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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and seed and rainbow. [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:08] Hello, how are you today? I'm asking your [00:00:10] mom asking you is my coffee here? Mom good. [00:00:14] That's good. How are you, James? Okay, James, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:19] I dropped out of school at 16 [00:00:23] I have a puppy. [00:00:25] Yes, you have a puffy [00:00:27] puffy zoo. And she lived in Napier [00:00:30] your whole life? Yeah, yeah. [00:00:32] Pretty much likes me and nature. Born in Napier. Yeah. We. [00:00:39] So how about lights and hobbies? [00:00:48] I like drinking. [00:00:51] I like hanging out with people that can get on a good buzz. [00:00:55] Spending time with friends mainly just getting out of the house. Busy shit. [00:01:01] Just hanging hanging with people that have like can have a good time. Doesn't have to be drinking just you know, talking to people. May I like meeting new people? It's pretty cool. Yeah, [00:01:12] and you don't have a cell phone? Yeah, [00:01:14] sorry. When I made me like how do I contact you and like my just gonna fund me. [00:01:20] Anyway, um, what is your sex? [00:01:24] Gay that's your six year old male yes will slay [00:01:28] dinner. You know [00:01:30] do what is your gender identity according to do you identify with males? Yeah. And obviously sexuality is gay. Yeah. [00:01:39] worshiping the second choosing [00:01:43] which kosher to identify with. [00:01:46] Like my background. What like Modi's? Yeah, yeah. melodies and yeah, everyone, [00:01:53] everyone and have to express itself in a masculine or feminine [00:02:00] half and half year in between, but I'm wearing guys a sort of tend to be a bit more. [00:02:05] I just don't need to care. [00:02:08] Like another chick. [00:02:09] Any other guys. Yeah. [00:02:13] As you do. So, um, so when did you first realize that you were attracted to male? [00:02:21] My thoughts? Well, [00:02:23] what happened? [00:02:26] was during our interview camp, [00:02:30] my best friend so [00:02:31] I guess the boys gone. [00:02:34] And then yes, the whole school so it's pretty bad. But I was right in the end. It wasn't just ended up moving to another school started over again. And then I came out or when? Yeah, I came out there. Foley and then ended up dropping out next year. It's pretty otherwise pretty lock would handle the staff was just annoying hearing people without saying so. Get over yourself. [00:03:06] So the eating room having a denial period where you like you didn't accept your sexuality or you [00:03:13] know, like, [00:03:16] I know how I feel about checks like they like mates or sisters are saying I can hang out with him. Yeah, I do like a couple of them, but never for what they look like more than personalities. Like, like a really, really good friend is the thing. I want to go out with you. I like you. But then the way I feel about guys, it's totally different. Like, you know, yeah, yeah, [00:03:39] she [00:03:40] get attracted to you. Yeah, I'm attracted to be a figure in what they look like him tell her talk and stuff. Like that, [00:03:49] but [00:03:51] so you came out at 16? Yeah, yeah. To do you came up to [00:03:57] one of my really are sort of new friends as sort of wanted to see how should take it. And then I came out to my best friend, my two best friends at the time. And it's my mom, and then to a couple other friends and then pretty much the whole school found out but also Goodbye then. [00:04:11] What was it? What was the general reaction to it? [00:04:15] Because most of my friends who checks law used to be checks and they're pretty like, Oh my gosh, this is psycho. I knew it. I knew it was God. You can take [00:04:23] shopping like Calm [00:04:25] down, calm down. We can [00:04:27] wear makeup. [00:04:30] They think it's like that. I think I've liked it. But like, man, I'll go shopping in that I was really sick of this. I'm like, wrong. what it looks like when you get in front of me. It's like, session. Our second session and fishing tastes really bad. As we're what other people were. It's hard for grid or whatever. Yeah, yeah. To follow trends. The trend new book. [00:04:59] The right style. Yeah. [00:05:00] He was like, What do you want to do with us? And I was like, not dead. chop it off. It's taken a while to greatness. [00:05:08] But it feels like pretty disgusting. [00:05:11] Why she keeps it [00:05:11] keeps us bloody hands out. And I like me made it look really retarded. No. He's like, like, made it square. And then that, as I told him to do what that meant. Yeah, [00:05:27] that's right. It's a pretty good show. Anyway, um, [00:05:30] so you were quite, you had a support system, really? For people accepting orgs? Six? Yeah, yeah, [00:05:36] I had people to talk to and stuff. Like, you know, when people would say things like, just ignore them. None of my friends had anything bad to say. They I anytime my mom and my family. And then my sister found that not too long after me was pretty like kept a pretty tight for a while and then just got out. But then who I didn't want to know my dad and my name and my brother. And they will like no one they knew knew them. So it was pretty life out after me care about who would know because I don't really care about the opinions. But just my dad, my dad and my brother display their data they still don't know. They still don't know. My dad. He got told by his best friend because his best friend went out with my best friend sister. They're like husband and wife. And there's my dad's for instance, like high school. It was pretty trippy. Like when I moved on with my mate and I found out that his sister's husband was my dad still met, and they still hanging out and stuff was that atrophy? Like failure. He ended up telling my dad but my dad sort of slightly said like he's all right with it. Pretty much he just said he's all right with it as long as I keep it to myself and don't you know, have guys walking through the house naked and shit like you know, or Yeah, he's all right. [00:06:47] And that's what the straight world things about us. [00:06:50] Exactly. Brother my brother I think he knows but apparently he's denying it because [00:06:55] it's quite funny because you Neva denied your six reality but your brother's denying your six year old? Yeah, [00:07:00] like he just doesn't believe it because when I'm around him I act like guy everything costed be like what the fuck you want about so it's pretty Yeah, I think he just doesn't realize what I'm really like. [00:07:13] So, you know, I gotta tell him [00:07:18] now, I really know I don't really need to tell them like telling your brother [00:07:22] like maybe if I get a partner that I feel like I should have introduced to my family like a real good partner you know that I feel like I'm going to be with for what kind of a panel at the moment and he's been introduced to my mom but that's about it and my sister, but I haven't taken the I don't want my name to find out that she's like a Christian. It's like devil worshipping. She's like, you know, even though it doesn't really settle in you know, I should accept that but I just don't want to give you the opportunity to like you know, I just want to be when she finds out she finds out I don't think my dad would ever tell me [00:08:01] just in case he thinks he might get a heart attack yeah [00:08:08] not really just Christmas day last year. Oh dear. Care to be on Christmas day it's your favorite day of the year and she's a how to take [00:08:15] maybe too much excitement. Yeah. Oh my god. [00:08:20] She doesn't get any presents. She does love buying like Christmasy stuff like she sets up a whole lounge like a Christmas Town village. She has like the fluffy family stuff for the snow and like all these little people and the houses have lights inside so it makes it look like the lights are on and street lights it's like crazy. She's had [00:08:40] she had she stopped putting it up yet. [00:08:42] No. She puts it up with that end of November or starts to because it takes about a whole month of one of these she's willing to put stickers like on the door and then [00:08:52] take it down [00:08:53] yeah, she like usually leaves the stickers on just because she can't be bothered scraping them off and having to scrub this sticky stuff off she is we still got one Christmas that going out toilet from last Christmas like they just decided care of one of them just fell off that was on the toilet seat fell off and I just remember thinking on the ground somewhere checked it out [00:09:16] but it's been on the toilet for about what 61 man [00:09:24] show Yeah, [00:09:26] what's that like for you? Hard Why is that [00:09:31] so much today so many places the way 70 people to please [00:09:37] my puppy and [00:09:38] happy relationships I you know I just made [00:09:40] like, you know I put it behind for my mom and my puppy and I'm going to be at work and then I'm going to be my boyfriend and that's like works pretty much half the day every single day of the week that I'm doing more than half a day most of the time I'm sleeping the other half and then on top of that I'm going to be like in two different places at two different times moaning and I think Bobby only had a fight about my ex this room and she stole off me and he didn't like her but cuz she sort of took me in when I needed a place to go I learned a lot for me for a while and I was like pretty much paying for our food paying for like people to get us around taking you to interviews that one such good on the benefit I mean I was paying for for about six weeks until her benefit got accepted and she got back paid and the first thing she went to spend the money on was pretty much just drugs and it our way to pick it one by day and then I let it go and then had another segment later guys keep living things guy and then Junior my boyfriend he got over it and just said you know I don't want a new in me and then we're just like I have to be there for her because she stayed at my aunt's house and I couldn't just leave it there by itself so pretty much as soon as I finished with her got the ship want to drink sweet drink your drink after work and he was a sight felt like he has been lifted out sort of thing what's just completely understandable asked me to spend more time with them [00:11:03] so we're all right this was [00:11:07] them as relationships. Yeah, [00:11:10] so um how do you make other people in the gay community [00:11:15] not don't really [00:11:18] need your [00:11:18] yeah oh not a lot from Facebook mainly but I don't really talk to any of them so I don't really know them. I need to talk to people or no i don't know i could bring up conversations. [00:11:29] So what is your definition of virginity? Does that mean [00:11:37] what what does that mean? [00:11:39] What is your definition like what's your personal opinion on [00:11:45] I gets lost I don't know. I don't know. I don't really have a personal opinion it's like [00:11:56] you never thought about before [00:11:59] never it to [00:12:04] think about when you think about it now what do you think about those [00:12:07] are you talking about being a virgin? I yeah, yeah. When I think about it most of the time I think I am still a virgin and one way because like you know how in chicks lose their virginity all that stuff happens and I haven't really done that fully. Not yet. Yeah, yeah, but I still haven't like hit six fully. Like science don't feel like I am you know, but don't know what I'm doing sort of thing sort of scares me about six this aside, you know, but on the weary side, definitely want to get into it with anyone that I don't really you know, I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and stuff. And that's why I think the main thing with my boyfriend is don't want to hurt his feelings. Yeah, [00:12:54] that's something waiting to happen. Yeah, [00:12:58] so um, have you ever accepted variants have received any abuse because of your sexuality or gender identity? [00:13:07] Nah no high school you know a couple of little things just like the verbally just abused me but it was I get over it sort of thing and I just walk away. No point in getting to an argument but a couple of people like here we've got entitlements enough mentioned a couple of things that are definitely big my Shut up, you know. [00:13:28] Not feeling pretty good. [00:13:31] Well, thank you. [00:13:34] Thank you.

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