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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in zero.com. [00:00:05] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:06] Very good. And what do you do? I am a bartender a [00:00:11] bartender. Yes. I just a bartender or manager. [00:00:17] I'm Bob. [00:00:20] Something you had to get used to now? [00:00:21] Yes, definitely. [00:00:23] So while you're so we can get a little bit of knowledge about yourself while your interest so Okay, tell us about yourself. [00:00:33] Um, I like eating, drinking, partying, being social forcing up with outfits. Drag go. [00:00:44] being crazy. [00:00:47] That pretty much sums up everything could have probably just to being crazy, but you know, yeah. [00:00:52] I think he needs to dress up as dragon family because Robin does it all for you. [00:00:58] She does drag but [00:01:01] she definitely does have a prisons. [00:01:03] She She is our she has a new therefore. [00:01:06] Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. God very you know? Yeah. [00:01:12] So how I how I How old are you? I'm [00:01:15] 2525 [00:01:17] What is your gender identity? [00:01:19] I am gay. Is your sexuality? Oh, man. [00:01:26] What is your culture? [00:01:29] identity? I am [00:01:30] part multi part European. So I'm probably more talkative we, Molly, other than Yeah. [00:01:38] So your sexuality is tech top or? [00:01:40] Pretty much? Yeah. [00:01:42] So when did you first realize [00:01:44] when I was 12? [00:01:47] elaborate. [00:01:49] When I was living I had this crush on this girl. And when I came back after Christmas, I had a crush on his brother. [00:01:57] Oh, that was interesting. [00:02:00] Do you realize that you had a crush on the former crushes girls brother. [00:02:06] I still had a crush on her. But I had a crush on him. And I had no idea. I was just I don't know. I kind of thought it really strange. And I thought it was probably just a phase and I'll probably go grow out of it or something. I know. Pretty much when you're that age. Really? [00:02:24] Yeah. Did you [00:02:25] know watch gay in six years he was when you're that age. [00:02:30] You're so good. [00:02:32] So did you think that oh, maybe I'm by or something like that? [00:02:36] No, bio wasn't really a thing. Where I was growing up to be quite honest. [00:02:41] In the 90s [00:02:47] Yeah, that wasn't [00:02:51] really marrying in the 90s [00:02:57] cargo pants. Army cargo there were no big thing. What else was we were [00:03:05] just really horrible can close. [00:03:09] Even Backstreet Boys war [00:03:11] things today they were just look at old photos and be like, Oh, got a war that [00:03:16] I didn't have any old photos. [00:03:20] We first realize Did you ever thought that you had to keep it a secret for everybody? [00:03:24] Yes, pretty much it did pretty much stay to myself. I did not, you know, cuz I didn't want to come out. And then, you know, be that I'm gay or on this or label myself? Cuz I don't really know. I don't really like label labeling people or being labeled. Yeah. [00:03:43] And plus, it was the 90s. [00:03:45] And it was the 90s, late 90s. But still the 90s 90s, [00:03:49] late 90s. And that's what matters. So what was your genuine feelings that you had around that time? I'm sort of confused. [00:04:01] I was kind of like, my slow just you know, just looking at guys. I don't know. It's kind of a little bit strange. Really from it for me that stage? Yeah. Looking at guys in the distance from a distance, some of them probably noticed probably thought I was a little bit weird. Which I was anyway, so it kind of didn't really. [00:04:24] Okay, we're all weird. That's what our community is that way people. So, [00:04:31] you're out of the closet now? [00:04:34] Yes, I am. completely completely. Yeah, there's no doors. Lyft I don't even think there's a closet Lyft anymore. [00:04:42] Because it's walking. [00:04:43] Yeah, no, it's full of my costumes. [00:04:46] So what how did you come out because [00:04:51] it was really late. Actually. I was almost 21 spent a week before my birthday. And I most of my friends was straight. And I just survived. Been family twice. me twice by mid stage. And I played truth who they are. And I told them those gay. Yeah. [00:05:11] Did I have like, IDs? Or something like that? Or? [00:05:17] The reaction was just and then we just keep on working. [00:05:22] How lovely. [00:05:25] So how about for your family? How did you tell your family? [00:05:29] Well, my mom pretty much found out later on. And then while my dad was already dead, so he'd never found out yet yeah, everyone just promote slowly found out after that. And when I went up north they pretty much already knew as soon as I arrived, that