Opening of Wellington International Pride Parade (2018)

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by Friday and [00:00:15] fantastic My name is Frankie Jackson, original Wellington go but I've been in Melbourne for the last few years and it's such an honor to be here with you [00:00:23] tonight [00:00:24] and you're looking amazing. Big run it all go to kind Alright ladies and gentlemen I just like to go through that would like to thank some of our sponsors and without them we wouldn't be here today so let's round of applause first well we're up yeah all right, so big thank you to Wellington little cat City Council. Thank you to the main adjusted listener and his team Wellington City Council Suzanne Tamaki tomo. Toby a person, first sovereign Qt museum Wellington, General merit manager golf, the gorgeous Chrissy Cummings, crisply regional news Francis King and metal and if some max brewery with a ravens latest to the same thing, a niche Farrington and her team, the grand Foxy Ryan and her team McEwen, Eugene parents and her team. The French style is Christy Andrew, arborist Nicole Harrison who team cut the mustard lists and toss and and her team phone for change Elena colon and her ratio Ramirez and Jesse wig entertainment Amanda a whole planet enterprises clear nine concrete by Dixie McGregor, the Trinity group being double years Sandy McFadden and the team at zero give it up for our sponsors. [00:01:48] Special Mention also TV powered David brindle, acoustically, Suzanne Taplin, jokers and all the many hundreds and the thousands and all of you beautiful people here this tape name [00:02:06] lovely I'd like to welcome to the stage to it and he is going to have a cut of here for our safe arrays here we go welcome to the stage. [00:02:16] Tim [00:02:18] did not otter metadata, Coco Coco Rocha, who agreement II II II II II II need to know who the [00:02:28] enormity karaoke to our pie or moment. Okay, wait what made our Cotto tamari to my name moto moto moto Copa it all the way to the general attendee me co worker Nikita knotty Kota Kota to my total call it otter culpa hotel Nora hi quarter overcome with Marco I took rotten a tyrannical karate 10 a dedicated marketer or 10 eight to [00:03:04] 10 a taco taco Tara around the new e tu ne about to undergo a taco night Karen over the top away your Tony can a poor know my doctorate Oh, it's a cartoon aching um, I came with Toronto. Here we are can want to kick around Nikita tongue matter. It's all Tikka Tikka taco know, Korea era era. Era. Era tu tu como work. Tina. Tina, who you [00:05:34] ladies and gentlemen, please give it up. [00:05:38] Thank you very much. I appreciate it. [00:05:45] That is not good. [00:05:48] All right, ladies and gentlemen here to cats. The color of hot pink. We're going to cut the the rainbow flag today. I would like to welcome to the stage the gorgeous Georgina Baya. [00:06:09] We're gonna have a fabulous evening tonight. I expect she saw heads in the morning. You're looking fabulous. We are out we are proud. We are going to show our appreciation to our city for their fabulous acceptance. We're going to shell out country, we can do it as well as anyone. And all we can expect is for you to go out there and show their pride on behalf of all of us as you parade around the city. But right now my job is now apparently the pink stands for six. [00:06:47] I haven't had any for a while. So come [00:06:49] on. [00:06:52] And for self realization. [00:06:57] So [00:06:58] on that note, think most of us here so realized I might have been responsible for some of the way in the past as I found myself and of course all of us are going to him see exactly. [00:07:11] You worship Please don't. [00:07:14] You can join in. It's quite all right. [00:07:21] Just before I cut this fabulous ribbon, I'd like to acknowledge our minister of their crown now. First out gay finance minister. I don't think modern would have fit that mold. [00:07:35] Ruth Richardson [00:07:39] so Louis Warren channel ID are also with us tonight and you'll see a bit of them a little later. In the meantime, let me cut my ribbon and keep this brief. [00:07:53] Hey provided the blood sisters that obviously from the bloody warehouse or to Donald sharp [00:08:12] was this main [00:08:14] tough match. [00:08:24] Think Spanky. [00:08:26] Ladies and gentlemen. [00:08:34] Next, I would like to welcome to the stage acclaimed New Zealand composer percussionist and drag diva guarantee. [00:08:47] There's no way I'm getting up on this. [00:08:51] Hello. [00:08:52] I've decided to come up at slightly Gareth [00:08:57] and slightly Lilith. [00:09:00] Just to you know, just for the diversity of you beautiful people. So if it's Gareth and Lilith, you might have to call me go real life. So now it's [00:09:13] go rather [00:09:15] beautiful nine. [00:09:17] Anyway, Happy Pride [00:09:19] and I adore you. And I'm sorry, but I do have to go with my gods. Because I just turned 50 last week. [00:09:33] That's it. [00:09:36] Thank goodness it's six days 60. [00:09:39] Anyway, [00:09:41] tonight, my color from the rainbow flag is read. Read is obviously for love. But also read