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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride nz.com. [00:00:07] Just gonna start off by opening, we're kind of here. And that's one that's gonna be a song that I've rounded up to unexpected people to be a part of. And yeah, we just don't know, I guess, again, just by starting off with us wiser that we usually single to find a funder who was the second [00:00:27] organization in. [00:00:28] Yeah, if you're keen on direct learning the song and waka waka, please come and check to us because we know more about it. Oh, come stand [00:00:34] with us and read the words and single. Thank you. [00:01:47] Awesome. [00:01:49] KJV started CPR keoki overcrowding, and they finally notifying us RO did not go deny Coco. Coco for [00:02:06] cure, everyone. Thank you so much for coming along tonight to our spices, info evenings, meeting great. We're really excited that we're able to host this I'm really thankful for both evolved Whoa, as providing our space tonight into amazing people in the kitchen, calland Lee, who have been preparing the food so pleased again at all needs to get eaten. So yes, please do that. And the main part of a full tonight of what we're doing is that we basically wanted to give people a chance to come together and learn a little bit about what our spaces as what we're up to, and maybe ways that other people might want to help. So I guess we can give a I'll give a little bit of a history of our spices. Basically, how it began what war began about, maybe 17 years ago, when School's out and started off as a group based at Wellington high in through the years has been for schools that was facilitated is a social support group for young, gay, lesbian, transgender Christian and young people, a safe space for them to be able to express who they meet other people get the support that they need. Over the years, again, there's been lots of different people who have helped out with it. And we're really excited to be keeping that co Packer alive. Even though it's been usually on, you know, little funding little resources, like a lot of different community sector kind of projects. Alongside that, as well as transform transform is another group there that started off with being a safe space for transgender and gender diverse young people, they kind of the idea of them was there would be a little bit of an older group. So that group runs actor foodie, and yet still makes every fortnight here and this foam to be able to provide support to young people if they're transitioning or questioning the agenda. So over the past two or three years, we before then, we were we had an appearance organization called the Wellington guy welfare group. And they were just an amazing group who originally I don't know the full history, and there may be some people in the room who can speak more today, I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, but that basically that I started from a lot of gay activism and how the gave Help Phone helpline for for degree of years. And one of the other things that they looked after was our little School's Out group as well. So but after a while, we were like actually, I think it's time that we want to kind of move to become a little bit more independent, and really focus on our youth focus co purpose. So we made the decision to set up an entity. And that the idea was to bring together bunch of different projects that were focused around supporting LGBT IQ, young people and the Wellington region. schools that and transform have always been about support and work on the ground. That's the main thing that we do. We've run groups for quite a while and some people don't know about them, but they've just been chugging along behind the scenes a lot of the time. And these groups they even though flow and sometimes you know, you can get you've had five people in a room. And sometimes at last week, we had about 30 people in the room. So so it just again, it's always kind of changing. Now, we set up an independent charity, organization code, access spices, the name of best was brought together by young people themselves. And we basically wanted to provide a space to be able to, yeah, get all the legal stuff done, so that we can do the awesome work that we were already doing running groups on the ground. [00:06:00] We had a, we had a conversation as schools out with our friends at transformed to begin with. And we see Do you want to embark on this journey with us because to us, it was really important that the needs of trans and gender diverse young people were absolutely at the forefront of what we were doing anything what we're doing in transforming like you were rocking. So live again on a process to merge our organizations and create one overarching, umbrella kind of organization. Along the way, we also, we gained a name in New Zealand, and we have someone hits a net or some people here from tonight, which provides funding for young transgender and gender diverse people to be able to change their identity documents, is we just aware of all the barriers that young transgender people can face. And we also hear hear from the newly established Wellington binder exchange, which provides binders for young people, mostly who are trans masculine. So, yeah, I guess the whole carpet broke out of spices has really been about regional local support, but bringing different people together to be able to do well. We recognize that most LGBT IQ young people are supported by other LGBT IQ young people. And we want to be making sure that we can start providing we can provide spaces where they can get the support that they need. So what better way to do that than to do it together as much as possible? Yeah, I guess right, we've kind of wanted to have a bit of a Yeah, I guess just invite people to be able to give here rather than like us just standing up and talking about everything. So to begin with, what I was going to ask everyone to do as just like we wouldn't in a School's out or transform meeting, start with a bit of a Mickey Mouse here around. And we're just going to ask for [00:07:44] this is the talking regional, we pass them around the circle and I groups and I mean, the river has written [00:07:53] excellently. So I guess I just want to pass this around. And if you can, is a few want to pass that it's totally fine. But basically, if you just want to say what your name is, at the very least, and maybe also what has brought you here today, or if you're ripping an organization and you want to rip that, does it sound okay? Awesome. But again, you're welcome to us. [00:08:15] My name is Charlie. And I'm here because I am the organizer of the Wellington binder exchange, as well as I'm a facilitator for transport [00:08:26] jona I'm KH I'm here because I am involved with naming New Zealand. So you've already heard that we mainly about raising money for trends and non binary people to change identity documents and names and all those annoying little expensive things. And we, through me primarily also provide legal advice about how to do that. [00:08:53] So give us money. [00:08:58] Our next funding round closes at the end of May May 31. So we'd really like to never have to make a tough decision and always be able to fund everyone. Michael, [00:09:11] I [00:09:12] use pronouns and [00:09:15] I'm just interested in finding out more and maybe volunteering. [00:09:22] For those of you don't know