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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in z and rainbow youth [00:00:06] Hello, how are you tonight? I'm good. [00:00:08] Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? [00:00:11] I was originally from Mountain [00:00:13] moved tonight when I was two and I'm currently 19 currently 19 [00:00:22] was your likes and hobbies [00:00:25] I'm interested in sci fi [00:00:29] comedy type programs [00:00:33] I'm interested in tourism travel at the moment will probably [00:00:38] move on to me listen [00:00:40] to three years [00:00:42] are you studying yes tourism and travel [00:00:47] and [00:00:48] yes [00:00:50] I also working or just studying I'm just sorry, [00:00:52] just studying so washes your six [00:00:58] mail wash you're and what gender do identify with [00:01:05] male and watches your sexuality. Okay. And what culture do you identify with? [00:01:12] European [00:01:13] European and how do you express yourself and masculine feminine? Why in between camp tank [00:01:25] top [00:01:32] judged by others so [00:01:36] when did you realize that you had [00:01:38] attractions to the same gender? [00:01:43] Probably only been 1011 what happened [00:01:52] maybe [00:01:57] Really? [00:02:00] 6667 [00:02:04] Yeah. So what was what happened that made you realize that [00:02:09] I had [00:02:15] an [00:02:15] emotional connection [00:02:19] okay. The emotional connection with the other male is a transformed into something else [00:02:26] and obviously moved away. Oh, [00:02:30] puppy love at the age of six. No. [00:02:39] Did you ever deny your sexuality? for a bit? Yes. How long did you deny it? Maybe. [00:02:47] Maybe [00:02:51] he is and then he accepted at what age [00:02:57] last year. [00:02:58] Last year. [00:03:01] One thing [00:03:03] that makes [00:03:05] you realize when you succeed tonight it for a few years and now last year you accepted it six I just [00:03:15] been [00:03:17] maybe a few [00:03:21] that makes more sense. [00:03:23] So when you're a living What made you realize that you [00:03:28] that you're [00:03:29] attracted to male [00:03:34] wasn't white looking. You notice like all the boys in your class seems to attract you seem to be attracted to [00:03:43] something similar like that. [00:03:45] No. I'm [00:03:47] sorry. I'm [00:03:51] so excited it last year. Yes. What was going through your mind? [00:03:57] I was attracted to email. [00:04:06] Apart from the [00:04:11] man, I didn't have to hide who I really was. [00:04:16] To keep it a secret. [00:04:19] Page. Me for me. [00:04:21] When did you come out? [00:04:23] last year? [00:04:24] last year. So [00:04:26] who did you come out to first? My sister? What was her reaction? She was? [00:04:32] How did you react? She told her. How did you tell her Did you like this? [00:04:39] And I think she knows [00:04:40] that she say something like Oh yeah. [00:04:43] Now she did. [00:04:44] Did you say to? Why didn't you tell me? [00:04:49] I think my whole family [00:04:54] did he say oh yeah, it was obvious. [00:05:00] Yes, when notice that you need reporting he goes home but you've always had the occasional best friend. [00:05:07] Probably. Well, my [00:05:09] best friend is a person is [00:05:14] someone who's buying so [00:05:15] all right. And today they knew that he was boy. [00:05:20] They knew that he was bossy. He [00:05:27] knew that he was by [00:05:33] you know your place to tell them say [00:05:37] Yeah. [00:05:39] What's it like being a gay person and Napier [00:05:48] Yeah, I really mutual feeling's mutual feeling [00:05:57] Yeah, I think it's that bad. [00:06:00] Change my sexuality. [00:06:03] No, no. changes [00:06:05] your sexuality? [00:06:07] Does? Do you ever feel like there's that you feel like [00:06:12] alarm or something like that? Or you feel like this? [00:06:18] The IPOs abuse advice for gay people or anything like that? 5050 5050. [00:06:26] How big is the community in [00:06:28] the gay community? I would have no idea you don't have any idea. [00:06:34] Let's say you've Christian life. Yeah. [00:06:42] Maybe [00:06:44] QA, [00:06:46] QA [00:06:49] Qa? [00:06:52] Yes. Know About QA but you don't? [00:06:56] I don't know about QA. I never heard about QA before. [00:07:02] Yes, yes. So. So you never attended new Kobe. [00:07:08] Just joined recently? [00:07:11] Just recently. So. [00:07:17] So when you came out? Did you come out to your friends? [00:07:24] We've been over this. [00:07:25] Yeah. [00:07:29] And you came out to the already person