I was gay. If I was you know really happy about it. My family's you know, that it really care about it. So the thing is sort of like, I know, country, Marty people's society, who gives a crap? [00:06:00] live like very flaming or something like that. [00:06:02] No, not at all. But I mean, compared to, you know, say a farming community. I suppose someone wearing anything with a label on it is probably considered a little bit gay. [00:06:13] does look at any buy from the city. [00:06:15] All those silly boys? It must be [00:06:20] pretty much. No, I don't know. I think they just they just kind of knew when I arrived. It was just you know, more confident. And before that, you know, while I was in the closet. If I could probably say that, you know, no one really asked me first day but yeah. I was kind of political. more reserved. A bit more quiet. Not as outgoing. As expressive. I probably just paint up. [00:06:50] So you're originally from the country then? [00:06:53] Yes, I'm from Batman's small plates called why cut a sort of gravel road? And you know, no shops at all. Sir, but nothing place. But you know, yeah. [00:07:07] So you live in the city now? [00:07:09] Yes. I live in Oakland. [00:07:10] Oakland city boy from family? [00:07:12] Yeah, pretty much. [00:07:16] So when you first came to the city, well, we came to the city. [00:07:21] When I came to Oakland, I was 16 [00:07:24] we have a few family or [00:07:26] a pretty much got moved around, like through family members. So I was living with my grandmother, my dad had foster parents, foster parents, kids, so stay with them for a while. back around as move around a lot. So eventually that at my mom's down and got over here. And then we moved up to Oakland. Because it was going to be better for me for my studying and stuff. And I was really into astronomy. So. [00:07:50] Yeah. So into astronomy. [00:07:54] Not really, you know, I don't really have much time for it. But I know, I kind of just lost that sort of, you know, aspect of my dad died. Yeah. [00:08:05] So when you came to Oregon was like going through the changes. [00:08:10] Um, it was okay. Actually, I was kind of [00:08:17] before soon as I turned 15, I became a little bit more social, and like, you know, got a few more friends and things like that. Whereas before that I was pretty much the loner type person, they got beaten up and picked on a lot. And I know when I moved to Oakland, I kind of had a group of friends. And they kind of started just, I don't know, I maybe I got on the news or something. So I kind of figured out the best way was to make a whole bunch of groups of friends. And then when one group pisses me off, I will I don't get on the news, I'll just move on to the next one and hang out with them and hang out with another group and hang out with another group [00:08:54] and say, pass the classroom. Pretty much here. [00:08:59] So when you first realize, did you ring for a big night? I'll say, [00:09:05] pretty much yeah, I'm till I was about 14. And then I kind of like, you say, hooked up with the guy. When my friends kind of stabilize experimental things, and I was like, Oh, just get this out of my system pub thing. You know, the United you said, Oh, just don't want to go away. And it really didn't. [00:09:28] It probably made it worse. [00:09:30] Well, that for him. Did it Queensway for him was that when he was going for the experimental stage? And he go out that phase that he thought was a phase or did he [00:09:42] got worse as well? I think he was bisexual, not actually gay. But I kind of feel like when I when I met him later on, even though nothing happened, I kind of felt like maybe, you know, he was a little bit still bisexual. So, [00:09:57] um, did you had any support when you came out? I'm [00:10:05] not really I'm when I actually came out. It was probably the hardest thing for me, but probably the easiest thing for everyone else. And that was just like, you know, they were happy for me. You know, I was kind of a little bit angry because I kind of felt like I pretty much robbed most of my life through not coming out. But I was that, you know, I want to want to come out until I actually knew what being gay was and that I could still be me, but be gay. And yeah. So what? Who I am type of thing. [00:10:42] So what was the experience? So some of the experiences you've had on k road? Um, well, [00:10:51] where do I start? [00:11:00] some positive ones. There's been some really, really bad ones as well. But I find that humor gets me through most of the bed stages. And I've been beaten up a couple of times. Not through a one time was the excuse of me being gay. But you know, I know His face is a bit mangled as well. [00:11:23] Yeah, yeah. I kind of backed out ups. [00:11:27] But