as for the blood spilled on the streets. [00:09:58] Thing is homophobes find us [00:10:05] they're threatened by us. homophobia is a fear. [00:10:11] It's an irrational fear. And irrational fear comes from ignorance. And ignorance comes from a lack of exposure. So my answer to this is Wellington let's expose ourselves [00:10:31] to it. [00:10:33] Whether that means walking down the street, [00:10:38] hand in hand [00:10:39] with your partner or whether that means walking down Queen Street or Courtney place in a ball gown and the big old awake [00:10:49] do it [00:10:51] that's what will make things change. And that's what will make homophobia be a thing of dark distant past. [00:11:02] Happy bride. Gorgeous l GP t i [00:11:10] girlfriends. [00:11:13] Love you all. [00:11:30] Ladies and gentlemen give it up again. [00:11:36] Next up I'd like to welcome set designer and know to drag diva Lady tourney's Bombay. [00:11:46] Can you see me down him? [00:11:49] Just [00:11:51] a little bit hard to go there. I actually was given the color orange but I didn't get told until about an hour ago. So I came in in the wrong color. Sorry about that. But here's my sister representing orange. So we blow today. Tory's come at me. [00:12:06] I [00:12:07] see you over there, [00:12:08] read it hot but blow on the outside. Just striking. [00:12:11] I'm here to represent my darling [00:12:13] drug dealers and sisters of our to door. I cut my teeth that pound my club [00:12:18] 17 fracking years ago, and I'm still hurting it. [00:12:24] So thank you, Melanie, Scotty for giving me a chance when I walked in there as a very undesirable little gay boy. And a pair [00:12:32] of heels and a bit of lipstick. And look at it now. [00:12:36] Look at [00:12:40] I live in Oakland of course. But I do call Wellington my home. I'm here all the time. Last year I worked on world of wearable arts. You may have heard that show just a little one. I was of course the director. Let's not keep that a secret. And I went to toy for county so I have a lot of roots here and [00:13:00] pony key [00:13:01] so thank you for having me here today. I do [00:13:04] wish you all a very very happy pride safe stay safe. Have fun. [00:13:09] Last year I worked on the Auckland Pride parade and designed to the [00:13:13] Indian HIV float. [00:13:14] So that's very important to me to do all of those things taste often stay safe [00:13:20] and use protection There we go. [00:13:23] So Happy Pride had the best time I'll be on the flight so I did around and cut my ribbon. I'm orange [00:13:30] hopefully this this is work today [00:13:34] 123 [00:13:39] yay [00:13:43] Thank you my darling Happy Friday everybody count on [00:13:53] next I would like to welcome Labour MP Louisa wall to the stage plays and hair color is yellow. we're presenting sunlight and enlightenment [00:14:04] examiner cinema or to your family at Tara Tina photo in Amanda Tina, Tina Koto Koto, Koto Koto tour, [00:14:16] I've taken this really seriously fine, I so please bear with me, but I've got a little party at all. And it starts off about our amazing rainbow flag, which is a symbol of hope, and peace. So I had the pleasure of speaking to yellow, and now flag of solidarity. It represents sunlight, and sunshine, we will not be in the dark anymore. [00:14:41] It represents enlightenment. It also represents remembrance, I want to take this opportunity to remember our fire Donna Camilo. [00:14:51] And this time last year, I shared a car with here and the pride parade. And also last week, I want to knowledge that is representative of the common root beer floats. The incredible work that common did because they are our heroes are pioneers, our ancestors who have taken us from the darkness into today's beautiful and bright light. Yellow also represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness, and positive and abundant energy. So his final we must strive for the ability through loving hearing in neutering environments for our LGBT q plus community to be proud of the rainbow identity and our rainbow identities. So whether we're lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex, questioning or other gender identities or sexual orientations, Tucker top with a female faculty to pain queer theory, Jim the true spirit to know who we are, where we've come from, and be a winner and proud of our fucker, Papa. to strive through collective action for understanding of the aims, and Belize of cooperation and collaboration. We need our advocates and to form alliances built on mutual respect, and trust. And I'd like to acknowledge our mere Justin and our amazing Wellington City Council team, Amanda and the web team and our LGBT community for combining for coming together in that spirit of cooperation for the second web event. So it's been my absolute pleasure to represent represent us here tonight and so all of us here can be strong here Maya be steadfast, he Amanda wouldn't really be willing, [00:16:49] no data 10 o'clock so I cut or Happy Pride Wellington. [00:17:01] Ladies and gentlemen. [00:17:07] Next up I'd like to welcome Green Party MP Jan Loki. [00:17:14] looking fabulous