NXT:14 Youth Leaders Conference

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in did.com, with generous support from the rule foundation. [00:00:08] I'm Morgan and I came from Australia and then I moved to New Zealand. Now in Oakland. Yeah. Are you [00:00:15] part of any of the query scripts? [00:00:17] I yes, I am a part of rainbow UYV come to the conference. Because I run a group with rainbow youth. And I want to be a youth worker when I finished studying. So coming here was just a good idea, I guess. What are some of the biggest issues you see facing MMO? community? Definitely funding would be one of the biggest ones. Also the lack of education in the school system, and around just general community of Oakland. Do you see any solutions to that? Have you heard any ideas? Yes, I've heard the rainbow Rainbow uses doing a big care package type of thing for Jean de, which will be sent around once it's all done. And that sounds so exciting. Why do you think it's important to have a bit like this and be at this conference? Definitely for networking, and just making friends and finding out who's what and what they can do? And who can help and how you can help and finding out that you've got your own skills there too. Have you had any inspirational moments? Yes, I just did the trends and into CX human rights workshop, which was awesome. So many great ideas. So many people. Yeah. [00:01:34] I'm Bella. I came up from Wellington. [00:01:38] I'm opening transgender. [00:01:40] Yeah. Why did you come to the conference? [00:01:43] Um, because there's some [00:01:46] really good speakers and the Youth Leadership Conference and youth leadership conferences are always really good. So the speakers and [00:01:56] yeah, what do you want to get out? [00:02:00] new skills and knowledge. And I wanted to talk to the politicians [00:02:06] and see what their policies were and what they thought to [00:02:10] learn. So what do you say some of the biggest issues facing [00:02:18] transgender kids in schools, schools just aren't safe at the moment? and schools thing that they're supporting students when they're not really their idea of support is? What? It's not, it's not great. And [00:02:34] what solutions do you say for that? And I say, [00:02:39] needs to be a group of people and transgender students talking about their experiences and where they're where their schools have gone wrong, and and how we can go about resolving these issues. And it was always a simple situation. But the skulls just get lazy and don't want to explore different options. So why is it important that this conference is happening? And it's important news conferences happening? Because it gets those discussions up and running? And then especially because these people from the US, so then it just links us a little bit more to the US and getting these entities who from the island. So we're all sort of linking with these big discussions. [00:03:23] We had any inspirational moment. [00:03:26] I'm [00:03:28] just meeting new people just constantly meeting new people all the time, and you think you've made it met everyone, but then you just meet more people? Yeah. [00:03:36] I'm a youth [00:03:38] mentor for why critically youth we're based in Hamilton, we come we are a support network for queer and queer friendly youth under 25 or 30. I think it's 30. Now, actually, and I'm filling you, and just trying to learn the ropes and find out a bit more about the issues facing our community. And so I've come to the conference. And yes, pretty, pretty awesome. What do you want to get out of the conference? a better understanding of where our community community is heading and what I can do about it? What do you see as some of the biggest issues [00:04:09] facing our community? [00:04:12] The glossing over the TTQI of the spectrum and the other, the other identities that aren't actually sort of recognized in that? [00:04:22] What solutions do you say to that? [00:04:26] getting out there and talking about it. Really? [00:04:30] Why do you think the conference is important? Because it brings together a lot of people for networking, and a lot of people learning new things. I wouldn't know about sequel things will meet amazing people by having to come here. Have you had any inspirational moment? Yeah, listening yesterday to Sam was pretty incredible. Hey, his story was fantastic. Seeing coming from, you know, one person to thousands was was incredible. I'd love to fix that kind of change. Cool. [00:04:58] Can you tell us a little bit about what's happening? [00:05:01] So you talked about the how the is quite a couple years ago, they created a student army and brought together a whole lot of people with a common cause. And created this network of volunteers to help out and Korea and no commitment just come and pick up a shovel in a wheelbarrow. And day in day out [00:05:21] and you just help. Why did you come to the conference? I come here because I see a lot of opportunities here. [00:05:30] sharing with other friends here, this first time that I heard a lot of sermon terminologies for our clients, no offense, but year. So [00:05:42] what have you got out of it? [00:05:46] Some some people, I mean, some friends here we have we have kind of like a similar issue when we start to be like, different from other people. Different in a good way, not that way. [00:06:00] What are some of the biggest issues you face, I cannot remember community. [00:06:05] Maybe another cuz I'm in the Pacific, especially for K and