that you came out? [00:07:33] Yes. [00:07:35] Well about now. [00:07:37] Probably majority of people. I know. What, [00:07:40] what was the reaction? [00:07:49] So I have you. How many [00:07:51] people actually [00:07:52] outsource the majority of them? [00:07:54] How many people you out to like your school friends or [00:07:59] your parents? Wow. parent, [00:08:02] parent. [00:08:06] That's good. So you have a support system for people supporting your six year old? Yes. That's good. [00:08:14] So [00:08:16] have you been in relationships before? No. No. Was that [00:08:20] was a relationship. [00:08:23] Do you feel like he could be I was a cold? [00:08:28] I sick? No, no, not a sexual. A romantic. Maybe. Do you feel like that? You're a sexual? No, no. [00:08:37] No. [00:08:39] He's very sure that [00:08:41] no, I like my sex. [00:08:48] So do you feel maybe on the a romantic? [00:08:55] Why do you feel that I believe people fall in love with them. [00:09:03] Okay, [00:09:04] let's see any particular reason why you feel that way? [00:09:09] You know, Time after time. [00:09:13] You will. I guess we all have seen that. But not necessarily always scenes. [00:09:20] Look at my grandparents. [00:09:22] Felt like nothing together for like [00:09:24] 50 something years. I think. [00:09:28] Mom's not there. The same thing? She's [00:09:32] okay. Okay. [00:09:35] How was that when you told her what she? What happened? She laughed. It was horrible. [00:09:41] She laughed at your sexuality. [00:09:42] Yeah. [00:09:44] And what way? Well, obviously, it was was it like a Haha, not but seriously. Like, [00:09:51] I want [00:09:51] a funny joke kind of thing. Or she was like mocking you. I was funny. It's like she thinks my best friend. We're in a relationship. That's just all [00:10:03] right, [00:10:04] you and your boyfriend is [00:10:07] not currently in New Zealand. She's back in Germany. [00:10:13] Is she from Germany? Yes. [00:10:16] So that's strange. Really? Do you feel like she is [00:10:26] she a close minded type person? [00:10:29] Probably no, no, she's [00:10:31] just trying to deny us and she [00:10:33] we have conflicting views. [00:10:38] She denying your sexuality was not accepted. [00:10:42] That would probably [00:10:43] be soon we've seen [00:10:50] probably tiny bit. [00:10:55] Shake sexually because you're her son, but [00:10:57] at the same time, she doesn't like it. [00:11:03] So how do you meet other people in the LGBT community? [00:11:23] Facebook, [00:11:25] Twitter, Twitter, use Twitter. [00:11:31] Be good to find people [00:11:45] but slightly stopper but [00:11:48] I get your conversations. I'm [00:11:54] thinking together. [00:11:57] So I'm [00:11:59] so used to Facebook and Twitter [00:12:01] I believe is Facebook now. [00:12:03] Twitter is a new thing for you. [00:12:05] So Facebook is the pastime [00:12:09] find Facebook exhausting. [00:12:13] That will [00:12:15] do it for us like something like into Dave aka into dating or manhunt or grind [00:12:24] us men homes [00:12:34] Why is [00:12:34] that? Because [00:12:39] I feel so [00:12:42] disgusted in myself. [00:12:45] I feel like I think [00:12:46] I'm overly experienced in this dating sites. [00:12:51] So [00:12:54] what is your [00:12:55] what [00:12:58] is just saying is 21 one [00:13:02] time [00:13:05] I was [00:13:05] gonna say before this they also some talk. [00:13:08] Anyway, um [00:13:10] what is what is your personal definition of fragility? [00:13:16] Taking ones I mean [00:13:21] maybe [00:13:27] first time maybe [00:13:29] you feel like it's army a physical thing [00:13:34] it can [00:13:34] be emotional thing as well. Yes. [00:13:37] Okay, then. [00:13:41] Have you ever received or experienced any abuse will be some behavior because of your sexuality or gender identity? [00:13:50] Would you like to expand on that? [00:13:53] Probably abusive name calling. [00:13:58] What else? [00:14:02] what's the [00:14:04] what's the biggest thing that has happened to you and abusive way [00:14:12] Really? [00:14:16] Trying to show it sounds the waves have been [00:14:18] with think I think it [00:14:25] really [00:14:27] wasn't enough [00:14:28] classes on this was in class [00:14:30] back in high school. [00:14:33] So when people [00:14:35] physically abusive What did I say? [00:14:39] Okay. [00:14:45] And what do you react to that? How do you [00:14:48] because it doesn't anything? [00:14:50] Because it's like yes, I am well done. [00:14:54] Well, thank you for the energy

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