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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and David and rainbow. [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? Good. That's good. [00:00:10] How are you? [00:00:12] Hello, Emma, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:15] I'm 20 I'm taking a break from study by fine. [00:00:23] I mean, like, [00:00:24] I was a student now I'm taking a break for medical reasons. [00:00:28] And what do you do? [00:00:29] What do [00:00:30] you do? And I'm working. I'm training for a job as a personal assistant. [00:00:34] Oh, and what is that personal assistant for? [00:00:38] to dominate kicks? Interesting. [00:00:43] How did you get into that? [00:00:44] My friend sent me up. [00:00:50] I'm just the assistant I don't do anything in the dungeon. [00:00:58] Nothing in the dungeon. No. [00:01:01] Boundary there [00:01:03] is a good boundary. Yeah, [00:01:05] yes. [00:01:07] So I you from Tommy? No, I'm from Nike, Tyler Nike. [00:01:14] What? How long have you lived in Tommy [00:01:20] got a year and a half year and a half, nearly two years. But a year and a half, maybe even three quarters or something. [00:01:27] So [00:01:29] to do this came from a new promo for Nike, Nike I've ever seen. I've never been to or connected before. [00:01:36] There's not like a [00:01:38] speech in a nice view of the mountain. But it's about it. That's it. Yeah, it's really small. It's very [00:01:44] small. Why is that? [00:01:46] Because it's a small town. [00:01:49] How many people live? [00:01:52] I don't know a couple of thousand. Maybe? [00:01:55] I don't [00:01:57] know. [00:01:59] washes your sex? [00:02:02] Like female? [00:02:05] Yes. You know, what gender are didn't choose? [00:02:09] Whether you classify yourself as female or male, [00:02:12] yes. What gender do for dinner? Do you identify yourself as a male, female? And what is your sexuality? [00:02:22] And what is your cultural identity? [00:02:26] Which which culture do you identify with? [00:02:30] Us? Yeah. [00:02:33] You can you can be a key. You can identify your culture with Kiwi. [00:02:38] Kiwi Asian Kiwi. Really? [00:02:41] Cuz I'm really into Asia. You're really into Asia? So [00:02:46] I'm really into Asian culture. It's not my actual [00:02:50] nationality but [00:02:51] works. Yeah. [00:02:53] And do you express yourself in a masculine feminine, dark ish way or tomboy or [00:03:01] anything? [00:03:03] That's a more feminine than masculine? [00:03:06] No favorite. Yeah. [00:03:09] So like a gala gala? [00:03:10] Not super girly, but kind of [00:03:12] Yeah, you have your moment. You have your masculine moments, but not that often. Yeah. Yeah. As you do. [00:03:19] So when did you realize that you were attracted to the same gender? [00:03:24] Um, I think [00:03:26] I was like, 14, and I was watching TV. And there's men's cheerleaders on TV. And I was like, Oh, I was like, [00:03:35] Oh, shit. I just realized I'm attracted to women. Holy shit. Yeah, pretty much it [00:03:41] wasn't like I wasn't like, bring it on. I saw that movie. [00:03:44] And I think he was on or something. [00:03:50] My parents watching like being his cheerleaders or something like that. I can't really remember. [00:03:59] Okay, I've never had hurts. [00:04:03] I never actually heard that before where someone [00:04:06] ago [00:04:07] figured out that they're attracted to girls by watching a man the game of rugby. [00:04:12] Oh, I don't want to Rock me. My dad was watching and I was just in the room. And it was killing his [00:04:20] aggressive v be aggressive. [00:04:24] Touch your ball on that ground? [00:04:30] me Who? So? [00:04:33] Did you have feelings with other students in that class? [00:04:39] Like other girls, [00:04:40] not my class, but at the same school? I did. [00:04:44] The same school? Yeah. [00:04:44] Did. Did you ever tell them about it? No. We like the hot girls that just