me, my name is Sarah. [00:09:27] And I hate you. [00:09:31] I'm kind of go too well to go well for group [00:09:35] emotional because these are our babies. [00:09:38] And they've grown up and they've moved out. which is always good to get rid of the little ones. But you know. [00:09:46] Yeah, always getting complaints haven't had one of those for a few years wonder why. So it's really, really, I can't even find the right words. It's just fabulous that [00:09:56] edit spaces have become what it has, and that you've evolved in taking on new groups and stretching out a bit and good luck. And well done. [00:10:12] Kira and Linda. [00:10:15] I'm I suppose I want to find out more about what the teenagers are up to, [00:10:20] since we have one and our apartment at the moment. So like spying on the teenagers, and to support sorry, here with her work with gay Wellington, and you to see what's going on in Wellington these days. [00:10:41] I'm Jim and tears and interest have been rough the community. Thank you. [00:10:46] Hi, I'm autumn. I'm a member of transform. And I've always loved what they do and what schools do for people that need it. And I just really want to get more involved. spine here. [00:10:59] co Risa. I'm one of the board members of added spices. I'm [00:11:03] also work as a guidance counselor [00:11:04] at Wellington a skills college and we have an amazing queer youth group Thea, which is going really well. And we're really passionate about supporting queer young people. So yes, I'm here today. [00:11:17] Cuellar on pet and [00:11:20] I get an invite from Jake come along on part of the glamour phones. And I'm just here interested to see how you [00:11:29] guys what, what goes on, I don't know much about it, [00:11:32] and how the older community can help you guys because I know you're always short of funds. [00:11:40] So let's just come along just to get my brain thinking ticking and make sure everyone okay. [00:11:48] Kira, I'm a I'm a student at Celtic studying virtual youth development [00:11:52] here with my lovely classmates. [00:11:56] So it's good to [00:12:01] I know quite a few faces here, but good to see the the turnout of other support people when people were wanting to learn more. Yeah. [00:12:17] killed everyone. I'm Tyler. And I'm currently studying the Bachelor of youth development with BM my friend here, Amy and I just thought would be cool to come along and [00:12:29] get more of an understanding of [00:12:32] transgender and all those type of things. Because obviously within the US sector, we're going to get young people from all walks of life. So yeah, just thought it'd be cool to come along and hear what everyone's got to say and get more banter sending. [00:12:46] Hi, my name and pretty much what Taylor the first year they were day and get more knowledge. [00:12:55] Hi, I'm Vika and I'm a facilitator for scope. [00:13:02] Hi, I'm Frankie. I'm Becky's partner, I'm actually doing kind of a little bit of a research project because I'm doing a public relations paper. at uni. And for an assignment, we have to do a communications plan to help out and nonprofit organization and I chose those out because I heard how cool it is, all the time by here and it's going to be really cool to see if I can help out any way or, you know, yeah. [00:13:31] So that's why I'm here. [00:13:34] Hi, I'm Mallory. And [00:13:37] I'm here because my auntie baby come here. My name [00:13:52] is Kristen, I'm the manager here at both [00:13:56] evolve for anyone who doesn't know provides free health care in social support and counseling for young people aged 18 to 25. And that's our real pleasure to host the school's out and transform groups in the binder exchange here. I've heard the word space a few times tonight. And often we talk we hear like safe spaces and things in evolve as really striving to be that really, really safe space, I guess within a more mainstream organization. And so that's kind of our thing out and I'm on the board of our spaces as well. [00:14:34] killed everyone, I'm Jake. I'm here because I think the group Sunday artists faces are really important. And I'm back in my day, it was a softball team, that was really the way that we came out, which then turned into a soccer team. It was very seasonal. And I really want to know just what sort of support your groups need from people, sort of older people patronized getting on a bit, but we can probably help [00:15:07] you on a telephone, I'm showing, I'm probably the oldest person here to be honest. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'd bring any greater knowledge or experience to the table. [00:15:20] I've been watching youth from afar. And the queer youth impressed me immensely with their honesty and integrity. And I think they're an inspiration for us older folks. And so I'd like to be able to give back in some way. And hopefully through tonight, we can find a way to do [00:15:44] cuna My name is Kathleen, I have been involved primarily with schools out for the last couple of years and increasingly was out of spaces, like kind of logic based. Yeah, so speak a little bit about schools up in particular, in a few minutes, I guess. [00:16:04] I am has, I'm a fairly new facilitator for schools. [00:16:09] So yes, quite interested in seeing how I'm kind of like the umbrella of other spaces. [00:16:14] Yep, that's me. [00:16:16] I'm looking, I've been meaning to them for for [00:16:19] quite some time now. But [00:16:20] sort of shy person. But tonight, it's the perfect opportunity. [00:16:26] Hi, I'm Rick, I'm Casey's partner in to support our space. And we'll see what's out really. [00:16:33] Everyone I'm given. so wonderful to see so many people here new faces and familiar faces. I'm involved with transformed for the last couple years. So I'm sure I'll be talking about that soon. I'm with them New Zealand and outer space as well. [00:16:47] Thank you, everyone and cable, thank you for coming. [00:16:50] I am on the board of our spaces on the campus. And I've been involved with School's out for a few years. Okay. [00:17:02] Yeah, and I really love hosting these kinds of events. Because we we do tend to operate in the background a little bit. And I, I like to get us out there and everyone else learned about us. So people realize that we're here. And we have so many amazing and people that come along and share that with everybody. [00:17:26] Come on the border of spices and [00:17:33] been around for a little while as we can see it when School's out, make things today's theme. It's great to be here. Personally, I run nickel extractors [00:17:47] not into the crowd. [00:17:49] I lay the foundations on the court community engagement coordinator. I am so I'm here to obviously help how and to see if we can contribute to Thomas spice and vice versa. Really. That's it. So guys with going with you all. [00:18:08] And thank you everyone for that. So if people so far away, my name is Casey hassle. And I've been volunteering with schools out in out of spices, and it's kind of its form for about six years or so. And yeah, and I'm just it's really exciting to see where things have kind of grown. And it's Yeah, it's just awesome. And I'm also a youth worker here with evolve your service and work from these offices. So I'm usually floating around here, code. So the rest of the plane is this isn't going to be a really, really long, long kind of meeting tonight, we don't want to do that what