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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] one full can and I'll pull live in New Zealand on the 25th 19 was and moving into life [00:00:28] weeks [00:00:30] and I'm a twin so the two of us grew up playing 48 years to do that so quite committed I mean clearly [00:00:51] I will [00:00:54] but I always [00:00:56] do the word and my friend the MYH into the boy in health care [00:01:11] so grew up [00:01:16] in sorry and [00:01:20] the park near south of London and I guess six months my parents don't know thing that we've been pyramid and my development and it was in the ties of singles Dr. Pot we're it was real no no to compare babies development so full of the time we're saying diabetes develop differently shouldn't compare them to standard known for so took quite a while for doctors to stop saying stop comparing your twin boys and I think I was diagnosed feel called the kind of some way progress in six months maybe oh [00:02:37] god there you go [00:02:41] you know he'll never war your neighbors who your neighbor PIPH catered Monday for that slow bullshit that they kind reshare it can go still overnight became so numb Daybreak and [00:03:10] they [00:03:12] can live broken [00:03:16] into a I was just like my brother or his I guess he would reply my my into image of my students so forth and we came from New Zealand an open road and a school called cows go in [00:03:52] and [00:03:55] wait for falls [00:03:57] facials go [00:04:00] look [00:04:02] quite there [00:04:06] and I I do actually remember the fifth day and arriving the and seeing the cancer move it and you know i will i move with Carly but for some reason I still hanging conductive debt to my my team and I did remember thinking you know Bo was ran outside but what's the fact why am I here? Why Why am I was [00:04:54] the type and [00:04:59] then it was quite [00:05:02] an idea TH has been for me What a joy you [00:05:10] know Paula Paula [00:05:13] I was very lucky in there because they wasn't really a pre bet the server 1971 and [00:05:29] then 10 the priests go Would [00:05:34] you [00:05:37] bow something and so I was very luckily given six months move Colin [00:05:51] is me [00:05:54] Can you tell me why do you think your appearance why they didn't exceed what the doctors were saying in terms of you know what you know what what what the possibilities are? [00:06:11] No really sure and and I think probably they will be four as to why i think i think in play by where I [00:06:33] would probably [00:06:34] seen me and pain and nose is bad for my physical development was different my mind lake was similar and God please side with superior and so on same they guessed [00:07:04] that I could see [00:07:07] Rob Lee the dog and mid handles in you know if that was gunned BK [00:07:22] that they wouldn't they [00:07:29] tackle that when it came to one The reason we came to New Zealand was that I would have had to go to boarding school because they will know schools that were with for kids to take food to the table. Nereus so I would pay to have gone way to go and I didn't want to spoil pretty came to you know type thing me internet my brother realized that if with and that I should [00:08:29] you know do it [00:08:31] boils code [00:08:35] Can you recall or have you been told what the doctors were actually saying at the time in terms of you know what you'd be able to do what you wouldn't be able to do [00:08:45] I'm saying I do then I knew that I think there's still you know a day is this I can see with doctors to you give the worst case scenario so that people don't come back and say one kill me yeah so i i can [00:09:19] fully fear guys [00:09:23] know you I can understand [00:09:28] what you know what they do in English guys in Korea I mean it's great tensions that are high then they would want i mean i think what missing is a conversation with here [00:09:52] Oh okay. [00:09:55] The possibility rather pain to this is the worst case scenario because I think parents to delay doc and in a diluted hope and you know I hate [00:10:19] to table can [00:10:22] offer you what I say into development not cold by the impingement disability school by the way people entering because of you know so so feel sort of people off how that you could spin together then you likely to not give the tension if my boo boo then you had that How [00:11:04] did your parents and the family and yourself to was there much support kind of externally? [00:11:12] No and then again at the end we are looking at four years ago no no pay Paul says I'm not sure whether the word from a new with with non day to know that woman I know as I grew up, you know, my my siblings had to put my shoes and socks on morning night. He [00:11:58] might be YE [00:12:03] this kind of sibling stuff and and you know actually when I'm having a conversation with mine You know, allow with it will take you know I realized that must been difficult for you believe it was really difficult for us because they will [00:12:37] work [00:12:41] like another two years so i think you know, we probably would have been paid if somebody who would pay come in and allow me to have you know more of an equal relationship. But yeah, we got to think [00:13:17] you mentioned before about having a memory that four and a half five ish going to the school in Oakland. What is your earliest memory [00:13:29] probably long on my day in my room having it NN the door life into green and please three will Yeah. Hi NYOHERDI tuning mine I needed your help eating and my love and families to help me and I'm in this two men with one Warren King The other piece been paid me [00:14:33] and the other thing I remember was it too [00:14:39] coming no no dead I will [00:14:44] be dead [00:14:45] freaky. And [00:14:50] so every time I want to and now big blue pill like I hit say please my head if we have and so with dead planes [00:15:14] please man [00:15:16] so I learned to type really really big by a food so that I wouldn't have good is [00:15:31] so [00:15:33] time tape the nuclear [00:15:40] go Can you describe what it's like to actually have to be in that position where you're saying you know please give me a mouthful of food you know [00:15:55] can only look back on a minute the time with no fly I think when I look back on it [00:16:14] you know [00:16:16] i mean part of nice things [00:16:22] you know [00:16:25] it could have been different and you know I could have been able to be more safe to say God say yeah and you know I think that the type of pitch night now I think that part of my consistent and motivation and enjoyment of Cameron in life has come from growing up as one for 10 and not being the issue Craig and not being moral and you know kind of the OP that were you know was you know being you know failed [00:17:40] Can you describe yourself as a kid as a child [00:17:50] I was probably [00:17:55] quiet [00:18:00] I'm a kid corner I you know I he's astrology it's just in it [00:18:11] fully Fowler [00:18:13] I think it [00:18:15] couldn't