Danny - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast [00:00:00] is brought to you by pride indeed. And rainbow you [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? I'm good. [00:00:11] That is good. What's your name? Danny? [00:00:14] Okay, can you can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:18] And 22 [00:00:24] say anything [00:00:26] about your personality? What do you like to do? Like, do work? [00:00:30] I study it it and I like [00:00:36] video game video game [00:00:38] music. [00:00:39] What? What time you video games you like? [00:00:42] I like RPG. RPG psych Paul Fenty. Oh, yeah, yeah. [00:00:50] Hey, what type of music do you like? [00:00:56] For example? [00:01:05] Mongolian throat singing [00:01:08] I do quite like that. And country music and just all sorts of good mix. Oh, yes. [00:01:17] So you from poly? [00:01:19] from Minnesota? Yeah. Bowman Bry. Yeah. [00:01:25] So um, what six? Oh, [00:01:33] man, man, [00:01:34] man. Do you know what gender identity is? [00:01:39] Really? [00:01:40] What gender do you identify with? So either female, male [00:01:45] or any other gender? [00:01:49] Suppose like it was male, [00:01:50] male. And what is your sexuality? [00:01:53] I am gay. You're gay. I am a gay. Hi. [00:02:00] First of click thing. [00:02:02] snaps [00:02:03] fabulously fabulously so [00:02:08] I've got [00:02:10] and watches your culture identity or ethnicity. [00:02:15] New Zealander [00:02:17] museum European. Yeah. And how do you express yourself in a masculine or feminine? [00:02:25] camp? [00:02:27] middle of the road? [00:02:31] As you [00:02:35] do you have a big collection of three genes? [00:02:44] Apparently we have to talk about your genes. Often glass. [00:02:49] My fabulous stripy jeans? Yes. From lessons. [00:02:55] Fabulous. [00:02:57] You got to talk about the genes from grass. Yeah, [00:03:03] so [00:03:06] when did you realize that you were a gay? [00:03:11] Man, you came out with a uterus. [00:03:13] I was 15 [00:03:17] properly when I realized what happened. [00:03:22] You know, is this a boy across the room? Many you've had a [00:03:27] I had a boyfriend since I was there. And then it took me two years to click. You had [00:03:32] a boyfriend since you were there? Yeah, [00:03:35] and then I realized that I was properly into guys until I was 15. [00:03:41] So really like bisexual you? Yeah. [00:03:45] How about before then? Did you had an attraction to boys before that? [00:03:50] not really that I can like remember? [00:03:56] Just randomly gone through a relationship with a boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [00:04:04] just casually this casual. [00:04:08] Help me most It was like an early High School. Yeah. Yeah. [00:04:14] first year of high school. What was that relationship like? [00:04:19] It was good. [00:04:24] Good. [00:04:26] Young [00:04:28] Did you ever had a [00:04:31] moment we had to? We need an exit you six your denial? [00:04:38] Probably I think that led to me being oblivious to it for a couple of years. [00:04:42] What do you mean by oblivious? [00:04:45] Like No, he doesn't collect realizing I was getting into guys 15 [00:04:51] which is da probably taught into denial. [00:04:58] And then you had to cook? Yeah. [00:05:01] Boys. Yeah. [00:05:03] And had a bit of a freak [00:05:11] in the morons like [00:05:11] to get a hold of yourself. You like boys? You like that? Come on. debo [00:05:19] be the true you. [00:05:23] So [00:05:26] are you out of the closet? Yeah, [00:05:31] like I don't hide it or anything. But [00:05:37] says I'm not insanely fabulous. There's sometimes [00:05:43] credibly fabulous, but [00:05:46] I didn't get incredibly fabulous. [00:05:49] Dave, what's your favorite wine? [00:05:57] I'm probably What? Why? elbow? grease? Good. [00:06:03] Good chatting. [00:06:05] A good shot. Nice. Nice little Chris. But [00:06:09] as I do, so. Um, when did you first came out? When did you first come out? Come out. [00:06:17] I was I was 1515 I think Yeah, like I was just 15 [00:06:24] Hey, did you tell her? I told my mom. How's your mom react to that? [00:06:30] She was fine. She was fine. [00:06:34] We in tears of it? Yeah. [00:06:38] I don't have [00:06:43] grandchildren for you. See, what I find funny is the fact that [00:06:47] you [00:06:48] like it's like I'm gay. And it's more like coming out to parents saying I'm pregnant. It's probably more frowned upon now. [00:06:56] Get a TV show. [00:07:00] The show of people coming out of the call. So thank you. You bet could get really good actually. I really like the sound of that. I think that's my next project. Definitely. But as the business [00:07:10] has already made [00:07:12] even clearer spoken the TV show is like reality reality. Reality TV one. [00:07:19] But will they go coming out? [00:07:21] You mentioned the drama. [00:07:24] Shit. [00:07:25] I love it. I can picture now [00:07:27] this week on coming up. Biggest cat fight ever out of Nadia. [00:07:33] Nadia was my job. So I'm sorry, here. Did you have the reaction? gutterman you telling your friends that you're a guy? [00:07:47] And really tell [00:07:49] them [00:07:50] just kind of