Louisa Wall - Out in the Park (2018)

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by Friday and z.com. [00:00:05] So we were the amazing whites hang a pack here in Wellington for Nikki and the elite Maria is called out in the park. And we had the most amazing for Philly welcome bye to find a final today after a whole lot of young people from inside out matched here. And it's just the most fantastic vibe that I've ever thank have seen here. And after 32 years, it's wonderful that the level of support from our community and wider community because I do believe there are more than just LGBT people here. I think the straight people have infiltrated our these. [00:00:42] Now, just before we started recording, there's some young people that came up to you and just said, Thank you for legalizing us. It's been amazing. [00:00:50] Actually, it is amazing. And especially when you think of us have been specifically because it sounded a 1996 and a 1996. As we all know, when you get to go through homosexual law reform, and so we were fighting to be valued as citizens of our country, you know, an hour past we have been treated as criminals. And some of us have convictions and have been to jail and experience huge discrimination and trauma, which is later lots of drug, alcohol, dependency suicide issues. And I think one of the most [00:01:27] heartened by these a lot of young people wearing and to Six Flags and trains, flakes and by slaves, and it's just so cool. I we are absolutely a rainbow. You know, actually, and it's wonderful that we are able to come together, I mean, under the umbrella of the rainbow tune, because it's still a struggle, and society for us not to be discriminated against and to be treated equally. So the thing that everyone can come express themselves is no judgment. We can be who we are. And all of our beauty is fabulous. [00:02:04] Now one of the big things that's changed since we last saw each other, which was I think last year at pride. You're now in government, [00:02:13] we are in government. So when we were not in government, we formed a cross party group. And so myself, Jane, low GI, Chris Bishop and David see more. I've been working together across the house to look at issues that are specifically relevant to our rainbow communities. And a lot of the advocacy has been running two ministers. It's been working with organizations like the Human Rights Commission. And so last time, I think we've particularly managed to advocate for entities community. And so we've had by the pediatric society founded by the Ministry of Health, a group form that now was specifically look at this greatness guidelines. So she's have conceived for the owl and to six community, how do we support parents? What else the best practice guidelines around the issue inside now that we're in government? Actually, a lot of the things we've been running two ministers about like arrow and making sure that our schools are safe for our LGBT youth, we can actually implement as the government. [00:03:16] So do you have anything in the pipeline? That's, that's coming up in the next couple of months? [00:03:20] Oh, we've got lots of the pipeline. So obviously, with funding for this been a big emphasis on our inability as a country before gender information, surgery, it's certainly been something that we're focused on, because we know there's over 90 people on the waiting list, you know, and there's no relief for them other than possibly being sent overseas, but the government and have been incredibly negligent in this area, I believe, because we know that people who are trapped in a body that doesn't align with how they see themselves end up being coming to priest and, you know, a lot of our young people, especially our our training, people attempt suicide at four times the average rate, so those have been now like focus areas and to say that we're not focused on them now as not correct. I mean, that become more of a focus in so yes, we're doing everything that we can to make sure that we're in a position to, as a country, be able to deliver those services ourselves and not rely on sending our young people. And actually anybody on the less because some people have been on the list for over 10 years. You know, I've essays and it's it's been a tragic set of circumstances, to be honest, in one way we haven't prioritized the needs of our community. [00:04:40] It's really heartening to see say in the Oakland pride, we're just under the Prime Minister is marching and so coming right from the top, you've got that support for LGBT I rainbow issues. [00:04:51] Yeah. And I think was just center history within the party has been standing in our Oakland central electric. So to say that she has an indefinite with our community is kind of misrepresenting the past. And now that she's the Prime Minister, I mean, it was just natural for her to keep doing what she has been doing, participating in our big guy out, and bringing her caravan and, you know, being the hub for like, Labour Party store, historically at out in the park. So, yeah, I mean, we're very fortunate, I think to have at the moment leadership, who absolutely supports our community values, our community, and now we're in a position we have to do everything we can to make sure that our community needs needs are as important as other communities. And then we actually have resolutions of some of these long standing issues. [00:05:43] For you personally, what does being at something like out in the park mean for you? [00:05:47] All familiar, it means I get to enjoy and celebrate with our community, our diversity, and I've got to say that that's wonderful. I look around and I see so many young people. I see a lot of young people, as I said before, who are proud to display the trains phase, they buy flags. And there's a lot of harmony here today. Like it actually feels like a celebration and it's busier than I've ever seen it before. So people who don't understand what it's like to be a stigmatize discriminate discriminated against screw having the ability to be visible for people to collect device, I never underestimate the strength and the ability for us to come together. So thank you to Justin and as Wellington City Council chain, we can do it without them. Thank you to the people of Wellington for coming out and showing support but mostly thank you to our rainbow community who is no longer afraid to be out and proud. Now we were not going to hide away any longer. You know those days are gone. And that's what today signifies for me it's kind of the don't have a brought brand new day.

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