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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:04] Okay, hello. What's your name? [00:00:07] Hello, Ben. I'm been [00:00:10] when when when when women Howdy, at only young. [00:00:16] So can you tell us about yourself? I was originally born in Canada. So I moved to New Zealand when I was eight years old. And I've been here ever since. So, yeah, [00:00:26] I think it's my second international interview then. Oh, wow. [00:00:32] So you're from Canada. So. [00:00:35] So what's the change for you like coming [00:00:38] from Canada to New Zealand? Definitely the huge weather change, because at the moment, it's over there. It's like really cold. So it's like, I get some minus nearly minus 40 degrees. So yeah, but yeah, that's definitely a big change. Yeah. So [00:00:53] while your general interest is, you know, any interest [00:01:00] like acting, photography, modeling, [00:01:06] clothes, music, sports, animals? Yeah. I [00:01:17] was I was asked myself, Oh, yes. So what is your gender identity? [00:01:23] Male, male, [00:01:25] and what is your coat? [00:01:27] Obviously Canadian. [00:01:29] Yes. [00:01:30] What is your sexuality? Okay. Okay. Okay, so when did you realize when I was 14, young age. [00:01:41] So how did you feel when you realize? [00:01:45] Whoa, my dad's pretty much knew from when I was born. So [00:01:55] this came out. Hey, [00:02:00] flight in the past, I've flight tried to cover it up like things right. So, like, tried to have like, fake girlfriends. Because I actually didn't come out to my mom to my mom my stupid until earlier this year. So that's when they found out so yeah. Yeah. [00:02:18] I'm quite interested on how your dad thinks that you're gay when you vote. [00:02:25] A rainbow coming out the uterus. [00:02:33] spotless welcome. [00:02:38] Did you had to keep it? Did you feel that had to keep your sexuality a secret? [00:02:43] Yes, I felt I definitely felt like I did. Because I actually grew up in a Christian family home. So my parents have, I've actually been brought up [00:02:55] as a Christian. And so [00:02:59] when I came out, so yeah. [00:03:03] So [00:03:07] how do you feel being gay and an Auckland and not in your own home country? [00:03:15] It feels very different. But yeah. [00:03:18] So you're out now? Yes, I am. Yeah. Out. 10. Flashing? Yes. [00:03:24] So how did you come out? [00:03:28] Well, I my mom actually found out through Facebook, so it's always Facebook. Yeah, [00:03:36] so [00:03:37] did you? [00:03:39] Did your mom was your mom the only person that found out from Facebook. Cool. [00:03:44] Yes. And then eventually, my friends found out so [00:03:47] sorry. Did you get to have that awkward conversation? Yep. How'd that go? [00:03:54] with my family wasn't too good. I actually got kicked out of home. So. Yeah, so now my living with my dad. How's your dad take it? He takes it very well. He fully supports me being gay. So which is really good. Yeah. So [00:04:10] what was your reaction from your dad? [00:04:13] When you first told him? [00:04:14] He definitely knew he knew was going to happen. So [00:04:18] since the rain bar [00:04:22] Yeah. [00:04:25] But the adult still canceled. Like a really huge shock to my family. Cuz I'm like, I've always thought up looks like a straight life all the way through. But I actually haven't since I was 14. So yeah. So [00:04:42] as for the reaction from your other family, did you when you were kicked out? Was it like a you guys sat around? Then you had a talk? And there was an argument or something like that? or? Yeah, [00:04:52] that's pretty much out when [00:04:55] arguments see sighs [00:04:57] I'm sorry. How did you feel? [00:05:00] At that point in time, I did find I did feel very upset. Like, like, I went back home. [00:05:09] Maybe three Beck's my [00:05:11] parent my mom's house, [00:05:13] like maybe four or five weeks ago to get like the rest of my stuff. And mom was just like, really, really upset and stuff like that. She's like, why are you living this life and everything like that? So? Yes, you found it really hard. [00:05:26] Did you feel that she had to explain to her there's not my choice and the way? Yeah, [00:05:31] I felt like that. But um, I didn't actually say anything to her so. [00:05:36] So how did your friend felt about it? [00:05:41] They were actually very surprised about life that they found out that I was gay. So they totally didn't expect it from me at all. So they did have suspicion. So [00:05:53] what were their main reactions? [00:06:00] It's just like very shocked in a way so yeah. [00:06:06] Because the whole monkey things like, [00:06:09] you [00:06:12] know, shock. speak no evil. See No Evil Hear No Evil? [00:06:19] How did you feel after all these reactions? [00:06:24] We know about your mother's how you feel about your father's reaction. [00:06:28] I feel totally fine. My father's reaction. But yeah, I knew he knew he was coming. So he knew he was x. What is he expecting [00:06:37] from me? So how about [00:06:39] your friends? [00:06:41] Friends? Yeah, totally different. [00:06:44] So you're working on at study or? I have already finished university. [00:06:51] So [00:06:52] when you're a junior, did you feel that fear to come out to them? Know the venue already? [00:07:00] No. Nobody knew. [00:07:01] Nobody knew. Say this till you are in the closet at uni. Yeah. [00:07:04] Why is that? [00:07:07] I just like want all people because I thought they would be like, quite like homophobic. So yeah, I just don't want them to know anything. So. [00:07:18] So [00:07:21] how did you feel about about being closer unit? [00:07:29] I thought it was fine at you. Nice. Yeah. [00:07:31] Love To know more life. Yeah. Pretty much data to you wanted as a judge? Yeah. [00:07:35] This guy, [00:07:36] rainbow. [00:07:39] Well, did