like Nick. I like [00:07:54] the real close ones. I told [00:08:01] is it Facebook through the race [00:08:04] to that game? Yes. I [00:08:06] saw [00:08:09] it I was like tuned up and everyone had gone. [00:08:12] I got on there [00:08:14] was 2011 2009 [00:08:19] myself. Yeah, [00:08:21] I had up [00:08:24] until no. [00:08:24] Too much of a heads. No one was on [00:08:29] Facebook. Yeah. [00:08:31] First MySpace [00:08:33] Bieber. [00:08:35] Didn't Facebook. [00:08:37] Twice. I still have my MySpace [00:08:39] is my baby. [00:08:42] My baby is still there. I don't use it. [00:08:50] As [00:08:51] a you know, keep using it. [00:08:53] But why not? So um, [00:08:57] you have a support system with your friends and family. They accepted your sexuality. [00:09:06] Friends, family, it was a bit mixed. [00:09:10] We'd like to give example of those mixed [00:09:12] reactions. I have some really religious family members. [00:09:16] Oh, yeah. Yeah. Religion. You're a good friend. Yeah. Okay. [00:09:22] Are you religious yourself? No, very much. Not? at all. Not [00:09:28] at all. Well, much. [00:09:33] You try not to. Yeah, well, not any of the [00:09:35] Christian religions. Spiritual and so just cute. Yeah. Like, [00:09:41] Wiccan pagan. [00:09:45] Buddhist, and stuff. Stuff. [00:09:48] So have you been in relationships before? Yes. Yes. Which like, give some example. [00:09:54] How many relationships have you been in? [00:09:58] Hang on, I need to count. Hi, Danny give you a hand. [00:10:06] This is difference between flings and relationships, [00:10:09] proper relationships, maybe like [00:10:18] 10 proper actual relationships. [00:10:23] And a lot of things [00:10:30] would you like to tell us about Marcia relationships? [00:10:35] The nicest one. The last one [00:10:42] was my first one. So what's the good one? How long does that last? [00:10:49] Two years. [00:10:49] Oh, yeah. The one from that one. Yeah. [00:10:51] That was that was nice. [00:10:56] But hold hands. It wasn't do both [00:10:58] guys is like the same. Hi. I did was obvious that you should wear it. You [00:11:05] know, like, it was very much out of school that we would never do anything. Yeah, [00:11:24] we went very like. Yeah. [00:11:30] He tried out to me. [00:11:31] We just kind of went he was a different group. And then he was you. [00:11:40] See? Yes, he was 17 at the time. When we first got together. [00:11:46] Oh, well. So then it was on in Indonesia. He was in school? [00:11:50] Yes. A for me. That was pretty much the same. I was 17 for I was 14. [00:11:56] works like it's quite good. [00:11:58] So you have you your relationship? Yeah, [00:12:01] we went like exclusive, because he is a like a young, do things experiment and stuff. But like, [00:12:11] how does it end? He moved to Germany. [00:12:17] He ran to Germany. [00:12:19] Far away is bloody. [00:12:23] He did music and so he was all over the word. orchestra isn't Symphony. Yeah. Yeah, [00:12:32] quite [00:12:35] a problem or anything? [00:12:37] was a mutual? I have to go. Yeah. [00:12:40] I mean, I think we both sort of nobody and at some stage, especially at that age. Yeah. [00:12:46] So um, how do you meet up with people in the LGBT community? Basically wears a shirt. [00:12:55] I Facebook stone. [00:13:00] I supposed to meet me through through friends. And we lived here for two weeks. Yeah, [00:13:10] probably just two friends. Yeah. [00:13:18] He's actually probably you're probably one of the people that I get you to the LGBT IQ community through like, you know, you bring people around or you know, maybe one other. [00:13:27] Hey, I don't know you but Hi. [00:13:32] How you doing? How's it? [00:13:37] Sir? What is your definition of virginity? [00:13:41] Like of having virginity? I don't know yet. So. [00:13:51] I think a lot of people like TV. Only Dumbo jobs and stuff. But I think that counts. I'ma say it being it was just any mutual sexual contact with someone. [00:14:06] penetration Oh, I guess it would have to be any any scenes. [00:14:11] would definitely lose virginity. he popped the cherry. Yeah. Yeah, my mouth still gets penetrated. I guess so that still counts, I guess. [00:14:22] Because the Libyans it's quite hard because you don't have anything good to penetrate. What [00:14:29] are you [00:14:31] missing my tongue? [00:14:33] You know, um, [00:14:35] have you experienced or received any abuse because of your sexuality or gender identity? Yeah, [00:14:43] a little bit, I suppose. is [00:14:48] you get [00:14:48] forget your day on the streets. Now most people don't pick up somehow is this I think I just get filed under a little bit strange. I'm sure it was Yeah, what up at the attic decided to fly. And so [00:15:03] it's hard to sort of tell whether it is just because you're gay these days. Because you know who's so gay? It's just sort of like it go to kind of insult. So it sort of makes it about about new as sort of, like, Oh, well, not only like once or twice I think like the specifically been sort of singled out because I was gay. People thought I was gay. thing. [00:15:30] Well, thank you for the interview.

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