concur I can [00:18:19] and so a lot of [00:18:22] kids can be quite serious and quiet through [00:18:28] I guess [00:18:31] to sort of thing I've quite a we're and what a nice alive as I get older I become live the theories and leave [00:18:50] things to coke [00:18:53] required Prince okay even in the young it all pretty much you know I have a very strong seeing of who I was and what would a working so [00:19:20] so for [00:19:20] example let's go and I I will add to run and I will [00:19:33] set on [00:19:36] like because pay hit [00:19:41] and run and screaming my name was you know wrangling was easy and it got me where I on to to go quick her and that was stable and I could choose and so I'm even though I hit the tear screaming at me NY to go I mean Ryan here [00:20:27] so [00:20:31] it's well [00:20:35] I'm from Korea Yang because that will pain [00:20:41] through [00:20:42] six seven and so I even deal I will make a decision about what I've been told to do and what we're for me and being disobedient and in a way that I guess I was you know say you know I think as I got older I got more and more okay with being and gotten into trouble [00:21:31] so surrounding the family what kind of support Did you guys have on I'm thinking you are you talking about physiotherapist spot what would the other people around the family that were hoping [00:21:45] my mother's mother who to both improve his own home in through sitting so so she will be whoa I pad the pen and yeah right into it she she live with us so I give [00:22:15] you know she was [00:22:18] built in babies pick a [00:22:28] path [00:22:31] I you know I look back now and think I'm NK fantail dead was in style and so he was [00:22:44] away long [00:22:46] and slow really dead quiet with Sterling job [00:22:56] in hand over [00:23:00] you know to begin with three kids and four one of whom was disabled and pretty much too [00:23:12] often single handedly [00:23:16] and [00:23:21] here and so I get to download their game when I replayed on my childhood was quite It was quite old and and scrapped kids and skied crew and I guess there was none Why have kids night will [00:23:51] but [00:23:53] you know I turn [00:23:59] they will come psychologist south by Linda and again skies between color series KR Linda psychology Cliff arrived say once a year HV and I [00:24:26] think you [00:24:30] know move your head the nice thing to the stage in life and suffer there. And and through fast forwarding in my early teens there was a woman who sold coke prizes, because it [00:24:57] is to you [00:25:00] hard prices at scope and having an amazing conversation. He just may have to choose time to pay. No need advice even gay marriage? Only one I only make it like a contract. You know, as can be three years or five years. And then we can sit down renegotiate and sky bought what happened different new world in the end? I mean that is pushing you out thinking why wouldn't you? Why would you say to someone OBU you know life will be poor ever? No matter what happened? You know? So it's interesting that I did hit these kind of very arrow like with with arrow or not my child in [00:26:22] now quotes which I picked up from you is when labels are called for identify as gay disabled white male. When did you realize that you were gay? [00:26:35] Well, [00:26:38] again, probably fairly big, but like the whole thing and I've always been very slow at [00:26:52] connecting my [00:26:55] behave here or live live my behavior with a live [00:27:05] and I know that like [00:27:09] one time boys come through thinking really [00:27:20] my friends as [00:27:28] we used to look at guild [00:27:32] look at pie we like women in each other end. And he was the CO I was nine pain and what this movie called confronting. [00:27:54] I found club [00:27:56] the new QJ in [00:28:00] Pinocchio coffee up the [00:28:05] movie. So, um, so I [00:28:10] I'd watch a movie and a couple of ways. Before that I'd read this jokey one night with the sky, you know him? And our week? Like, what is that? A young guy coming out and talking to parents and and remembering Scott and him saying and saying how? God have teeth? What's his movie? And I realize I am guy. And he said all that good. Getting there early. So he's always had been born. And he decided that he would cry. So don't know what and cake net has a men that I Tin Man Skype. But yeah. So even though right at that time I've been through I had, you know, guys that I hit? Well, it was until I know it came there I realized that I didn't want to be would do. And, and I had had a couple of go in and theory in one night with the staff member of a look. [00:30:07] skin. [00:30:10] And you know Linda, being here with my girl in college, sleep and waking up one night with with Linda and cooling days and don't sleep on the floor because I kind of woke up thinking. [00:30:42] Um, [00:30:44] yeah, [00:30:44] so I would say movie they're they're sort of I can [00:30:58] do. [00:31:03] And overnight, my my audience a challenge and and I did spin nine to go and everyone and fine artist guy and like go [00:31:27] realize [00:31:30] you cry way who last? You know what happened? was moving realize that? You know, that would mean? And then so really easy to do that because I do a pain to so you know, weird, I would hear people saying how difficult it was to come [00:32:10] in my moon, but [00:32:12] actually, it's [00:32:16] you know, I'm so of the two new [00:32:22] telling people want to [00:32:25] another way in [00:32:31] here, then negotiating relationship ending [00:32:39] in only way [00:32:43] I've got an interview with clear Ryan talking about the idea of sexuality and disability and that actually, for a lot of people, it's even hard to to even have that conversation. Do you think that was a part of it, but actually, people seeing you just like as a sexual [00:33:06] way? I mean, I'm members, I would [00:33:13] I'd [00:33:15] come to realize that by saying oh, this guy you know, I was signaling one I'm identity. And to it CLT there are total doubt and decided that it's not [00:33:41] the new moon? No. [00:33:47] Yeah, I think [00:33:53] you know, my, my, my talk about CT and this change over over the last 20 years were probably you know, nationally, I would agree with [00:34:18] the ice is but I [00:34:22] think these two dynamics. One third is this another string when people [00:34:37] decide people seek [00:34:40] some hair dp and you know, [00:34:46] give it for the person [00:34:52] personally from the Lord. [00:34:57] I've noticed this will be guy in probably particular [00:35:06] his [00:35:09] thing is [00:35:12] thinking people I see overall thing it's I [00:35:19] kind of an internal [00:35:24] figure, a world My name to be relationship with his disciple, and what will be you know, what, what responsibility that would take and and, you know, what would the title of you know, me a non disabled person being [00:35:55] disabled? What is in [00:35:59] no hope [00:36:01] Piran? You know, [00:36:06] it's quite easy to make this