Out in the Park opening (2018)

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in zero.com [00:01:07] si [00:01:15] si [00:01:23] see [00:01:53] Welcome everyone to happen the path no right at a nightmare here to kill time King [00:02:00] King [00:02:03] Koto Koto Koto at night Toba King a toy who he got on my night keep the total call it a night co Papa Koto Koto Koto Koto Koto know my hide him I pocket timeline it matter to attain knighthood [00:02:27] just before we begin this way welcome to everyone who's come along all out on a cheetah the mayor in pace [00:02:39] our fabulous elders yes [00:02:45] all of our community come along to the right now my head on my welcome so just to begin now, which and I correct here and then following it will be some speeches and we'll talk about speeches know, making the Atocha to Tijuana march of 2000 and if a taco tiara Heiko now [00:03:09] if I go to Tokyo taka taka taka taka taka cannot show Nikita halfway [00:03:17] through the poor know it's taken out of our know [00:03:25] Tina only [00:03:30] know right away a high kick it took me ok I can [00:03:35] hear a career [00:03:39] or a holiday holiday. It took me hokey kitty recording. Now, Tony Martin he cannot he [00:03:51] cannot he cannot Sunoco know the 10 architect in our culture. Dana. [00:04:25] Hi. [00:04:59] Yeah. [00:05:18] Hi. [00:05:58] Hi. [00:06:15] Good morning and welcome to 2018 [00:06:22] My name is Steven I am coach here in part of the organizing committee for Wellington, the group that brings you out of the park and the Wellington pride festival to he finally a Tada. We are so honored and privileged to have paid a row and creating a diverse and inclusive and celebrate three annual Wellington pride festival to Phuket he at fundamentally a Tada This year has seen an incredible assortment of events which represent promote and celebrate a variety of values we strongly believe are essential for the LG be TT I if plus community. Diversity, inclusiveness and respect have been strong theme throughout our planning and the list of events that we have in our program for the 2018 Festival. We can't wait to share them. From all of us on the committee, Greg Wilson, I felt like to Steve and Sue, Secretary Leon the gallon Wilson out Treasurer funding Arthur, Roxy from entertainment Elizabeth, the fabulous person is actually put this all together for the day. Richard from our columns. And Josh, using middle years on these people have been working tirelessly for you over the last nine months to make this end the festival a reality. We hope you enjoy it for us. [00:07:51] Today we have massive massive the lineup of entertainment for your across the whole day. As you can see there's over 70 stalls around for you to have a perused we got some tasty food around. But I do want to take a brief moment to acknowledge all the people that are not with us here today. [00:08:12] This last year has taken quite a toll on her computer and we've lost some very strong people and strong leaders from our community. One of these as Virginia burns, aka Virginia Parker Bowles. She's actually part of the reasons why myself and a lot of the committee asked it stood for the committee this year because of her beliefs, [00:08:27] and her [00:08:28] determination to create fabulous events. And I've been given permission from your partner jack to read a piece [00:08:37] from these final statement to the community before she passed away. This was for Memorial health for her [00:08:44] Eddie the beaver and later that evening, after this memorial watch v managed to watch live she passed away surrounded by friends and family so I want to take a minute to read this little passage. [00:08:58] And then I'd like to take a minute silence for us for me any of our loved ones that are not here with us today. [00:09:03] He was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 [00:09:08] it stopped me from committing continuing my community work and are really annoyed [00:09:15] about that but I'm excited about what you lovely [00:09:20] is can get out and together and achieve [00:09:24] all around this part today. There is talent and skill and willingness to build on the past successes so if you're a vent a mildly interested jump in and get involved [00:09:38] as they say sorry [00:09:41] Mike Wellington's queer events as big shiny as I can be. There's room for everyone you know you want to anything that pops in your head can be done there's plenty of people to help you to achieve your vision. You just have to treat them well and you will find the right co partner to support the event connect with your audience took my love Virginia please take a moment silence [00:10:21] thank you that is now my honor to welcome to the stage fabulous Amir of Wellington adjusting list to open air festivities [00:10:35] thank you very much Steven try number he knew a kicker so cut off my my heart and my soul Mayra I do want to acknowledge a few people here amongst the many young people and our entire community. Paul ego Louisa wall and Jane Loki Great to see you all here. And thank you for your support up in the breakouts and Parliament as well. 32 years will be hanging out in the park in the city. And it's getting bigger folder and Bryce it every year. And I know next year is going to be a busy year to the next 12 months. And Tojo next year we hosting the older conference for the first time in Wellington first time here in the southern hemisphere. And we're looking to mark that in the city as well by creating a pride precinct and then around Kiva straight with rainbow cross things and flags and being bold and bright and making sure the entire city and all of these Zealand as a we're of our support for the private community. So I'm really looking forward to that. Why is this important for us? And why do we want to celebrate the pride community or we want to make sure we are inclusive that we're diverse and then we're making a safe environment for all of our young people all around that [00:11:45] and the entire pride community so today enjoy you being you and your tomato [00:11:55] right now I'd like to welcome to the stage Jane low you to say a few words. [00:12:05] Koto Koto, Koto, [00:12:06] Koto, it is lovely to see all of your faces into I've seen all our young people coming in to the space today, it kind of gives me hope, for where we're going. And I do to want to acknowledge those who have passed in the last year, v. and Shelly, Howard and Diana, who, these were really important people to a lot of us who opened up the space for us to be able to stand here and feel strong and proud. And know, while we celebrate with prize, all too often was still underlying grief for our friends, and people we love who have, you know, past or being a