started researching it after that. And then came across transgenders and more research into that I mean, siloed start the steps to transitioning so living as a male for two years prior to [00:02:57] starting hormones and now Yeah, so you leaders know that kind of stuff. Yeah. [00:03:06] What's your what stage are you up to now? [00:03:10] I'm on hormones and surgery in three weeks [00:03:15] so when you're on hormones are the side effects to them? Yep. [00:03:21] Good he grows [00:03:24] the good side of it the good side of things [00:03:28] it's not really Nikki those two well health wise they say they're [00:03:33] not really realistic laid out [00:03:39] do you have to be on like any special diet to be on these hormones or or anything at all [00:03:47] special exercise regime nothing [00:03:51] go to the gym [00:03:53] the gym seven days away [00:03:58] when you came out so transmitted [00:04:02] out to everybody that's about hard to drop. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [00:04:12] came out to my peers came out to my mother later down the line. [00:04:19] The Randalls followed [00:04:25] by being accepted [00:04:27] Yeah, pretty much yeah. Yeah. [00:04:31] It [00:04:35] was the main reactions that you actually gotten crying [00:04:42] they were all positive in the end. Oh my god. What did you tell me earlier? Oh, so my [00:04:50] mom was [00:04:50] crying and one of the lights [00:04:54] and yeah, any Brian was asked was just all we knew. We're waiting for you to tell us [00:05:03] when you came out as lesbian originally to you have to do you actually come out as a lesbian? [00:05:09] He came out to a degree to some people. [00:05:13] Did you come out to your mother? [00:05:16] What was her reaction to that? [00:05:19] That was [00:05:22] here and then she kicks me out for a couple of weeks. So long story short got back in [00:05:30] a few mother now. [00:05:34] So you don't know so you don't gotta get kicked out? [00:05:39] Thank goodness [00:05:42] that would be quite strange getting kicked out for you aren't hongfei your mother [00:05:47] Yeah. [00:05:49] compete for a safe slow slide already done. What's gonna happen research and [00:05:57] was a possibility and I thought it would be possibly happens from the sweets my brother's house for a few weeks. [00:06:06] So what happens after hormones? [00:06:10] After hormones, surgeries. [00:06:13] What's the first one? [00:06:15] top surgery? chest reconstruction? [00:06:20] Neck Surgery probably yesterday to me. [00:06:28] So [00:06:30] I so I heard that you had to pay for it for yourself. Yeah. This is there actually any funding available anywhere? [00:06:38] funding for surgeries available yet? Yeah. [00:06:46] So how much does it generally cost? So depending on the areas [00:06:52] so if you go for funding is very complete labor if not the average price and easy on paper? [00:07:03] How far away? How about anywhere else? [00:07:07] down south while and [00:07:11] then mean overseas and about five 6000 [00:07:17] men for other surgeries and can go up to $100,000 Oh, yeah. [00:07:24] Obviously. Yeah, [00:07:29] I'm gonna say [00:07:35] boy UK i think [00:07:37] i think Thailand was like 10,000 for bottom surgeries. [00:07:41] As far as I'm aware, I mean, UK is [00:07:45] the baby [00:07:46] like saving your life Hayes at the hospital? Yeah. [00:07:55] Would you like caviar [00:08:00] types? [00:08:01] So you've had a good support system? Haven't [00:08:05] you? Know, a spicy it helped a lot. Yes. [00:08:10] It is a very accepting community. [00:08:15] Probably not No. No. [00:08:19] 2010 tell [00:08:23] different sections. Syria [00:08:25] are shouting it out on the street. [00:08:32] Coming praise me [00:08:40] knows it. So, [00:08:42] um, how long it [00:08:46] took me five years or [00:08:48] five, six years. I say? [00:08:51] How long has the group been running? [00:08:55] England? Team leaving 12 years now. So quite a while? Yeah. Must be [00:09:04] long enough for people tonight. [00:09:05] That's at least to me. Yeah. So. [00:09:08] So that's a bit of support system for you as well. Yeah. [00:09:13] Support [00:09:18] the peer group saying huge. Saw the transition? Yeah. [00:09:25] So you're in a relationship currently, obviously. Yeah. So how about Have you been other relationships before? Yeah. [00:09:34] So this is real relationship as a trans man. [00:09:44] How long have you two been dating? [00:09:52] What do you like to answer this year? [00:10:23] Please? [00:10:25] So um [00:10:28] so obviously, how's the transitioning affected the relationship? [00:10:34] Say more positive way. [00:10:39] say if you're in myself commit to my partner more [00:10:47] Yeah. Yeah. [00:10:49] How about you? How you feel personally? Yeah. [00:10:57] So how do you meet other people and the community [00:11:02] the transgender community [00:11:04] online online you guys got a website on Facebook? [00:11:09] Really? Yeah. [00:11:11] quite active yet for 9080 people [00:11:17] and that's across the country [00:11:20] as a many trans people and one annoy [00:11:24] I know of one of the trends [00:11:30] so [00:11:34] just just us How about like the Wyndham underwater area way so? Yeah. [00:11:43] Not really that all we're [00:11:48] really. [00:11:50] Hey, you're transcended. [00:11:53] Let's have a coffee. [00:11:56] barbecue. [00:12:00] Are you fine? [00:12:05] Sorry. I'm sorry. You make feel free? Plus space as well. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:12:13] How about anywhere else? [00:12:18] No, not really only online and [00:12:23] sorry, what is your definition of virginity? [00:12:29] When two people [00:12:34] intimates will [00:12:35] be the first time [00:12:38] here To be honest, I say that generally is you. Yeah. [00:12:45] Do you think there are actually any other forms of [00:12:53] not really, [00:12:55] you know, thanks. [00:12:55] Well, it took the normal what people classes the jealousy or [00:12:59] any type of legitimacy [00:13:06] of virginity and so many sexual evolution over to the name Yeah. [00:13:13] All right. So, have you experienced or [00:13:28] anyway [00:13:34] Have you experienced any abuse of behavior or abuse because of being transgendered? [00:13:43] Mostly verbal. [00:13:47] abuse. [00:13:48] abuse can be many things. It could be just, it could be physical, verbal, anything [00:13:54] since been out of this trade trains stable. [00:13:58] Nothing recently [00:13:59] and so you generally [00:14:04] have, what should I say? [00:14:10] I was the little [00:14:14] kid. It's my old work here. Did I start referring to the old movie? [00:14:23] But, you [00:14:25] know, just basic beliefs mostly. [00:14:35] The most famous Christian [00:14:45] well, small like miseducation. What? [00:14:50] What What do you say to that? [00:14:54] Boy? [00:14:57] Really, really? [00:15:01] Oh, thank you to the interview. Is there anything else you want to say? Thank you.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.