assumption, but I did be painting pouring rain with more appropriate, then I believe that people are know, [00:36:32] we started this part off with me talking about that quite about labels. And I'm wondering, even though you just didn't, you know, you did label yourself in that document. I mean, what do you think about labels? [00:36:44] Um, well, I mean, like you said, [00:36:49] at label [00:36:52] and, and [00:36:55] it's not the right label [00:36:58] inherently [00:37:03] I think we, I think they are to for a win and for you know, living political life, human rights, tended tenders, and you know, employment equality and it would it would [00:37:29] be like 10 people get [00:37:34] to get hung up and against my point, the TIK recently is we, we have to see the, the live side of life. But was [00:38:00] heads change a very homogenous, argued and [00:38:11] died with it. [00:38:15] Yeah, I mean, UQ But certainly, we now know that there is, you know, [00:38:27] more [00:38:30] difference. [00:38:33] But I think the dark side for livelihoods as they see people and they plan to [00:38:48] create enticement. [00:38:53] And, I think, play one dimension, keeping exciting. And particularly, know, the way as when people see you the way see, is there. And, and so, I think the, you know, we're in a point now, in society where we've got I'm doing the live because one ED changing and, you know, food, for example, when I look at ball game mean 20 years ago, when I came out [00:39:52] that ideal guy [00:39:56] people say, [00:40:00] you know, my era and below when I talk to young [00:40:09] people, and [00:40:14] Okay, is something different. I mean, even the whole thing about thing being so gay. And I guess the, the controversy about that? I don't think Yeah, young people are using the bouquet to put down gay people. And it would guys change meaning for young people and then the same Why is guy used to me, his he, you know, and now come on been thoroughly and star the and I'm cold. So I think, yeah, I think if, if, if you've caught the sleigh with it, you cry. And then the with the meaning of the word change and changing something that you don't agree with the UE Stockton, pretty conflicting space. And the other thing is that, as I get older, I can even mean, I come with a guy as a short hand. But when I may, I didn't go the big guy out this year. I'm probably not gonna go the Pride Parade. Because they've been gay. For me, now, the set, right? You know, I don't feel I [00:42:27] mean, [00:42:29] my mean the [00:42:33] people that [00:42:36] think that the world in [00:42:41] a more complete way, then most people go and see the world football. And some sleep was men and some women and some and some, you know, a guys down because I used to be you. [00:43:14] So I think [00:43:17] that it didn't pay stuffer labeling is changing pretty. Pretty quickly. And, and yeah, I think it becomes a little bit. [00:43:40] And [00:43:42] underneath here, you know, IINIH [00:43:48] time, high on Filipino guy. [00:43:55] Friendly, relevant include. [00:44:03] So without using the labels, how would you want to be described? or How would you describe yourself? [00:44:12] I've been [00:44:14] I've been looking at this idea about how we find to Greece. And I [00:44:23] started [00:44:27] against trying to particularly men disabled people, because I think part of how this the age of Label Label I didn't the thing, it's very unique, though, the five way co PB morning. I on the phone, would you buy up and look [00:44:56] for looks to say [00:44:59] that there reality that, you know, we're going to create for ourselves. So you know, I'm going to get stopped that thing that I [00:45:16] say, [00:45:18] you know, me, and you can take idea of who I am. You know what that meant? I'm [00:45:35] insane. [00:45:38] I'm Philip and I'm unique in the way that I foundation. Ne Ne i know, my attraction, you know, you know, I mean, a can YI route. So, home, and I don't have to be with right, three, machine. Five. So, there's lots of things were made [00:46:15] in May. And, [00:46:19] you know, and I, I tested this on myself, but you know, when I work in toward, I'm going to, like, nail on and think I mean may be naked bearing and see what happens. [00:46:41] And [00:46:44] you know, maybe filling the bride thing there one time I committed to that my life can quite dramatically. And you know, I [00:47:00] for example, I stopped [00:47:05] working so much why I think people will [00:47:13] we go Live Nation. [00:47:16] Lee have it here. Because becoming [00:47:22] so critical not getting paid. [00:47:27] And, you know, just to embed mean there's, I didn't have to go out into an environment that often is quite limiting. And and so I stopped you know, putting my energy into being pushed off their stuff and start enjoying with me at home realized came to boot camp officers love coming here, because they got a record deal. And [00:48:11] a woman [00:48:13] and so you know, from dead I've thought of live suede fine. Don't be a promo the categorization label 1010 kind represent every kit green, I bought two big ideas. And it said that this is not something that you can create because it just in the universe of you, you can buy more that you can recognize more for really, why break now is time oh hell we unique in how we come in. [00:49:09] And [00:49:12] let [00:49:14] you know that that's much more interesting. dialogue, then, you know, and guide you through. And the interesting thing is when you start talking to people about being in common [00:49:40] everyone [00:49:42] who thinks that you're labeling men have common sat saying, Oh, I'm in a cave. And, and that's true. We are. So we are all in a while we buy we can you can? Why we why we create in difference when what's common and bad is that they will will remain here. I will you in you you need to but I'm more unique than you. [00:50:29] Yeah, and then get there [00:50:33] fast concert. [00:50:36] So [00:50:38] while I'd like hack the mysterious part of the UK people are which a process fell to their boat. Geez. [00:50:55] N is [00:50:57] to me result of I'm the diversity all the focusing on label. And then people lie in zero in page using the head [00:51:23] in a way that [00:51:25] is [00:51:27] just come in and fail. So yeah, I just think that, you know, we're, we're human beings, we got a bloody brain with current near coatings, per HY we relate to each other? With IUIK, you know, is quite it's quite an evolved. And, and I think we've got a, you know, a power game that way, otherwise, we're not going to evolve in some way that then going back. [00:52:28] I should also just mentioned that the prospect or comment was there. And I think he wrote that Muslim men should be allowed on Western New airplanes. Yeah, [00:52:39] yeah. Between the ages of eight in the five because they too They are more like we do. [00:52:51] So when you say you think we might be going backwards? What What do you mean? [00:52:57] I've been reading social ways code burn I who taught who is Sage? So