we do want to do is just provide a chance to have a quick fire kind of idea about what our spaces does. And so I'm going to call on a few different people who are involved in each different project. Just give it a little bit more information. If you have any questions about it, do answer this is actually the time to be like okay, what is that about? We really don't want people to leave here and be like, what the hell is an hour spices? Like that will be the worst kind of thing that has just happened. So ideally, this is the time to, to talk to the people who are kind of helping to facilitate these projects in and yeah, and have some questions about that. So without further ado, I'm going to hand it over to Japan to talk about transform, right? [00:19:29] Yeah, so I've been involved with transforming for three years, I'm a transparent myself. And transform was super, super important to help me work out what trans was, was I normal like to just be around other people that that got it. And it was just incredibly, incredibly supportive and wonderful. So after I got through the starting points of transition, I saw transform wasn't really meeting anyone I was like, transform has to carry meaning it's really, really important. And every time that I help out with transform, a reminder that it is really important. So what Transformers is that we're a support group for trans young people and young is between sort of 16 to 30. ish. There's a lot of issues on both sides. Because everyone has different needs and transitions. It's kind of different times. We often that we have, every for every two weeks, we have support groups here, and we talk about some topic will have guest speakers will have food. And we'll have drinks. Although, of course, we just hang out. And we find out that we're just, we're just, they're just people having fun. We just got challenges, but we're learning through each other. And we also hold social events. So we do things like coffees, and we have movie nights. And we've gone to the zoo once and we've gone to the shop three times, we just like pay for transport and we go go shopping, and then we pay for food and pay for transport back. We've also had, we've hired out to Wellington pool a couple of times and just looked at the entire like an entire pool. And it's been just incredible, an incredible experience. Yeah, another part of Transformers that we have websites. And we've been trying to put resources on there for the last year or two. And it's I think it's been helpful for a lot of people who can't come to along to transform who are who don't live in watch. And so then the sort of resources that that are that are available. System I've had of what transform Does anyone [00:21:28] have any questions about transform what they get up to? [00:21:33] And then we have about five [00:21:33] to 10 people coming along each two weeks? [00:21:38] Yeah. [00:21:41] Yeah. Yeah. So Charlie is also a facilitator transform. [00:21:48] You are coming from all around the world to regionals. I mostly just [00:21:52] mostly just from Wellington. [00:21:54] I think, yeah, some some people I think do come in. So the thing that I know comes in from Johnson. [00:22:02] Like coming in from pump smoke or something. Is that to add? Sir? [00:22:10] I think so. Yeah. Most of the university students, [00:22:14] I would say the good majority. So usually already in Wellington because of that, yeah, most Asians 25. [00:22:21] The other thing, as well about transform as I've done really amazing work in terms of the website. Do you want to talk a little bit more about that? Oh, [00:22:29] yeah. So on the website, for example, we have we did a workshop where we just all got in a room and listed all the really good and really not so good providers, and Wellington like good hairdressers, good dentists, good GPS, good. Exercise, places, things like that. So that was really cool. Was it a workshop where we, we express what we thought our GP should know what our health professionals should know. So that's on the website as well. We also have, what are the resources to have this number of there is a is like resources that link to other support groups around New Zealand around Wellington. And we're starting to interact with the group that starting up a Wellington mother's network, they're trying to start up a new support group for mothers of transcripts. And another group, which is trying to set up a support group for partners or trans people. [00:23:25] So normally, what a volunteer is from does that, look, the hardest thing is just going to buy food for the groups. And then we give you give you we give you a bit of training, or we try to give you a bit of training to help facilitate the groups. If you're really interested, you can organize your own events. So one of facilitators, organized events, like another facilitator, organize the pool events. And really, really keen and if you're really confident in and how you interact with people, then you can start doing mentoring with young people who are just starting out in the gym. That's incredible, rewarding. So we have this entire range of volunteer opportunities. [00:24:07] And you've done an amazing job alongside people like Charlie to make it happen. Is there any other questions for transform will be carry on? Not feel good, sweet. So the next person and I'm going to ask to speak as Caitlin sitting here beside me, who's going to give a little bit of an explanation about what schools that gets up to? Again, don't be shy about the questions. If you want to know something, [00:24:30] you can either ask us now or you can also come up and ask someone afterwards. sweetest Hi again, I even wrote notes and everything. [00:24:40] coat. So I'll talk a little bit about schools out cases already given a really good, like whole history of the organization. [00:24:47] Basically, what schools out is, is it's a support group for young people, we're talking about younger than transform, we're usually talking high school age, there isn't really a lower limit. And I think we've had, like 12 year olds from maybe I'm looking at by sick. Yeah, yeah, so we kind of go from 13 until about 1819. And that's all kind of demographic. Yeah, and we have groups. And we have one that meets here and evolve every week and one in law hot. So those are two kind of areas. Yeah, and much like Transformers kind of like an ongoing support group. But that also does big events and stuff like that during school holidays. Holiday activities, we've kind of done like, we've gone out to the movies together, we've had like sleepover parties, we've done things in parks with dogs and Easter eggs, we try and we like to try and get the groups together [00:25:39] whenever we can. [00:25:41] So the kids from the two different regions can meet other people and see that there's a whole big world out there. And that's been really successful. And it gets we're still friends from the two different regions. As a result of that, which is cold, we've even managed to link with Project youth, which is a group up and company now to bring them all the way down. So that's Yeah, that's something that we're quite keen on. Yeah, I'm out of spaces, and especially schools out does have an office here in evolve as well. So we are actually physically based here, which is really, really useful. So even when it's not group time, we do have a space, we have a whole lot of resources and books and movies