like walk around and you just go. [00:04:55] I'm kind of Yeah, like, I don't. Really? Yeah, I'm really easily intimidated by famous. So if I like to go, I can never really tell it. Was that? [00:05:06] Because I'm very shy. You're shy person. Yeah, I'm actually like, I've got social anxiety as well. [00:05:14] So [00:05:17] when you [00:05:19] first realize how did you feel? [00:05:24] Mm [00:05:25] hmm. Nothing really changed. Like, oh my god. I was just like, Oh, [00:05:31] it's interesting. [00:05:33] You didn't read it for tonight? Oh, periods in here? [00:05:36] Nah, they either succeed accepted her. You like me? Yeah, [00:05:39] pretty much. I me. I don't care. Like I had a boyfriend at a time. But um, yeah, [00:05:45] no problem with it. Really? I was just like, Oh, [00:05:51] my, my girlfriend is and two other girls. Yeah. [00:05:56] Wasn't that kind of thing? [00:06:01] He kind of didn't really like it that much. But [00:06:04] really, because he said, Go fetch him for other girls. Before he was gonna do that. Oh. which is understandable. Yeah. [00:06:16] I guess that's understandable. Yeah. [00:06:19] I guess it's different than [00:06:21] he's not really a good six year old faces against [00:06:24] No, no, it was just because we're in a relationship. He was just afraid of me leaving and kind of thing. Yeah. Switching away. Did you think [00:06:32] Yeah, I don't want to lose you. Yeah. [00:06:37] When did you come out? [00:06:39] Oh, I you out? [00:06:41] Um, [00:06:42] I haven't told my family but with my friends have pretty much told everyone like, yeah. [00:06:50] How's that go? [00:06:52] When you told me? [00:06:54] Why didn't [00:06:55] actually really have to come out to them. I was just kind of like, [00:07:00] everyday conversation like, Oh, yeah. kind of thing. What are we talking about today? Like, are you gay? And I'm like, going by kind of like, it's not a big deal. But with my family? I can't tell them. Why is that? [00:07:12] I'm not really close to them. So I don't know how they react. [00:07:16] So it's not really a Christian of coming out or anything? Is that? [00:07:20] Yes, I feel like I feel like they should know. [00:07:24] If I get into relationship with a go for like, a long term relationship? I'd probably tell them. But at the moment, I've never really had any reason to tell them. [00:07:34] Fair enough. Yeah. So [00:07:39] when did you mean was that when you actually come out to your friends? [00:07:48] I kind of just tell them when I meet them more. But [00:07:55] I don't know when I was 15 or 16 or something. [00:07:58] So did you ever felt that you have to keep a secret from anybody? And it's already for your family? [00:08:06] Do you think that you're if you would ever tell them? If, of course, you probably would if you got a relationship, but otherwise? [00:08:20] Maybe if I asked me about it, [00:08:22] like see you? Girls, I don't know that. [00:08:26] I wasn't sure. Go ahead. Tell them better. [00:08:30] My parents were just like, I don't know if they've passed on. But your sexuality it was I wouldn't mind telling them but I'm not gonna bring it up myself. [00:08:39] It's highly unlikely that [00:08:43] especially, [00:08:44] especially if you've had boyfriends, and so yeah, [00:08:46] so you [00:08:48] kind of have support system in Europe, because of your sexuality. [00:08:52] About your sexuality. [00:08:54] Like no one was against the jury thing. [00:08:57] Now, and I supported you. [00:08:59] If anyone was I just feel like, [00:09:01] I got off, please. Yeah, [00:09:05] and [00:09:08] let's track. [00:09:11] How can I lose track? [00:09:13] Have you ever been to a LGBT [00:09:17] youth group before? [00:09:18] No. Have you ever wanted to? Yes. [00:09:23] But um, because my social anxiety I haven't been able to have someone to take me I'd probably just be real quiet and not really talk to anyone kind of thing. [00:09:34] So you think Have