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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in z.com. [00:00:05] I'm here with Jason. Hello. [00:00:07] Okay. [00:00:08] So I can get above description about your can you tell us about yourself? [00:00:13] I'm a thing. I live in Toronto and Hawke's Bay. And I'm still going to school at the moment. [00:00:21] Okay. [00:00:23] It was your interest. [00:00:26] I like computers and cows. Let's see. [00:00:30] What gender do identify with. [00:00:33] Male. [00:00:34] What cultural do identify with European? What is your sexuality? Guy? [00:00:42] When did you realize that you okay? [00:00:45] Probably when I was around team [00:00:48] How did you realize [00:00:50] I didn't have any interest in ghosts and my parents grandparents always asked me why I didn't want a girlfriend or why didn't have a girlfriend? And yeah, yeah, yes, I could give them was I didn't want one. [00:01:03] How did you feel when you realized? [00:01:06] Um, I tried to deny it and try to think around it crack. realize how I could have a girlfriend but yeah. As come to accept? [00:01:18] How long did it take for you to not to lie? [00:01:23] to myself or to others? [00:01:24] A bit of a bit of be [00:01:28] to myself, probably by 13. And to others. I still joke for some people, but not to close friends. [00:01:37] Okay, um, did you feel that you had to keep it a secret? Yeah. [00:01:42] Why is that? Um, my parents would always comment about anything gay related something like on the news or on a TV show. But how wrong it is how second as and yes, I knew that they wouldn't accept. And same with most of my friends. And I also believe people they think thought were go [00:02:03] as your parents religious or something? [00:02:05] No. Yeah, [00:02:06] they're more traditional. And that seems [00:02:10] okay, I'm having came out of the closet. [00:02:15] I have, but some people like younger people at school, so try to keep it a secret from them. So, yeah, they don't need to know really. [00:02:26] Okay, um, [00:02:28] how did you come out to come out to concert? Um, [00:02:33] well, my parents to speak to that, because I was spending so much time with my boyfriend Lloyd. But yeah, they really found out when they caught me and him in the bed together. [00:02:47] But having sex with each other, [00:02:48] not just like, the sleeping that underwear. [00:02:53] Did you have a talk about the day after summer? That all that night? Yeah, [00:02:58] thank corners, parents and got them to come pick them up and then had a talk to them. And they lied about it Ignite. They didn't know. [00:03:09] But yeah, I managed to get away with that saying that it was the one off just because I didn't want them to know from why they reacted. [00:03:18] Okay, um, how about other people's reactions? [00:03:23] I lost basically all my friends over. [00:03:28] Set because of the Do you feel because that's the area live. And that's the type of people that live there. Or? [00:03:37] It is mainly the people that love them. Yeah, they never were accepting of it. And I knew that they weren't there. How [00:03:45] did you tell your friends? [00:03:47] I mainly found out from my parents. [00:03:50] What your parents told your friends, takes them on. Facebook says hey, my son's gay. [00:03:57] I actually got my two best friends over to talk to them to ask them if they knew about it. And you told them everything. And then just spread from now. [00:04:07] To What does I [00:04:11] we home at the time when your parents were growing up? [00:04:14] I found out about a week later. [00:04:18] Okay, um, how did you feel about about you coming out? [00:04:24] I'm glad that I am out so I don't have to hide it anymore. That I wish that the reactions were a bit more supportive. [00:04:34] One of my main friends completely avoided may because of how his friends reacted to it. But he realized that it wasn't right. And we're still really close friends now. [00:04:47] Was that for just that friend? Or more than one? [00:04:50] Just that friend? The other one. The other main friend doesn't talk to me anymore. [00:04:55] Do you think your other friends will come around? No, not literally come around course. [00:05:01] Um, well, my best friend Hannah Schorsch. I've been friends with Well, since I was five. Hey was the one person trick was, hey, spread it out throughout the whole school. Get gigs thrown at my car and people coming off me calling me gay and just yeah, going on about as I do. Just because he told a few people who told a few people had just got around the whole school. [00:05:31] I get people that don't even know coming into work asking me if I'm go. [00:05:37] Hello, does that affect your work then? [00:05:39] Um, my colleagues at work don't know about it. And they have actually asked me which they shouldn't. But they have. I've just told them that I'm not. Because I don't want that to get in the way of work. [00:05:55] How about showing your performance at work when someone comes on? [00:06:00] I've actually had a few people removed from the store in the past, but there's this one younger girl. She goes to my school I found out who came in with a few friends and they were yelling it out at the counter. Like saying that boys guy and here's a boyfriend. I've seen him kissing him at came out. Which wasn't actually true. And yes, I had them removed from the store [00:06:27] of all the places so he came up. Yeah, [00:06:30] just around the corner from where I work. [00:06:33] Um, did you have Did you get any support? [00:06:39] Not Not really, at all. I've actually tried getting an independent Youth Allowance. So I could move out of home that that got declined in the end because my parents lied about the situation acting like that was supporting me and saying that there's no problems at home [00:07:01] Okay, um, have you ever wanted to [00:07:07] try look for support in a way [00:07:10] I have tried [00:07:12] apart from going to gain that and dependence one. [00:07:16] I spoke to my school counselor because that was part of the independent youth Alliance and she recommended rainbow youth I sent an email to and never got a reply from [00:07:29] but other than that I've the main support I get us from my life is friends who are all gay and can relate. [00:07:38] Including your boyfriend. Yeah, [00:07:39] definitely. [00:07:41] Okay. [00:07:43] Apart from your boyfriend