you had any support? [00:07:43] At that time? No, I didn't have any support at all. So yeah, apart from your father. Yeah. [00:07:49] So [00:07:51] ramming support. Did you care nice, what when you realize or when you're coming out? know about any organizations like ambiguous or curious. So [00:08:02] a rainbow is not until this year. So [00:08:06] this is your first year for a beer? [00:08:07] Yes. How are you feeling? From the youth? [00:08:12] I'm actually very happy that render youth is supporting me through being gay, which is really good. So yeah. [00:08:18] Do you guys to the group's [00:08:20] No. [00:08:25] No. [00:08:27] So have you been in relationship before? [00:08:29] Yes. I have. Like male ratio, females relationship now. Also, females relationship with a smile. I know. [00:08:39] So [00:08:40] tell me about your old male relationships have that at you? Are they good relationships, bad relationships? Pretty much bread. [00:08:51] They [00:08:56] they've actually been like, pretty tough by FIFO pretty much cheated on me. So Oh, yeah. [00:09:04] Which is really tough. But you get that. [00:09:07] So [00:09:11] these we did you we opened it about your relationships with your family, parents, friends. [00:09:21] I have been with my father like recently, but yeah, nobody else. [00:09:26] No friends. No. Facebook. No. [00:09:32] Do you feel it? Is it because it's a because your family being negative about it? Yeah. Okay. Has you coming out short? As you're coming out perfect at your relationship? [00:09:48] It definitely has with my mom and my older sister. Yeah. [00:09:54] So you he saw what you have siblings? [00:09:58] Yes, I do. I have I have an older sister and a younger sister. Younger brother. So has that been about? What was their reaction? So we're there but he my older sister. The her reaction was like really bad to it. Yeah, [00:10:19] she got ready. She's just slightly not happy with me being gay at all. So yeah, but my younger sister doesn't know anything about it. She's only 17. So yeah, [00:10:32] I'm totally nothing about it either. So [00:10:37] little? [00:10:39] Oh, the time when I realized. So what's your definition of virginity? [00:10:54] I have no idea. [00:10:58] You [00:10:58] don't have a definition? What do you think cuz one? Anything? Yeah, [00:11:08] I really don't know. Do you think it's a physical thing? Or just a mental thing? Is it a religious thing? I think it can be like a mental and like an emotional thing. Like a probably depends like at that stage. Like, what you're going through? Like, how you're feeling about other people and stuff like that. So? Yeah. [00:11:31] Do you feel that it's mainly something to do with sexual things of a loved one or anything? Yeah. Yeah. Reform or anything? Yeah. Anything? Yeah. [00:11:47] Maybe with a love fun? Or maybe for like feelings that you have towards other people? Could be fun. So yeah, [00:11:54] one thing more appropriate, but Jean Lee? [00:11:59] Using both of the answers. So have you experienced any abusive behavior or [00:12:07] any abuse because of your sexuality or gender identity? [00:12:14] I have with my older sister, [00:12:18] like before is currently living there. They find Ryan's day now with my dad was trying to you living at her house with her husband. And like, at that time, I was in a relationship. [00:12:31] I bought bought my boyfriend over to the house. And apparently I wasn't allowed. So it was kind of like a huge risk for me. And the stretch hit the fan kind of thing. Yes, it says, See 30 hit the roof. And then her husband totally went off let me and then [00:12:50] also thought outside the time and see like pretty much like how does that me and like, I fall over onto a concrete and everything. And then I like, [00:13:01] try, like, [00:13:02] I like try to bring the place but then I feel like I shouldn't so. Yeah. [00:13:09] So have you ever spoken to anyone about that? Sure. Yeah, [00:13:14] I have. Yeah. [00:13:16] So going back to general you. So how, so you're interested in stuff like acting and stuff like that, right? Yes. So is that like, they're there to shortlist very common thing soap opera? Oh, my gosh. [00:13:33] TV show movie? [00:13:35] Yes. I'm currently acting on TV shows at the moment. So [00:13:40] what shows for Maddy Johnson's the mighty Joe. [00:13:44] Has anyone heard of the mighty Johnson's before? Yeah, yeah. Okay. [00:13:48] I'm just, I'm just in the closet about this. [00:13:52] I'm a closet. The closet TV cousin. Yeah, [00:13:56] and also Power Rangers [00:13:58] powered up empower. Yes. I [00:14:04] like this New Zealand vision. So, [00:14:09] which one I [00:14:11] I you give any details to us about that? [00:14:19] That's like, something I'm allowed to say. Cuz it's like public contracts. Oh, yeah. [00:14:25] That's right. You know, that's a reveal future storylines. Yeah. Yeah. [00:14:31] Has it been on TV? Ah, no, it hasn't been on TV. It [00:14:35] was on TV. [00:14:37] It is on TV. Okay, so can you tell us about your character? Okay. Tell us about your character. that's already been on TV so far. [00:14:44] Wow. I'm actually a Power Rangers. So. [00:14:49] The Power Rangers? Yeah. [00:14:51] So which one I [00:14:55] read one. [00:14:57] So anyway, [00:15:00] it's kind of cool being a Power Ranger because he's so colorful. [00:15:02] Yes. That is really cool. Is that one of the main reasons why you wanted to do it? [00:15:07] Not really. Probably because it's just like getting on TV. So. But yeah, just wanted a job. [00:15:15] Sort of, along with the agency, but so they got me the job. That was real cool. [00:15:20] So very experienced with your acting career. Yeah. I've had a lot of experience. [00:15:27] Okay, well, thank you for the interview. [00:15:29] Thank you.

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