Phil Rogers and Virginia Parker-Bowles - Out in the Park (2016)

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] Where the guy here today, after last year, this is brilliant, and big provide. I really, really enjoyed and it's good to see new people out here from my generation. I come from the 50s. And everything happened right up to 1996 it was scary. I played rugby, I was always scared of getting found out and getting punched in the bottom of a rock. It didn't happen. But today there are gay boys in the All Blacks I can tell you could be OE voice of experience. [00:00:33] Yeah, I'm excited to be here as well. Lovely, lovely weather really cool to see an enormous crowd and niche niche just to see it come to fruition really [00:00:45] just thinking of that kind of historic elements. What's your kind of top memory of Florida? [00:00:50] Suddenly, it was a relief. [00:00:53] I was on TV at times and my Korea and I was was scared of being found out her name being victimized because of it. I enjoy playing sport. I didn't want to be victimized via but I had to be very, very careful. And I had an interview recently about archives. What was it like what she was saying? And one of it was a female asked me. She said, How could she was a nice, good looking man. She says Can I say that? And I said yes you can. From your day, you must be nice and good looking in. How did you get off the field in your shares that you didn't get turned on? And I suppose simple. I don't pay like me like they do today in my day. Because today you can get substituted you don't play a full a few minutes you play 18 minutes of hard rock be the last thing I think obviously thing between your legs in the shower, I can tell you [00:01:41] coming forward to today. What are the some of the things that kind of still needed to be worked on for rainbow communities? [00:01:48] We've just been talking a friend of mine and I about how much social opprobrium is still is and how to how to try support young people in particular, against the effects of transphobia and homophobia and by phobia, it's it's still an issue. Even though we're first class citizens, it doesn't mean that everything has been resolved. Yeah, so we're still quite aware of it as well. And it's really interesting to hear from people who were so fearful of coming out prior to 1986. It's it isn't a different thing. We can't imagine what it's like to come out and say I'm a criminal effectively at before that time. But now, I think it's still it's still a really tricky thing. And it's and it's not, it's not easy to come out either. You do so fear a lot of a lot of prejudice and discrimination and and also so physical [00:02:52] effects of it too. Yeah. [00:02:55] I certainly good solved a lot of problems of gay marriage, civil union, and so on. Even legalizing prostitution help in another recipe. But one of the things that we had never really solved the transgender and intersex issues that are still on the agenda do we're still getting over a little bit about blood donations. We think we've crossed that hurdle now. And the other one is really what what you're just talking about the younger people, it's still very difficult. And you see some of the things in the private schools when it's coming out. And the Board of Trustees saying these things don't happen. And in actual fact, probably that could sit does. And I don't know. And those things have got to change that people need support. And it's up to us some of the older people to try and get that support because we normally to be able to get the platform to do it. The younger people, some people just not listen to them. [00:03:47] I think there's a really awesome sense though, of a burgeoning, particularly visioning trends movement that's really visible to just just a waste this gender person like me, I get it. It's really exciting to see trans people and people of color as well really take a stand and start figuring out how they want to be in the world and be really, really visible and kind of RG Bochy about it I'm excited by that. I think it's awesome. [00:04:16] One thing that seems to me to have changed a wee bit as how we kind of identify ourselves, so the language that we use, so can you recall kind of a language that you would use to describe yourself like way back when and in kind of the words that you'd use now? [00:04:30] Some people want pleasure, are you gay? And I said, I'm happy. That was why we are getting around it. Is can't remember what sometimes speaks it wasn't a topic good to I experienced because I never really dressed up I'll never put my hands around and look say like, Jonathan man on are you being swift sort of person. But sometimes it was that inside me wanting to get out, but I still escaped to do it. You know, it's I think there's people will punching your day, nowhere, they will grab you, you know, and I've seen people get hit. I've seen Gaga hit over the head of a bottle because he was just upset, and he wasn't in that person's face. He wasn't belittling that person. And it was quite scary to see. And I thought that could happen to me. So I just kept my head down. [00:05:11] Basically, how did you meet other gay men around that time? How did you know an established community? [00:05:18] Well, you did have the guy by and Wellington I'm wanting Tony and I used to have the coincidentally fell into it will