shine and Banville and you know the Paisley not giving equation but she's saying is that we all fall but we hide upon the TO we label some people phone to an acid know [00:53:41] that [00:53:43] a lot of our bond build he can come shy which is about feeling [00:53:52] bad about who we are [00:53:55] and [00:53:57] when looking through a shame lane you can see how the way that we relate to each has a shine back. You say politicians shaming Cathy Hughes the parents can you say to chime in here and you say take to shame the shame is in our coke coke and and what she says is the [00:54:43] shine [00:54:46] basically paralyzes change so people feel bad about who they are they weren't why I give the observation that civil rights movement on the whole tend to go the mentor teach the minority the minority kids have been shamed and in response that shaming the maturity For shame indeed [00:55:30] um [00:55:34] and i think that was civil rights [00:55:39] tight so long [00:55:42] to hit him and and don't really even play hip and it said [00:55:52] the shaming just gets pretty back on to the Open Group if you look at some of the sort of big nine social change like Martin Luther King, rather than [00:56:17] you know Dane Cooper [00:56:20] what you notice is that always in the fridge of the Spirit all of that it's not about blaming it's there how do we put together dammit you Chris my right there we may be going back in the social thing that I think we didn't the point where people over process of feeling quite recently and shy about being a white male [00:57:09] and so up [00:57:15] with thing is [00:57:18] cream think [00:57:24] and again, so be with you because people are not heaven come stage there that will okay. Even like middle class mean [00:57:44] do you think things like I've noticed over the last couple of years or probably more than a couple of years where if you say something or if you try and have a kind of conversation it can so easily be shut down by somebody saying all it's just political correctness that's political correctness you know you just you just [00:58:07] I did find that Tim play [00:58:14] found me learn [00:58:17] new UH with Tim is his main motif quick what name you know the guitar I think that wonders killing rapid current coins as [00:58:36] exists for [00:58:39] a while and there [00:58:45] are many needs and [00:58:48] that being perfectly appropriate to [00:58:55] lose [00:58:57] but in this [00:59:00] funding create then funding is paying me thinking getting into polarized online [00:59:15] and in it's not a form [00:59:21] and behind a [00:59:24] shine on you You're making me feel bad no shame on you you're shining the sun shining [00:59:38] and [00:59:40] it's just [00:59:43] it know when conversation [00:59:48] It seems to me that on one hand one person was trying to have a conversation and the other person is interpreting that as as like as a three or you're shaming me [01:00:02] again [01:00:05] and pain I get philosophical and not wanting to to again giving the blind guy is it's a war I do it's that whole thing of all that just been really great health probably can say [01:00:32] that for the side of [01:00:37] a win Spain and [01:00:40] stuff like [01:00:44] that since from Todd so the live the conversation goes you can do that or you can't say that because on the label and you know I caught him in the poor you're wrong and you know and then there's an open go path you know what one of the early stages of realizing that you like high in your name a shine to shine their who you are if they tend to get a bit evangelical and almost overcompensating by taking up blue thing as a prank or so anyway I think that civil rights movement help create convey of political correctness by slightly overturning the Euro you think of ST go [01:02:21] so [01:02:23] again it's I mean if we keep on going and you know on my wrong [01:02:34] you're wrong Why [01:02:39] we will never move into another theme of how we can give a human being we're we're not gray we're not always going to like what one person people but we can hit it priests in [01:03:16] size there [01:03:20] you know I think it's quite okay to be dead I mean I'm probably one of the most judgmental people I know and what I don't too is flew through life [01:03:41] and [01:03:43] you know, to me it's better [01:03:47] to head inside [01:03:52] and outside two and nine to the inside to third [01:04:01] come there [01:04:05] and be okay with [01:04:09] Cupid but don't don't say the person that you give him gunsight to crane or say to somebody who great view and you know that but don't use that to to hit people good said we change the way we think and we're in tied to that with our with our thing we have a respond [01:04:53] to [01:04:56] be we're back [01:04:59] and the response will fail what we do [01:05:06] I want to take you back to earlier on you're talking about going to the first school in New Zealand that you're at Carlson School I think in [01:05:17] and [01:05:18] around that same time you were mentioning about how a lot of what happens in the disability world is that it's not necessarily disability but it's about how people treat that that child or that person with a disability. Can you talk to me about your own kind of growing up through the school system and about how people treated you and what effect that had on you? [01:05:49] I think generally I [01:05:53] was trading pretty well but the reason for the other thing was I had a pretty good skin of sale and I've probably see and you know i i do quite a bit of work around bullying of the pink sheet suffered a few years and I'm in band among the winter coats go I haven't met Roscoe pardon me you know man spent and I just knew that I had to be the one that will come and see the truth nobody talks nobody told me to go [01:07:05] and this night [01:07:09] and stand in the line I held the theme but now I will say [01:07:21] bye [01:07:24] bye initiate a chain reaction you you own the toe and we're the QY in clone somebody else initiate that it's going to be different pin Tyler is the time can be negative in your head to either respond there may be trying to GVOUK and in the power [01:08:10] so [01:08:12] I mean I did that with kids I did that teachers and every new TK I would just go through and say hi Philip [01:08:25] eyes top prize [01:08:30] probably KU couple of weeks to get us the click click that you know work I may be slower than other people and if I need anything [01:08:52] so I aren't in [01:08:56] with my teachers [01:09:00] So apart from it to the sun exalted Gareth in awake and doing some work with pmet a red conflict and it just came out that all the girls that were in circles and in the in the playground and we were we were talking about and which drug con and the way live on tape to rearrange things to be on labels and and let the quantum physical is a nation of that will connect pico de la con [01:10:04] so [01:10:07] sort of a bit like an F word [01:10:14] you're probably one who isn't [01:10:19] the one what I realized