and cool stuff like that. Yeah, I started off in schools out just by coming along as a volunteer facilitator. And it is, I mean, our whole organization is very much a volunteer, by very much. I mean, 100% right now volunteer run organization, which has a really amazing culture around it. It's kind of a volunteer organization, in which every volunteer has the same voice in the same site as every other. And I think that's kind of what I loved. And what made me stay was that when I became involved, I was really becoming a part of something, which is ridiculously meaningful in terms of how important those groups are. Because I'm talking to a group of people who are mostly in the community, you've been working with a community for a long time, I don't really want to do a sales pitch right now, I'd rather just talk quite candidly about where the groups are at. Because you guys will know how important the groups are already. So I think that it's important to acknowledge that out of spaces, even though like, we've got a lot going on now, we've nearly even go to logo, maybe one day, maybe website, but we do have we like spreading out in terms of the different things that we're doing. But we us we have got no paid staff right now. We purely volunteer run. And even though our capacity is hopefully growing, the need is growing much more else goes out groups have been getting 30 kids, quite consistently, both in low hot and Wellington every single week. And queer youth, really an incredible demographic, but one of the most high needs demographics in terms of support. And we have a team of volunteers to support that number of kids every single week. As of this, we've actually had to decide to put both alohar in central wanting group on hiatus for the course of the term. This is because we realized that we really need to take a break to train our volunteer facilitators as much as we can. Everyone who is volunteering to facilitate those groups is doing it, because they love it and a passionate about it. And a lot of us have been doing it for a long time and are really incredible at what they're doing. But we kind of decided that we need to prioritize safe practice in terms of how we look after those groups. Yeah, so right now what we're doing is, just as of today, we've kind of had like little [00:28:41] last group [00:28:42] parties with both groups like the youth know what's happening, to direct them to other support services for the course of the term. So that we can really do a bit of a volunteer drive, train up our volunteers and and come back next time, with a really incredible program and incredible support system. Cable control the bit about more about the training that we have coming up, which is already in the works when we really amazing so that anyone who does want to get involved in any kind of youth work, but especially in the queer kind of sector, that will be open to you. So it's good, we're going to try and name as many people as we can know about that, because we want to get as many people skilled up in this area as we can. And [00:29:25] yeah, and that's kind of [00:29:29] the way we are happy to take questions and also hang around for a while afterwards by the food table, if anyone wants to talk a bit more about himself. But otherwise, George little bit about training what that is. [00:29:39] Yeah, so it was a part of the so the spices, as Casey said, is a bit of a merger of a whole bunch of organizations. And at the moment, we're currently establishing like a volunteer recruitment plan, which involves regular training. So we have one coming up really soon. And today is sort of a day for you volunteers come along and find out about us. But there are also lots of volunteer is the contact us via email and Facebook and stuff. So the training will be on the 22nd of May the end of this month. And it's going to be like a really good one on one for like, we'll do some basic facilitation skills, some basic counseling skills, and some really good self care boundary skills. So we've been collaborating with other these services like youth line to run those trainings. And those are actually genuinely for everyone. Like if you want to, we want to offer it to people who just maybe just want to be in the area or want to start somewhere and youth work, or social work or anywhere in human services, and they want to just go on to a good first course they can go along, they can find out more about us there as well, they get some really cool training. But it's also a way for us to upscale all of our volunteers, everybody that comes along as often not very experienced in the Facebook community, which is fine, because we want to offer training, really good startup points. So we have these beautiful people offering volunteer services for us and supporting our young people and being really, really great and doing everything. But then we also want to be offering some really cool training up so I can type it on woods, into the world, wherever they want to go in the future with it. So yeah, that's on the 22nd of May. [00:31:10] Probably here, we haven't decided on the venue yet. [00:31:14] It'll be from 12 o'clock, that stuff will get posted up on schools, at groups and on social media, whoever does that, or email lists will have some email list for people who want to find out about that as well. [00:31:25] Yes, Can I just add to that as well, some people kind of want to know a lot in terms of the groups that are not there too old or whatever, you know, kind of thing, we get a quite a lot. And I think it's really important that our spices as a whole, we we have quite a commitment to intergenerational work to support young people. We don't use a four year by year model for the reason that we see this workers really, we need to value like our older generations of interest, and they want to be able to give back. So there's lots of different ways to support. And again, you're never too old to be able to support our spices and the Copa and terms of the actual groups themselves. We do ask that people are able to relate well to young people, and there are 18 year olds who might not relate well to young people. So it's actually not specific to age, that's about being able to, I guess, yeah, not be able to see one to one have respect and get along really [00:32:21] well with young people. So [00:32:22] I guess we don't have a complete age limit some support also. But um, yeah, like, yeah, it's just kind of open to us, the people that aside and for us to see how that goes. I think if people yes, of [00:32:40] course, if you are thinking about when I [00:32:48] started out with transformed, like, I've never worked with young people for never done any sort of social work before. And the training just gave me so many skills, and it just [00:32:57] gave me confidence to [00:32:59] to be like to be who I am today. So [00:33:08] anyone who has any questions about school sale, or any questions, they might have come up. [00:33:15] An emailing list was mentioned in regards to finding out the new in the stream program. [00:33:24] how we go about getting all this madness. [00:33:27] Yep. So if you want to catch up, [00:33:31] catch up with Katie here afterwards and go grab his contact details. So this training that we're running for people who might be interested, as open to our existing facilitators, and it's also open to anyone who might be interested in helping to facilitate groups. As