that your relationship that you're now have you been in a relationship before then? No. [00:07:52] As any of [00:07:55] his has you coming out affected your relationship [00:08:00] that has my parents attempted to keep Floyd away from a saying that pays the pedophile because at the time I was 15. And he was 19. So the age difference look quite that but yeah, kids in that he was a pedophile and that he's a crepe, and he's manipulated me into it. And that's all part of his little game. And so they stopped him from coming around completely. And try to stop me from going to his house. So I was lying about working late and lying about working on days that I head off and just doing anything I could spend time over there. Yeah, until his parents found out that we lied about my age initially. [00:08:42] With my daughter [00:08:44] Yeah. [00:08:47] How do you meet other people? [00:08:50] Usually online Yeah, I don't really know where else to start. There are few gay people at my scope but I don't like the personalities [00:09:01] do like mash them on like, grind to something like that. Yeah. into demon hunt. Yeah. Yeah. [00:09:12] I you [00:09:13] know, [00:09:18] have you gotten or expect? Well, actually, this is obvious question. So you can see just they said this before, but I'll ask it anyway, if you got your experience any abuse because of your sexuality or gender it? Yeah, [00:09:31] quite a lot. My parents have told me about how it's discussed Simon, how this saw shamed of it. And how that do anything to change them how they don't know where they went wrong. Like it's a problem. Like it's their fault that I'm gay. And then at school constantly I get people commenting about it and talking behind my back and I get people avoiding me I sit down in class and people move away from it. Just because I don't want to be saying with the gateway as I'm honest. [00:10:06] Have you ever tried or thought about creating your own group? [00:10:10] I've thought about it but I don't personally know enough people in my area that would be willing to support it. And my parents paid again sir. [00:10:23] How about trying something why combined Dave areas of Hastings IPOs Anupama Masterson benefit, fielding [00:10:35] at be a good idea, but I wouldn't really not waste without. [00:10:38] Okay. Because of the place and Eric, do you feel that? You want to move away from the area that you live on? Yeah. [00:10:48] The few times I've been to Wellington and Auckland, I've yet the community is so much better, and sophomore acceptance of gay people. So I would definitely like to move on as possible. [00:11:05] Is it? Do you think it's just the area that you live in? Or do you think it's other small towns as well? [00:11:11] Um, I know a few smaller towns that do have quite a high population of gay people. So it might just be called spy or it might be that there are a lot more people in the closet. [00:11:25] Okay, um, what's comparing to Hastings? And what do you think Watkins like? [00:11:33] Overall? Yeah, [00:11:34] overall, for the gay thing. Um, [00:11:36] well, first thought is gay bars, which you wouldn't even hear of quotes by there was one in Napier ones which closed down a few years ago. [00:11:47] But yes, gay bars and you see a lot more gay people on a straight who are more open about their relationship. And Hi, Sam, she wouldn't do a walk around, walk around holding hands with your boyfriend. You're bound to get abuse and someone [00:12:04] doesn't get violent down there. There's some sort of affection out from public with your boyfriend or SEO a gay couple. Yeah, [00:12:12] I've tried with Lloyd you try walking down the street holding hands and people drive past and throw things out the window and shout faggot at Yeah. Yeah, it's just not pleasant at all. [00:12:25] Okay, so going back to talking about you. What do you want to do when you leave school? [00:12:33] I'd like to go to a UT and continue studying. [00:12:37] What would you like setting? [00:12:39] I haven't really decided yet probably something computer a license, as was my career i'd yet but I'm quite lost for warfare. So at the moment, [00:12:48] ever thought about like doing something that would help the gay community like maybe a youth worker or social worker or something like that? [00:12:58] I don't know. I don't really plan to live my whole life and New Zealand. So I don't really know how I could go with that. Yeah, [00:13:08] well, with something like that. You could actually adventure yourself to maybe Australia, [00:13:15] or something like that. [00:13:17] Hmm. That's an idea. Yeah. [00:13:19] Well, but then again, you can do that with computers as well. Yes, sir. Well, depends on the computers, the computer degree and what you're studying. Yeah. [00:13:32] Okay, that always at the end of my interview, do you have any last minute comments? [00:13:40] I think any parents wanting to know how to accept it, they need to understand that it's not their fault. It's not a problem. It's not a choice at something which the boy or girl has born with and something much they have to learn to accept. My parents now allow Lloyd over. And yeah, he's allowed to sign a separate room though. [00:14:07] No Hanky Panky. Yeah. [00:14:08] But it's better than completely trying to stop contact, I guess. So. I think it's important that parents support their kids, because if they don't support them, oh, well, I think parents need to stand up for their kids against bullies. Anyone that has the fence of about a. [00:14:29] Okay. Last question. Last question. And this for about the parents. Do you believe that parents are need accept the fact that the children are gay? Because not performed enough? Or do you think they see the children as a little thing is as like a small version of themselves and I want them to be a certain way. [00:14:56] I think it's both. I think a lot of parents want a nice yo kid that grows up his grandchildren strike relationship. And yeah, then just goes on from there following their family name and everything. But I think a lot of parents don't understand what the kid has to go through to get to the stage vaping being willing to come out here everyone. And I don't understand that. It's not something which you can decide on sign. You can, you can just chose. [00:15:28] Okay, thank you for the interview. Thanks. Have a good night.

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