was that all my death for I did it go I stayed around the [01:10:29] golf pin while the bullets [01:10:34] open each at all play pool and and apart from thing good ponies go a few sort of PZEQ Lee I'm not going to be you and I never been bullying hi really good relationships [01:11:05] with good teachers and we [01:11:12] and but and finally enough of them we're going to continue like this go and so [01:11:29] I really feel that [01:11:32] the only the only bed printed go was my last year when I was it leave time for as it go because I was really barely so so no combat for came growing cigarette smoke drinking arguing here [01:12:06] and there [01:12:10] they were resisting place when the corner and I did it Monday [01:12:19] to London [01:12:23] this this making [01:12:27] I assume you're not going to move. So I will and you know I I'm not happy you're not happy. The summary I go around the corner simplified. [01:12:45] So I ended up leaving [01:12:49] home and halfway through my thing for me. [01:12:54] And it was really difficult [01:12:57] been living that narrow angle scope. And so I you know, I my my goal to create I mean the [01:13:17] giving to an accounting [01:13:21] and 20 minutes like and the my current saying if you're not paid to be on life voting not convey so say said they're told they're turned around in the the class the whole class poor and the teacher who was conducting point two expounding and luckily somebody it's a globe he's [01:14:06] been the crop. [01:14:11] Student [01:14:15] Yeah. So Thurman apart from that last year? Who would have been difficult for any kid [01:14:28] school Okay. [01:14:32] One of the things that strikes me is that that whole idea about owning conversations so you know instigating a conversation thing is really fantastic advice but what happens if you're in a situation where you don't feel you have that power? I mean for a lot of people they they would feel how our lives [01:14:53] in a min [01:14:55] we're bullying spread JF we do hip one is I have different thought about the way we should be tech him bullying and no it's the it's a kids show and maintain to focus all energy on the that we're allowed to call the trigger of bullying and very little injury and the tired so made this will I think Corey get real time pulling a road issue that we live in a society that uses bullying to to tape it time and look at it we didn't teach them you know it's just this education you know, family on the whole pulling his teeth is key to get what you want and all things with very little [01:16:37] willing [01:16:41] to say it surely if we don't stop using bullying as a way of getting what we want we can take care to know fever and immune immune [01:17:05] lead faith [01:17:09] thing we need [01:17:11] I think the second thing is that we need to be working more who are the target of bullying and teaching and sketch games to respond to either respond to negative paradigm or to lose the hair color here well and the last thing I'd say is that we've got to wear a tie with said most Pauline room oh you know I the one you know two kids or group of thing another kid as to [01:18:14] my and [01:18:18] my model breaking with bullying dynamic is killing people because people say [01:18:33] what is it [01:18:37] and to you know to NK and then most people have some common common healthy in what they do or how they feel [01:19:02] well kind of [01:19:04] fearing type head in the path and I think if we we [01:19:14] know [01:19:16] that if you work with people see they have [01:19:25] to wait for right look who am I and then bring people together to share who they are out with the other you know I mean my end I do but I think we will see Moline done a leaf no thing is teaching witnesses compelling happened today constructed by which is really facilitating or redirecting or [01:20:16] increased what I'm [01:20:22] hearing you speak you know I get this real sense of self and confidence and it sounds like that you hit that right from an early age has it ever kind of listen Have you ever felt I'm not quite sure who I am or Have you always been really strong and [01:20:45] waving clearly we're I mean I I trained the youth line killed with 1980 the hamlet appearance because convenient reviews time group of fringe of the fringe like Brandon [01:21:12] were often told the pain [01:21:17] Jeremy [01:21:19] guy [01:21:25] lightly [01:21:30] so I know I did a lot of way for the night in and 25 on top when some was some undoing of came around not just this ability purchased about who I was because you know having been through in that rebellious through love came here for you know the whole thing and that may have been on my end you know they was fun lady with ideas not not a sense of not being come back who I was but but kind of worked me out how it came to be that I would flow different to my parents and but also in some that I'm quite different my brother and and my young [01:23:07] my my only and [01:23:10] I've got a nice [01:23:14] me that he was around really well and I think and in thumb my we both slightly you know to then the with the family you know she we coach he was [01:23:37] younger young [01:23:41] and me to play because I think I'm going to a Code School is and also in rock Will my cheering windy when to [01:24:01] and [01:24:03] do and i think i Jeff just from being in that next schooling environment in a lot of social very normal environment as well as being who I was just gave me a completely different [01:24:33] they see [01:24:36] and so I suppose you know again bit that shine then I had to work through my to my shame and and that was fearing that my mighty here in the time my siblings who face was part of [01:25:10] so [01:25:13] So yeah, I think it's been more about that if I had self doubt know about who I am how to be in relationship with people who live and who are cloud that were to [01:25:46] follow [01:25:52] in Iran I've had a very different life [01:25:59] on only [01:26:01] a lot of the things that you've been talking about things about the interconnectedness of people with each other and and in wider kind of ideas. Where does that come from? We were actually looking outward and you're you're talking about how things connect with because a lot of people don't do this [01:26:26] two years so we can [01:26:33] lead the dead from the other feeling like to come so I trained I did the it from teachers college so we caught in I think 1991 and was quite well sort of quite well known being hot very cold so they were 40 2010 in pack quite Miss feared and highly cold and highly driven by very cool So wake up and you know by eating a bike hope crew a new [01:27:42] model for the program [01:27:47] and even though I turn the program I felt you know I felt really comfortable in a room you know being in the minority will know my my two boys were just way down there for three years and I'll kill you know 22 years we're in with studying social you know I can't stop hanging because even though I felt quite come with it were dead but it really