you ever been in a relationship with a girl before? Not in a relationship? [00:09:41] Have you had things with girls? [00:09:42] Just one, one? Yeah. [00:09:45] Like to tell us about? [00:09:47] Um, [00:09:49] I was drunk at a party. [00:09:53] We just hooked up by nothing big. [00:09:57] No, nothing big night before like, interrelationship afterwards, but it just didn't happen. yet. We weren't really that into each other kind of thing. Like it was just the drunk thing. [00:10:07] spur of the moment. Yeah. [00:10:10] Have you ever had feelings for, [00:10:12] like proper romantic feelings? Or go before? [00:10:19] Yes, if I have [00:10:22] like to [00:10:25] give an example, any of these girls. [00:10:27] Um, [00:10:29] there was this one girl who I met in Japan. She was from Canada. And I kind of fell in love with her. But she's straight. So I never told her. Yeah. Yeah. [00:10:42] So how do you meet other people in the LGBT community? [00:10:49] Um, I've never really been able to until recently, my flatmates kind of introduced me to people in the community. [00:10:57] And it's slowly one by one in one year. [00:10:59] Like just starting to know her friends. For all new for you. Yeah, [00:11:04] brand new experiences. Yeah. [00:11:06] It's like, wow, it's a completely new road. [00:11:11] As a new row for you. [00:11:12] I'm a little bit [00:11:14] yeah, at the same time, it's like nothing has changed. Yeah, nothing's really changed that much. It's just more around me. Huh? Yeah. People move. [00:11:25] Absolutely. [00:11:29] So um, what is your definition of virginity? [00:11:34] My definition of virginity. [00:11:36] Yes. [00:11:40] Well, [00:11:42] this [00:11:42] first time you may go up to someone. [00:11:45] Ellen. [00:11:47] Do you think do you feel that virginity can be more of a sexual thing could be other things like emotional spiritual or [00:11:55] religious? [00:12:00] I just say it's a physical thing like just the physical seeks but trying [00:12:06] trying to people [00:12:07] yeah [00:12:09] okay, have you [00:12:10] ever experience or received any abuse or abusive behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity? [00:12:18] No. [00:12:21] Stop because you're like [00:12:23] I'm by [00:12:26] what? [00:12:28] You don't really going out and saying no, and by not really gonna get anything anyway. Does that [00:12:39] drag queen [00:12:42] apart from Beth [00:12:51] she's more like a dominatrix [00:12:57] little bit more about you being up here. I have [00:12:59] love you for dominatrix. [00:13:03] Um, [00:13:04] that's kind of interesting because I'm quite vanilla. So Noah, [00:13:07] like know what, you know, [00:13:10] chocolate or anything. [00:13:12] Like this actually, I'm quite not that kinky. [00:13:18] But I'm not into [00:13:22] web sword toys and stuff like that. So it's kind of really interesting. [00:13:28] doing stuff for season two so much and I'm just like, what is this? [00:13:34] Is your slightly fascination [00:13:37] with like, no, yeah, yeah. Keep that with away from me. [00:13:42] I don't want to be tied [00:13:47] to any dreams. [00:13:52] So did you expect this to happen at all? [00:13:57] This dominatrix thing? Yeah. [00:14:00] No, I didn't expect it just kind of happened. [00:14:04] Things happen. [00:14:08] Here [00:14:08] we go. [00:14:10] Goodness gracious me. [00:14:13] What do you see yourself doing in the future? [00:14:17] I want to travel a lot. [00:14:19] So I want to have a job where I can kind of work in many countries. Many countries. Yeah, like go for Asia. I'd love to [00:14:28] travel for Asia. You travel to hurry heaven to a little bit, obviously to Japan. Yeah. That was awesome. How about anywhere else? I've been to Fiji [00:14:40] Vanuatu [00:14:45] So, Australia. No, no, I don't even been to the South Island diver. [00:14:51] Well, thank you for the interview. Yes.

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