it's going to be an open day of training, we just need an idea of numbers. And being the gonna go over basic facilitation, basic counseling skills, and self care stuff. Well, and anyone could come along to that. And then by the end of the day, we're going to have a bit of an idea about who might be the people who might be, you know, really suitable for leaving those groups. But I guess, knowing that another training and as the end, it's just really helpful to know that stuff just in general for life. So anyone's welcome to come along today. [00:34:24] Any other questions? Thoughts? Before we move on? [00:34:27] Can I get more of an idea [00:34:28] of the other roles that you've [00:34:30] got for volunteers? We're quite [00:34:34] quite the functioning based at the moment. So we've got when our spaces plans to come back, and YouTube, they've got new branding coming out. We've got new social media, website stuff. So if anybody's like real taking everyone to the social media, there's opportunity today to do volunteering. [00:34:52] fundraising, yeah, fundraising, we need people to help fundraise to run campaigns, we need people to do communications, [00:34:57] graphic design. [00:35:02] If you have any accounting skills, it'll be awesome. Because I'm just learning. [00:35:07] employment skills. Yeah. Yeah. [00:35:11] There's also gonna be there will be transferring, they'll be spaces available on the board as well. So yeah, definitely offensive board members, or even people who want to, you know, have board meetings are technically public, and people can come along and can input and learn about what we're up to. And some opportunities might come from that. [00:35:28] Yeah. Thank you. [00:35:34] Any other thoughts? Questions? Awesome. Christian, by the way. [00:35:37] Cool. [00:35:38] So as Kristen so in the room, [00:35:44] since you might get a little bit of a spiel about about, and I know, you've talked a little bit already, but maybe about the history of our relationship and [00:35:56] with Hades goes out and transformer groups running here for a long time, actually, ice and the space or particularly transformed actually installed back in the old building. [00:36:05] When we moved into this building, we specifically wanted a space that would be easy, easily accessible to a range of different groups and community. And it's been a big part of, we're currently looking at moving into a big part of it, our thinking years to make sure that we can continue to offer this. And as I said, at the beginning, evolve our whole whole organization of nurses and doctors and youth workers and social workers and counselors are really, really committed to [00:36:40] making evolve a really friendly space for LGBT [00:36:44] TRQ young people and and, [00:36:48] and we're still working out, you know, what that means, practically as well, in some ways. [00:36:54] But certainly, our relationship with our spouses as a key part of this Bye, having the office here by having the groups here by trying to formalize that by having as an evolved staff member on the board of our spaces, doing all those sorts of things [00:37:09] like that. So you can imagine kissing, okay, does anyone have any questions or anything about specifically evolve? We like [00:37:28] we like volunteers to [00:37:29] also so you know, [00:37:32] move is not confirmed yet be. [00:37:36] We're still looking for suitable space. So if anyone's got a building in an [00:37:39] extra hundred grand a year, [00:37:44] just, you know, just kitchen, I [00:37:46] just really want to acknowledge, you [00:37:48] know, how important the relationship of about has been, I think there's been a lot of stuff that we want to be able to do. Otherwise, because we are mostly a group. It's been run by volunteers and young people, and really means a lot that a mainstream news organization doesn't need to take any concerns about queer trans young people seriously at all. Does in Houston from the very beginning, stepped up and was like, let's let's work on building a relationship. And the fact that we're able to have an office here, the fact that we're able to have a physical space and also be linked into a wider Gareth organization, which means that our groups are able to say, if you need to see a counselor, if you need to see a doctor, actually, we're already in the same building, let's have a conversation and the safety that provides to [00:38:37] young people so [00:38:39] so yeah, so we're really, really thankful for of all support. And I say that, weirdly. Because I now work [00:38:45] for a while. But yeah, [00:38:51] yeah, strategic. Okay. Also, any other thoughts or questions on evolve? Are we all good? there? Co silence me. Okay. I'm here. The next person I'm going to be passing it on to as, as Kate who will be speaking from an alien Zealand. [00:39:11] Yeah. [00:39:13] So many New Zealand sort of started way. And I think in my role as a community lawyer, I got asked, I think, to talk to transform, but it could have been skills out. Yeah. [00:39:26] Yeah. Okay, cool. [00:39:29] About the legal issues and how, how that works and things. And I, at the end of the group, I asked like, so is anyone thinking about changing ideas? Like, why aren't people doing it and a lot of people said, money was an issue. So I thought, I'm a capitalist at heart, and I love making money. Maybe I can make money for some people. And because of my lawyer, I knew how to do all the ideas so I can provide it from that perspective. And we got talking with GMN. And she thought it was a great idea. So yeah, that's sort of how we began and we still very new [00:40:08] so far, I think we've had three fundamentals. Sarah, get three funding rounds and funded [00:40:16] Yeah, some some number. So far, we haven't had to turn down anybody in the Wellington region. We've had enough money to fund every ID that we got asked for we've done name changes, passports and funding to see your doctor to get the evidence for the birth certificate keeps filling in documents for me, which has been awesome. And I think what I like about volunteering for naming New Zealand is like Kathy said, I was one of the 18 year olds who didn't relate well to our 18 year olds, and and many museum and I can still help out by fundraising, and for filling in boring legal documents. FU our those people who've not so great at relating to youth pets, gaming, New Zealand's a great place to be because you can still be really involved and run some cool fundraisers, we have this really great clothing sale that seems to help us sit up and [00:41:18] complain. Awesome. [00:41:21] It was we raised so much money, and that's really helped us a lot. We've done Stevens arranged a Hollywood movie night. We're hoping to do more. So I think that that is sort of we're we're looking for volunteers is mainly in fundraising. And I'm considering I was talking about training. And my other hats community Lord is doing a youth rights training for community work is next Thursday. And if you're interested in that, it's all your rights, all the rights of young people dealing with place dealing with wins transition into six non binary right specifics. issues with scope. come towards me I can do you discount? [00:42:05] Yeah, their website. [00:42:08] Oh, yeah. And even made us a website. [00:42:13] We've got some really great DIY. Let's like how to change how to do your passport, how to write a statutory declaration, all