victim to the discrimination that we're fighting against. So I want to acknowledge everyone here who is continuing to stand proud and strong, to make sure that those spaces are free and open for all of us to be as wonderful and fabulous as we are. And yeah. [00:13:28] And all of our diversity, and the absolute brightness and wonderfulness that we give to communities when we're able to be ourselves in all of our diversity. And I want to let you know that in Parliament, we are doing our best to keep that fight going to get rid of the discrimination and to make sure that everyone has access to good health care, safe environments and the freedom to be and we know we still have worked do and we are committed to doing that for all of us. [00:14:06] Thank you Jen has also my honor to welcome Alyssa wall and Paul Eagle to the stage few words. [00:14:17] Tina Koto, Koto tuna Taco Bell, like to acknowledge given an hour to fund a fun a fun Oh, and also our amazing inside out [00:14:29] for matching to this amazing out in the pack of eight. So I want to meet you, Justin, and now council leadership for providing this opportunity. So I've fallen down from Tamaki Makoto, because your MP grant Robbins robertson is over the Winter Olympics. So I'm this up. But we also have here the amazing Paul ego, who's the mp4 Romo Ty, and I know that Paul, total goes our community 100 proceeds, I'm just adding on what Jane stage. And I'd like to acknowledge the leadership of Jane, because we do have a cross paths, he roll poo, there is fighting hard for our rights. But we can't do the work that we do with you. Because it's all about all of us, being really clear about what our needs and aspirations are, and us using the platform that we have as members of parliament, to advocate into the activists sometimes about what our needs and aspirations are. I see the amazing Georgina by down here, one of our icons. [00:15:39] And I just want us all to remember that 32 years ago, when this event started, we were fighting homosexual law reform. And it was about us being equal citizens in our own country. And we've come a long way since then. But we've got a long way to go. So we're all here today to celebrate all of us LGBT IQ two plus, plus, plus, whatever might be best is about being inclusive. These know, I guess the opinions or decisions made about how people express themselves. Because we need a community that embraces one another and we collectively experienced discrimination and stigmatization, and today is the day where we were afraid to be who we are. Paul, would you like to have a little quarter? [00:16:29] I think [00:16:30] local I endorse everything that Lewis said. And we were talking just before we came up on stage and see today is about love to so we thought let's sing it out or had together. So we're going to get you up on your feet. And I'm going to get out wonderful people here to find a funnel to kick us off on the total fat. And for those who don't know it, just listen and then pick up a few key words. And let's all do this together [00:16:59] though. [00:17:38] No, [00:17:55] children kilda. [00:18:52] Yeah. [00:19:35] Bye bye. [00:19:55] It [00:20:00] duty. [00:20:22] Take a [00:20:34] look. [00:21:16] Please join me in thanking again thank you to fund a front end for open air festival for us. [00:21:23] I just [00:21:23] want to note from fear director Elizabeth Marshall. She's the one who put it together. She just wants to make sure that you guys have a fantastic day to day to keep coming to these events to keep enjoying yourselves and to keep having fun. Just as a V wanted just say you want to know these programs for the festival over at HQ over there. There's a big one on the board. there right now. It is my honor to officially open out on the park and the Wellington pride festival to fight but he had fun I know it at Tara please welcome your MC today I use MC Lucy and the fabulous mix capital drag [00:21:58] Holly Lux [00:22:05] Welcome to 2018 [00:22:15] and I miss capital drag 2017. Holly [00:22:23] Are you excited for today? [00:22:24] I'm very excited. Are you guys excited [00:22:27] for today? [00:22:36] Lucy, [00:22:37] what is pride mean to you? [00:22:39] Well, this is my third year coming to add on the park. The first year I came was 2016. And I can't It was probably a few months after I came out to my mom. [00:22:54] I came out to her while we were watching master shift. [00:22:59] And I will was like Okay, I'm going to do it and the first a break. And I didn't do it until the ending credits because I was so nervous. But we really well. And a few months later we came to out in the park 2016 which was the year the parade went around the waterfront. And yeah, last year was amazing. And little did I know that I would be standing here emceeing the entire day this year. [00:23:32] So Holly, what does it mean to you [00:23:36] and Bing Zod so this is probably the fifth oh six out in the park. I have been to and pride means to me is it's just so amazing to see everybody just coming together and celebrating family. This is the second time I've ever stood on the stage. And last year I was just performing and now I'm coming in see with the gorgeous Lucy and it is the most amazing experience and it's so amazing to see all your faces so [00:24:05] let's have a great day. [00:24:11] So we would just like to thank really quickly, Park Road postproduction who have set up this entire stage and lighting. They are an internationally renowned purpose built facility providing award winning sound and picture finishing in Miramar who [00:24:36] all right and we also would like to thank Wellington Hospitality Group Wellington's leading and fastest growing Hospitality Group with 18 different venues and our local region they are passionate about about thriving Wellington and supporting our local communities. [00:24:51] Amazing now who's first time is it here today. [00:24:59] Oh, we've got here [00:24:59] enough friend. That's exciting. Are you having a good time? [00:25:06] And whose second time is it? [00:25:11] Amazing. [00:25:15] All right. Can we do some practicing overflows now? Are you ready? [00:25:23] Can you give me a five out of 10 round of applause [00:25:32] What about a seven out of 10 round of applause [00:25:37] about a 10 out of 10 round. [00:25:43] All right. I would love to bring on your fist x for this amazing day. They are the invisible bisexuals [00:25:54] you probably haven't seen them. But with you and violin and hand these Lounge Lizards play good old fashioned politicians just like you Nana likes dripping with filthy innuendo. Also just how your Nana likes. Please give a 10 out of 10 round of applause for the invisible bisexual.

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