did kill my [01:28:48] idea of the world [01:28:50] and probably inside out more per week Miss because really find all the typical [01:29:09] Mari [01:29:12] HB Kayden loan toy because they have all your info I when I went to PI to a year where i really i mean i PN and so that right and then and something so we'll go We'll come out and I will go and there's 10 of thinking I don't know how to respond because we're I feel two years okay I know if not crew anymore [01:30:06] but I hadn't quite quite [01:30:12] my new truth [01:30:15] so the there was quite there was a tough time yes you know ideas again not not so not my year not to let my team know that there is a that that sense of how we connect with each other and how prone through patriarchal ideology have told me that head on and and how subconscious [01:31:07] and [01:31:11] and how Corey this sort of once in a while once you know you can't not know and so, you have to work out a new way of you [01:31:33] know quite how [01:31:38] and I wrote a book power in the [01:31:45] world and [01:31:48] funnily enough in 20th like again putting me [01:31:57] you know and [01:32:00] fifth night really looking at the roots and seeing is the the embryonic stage of work on doing now in [01:32:22] around the same time you also did a church or fellowship Can you tell me about that [01:32:28] you know, I did think that that because I read the report that I wrote a couple years ago and and again you talk shit I was again flagged him to tie these things to base a and [01:32:50] then so [01:32:54] one of my self which was [01:32:58] encouraged me to [01:33:02] apply to to look at technology [01:33:10] turn verbal language [01:33:15] and [01:33:19] EPK and [01:33:24] you know but when really conclusion but no thought though on the trust of a I know organization called talk line which is still going there struggle with working in the area of what code means and communicate so it's been to learn and state and freight tear in QR This can get shock wave with the incredible Whitney would go LG [01:34:22] coke coke [01:34:25] so I need with you bear king of the leading disability it instead I'm including his name dropping Coco Justin we were all the sudden pain to [01:34:57] me [01:35:00] and he'd been involved with the the American to the sex. So we know in code and I need bully people get us equivalent pay and what was no need with space here person people that described equipment and within the because [01:35:39] the fish knows we [01:35:45] are this technology is called fo and can save with Sarah Fraser and I will ride in and flow with in got these devices but the people still using them Wi [01:36:12] Fi well actually [01:36:19] they will flow and [01:36:25] I go into a shop and say something on my device and people don't realize that me talking so they just look at the device and go oh wow cool and so this myth completely that this was the person [01:36:53] and this is the life hell nine ninth [01:36:58] where human [01:37:01] is that most people to that given the choice [01:37:08] I would rather [01:37:10] have it is to peace and me and to into cute and take on the win so don't say the words is real you know Craig maintenance become work us as [01:37:41] the people that had the power [01:37:45] to it with [01:37:51] so I guess it was during my [01:37:55] you know after hitting [01:38:00] done so we training our finger in the chest. So well a time I work with more increase in [01:38:18] Tokyo so [01:38:23] so it was just the various sort of [01:38:29] view of [01:38:32] applying more again and so cool about the the paradigm in there often quite [01:38:46] well in your in [01:38:49] your say bye Hello [01:38:55] Hello How did the Churchill fellowship change you if at all [01:39:03] time for me and gave me a taste for traveling and you know what what ball I [01:39:16] have [01:39:20] feel no life and I was just fascinated by being in the tank and and [01:39:33] particularly America big [01:39:38] was [01:39:40] the blood flow and from my wallet wallet was quite near begin to hit some nightmare media and like run time to Alan God flooding in the movie [01:40:00] like I know what the pistons can [01:40:04] and [01:40:07] we're is we were like we were like alien to marriage and now we know a new release [01:40:24] for me in order for it with [01:40:31] visual step [01:40:37] think probably [01:40:44] again me very disciplined right to the input and it gave me some confidence I can be and applied to cover the Human Rights Commission and well you know i'm not sure whether or not I would have not done that and come out with something that I felt was kind of many into and move [01:41:23] into my [01:41:26] you know my [01:41:30] you know my place where you [01:41:34] can [01:41:36] stage has [01:41:39] no I'd say [01:41:43] probably when I went to Berkeley probably have more money probably nervous and then they probably had more CVAU then then here I felt like you [01:42:06] know I talk to people [01:42:10] and everyone say wow [01:42:17] human TV [01:42:21] cool [01:42:24] the year I mean it will do [01:42:28] so [01:42:31] well [01:42:34] the 90s were actually follow well effects view because I mean this is the 90s as when you did the comedy you're on shortlist street so mainstream TV at seven o'clock at night [01:42:46] the whole three week [01:42:49] three weeks Tell me about getting more into that kind of public Limelight and also kind of going from a very serious kid to being doing stand up comedy [01:43:01] yeah I know now the guy goes damn [01:43:09] quite a [01:43:12] quite a weird the whole part of my life I mean say I kind of fell into it was something that I do it you know I deploy a stand up comic I didn't even decide have Pride Week in the condition I want to pay the Canadian I was bored at the commission and I felt [01:43:54] fairly proud pray [01:43:58] for a need today then created a so I found this comedy course work with short and cheap just like me [01:44:20] and it was [01:44:22] five we pause the break and at the end we [01:44:31] we did [01:44:34] a gig up and Kenny upon [01:44:37] comedy [01:44:40] part of the day and you know I had to be pulled up to date when I mean one guy in somebody brought me when I the [01:44:58] hidden take on I [01:45:02] hadn't been here um but yeah it was very we same big I kissed I'd been using him IZ training for the commission and I had down route shops previously and RD us human in those and I remember again as a child and teenager growing up that I would use him as Why have [01:45:47] I used [01:45:50] killing most people to say that I would intelligent really done people didn't get the job but but it was told us to you know but you know [01:46:14] might be [01:46:18] a Watkins keep it [01:46:23] slow my feet gag and I just read some more sly because you know in the faith community [01:46:38] guided and [01:46:44] shy [01:46:48] but I mean just I just remember my faith line was I looked in a window and and now a new day like I said that we knew that people probably going to 10 guys to repeat