be honest. I haven't been in Dixon Street. And you had the was recorded. The other one invited there's one where the transition was maintained. And the dollar question seats were in selling to the sailors that came at [00:05:37] the at the Royal Oak were [00:05:39] like you were like, I'm just trying to think of the Bible was cool, but there was one next to it and then melon Scotty male took over not smart Scotty the banana bar upstairs said it was always that gave in you, I want to create a two bars in Wall Street that attracted the crowd as well. And because we have TV in New York for 1973, the 1970, before everyone came along, you did have a lot of such a theater community, their television started in 1960. The majority of people making programs come from overseas. And of course, it was from England net, and a lot of them are gay. The heads of department and things like their TV was great, it allowed woman to break the glass ceiling. And invariably some of those women were sort of say not straight. But they managed to keep everything quietly within the thing until till the late 70s things coming out of it more and more acceptable to be gay to be on TV, or theater. And it made life a bit simpler of some of them. And that's one thing. The other thing was to do it in club was a secret society. But it wasn't really you got invited to join a bad shot at 10 o'clock in my day. So you wander down to joy and you had a key to get when you bought tickets down the bottom for the drinks. And we got rated one night, we got rated before cause somebody's been on a cruise ship and gotta hit them on those days must embrace straight cruise. But somebody's done a lot of burglaries or what was on the bite. And as a speaker from the gay community say the police was dumped a bit so they came up and ready to do it and club. And most of us say shut up hands. Because we're getting spring, but the placement said no, we're not asking you guys because we know you're not you're in one place, you're not doing a toilet, you're not offending anybody. You're all grouped together. And, and you don't roll out of here we're drunk, which you must have been looking very much. It's fun, because some was there. But the thing was, I visited the guy. And sure enough, it was a bad thing to happen. But to please leave us alone in that respect, and enjoy your move back to Wall Street. And it became you could take ladies along the ladies nights. And then it died away. I can remember white tie but it died. And I think what came into vogue more was the gay bar itself it become more acceptable to go to a gay bar after the Lord glory form came true. And people like Scotty, a male held that scene together in a big, big way. And [00:08:07] just finally, so we're 30 years post homosexual law reform, what do you think the world is going to look like in another 50 years time? What's your ideal world for 50 years from now? [00:08:19] Tough question. I think this and then some, I suppose. Because I think that our, with our social connectedness enabled through social media platforms, it will only get stronger and stronger. And I think those you know, that burgeoning sort of movement that I had, I can say, will I will also take on older people as well. And I'm that's growing too. So I think I hope we're just going to be more bullshitting. Because we're going to be out there. And we're not going back into closets. And we've got a lot of wrongs to rise. And a lot of great benefits of working together and and developing a world that we want to be safe and healthy and to see a positive future. [00:09:09] Well, all I can say is that 30 years on, we've had a lot of change in my lifetime. I visited Germany in 1973, the wall was up and I never thought in my lifetime network come down, it came down 16 years later, I went back and grab a piece of it. But it was quite a shock for it to happen. What I think now is people are listening people up in Parliament are listening, you're getting things that I think are transgender issues, and that more more acceptable is adoption. That's another issue that's got to be sorted. I think that will happen. But it's just a matter a lot of rafal talking a lot of chatting. One thing I'd like to see is a more that we were lucky and nice and I'm really were able to get through these hurdles. And there are countries around the world have that. I mean, it's pretty, pretty awful. So my thing and 30 years of sleep, hopefully, companies, the countries are doing things like try and people are buildings and god knows what because of their sexuality, that 30 years on from here, though at the point where at least where we are now. [00:10:10] Really good point and I think that Altidore has an opportunity to use influence and those regards as well, which we should be using our influence within the world. But what one [00:10:24] thing I've got a Mojo and I've got a lot of long sleeve students here, all from overseas. guys seen these, Ellen, the South Koreans are here. They're seeing what we're saying about North Korea on it. And I think the answer is in those people recognizing that the sky is not going to fall and if something happened, New Zealand done it. We should be able to liberalize our country a little bit and it says people are going to make the change not not the parents of them are older.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.