the forms you have to fill in for the birth certificate, and some costs of different things. Nigeria, what's this to do first, if you want to save the most money, that sort of stuff? Yeah. [00:42:36] I'm naming the MZH. [00:42:42] So Jamie, [00:42:45] do you want to speak so maybe any future plans? [00:42:50] Oh, yeah, my dream, [00:42:53] our dream so I will. [00:43:00] I have a dream that eventually, we'll have the dream that [00:43:06] we've made out to fund bigger things in the future. So at the moment, we're just doing the quite cheap things with passports and things that I'd love to be funding things like, and here mobile and binders and packages and wardrobe allowance and Pat's way in the future surgeries, we're making that much money, but those are my dreams, but hopefully how we can grow and maybe also expand into other cities. Because at the moment, great Wellington, someone sort of interesting times, with [00:43:36] other cities, like we're hoping to get someone in the city to help out with fundraising in the city, and also someone [00:43:41] that had a full possession. And it's [00:43:45] now we can expand it to another city, just so people in that city have somebody to talk to somebody that they can. [00:43:55] Any other questions or anything about lending museum? [00:44:03] I do think it's, you know, it's a really awesome initiative. Because, again, it's just giving something practical to young people to be able to break down some barriers that I say, we know that, you know, transitioning can be really, really expensive. And yet, you know, there's a lot of money that can be involved in so it's really awesome to see a project that just goes away and helps to, you know, kind of try clear, just a couple of costs that people might not be able to do that could make a big difference and the transition and in the lives. [00:44:34] So awesome work. [00:44:36] co. And then I'm going to hand over to Charlie, who's going to be speaking about the binary exchange. Yeah. So [00:44:47] this is what bothers basically, it's just oppression, which, for January transgressive, and people to some says guys don't wear them as well, to make their chest look masculine, basically. So I went with a company called JTCV. Because they basically make binders full. [00:45:08] Made by trans guys for trans guys. [00:45:12] And this is really important because otherwise, people don't have access to binders of their own dating, for a lot of reasons, because they are only available in the states cost up to $50 plus shipping and your credit card. So So basically, I wanted to create a way for you to access binders. And if they don't lean of using tightly using debt managers, and with the state of the healthcare system, that moment, they can actually access surgery for way too long. So the reports to find potential. So the binder exchange came out of an idea for that. But partly, a lot of older guys when they've had surgery, especially in the YouTube community give away the abundance. And it was something that we could have done in Wellington really easily. So I having fundraising for for insult surgery. Luckily, his surgery is funded through the Von Trapp. So I ended up with about $900. So I was like, I need to do this money, I need to put it into some something good for my community. So basically, I ended up buying about 18 binders. And with Cassius how we were able to set up the exchange about a month ago at evolve. So that is currently it is about 15 binders, just sitting and this goes out all of us. And yet really, the purpose is to make sure that people actually look after the bodies of that sort of stuff. Because transitioning, like maybe New Zealand food is super expensive. And if you're under 18, and you don't have access, because you live with your parents, it's really hard because generally the purpose of the binder change is going to be targeted for those that are under attainment, sort of a hunger guarantee and have access to binders themselves. And part of it, we we don't want to really involve cash. I mean, if donations come in, we're happy with that. But the main point of it is that sort of intergenerational connection. So we all the guys have binders that they no longer need due to surgery or other reasons able to donate them back. And that intergenerational thing within the trans community is really important. I feel and creating those connections between older people and younger people. And I also would like to extend the binder exchange for any sort of thing that trans people need in order to transition. So trans women have things that would help other younger trans woman transition that they don't want to use, you're welcome to donate it anyway. What I've really liked is just having massive resources of things that trans people need to transition that goes on donations from paga transmit. [00:47:42] But it's brand new, we've only [00:47:45] had about seven. With the help of Cassie, we've donated about seven bundles so far. But the thing is the donations probably aren't going to keep up with how many people actually need them. [00:47:58] Does anybody have any question? [00:48:04] It's, you have a feel of that. So these ones, so there's kind of two main brands. So this one is made by JTC Bay. And that is that is made by trying. I think the non binary trans people based in Maryland, in the states is also under works. And I'm quite skeptical of under works because it's made the the market of turns people but they're they're designed for success mean, who basically get most [00:48:31] members of fat. So, [00:48:35] yeah, because people were forced to buy him for, like I was forced upon for three and a half years, and my reps are really month. Because of that. I think it's really good to kind of go with a company that actually try to access binders for people that actually afford trans people. And it's completely free. So yeah, sorry, I should have explained our target demographic with. So who were generally trying to give out banners to under 18, they still have the perfect parents and don't have any access to income, but we are pretty lenient on it. So if you're a bit older and are unemployed would be perfectly happy. [00:49:13] I think be great if you can eventually make it nationwide. [00:49:17] Yeah. So there is there is trends, who have recently suspended [00:49:23] organized donations because they don't have the funding. But part of it is that we wanted a space where people can try on the binders themselves. So they can see what they like they have an yet they basically have a space so they can choose and just kind of get the feel for without being forced. Because often these things are online, you don't actually have access to see what they like before you buy them. So that was a big point. And also because it's a connected to evolve. And mean that if nurses or doctors were dealing with any young translation sacred just go in there and be like, yeah, you can just type on just having because of all this access to the trans community a lot better than just me on this network. Right? [00:50:04] Maybe the, the the youth groups, so with the young, the young sis women who perhaps have small size brands of the browser still in good condition. Normally outgrowing them, maybe they could donate them for this year for young trans woman. So as long as the elastic at the bank is still in good condition. [00:50:29] Yeah, cuz that this is my big grand plans is just