listening, it's really, really, really hard to to tell people that are listening, because of our culture and tradition are very strong. And also Christianity. So it is really hard. People might think that it might seem that style they might discriminate us. And you know what I mean? [00:06:35] Things any solution. [00:06:38] Maybe we can talk to our family members, sharing them exactly who we are selling their what we are, and what we want to do this how we live life. [00:06:51] Why do you think this conference is important? [00:06:54] I think it's important because it is this is the first sign that Okay, let's begin, whatever kind of mine are diverse to see, actually come out. And it's good in a way so that people will know there are other people that have your own needs, and they want to live life that like them. [00:07:18] And have you had any inspirational moments, I think the only thing [00:07:22] that inspires me here is [00:07:27] I sort of civic we I believe we finally have a chance to talk with other sisters or brothers here sharing them our story. I believe that ours is different from them. We have different needs. So it's about time for female or whatever. People call us to share to share our sisters and brothers here who we are, this is what we do. And we are proud to be like this [00:07:54] Cortana soccer anyway. [00:07:57] Keep hanging away. [00:08:02] If I know I keep playing at a [00:08:06] I live in Oakland and I was born and fine today. And I'm with rainbow use. Why did you come to the conference? Well, I just moved to Oakland recently and just got involved in baby years. And I saw that this was coming up. And I really love conferences and meetings and things. And so as you're pretty excited about it, what did you get out of the conference? Well, I kind of realized how isolated I was, and how all the ideas that I've been having, like by myself that like happening, like in community and NFL connected like to the past as well. I think I kind of found my calling, actually. And what do you see as some of the biggest issues facing our members, I mean being. And well, I'm quite interested in the attitude of churches towards [00:09:09] GPTQI [00:09:13] people. [00:09:15] So that's what like, that's my focus, I want to, you know, for at least as to at least be able to come out in church and know that we're not going to be like, ostracized or anything, because that's probably a lot of where the homophobia is in New Zealand. Now, in the churches. Do you see any solutions for that? Yeah. Well, I'm only just starting to come out in my own church, I'm Catholic. I think that, that once I start, like, being open about who I am then, like, I think things will start happening from that. Why do you think this conferences important? Well, obviously you need to get people together. I'm talking about solutions and different areas. Because, you know, there's always like, different people on a team and like different problems. And like, like I said, at the conference, like, and I say this also the way that big problems, and you say line is you have like services here and there. But it like really depends on where you grow up. And like, I didn't really have anything when I was at school. And it's kind of similar with like, with like gay Christians as well. You know, like, you need to have something consistent. Like who out? They can't chase say that, like young, gay people, like can look and see where to go and like not just be a matter of chance. [00:10:45] And did you have any inspirational moments, sister? [00:10:49] Well, I just said so many inspirational movements that I [00:10:56] yeah, I couldn't even really pinpoint anything. [00:11:01] I have links to a few Polynesian roots, but majority, it's just melon, Asian. For me. I refer to myself as a as a young, transgender woman, feminist, activist, gender advocate, and a woman's human rights defender. I also refer to myself as an aspiring criminal, constitutionally human rights lawyer and a politician. By the come to the conference, this conference plays a pivotal role for the movement and not just back it on in Fiji, but for the Pacific. It linked solidarity and it also provides the chance to channel discussions and to localize information to best suit the various constituents and to work on the communication strategies to best build capacity and boost the movement we are in right now. [00:11:48] What do you think are some of the biggest issues facing every one of them? [00:11:52] There's a lot of intersection ality there's also a lot of [00:11:58] funding project blooms. And I think it's very important in in youth leadership forums, that young people are asked to sort of be part of charging proposal. mechanisms and there should be some sort of manual that should allow young people to utilize and and best work on it to improve the scenario, and especially the risk management any quitting, which is the main part. Another big issue is the internalized homophobia that I see. And I think it's important that the gay movement needs to stop stand together. And if they're speaking the language, they have to speak it in unity. Because of this spectrum we're in, there's a need to just identify people self as who they are with respect to their personal security. [00:12:50] And why do you think this is important? [00:12:53] This conference paves the way for young people that identify themselves as leaders, it provides a platform take ownership to allow people to exercise their civil and political rights. I