being an embryo and it just got this huge law that I hadn't speak and [01:47:27] and yeah [01:47:30] we and so I got [01:47:35] to do more [01:47:39] rookie noise in a third winner [01:47:45] got paid [01:47:50] and you know me Mandy to code and [01:47:56] you know [01:47:59] I think you go well beyond AK Don't I know a lot books you take lots of boxes on the New Zealand No need to [01:48:15] know hey [01:48:18] used to be and [01:48:23] you know [01:48:25] it just kind of was learned the things it just happened and john then moment life what happened by night as we playing you know so I had this idea it's kind of a you know you write it and I didn't drop it heaven to leave the commission partly because they knew that my profile was getting too high and you know and I will ask me to broaden by World confine engage intake [01:49:21] so I had food [01:49:25] on come on [01:49:30] so an insurance great was again beloved of the [01:49:40] Apes when [01:49:43] funnily enough the the character played the model on a finish line and was written by a friend [01:49:56] both the goal for born [01:50:02] and heal to the pattern well and was raised in ways that I caught [01:50:13] he couldn't [01:50:17] and I actually have been trying to tell him I've got some di keys some ways that I need to digitize I mean the things in the character it's really cool because he was a difference [01:50:44] he was a [01:50:46] bath [01:50:48] you know, though brave enough for him to be way Waverly boy I mean even though we only 10 new to which we need a pipe who would canoodling me [01:51:12] to rate a kid said [01:51:15] I know [01:51:24] and [01:51:27] we and while you know I'm in the guarantees PQ to fit their needs next to me and we both were came round at the same time and she's green [01:51:51] just like [01:51:54] that [01:51:58] mean for the edge of the stage of [01:52:04] I guess [01:52:07] being recognized by law and they will die [01:52:15] couldn't be [01:52:18] looking coach [01:52:25] fun and I got sick of it and was very the comedy thing particularly with the opposite of respect and human right and you know, taking big teeth and I will have to go on tonight can be making homophobic and you know and and for when the crab bag and stuff there and and and some men may quite resilient Rivoli and it probably made me get over myself back in tune of being you know human right at [01:53:34] the peak of [01:53:36] um I did key the the the whole the whole darling of Cincy and you know and through the right of assets to face JM so sir war I I felt strong I also felt well you know where do you draw Laurin price saying Mike you can't make gay Joe because no one can come detention slippery low and [01:54:36] well you know who have [01:54:39] the right need [01:54:42] so I think they told me to be slightly leaf since the end and why we like cookie quickly is that it would wouldn't be need the quite a simple make us being Canadian to educate people but what I realized that if I win on stage with it and Kinch [01:55:21] people [01:55:21] will go they've been the pay inch time not really worried about how they people were educated without that great that I couldn't use comedy as [01:55:50] it can to [01:55:52] to put a political it came off I did really well [01:56:02] well can [01:56:05] what would I like that already now is that I talk that serious you humorous by and [01:56:19] and we will [01:56:23] get something [01:56:27] they will get the head on. [01:56:33] So I 10 and you know I wrote a blog to take to where I take in the way that 20 million would do like if Bry FP of my life from um you know going [01:56:57] in [01:57:00] you know being [01:57:02] being in [01:57:06] it and you know idea of this thing we read as well have been able to bring that to keep it into a new detailing Quinlan [01:57:22] pool [01:57:25] in the 2000s you did a lot of public speaking both nationally and internationally. How were you received in different countries was it similar or was it different in terms of your reception [01:57:40] what I did say was around [01:57:45] disability [01:57:48] and a little bit in Australia and clear with the faith in [01:58:02] um and I [01:58:07] guess [01:58:11] in an [01:58:13] ideal world will probably way I felt myself nice come to go and I think the than mine he was the most to me [01:58:33] and you know being being [01:58:38] like I was the and to to go back to where I was born and [01:58:50] like this is [01:58:52] why I live by pain because everything flooded safe type thing and can go on look you can take that [01:59:15] and [01:59:18] really enjoyed the [01:59:22] sort of win of disability at the zoo and the social model built at what you know Kim years ago I scribe search model to face society to say people rather than people within in it and so it was really cool to be working with and talking with [02:00:03] people were really got me really [02:00:07] quite [02:00:09] quite unique in a way that we know in the real big a small population and and strategy I'm mostly with in Adelaide and funding one for bear with clients with blue we if I would three KR [02:00:40] saying [02:00:42] what it's really includes that [02:00:46] and again I think it's partly what the population is that Maggie moolah but I think the headphone consumers element a little bit underbelly there there are neighbors here in anywhere in the world. So so again I I formed and spoken for and [02:01:34] America [02:01:37] doing comedy returns hard week and you know they just the humor is different I think I just different and you know member [02:01:58] talking is a [02:02:03] conference on HULA with clear line and we would would just 39 that the continued [02:02:24] then the next thing you know the big wave note with confidence on feature in the build a move we knew that takes 10 people with getting that living room you know and probably the width they've been doing in their lives we was speaking in Belgium to a group of fringe people [02:03:04] having enough free [02:03:07] side study yet [02:03:13] to know basically what he was saying but not being fake and during this poll with woman into him and hearing her say completely to [02:03:35] stop that I [02:03:40] like all your ears thing you with own keyboards [02:03:48] into [02:03:51] still very fast and things stopping to [02:03:58] think in 2013 [02:04:02] thought about for people that you sign language into and in it and and how how one how important [02:04:17] protect [02:04:20] that stuff to be done well and you know the the the key to it he was to which you know again I don't think we do that well [02:04:37] in New Zealand look [02:04:41] below us here the sort of technical debt that whole thing about people that can't fake news devices or do use people to to communicate on the Baja and and yet read it's a really [02:05:06] neat thoughts and crafts [02:05:07] and [02:05:11] and so Tony [02:05:14] go IQ [02:05:17] and then a power head [02:05:22] I didn't say that either. [02:05:29] I didn't think you would [02:05:37] in the 2000s you were also kind of