creating, if any, how much of the scope out office I want to take over, but just creating resources for trans people, because I just recently came back from Canada and the pride room at UVA university, I was there was just a mess of resources there for for trans people, they were shoes, trans women like that with big sizes. And I just kind of want to emulate that in a lot of ways. Yes. [00:51:01] Hello to the bundles, lust and other any hygiene issues. [00:51:07] And that's, that's part of the issue with because people get very disheartened, they don't want to take them off. Part of it, when people pick up the blinders, I do tell them that they need to not sleep in them, because they will damage the ropes. And now we're going to well, as long as they still bind, and I'm going to soak them basically I'm going to I'm going to watch them. So I did get one donated yesterday, donated a guy who picked one up. And the last day at the back, the one that he had been wearing was basically shot. So I couldn't take it because it was it didn't bind anymore. So if if a binder so bad, don't take it. I've had a nurse here, my name is Roberto has offered to sew up the binders that have holes in them and stuff. So I was gonna say we could potentially want to have so as long as they hygiene, I mean, as long as they can be watched unfortunate the white ones. [00:52:05] That just happens because people with [00:52:19] a whole bunch of new ones that are in there as well. But it is basically a, you know, a size VM and it's there. If it's not, it's not kind of thing. So ideally, a big goal to be able to even be able to do what is for people who might not have, you know, usual sizes, but right now people kind of know that it's, you know, just what is the effort. So it's 48 [00:52:39] years at the moment. So if those ones that 33 I got free shipping on them, because I didn't mess order. But the quality of those ones are really good. And it's just a lot more comfortable. Just, I just really want to promote that company, because I just feel like they're a lot better than what else is out there. And because it's going money back trans people as well. And, [00:53:05] and again, and some We've had a few I mean, it's still kind of gaining popularity, we were actually not massively on letting everyone know about it. Because that is the case, which is totally safe. We have about 15 that I've been there. But please if you know people who are in need and around under 18 or so or maybe a little bit older, to let them know. [00:53:27] And I can honestly say that it's quite amazing. You know, we've had situations we're going twice before coming to this concert. So enough being you know, one person in particular being in hospital, because the binders too small, and it was literally crushing the ropes, the hits going to hospital and but the club ciders as if they don't wear them, they don't want to leave the house because they're too anxious. So the better option was to wear the wind are crushing the ropes. And after a quick catch up, I was able to just hand over him could try whatever number but America we certain type of everything that you need. And then you can actually fit it on yourself. And then they get away with a brand new one, completely. So again, it's just a really helpful practical thing that can help young people out [00:54:13] something really simple, but it makes a difference, like 50 bucks when you're under like when you're here is huge amounts of money. [00:54:21] Not to mention the other credit cards. [00:54:22] Yeah, yeah. And also randomly getting packages at your door. And you kind of don't want to tell your parents what it is. [00:54:30] Any further questions on the father exchange [00:54:34] plans [00:54:35] like that idea that [00:54:39] that pretty much just [00:54:40] came from a conversation with given that I had over dinner and it transformed. This is some way we could get some communication going for some very odd reason. Yeah, like about a year ago, I acquired a whole wardrobe of male clothes and [00:54:55] just sort of magically appear did one day that meant being used. So [00:55:00] I didn't want to kill myself. I said I [00:55:06] couldn't so so the best way to contact me through this is ICF. gmail. com, which is just all one word. Wellington binder. Doc, at sorry, Wellington, binders? exchange@gmail.com. I'm just not sure about how much space we have. That was [00:55:22] my main concern. I got stuff from the sizes and the Yeah. [00:55:28] Yeah, I think everything's really good. Because we used to do we have done awesome trips through transport. [00:55:34] clothes that they can just take up so much. [00:55:37] month, there's people. [00:55:42] Because that's something else we could do. Like externally, definitely, we could have like, maybe like a day, this is this is another thing because when I was in the UK, the LGBT Center and how straight and the number they had, like some affair. And with that they had like a massive posing a. So we're we're basically transforming and transmitting smartphones. So that could be could be something another thing that could happen as an event at some stage, but i think i think it's a really good idea. [00:56:13] I know how to tie a tie but quite well into it. But um, [00:56:18] you know, I didn't have [00:56:20] an exchange skills. Yeah, that could be something that I'd like to do. Yeah, because it was a clothing at I did have that idea about last year. And we ended up having heaps and heaps of clothes that were put on sale. And the path, aka canceled, I mean, we just ended up having heaps and heaps of clothes, because I didn't follow through on it. But it is it is something that we if we create an annual event where people have like a clothing swap would be a really good idea. And just kind of get an exhibition because I think that is union ratio thing with trans people is really important as well. [00:57:01] Yeah. [00:57:06] So thank you so much to everyone who's given a bit of a rundown of the projects. And as I said, pretty much all the projects are run by the people who are in this room, give or take. And a lot of as, as initiated by young people like this would be a really cool idea. How can we make this happen? And I think the whole point of our spaces was to have an overarching organization that can take care of the boring stuff, get all of it done. So actually, we can allow young people to be able to do the things that they need to do to be able to improve the community. So So yes, I'm really glad to be able to do that. What I'm going to do is just gonna finish up really soon, except for Kathleen would like to speak, please go on. [00:57:49] Really good lunch in a couple of weeks, like we would I get one direction? [00:58:00] Yeah, can you tell us just a little bit about that [00:58:04] is a really good lunch that you can get on Sunday, May the 29th. And it's an event called fair be lunch 2016. To distinguish it from one that was in 2013. And what we're doing is as we're taking over a restaurant called Portofino, on the waterfront, there's space for about 100 people there. And we're having the lunch. But we've also got people who are coming to entertain, and we've got this amazing raffle happening as well. So the lunch itself is $35 [00:58:40] for an adult $15 for [00:58:44] children under 13 Miranda, and you can buy tickets for that by emailing me. If you have if you're on Facebook, a look up favorite lunch 2016 