mean, not just to speak out, but to be more articulate. And the one reason I say this is because a lot of times in the gay movement, a lot of people are coming out and expressing themselves through hate speech, and freedom of opinion. And the right to speak is not about hate speeches, their ways that we need to strategize and communicate information we want to disseminate. And that should be done in a very peaceful transition. [00:13:28] I am Tony, obviously, I come from Docomo Northland, but I am working for NBA right now in Oakland, and I'm having an absolute blast, and it's the best thing ever. Yeah. Why did you come to the conference? Um, I came to the conference, because I think of myself as a leader in this community. And I really, really, really love effecting change and being with people who are inspiring and awesome and similar to me, and it has just been absolutely amazing experience. I can't even explain it. [00:13:59] So cool. What did you get out of the conference? [00:14:03] Well, I like cried at while these speech about our history, which is so moving, I'm getting like tearing up talking about it. So I was just so blown away by everyone's passion, and by the amount of willingness to act fits in our community and how I've always known that as young folk, you know, our generation has has got the, you know, the drive to do this stuff. And it's just amazing to see it actually there. [00:14:29] Yeah. What do you see as some of the biggest issues facing our community, [00:14:33] definitely like making sure that our trends section as an agenda queer and RG, you know, that they are really represented really well as strongly as our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual members as well, and also connecting with Taka, Taka, Taka, and making sure that our Pacific multi people in our community I really, really represented. That's that's definitely one of the big names that's come out of the conference for me. Yeah, say any solution today. Learning change, education, not being scared to say you don't know, and like asking people to share their info, and to really just collaborate. [00:15:13] Yeah. Why do you think this conference is important? [00:15:17] Like I said before, it brings together amazing, diverse group of people with one really one cause, which is to make sure that our future is better than what happened in the past. So I think that's so important and so amazing. Yay. [00:15:31] And have you had any inspirational moments [00:15:32] that really stood out? Just the well be thing comes to mind. So has talk just blew me away, and really, maybe humbled and proud to be part of this community and to be caring for the legacy that comes from pain and suffering and is going towards pride and joy and rainbows and glitter? [00:15:52] Yeah, awesome. Thank you very much. You're very [00:15:53] welcome. [00:15:55] I only did you come from [00:15:58] I get to work and reviews as well as the general manager, which is awesome, have been involved with RMB when I moved to Oakland four and a half years ago, and before that I was involved in the unique Hugh Hamilton pride and stuff like that. Mr. City, [00:16:10] what do you see as some of the biggest issues facing our community, [00:16:14] just kind of interact with ACA, definitely access to health care and mental health care for sexually diverse, gender diverse individuals and six, but also safety and education on schools, which I think is a thing which came up again and again. And while we're pets done more work in that area, then we have with the Health Foundation, and still so much to do. [00:16:38] I am Zach, I'm artist, and I am from Oakland. So [00:16:46] why did you come to a conference? [00:16:48] I came because I was really interested, and hearing a lot of the speakers who put on the agenda and that. And like a lot of the topics that we're going to be discussed, I thought it's sort of an important, important thing to expand knowledge in this area. I learned about a lot of gaps in my own personal knowledge, particularly that are like really important to a clear understanding of New Zealand life or something like that. Like I've I realized how little I know about Pacifica, LGBT QA. And I really want to change that. And so that's sort of the most important part for me. [00:17:39] And what do you feel some of the biggest issues facing our members community? [00:17:45] safety and visibility, both hand in hand, the current have safety because there's not enough visibility and vice versa. So yeah, that's that those are my two main priorities when it comes to sort of dealing with rainbow shoes. [00:18:04] Do you have any solution? [00:18:07] Not not immediate ones just being like my, my biggest interest or like solution, I guess, is to be prepared to learn and to be prepared to be wrong, and things that you already understand, or think you already understand. [00:18:29] Why do you think the conference is important? [00:18:32] It's really important to get these discussions happening up and down the country rather than just and single places. So it's really good that they're like amazing minds up and all kind of talking to the amazing minds down in Wellington and Christchurch and meeting a neighbor else that people and also like, it's so incredible that this included like an international audience as well and people from the Pacific Islands is stuff over for this. Like sharing all the amazing and unique experiences everyone said

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.