tonight now you've all gone a lot I love [00:17:19] calico cat. So I put on my special outfit tonight. [00:17:23] I'm [00:17:24] not sure if you can tell what color I'm going to be. And but it might be green. So it's really lovely to be here with you all tonight for Wellington's second prize Pride parade and our first international [00:17:40] Pride Parade. [00:17:42] And [00:17:43] I my ribbon is green, which represents nature and harmony. And I've just got to acknowledge that acknowledged define the funnel and Kevin in particular for looking gorgeous, and when presenting that point so perfectly, because there have been some attempts by some people to suggest that our sexuality and gender identities and being [00:18:12] natural [00:18:15] well, screw there we are who we are, and we are proud to be who we are. And how could you resist this gorgeousness. And why would you want to? [00:18:32] Yeah, exactly. [00:18:36] And for me, I do want to because I know there has been some tension in recent times, with in or from outside the community in relation to diversity. And I just want to acknowledge that for me, that sense of harmony and our rainbow is all of us being able to step into our faces and be truly who we are, and that there is pride in being gay and that there is pride and being lesbian and that there is pride in being bisexual. And that there is pride and being trends and that there is pride and being Tucker Tarpley and mirrors pride and being queer and pen and who we are we have the right to stand proud and the world as a hell of a lot visa when we can kill. [00:19:43] Ladies and gentlemen Chandler again. [00:19:47] Next Welcome to the sage Wellington fish in the same icon, say [00:19:54] glam. [00:20:00] Be on the stage so you can all see my gorgeous outfit. [00:20:04] I'm here the same thing to celebrate for being a mom and [00:20:11] being a part of a family. But mainly I'm getting my trends. [00:20:18] And [00:20:20] on a Logitech make notes, and I love it, I think my auntie Diana, Cynthia that I can feel her we've recently lost her. Yeah, to everyone. [00:20:33] And I just wanted to keep this really short. And please, I'm absolutely honored to be up here. And I love you all have a really awesome prize [00:20:52] given [00:20:53] again, [00:20:57] next to the stage Labour MP grant bullets and please come on. [00:21:07] It is just a fantastic site to stand here in Wellington. And just take a look around everybody at what's around you and beside you. This is pride in our community. You look fabulous, fantastic turnout tonight, I just want to say two quick things. The first of those is on an I like this, I always like to reflect on who's gone before us, the people who didn't have the opportunity to match in a pride parade, but stood up for our communities, the people who fought for homosexual or form the people who continue to fight for rights for trans community, the people who have fought all the way through decades to make sure that we can stand here tonight. I'm proud of those people. And on that I want to make my own special way for us tonight, not only to down at the mirror who we missed so much, but also to Shelly, Shelly to why the key Howard, we lost this year, Shelley would have been here, Shelley would have been proud. And to Shelly and the rest of the trans community I want to say we've made so much progress for the rights of the rainbow community. But there's still more to do for our trans community. And we all need to take up that challenge on behalf of our rainbow community. So let's do that. Ladies and gentlemen, have a fantastic pride. I'm proud of the city. It's a city where we've moved past the idea of tolerance to one more we exceed them we revel in our diversity. Be proud hippie pride. [00:22:41] Ladies and gentlemen, quiet Robert said place. [00:22:45] And last but certainly not least, that gorgeous adjusted list if you'd make your way to the stage. If it wasn't for the Wellington City Council adjusted Lisa, we would not be here. So give him a big round of applause [00:23:06] Thank you, spanking I killed as a father. I do want to acknowledge and reflect on those words by Grant Elisa and Jane and Georgina, Georgina, thank you for the invitation. [00:23:19] I look forward to take you up on that later on. [00:23:23] We are incredibly Brad and the city to support this event and I'm here on behalf of all Washingtonians. Wellington's always been at the forefront of the rainbow community and highlighting rainbow issues with the homosexual or form going back 32 years or more recently, marriage equality, things aren't perfect. And it's our job to make them to strive to improve them and to make them even better. That's why we're here today. I want to make sure that you're I'm proud to say you thing, you look fantastic. We love the color the cities right behind you and I'm happy to support you all tomorrow. [00:24:00] Now gives me great pleasure to officially open the Wellington international product right and 2018 [00:24:10] Ladies and gentlemen, [00:24:15] it's your time it's our time. [00:24:18] Make yourself shine.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.