it's got all the details. [00:58:59] You know, Facebook, [00:59:03] I do speak to speak to someone. [00:59:08] I don't know how to deal with the outside of Facebook stuff. [00:59:15] But last time we raised $3,000, which was really awesome. This time, we might not hit that map, but we're definitely going to try and yeah, you're everyone's invited to come along [00:59:27] if you want to buy a ticket. So the last time [00:59:31] our entire moved into [00:59:33] kind of the whole office, everything I got a new computer, we got loads of cool like furniture donated like we can show people the office afterwards. You're welcome to come and have a look. Ponder that entirely. And it was a social game, because they were like, Oh, so we have good like, like starting point. And then we can continue to fund right now all in one night. Beautiful. We were crying. [00:59:56] Yeah, it was beautiful night, everybody cries [01:00:05] really great when we recommend good food. [01:00:09] And just really acknowledging and thinking Jake and all the people who can chip it to, to MIT who, you know, youth group is probably not going to be you know the thing anymore. But that really wanting to give back to the younger communities. And we I don't think that actually schools that would exist at all, or our spaces would exist at all, we're not for that support of the older generation. So we really do appreciate it. And thank people for that. So thank you. Awesome. So we're just going to finish up now. Thank you, everyone, [01:00:43] to fundraising. Sarah, myself and a couple of other people were fundraising to send out a wonderful friend, Bella Simpson to the World Conference and Bangkok, November this year. So we've already had one event. And if we, if we can raise more money, then we'll see and more people. But you know, if you see any events and Facebook, whether you want to attend or not. Conrad came to our one last weekend. It was fabulous, wasn't it Congress? stunning. But it's I think, the so it's been the committee of the people who organized the Oceana yoga conference that was held at a target University in March this year. We feel really strongly that, you know, Bella goes and, and represents us, because she's been so involved with working with queer youth, and Wellington and work so hard. And we just want to have a youth voice over there represented well for for New Zealand. And hopefully, we'll get one or two other boys as well. So on it, and then Jim was there as well. So yeah, last weekend, we had a tour around this, and John's garden and afternoon tea, and we hope to organize some more events as well. [01:02:25] But how do we get money out of that propeller [01:02:31] together, [01:02:36] especially an opportunity for you to meet other people and to be able to discuss what other projects are going to be really cool in our spaces offers a handful of those. And there's lots of other amazing things that already happened, and are going to happen in the future. So we do really, we just want to know how we can support that. And the best way, I think any final questions before we move into kind of some nice closing, [01:03:00] know, and we will be milling around for a little bit. So feel free to come and talk to somebody individually, if you would like to know more from them. [01:03:08] Cable as the to have out of spices. And I'm just going to hand it over to you to maybe just give some final words about stuff, any final information and maybe some kind of thing. Yeah, [01:03:23] so I'm really appreciative of you will stay full time. Welcome. I don't see anyone except Kristen leave. Yeah, this was really cool. I'm really glad that we got a decent number I saw have been posted either on Facebook. So that was really amazing. Hopefully, we'll be having these quite regularly as we begin to grow. At a specialist has some really amazing plans, I get quite overwhelmed. I get really into one thing, and then I'll be like, what about this thing, and then I'm jumping around, and then nothing gets done. [01:03:53] Too much. And so [01:03:55] yeah, we've got so many beautiful plans. And so I'm really excited for you, we're going as a collective. And I'm really stoked that binder exchanges come on board as well. And we were like, we hope to be able to create an organization where other people can have are inspired by something and would like to come on board with us and just help us grow. And maybe you people are the people that will do that. So we'll be hanging around if you're interested in volunteering, and we'll find out more information about open up the office as well. Some people can take you through that you can check out the library, some of the youth art rubbish for that we need to empty [01:04:33] bowl of lollies or there's all sorts in there, you can check out the binder exchange. [01:04:39] Thank you so much. It's an awful night out there, I don't really want to leave, there's so much food, please eat it. [01:04:46] Thank you, I love [01:04:50] you, thank you, again, honestly, is a staple for schools and and spices wouldn't be anything without a community that is around it and constantly supporting it. And I guess even a few come away from this being like, Oh, yeah, I'm not really keen on, you know, volunteer time, whatever, that's okay. I've we really interested in building relationships with people. And it's everyone in this room, and it's people beyond this room, we I guess we just want to be able to have a way that we can be in conversation and keep talking with members of the community to be able to do this job really well. And finally, just want to thank everyone here who's helped, or who's helped so far to get to this point, really, it's been, I think, you know, a lot of work to be able to make the move to come here. And as, as was mentioned, you know, the young people that we are working with, you know, they have a lot of stuff on their plate a and we really want to be able to make sure that if there's one thing with it, or a couple of things that we can help with the next what we can do to make that that little miss fall, although this rude analogy, because who doesn't want foreplay. Anyway, um, I just also want to thank everybody who's helped out in the kitchen, and to our board members who are here in here, just all of you for really expressing an interest in this co Papa and taking the time out of your Thursday evening, to come along and to learn a little bit more. If you'd like to find out more information, ask us if you'd like to get involved in volunteering, cable is the person to go and speak to. And we can give you more information there. So just like to finish up by saying, [01:06:24] Yeah, we're really thankful that everyone being able to be here tonight, [01:06:28] we're thankful to those who have come before us and created the path that we can then keep picking up and traveling forward on. We're thankful to our older generations. And we're thankful to all the young people who have the faith and trust in us to actually into a room and spend time with us and accept all the wonderful things that we want to do for them. They're amazing. Thank you all and just going to finish up with closing and and please help yourself to the rest of the phone and feel free to check in lingo and [01:06:57] yeah, and just I guess celebrate what [01:06:59] that was that we've been able to do tonight. Oh, thank you, everyone.

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