solidifying the whole kind of social change maker type things like with diversity works in the trust Can you can you talk to me about that [02:05:52] well I can't begin through been [02:06:01] something that almost [02:06:07] no without me but not without quite planning normally Metro front is more hearing CK northern side say that you know people always say you know depend get work to get where you are now and it's in labor neither playing golf go live good things have been good in throughout no con yes or no and in some ways that it's been time so so we know the bow commission I guess the the only sort of intake ting decision I made which could be with said I decided not to go back home to been so I win from inning that I got way to winning nothing over no words incredibly scary but incredibly exhilarating challenging [02:07:43] and [02:07:46] you know I wrote I'd seen people say that that kind of a test [02:07:54] of the good [02:07:56] stuff not scalar in side at the same time you probably doing the ride or a ride [02:08:07] um and so I [02:08:09] guess for two three years no, I really wake up on a morning in thing shit if I don't get a word this way to do and at that point I will charge you know [02:08:36] keep at [02:08:36] to do a half day we [02:08:39] hope and avoid during game while we know [02:08:47] how to pay the wind [02:08:50] and [02:08:52] I through live I've always [02:08:57] had the thing money that [02:09:01] that would be the [02:09:05] end [02:09:07] and the new wife has been and it was gone so I would get a phone call and say can we come to work [02:09:21] and [02:09:24] living God knows self hate [02:09:29] settling [02:09:32] winter couple business coaches [02:09:34] who just [02:09:37] kind of Steve Blank [02:09:39] Lee and see [02:09:41] I don't know what do you seem to be doing okay, so just keep doing what you're doing and now granted the door [02:09:55] and I give this [02:09:58] time [02:10:01] it's change [02:10:02] you know I think heavenly the entitlement [02:10:10] the fake [02:10:13] go to the river right and I'm hitting that portfolio go again and quite similar [02:10:26] well don't mean [02:10:29] that a good way to be self employed and you know for six years it's kind of funny because doing pop comedy like that will grow when we keep when we get back to grey [02:10:57] wow that's our catalog money through life [02:11:04] haha you know [02:11:08] how Connor day and then they'll be king we were our world it's the thing to leverage beginning [02:11:19] and [02:11:24] I think [02:11:26] what happened was 1995 I bought some assets from Ken and America and the UK which really mo made that I mean [02:11:43] at the [02:11:46] end we ran a one way to spell the ad is for talent [02:11:55] and [02:11:58] we take out was not the guy that had a terrible class and is often that kind of thing little wink and I'm we did the peaceful was great but [02:12:21] it didn't [02:12:22] were you think somebody else and Bella So a couple of things and I'll just decide to based which path really is a vehicle to [02:12:40] get [02:12:42] funding from philanthropic in government which you can't do with business which again is quiet and limiting same the museum there we have the notion that [02:13:08] a profit make window [02:13:12] can't be funded doing [02:13:15] socially [02:13:18] for the good but you know [02:13:23] that [02:13:27] deliberately [02:13:29] doing ham can get hundred to 10 girls that but [02:13:42] he's on today so I'm [02:13:47] so we sit there [02:13:48] and it's just been [02:13:52] tremendous alone [02:13:56] and again been there opportunities then [02:14:01] nine the [02:14:04] things coming to us mysteriously going out two days we did we try to do I another big teeth symposium type thing [02:14:27] in [02:14:30] nine [02:14:31] and [02:14:36] it was around the time financial crisis and we didn't get a whole lot of funding we pain no promise but league believe that we would me change that it didn't work on the front page the hero as I get to know [02:15:10] quite a [02:15:13] bit in there [02:15:15] because of the thunder, but there is [02:15:27] So, we had to scale up for guy international even fee how guys such a down to one day event [02:15:42] which was kind of [02:15:45] a [02:15:48] guess how it was and again I blog therapy like stopping a 10 tone RP has literally we had hundreds of people blue white paint and we had to pull it at last minute and you know we had people sign them again. So, it was a non refundable take a plane ticket and we had to go back and I polite the Euro national touring Why would you buy in on fundable [02:16:47] And so, [02:16:51] again, that they they describe [02:16:55] T many [02:16:58] of you [02:17:00] Comerica looking and we managed to make it into non line priority and through through that I was invited to a a one year [02:17:26] creative on [02:17:29] me open through the new class and same time begin as a three year social [02:17:44] so I'm [02:17:49] sort of like em was that like 1999 and poke around Welcome again to strange Sunday [02:18:01] you know they still need to program more [02:18:07] creativity and [02:18:10] social [02:18:12] and and more what they ended up giving they would [02:18:20] I guess [02:18:22] that it really [02:18:27] create creative innovation [02:18:35] it was happenings around social [02:18:42] feel the need to create some sort of soap or social wins and similarly stifle innovation [02:18:57] is [02:18:59] so highly creative and and [02:19:07] so, [02:19:08] through that three period I got really in is working in by spices that combined so you can create with the goddess and the way we are to craft so we told you and all parity time like kind of tested at least two and hopefully three of the days we created between [02:19:55] and we recently passed [02:20:01] like to be an umbrella so that people can run protein but not to say that all the [02:20:17] winner [02:20:21] so pound mountain roller net to hold on I run and I also work for big cities with the social change in accessibility from the wider perspective so raising awareness that you know people with [02:20:56] disability [02:21:00] parents [02:21:02] old people only KT [02:21:04] so when you look at their toddler towards the point of view or just [02:21:15] each normal point of view a [02:21:22] way you we've [02:21:24] tapped the the yellow gorilla through back to the thing because the the bay exits upended [02:21:37] really send the [02:21:40] ideas it will always telling people what would be when nine countries to bring new course info you wake up I by little people know what you know like a to Kenya right this is on day that signal and within there we run a legit program so I car great leave these movies run the new season [02:22:27] and between those [02:22:28] two that [02:22:32] can be done. [02:22:34] So called solo time stable, human right [02:22:42] thing for the [02:22:45] oh my god will I ate to live up the years. Go if I will eat pies. Well, I think

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