yeah, um, I've gotten over the stage. If someone calls me a faggot now, I don't really care. It was before it was like, it was really, you know, [00:11:35] it's just like, Yes, I am. I'm saying, and, [00:11:41] yeah, but um, yeah, I didn't like the label for a little while, but now kind of like, began to see that a little bit. And just thought, you know, I mean. So, [00:11:53] how did you feel when you came out to your bunch of friends? [00:11:58] I felt like big giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. And I think they kind of felt the same way. And slightly drunk, and slightly drunk. And yeah, it was all right. It was actually pretty positive experience. I heard some pretty, very bad stories from other people's coming out experiences. And I was like, I'm kind of glad that I had a group of those group of friends day or night. Maybe I subconsciously chose them because I knew that you know, maybe if I did come out, they would be a little bit more you know, positive towards it. Despite the fact that I bought all the booze at nights [00:12:37] and there's a lot about co Lyft [00:12:40] so the head to be nice [00:12:42] and have people living with me as well so so [00:12:47] if head so you've been in relationships before? [00:12:52] I think I'm in a relationship here [00:12:57] by Facebook's pretty much a No, I think it compared to the Bachelor. I've got a boyfriend now he's he's nice guy. He's not an Auckland, which is probably a good thing, because I don't really most of my partners anywhere and not from Auckland, because I just don't get along with all condos. Why is that? I have no idea. I just don't know. [00:13:28] To me, it's not [00:13:29] a little little awkward and gay guys sort of have like this perception and like, soul like, image and try to be perfect. And I'm kind of exactly the opposite. I don't want to be perfect. I just want to just be me and just do whatever the hell I feel like with it, you know, balance being within models and stuff like that. [00:13:53] Yeah, go around robbing houses or anything like that, you know? [00:13:56] Laura's there for a reason. [00:14:00] So what is your definition of virginity? [00:14:05] virginity? Yes. Explain. [00:14:10] Some people have their own definition of virginity. Like some people think it's a mind thing. Some people think it's a physical thing. Some people think it's a religious thing or a spiritual thing. Some people think it's just a sexual thing. [00:14:26] Isn't virginity? I don't know. It depends. I suppose how you lose it. I think probably, you know, when when you lose your virginity, you know if you know the first love or something like that, because it's two different virginity, this physical one, which has no real relevance, then there's your sort of like, I know, your first love. Now, I had my first love when I was about 16. And he was in the closet as well. And he was bisexual. And he, I know. So, like my first light in that sense, but I lost my vision of a long time before that. [00:15:14] So when you were so you've received a love of use on camera before, right? I'm not a lot of abuse. [00:15:22] And I probably received more abuse from gay people than I do from, you know, straight people, but I kind of just throw it back at people and just I don't know, I've used them back. [00:15:34] So the stuff you've received. [00:15:38] Or maybe one time I was at a certain bar. And there was a Monday night after we had stuff drinks and a couple of guys came and started like yelling abuse of algebra one and things like that. And I kind of like took it into my hands to get them to leave and I got dragged across the bass Hammerhead, my face stomped on. And yeah, I don't remember much of that. But it healed up within a couple of days. Except I had a little bit of a terminator I until New Year's nickname Terminator for about a few weeks. [00:16:15] So no, unless your view after that. [00:16:19] Though, it actually does this with the easy way up. I'm kind of like really straight up sort of helping board up and my family's really you know, spade, a spade type of thing. So it's kind of like if someone if someone has a problem with me, I sorted out straight away. I don't, you know, talk about the mind they back on this I'm going to talk about to the face as well. And I just, you know, live by those sorts of morals, you know? Yeah, so most of my friends are pretty much similar personalities. Some of them talk about each other. And it's, you know, we all you know, go through stages where we, we hate this person or that person, but, yeah, you kind of get over that very easily. Just move on. [00:17:02] Okay, so, thank you for the interview. [00:17:05] You're welcome. Thank you.

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