Speeches before Marriage Equality march

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in zero.com. [00:00:06] today to celebrate [00:00:13] the marriage equality [00:00:23] whatever brings you here today with you here because you want to walk your daughter down the aisle because you want to support your gay brother you're transgender be screen be a granddaughter because you'd like your sons and your daughters knowing that if they guys they will be treated equally and with respect and that they love will be seems official than anybody else's. with you here like maybe one day you really love to walk down the aisle and married the love of your life. Or if you're just because you genuinely believe in equality for all New Zealand does. Welcome [00:01:10] to Parliament today we have a [00:01:15] fabulous and beautiful [00:01:26] Can you hear me? [00:01:30] I know your speech about marriage equality. [00:01:37] I want to talk to you about strawberries [00:01:43] are discussing. They have no place in my kitchen or in the world. I want to campaign against strawberry. But sprint the world of this church works right. If I don't like something, I can make sure no one got exists. [00:02:21] This means I think that I despise other people can participate in like eating strawberries, or being a national supporter. [00:02:36] I guess I don't have to act like a petulant child. [00:02:40] Why does it seem that a portion of our society doesn't seem to grasp this concept yet? If you don't like something, don't partake in it. I don't like strawberry. I will eat them. You can have my share. [00:02:56] Don't like a sec. don't have it. [00:03:08] Marriage [00:03:14] equality. [00:03:23] A Christian I am very, very familiar with Leviticus. It's the boring chapter that tells you things that you can and cannot do. Mostly those you can. Conservatives favor ammunition to fire at gay rights. 1822 states do not lie with a man as one life as a woman. It is an abomination. Other things that goes on to say are abominations are barred, mixed Fiverr clothing, shellfish, bacon and all him and doing it for the goes on to say if your house gets mildew, you need to tear it down. Wash each stone and put it back together is an abomination. Those who continue to live in it abomination. also says that you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself. dust you shall not spread hate. If you spread hate. You guessed it, abomination. No One No One abomination is greater than another abomination. All abominations are equal. So to those questions out there who are wearing their cotton poly bland foods, eating their meat, mints and cheese pie. Reading here in very good crotch. I know five abominations for you today. We're not only a gay sex bras, you should worry about your own soul. Furthermore, the whole discussion about Leviticus one day more everywhere a Christian nation, which we are not believes believe whatever you want. for all I care, you can worship your left nipple as a great holy nipple, Lord, long as you're hurting yourself or other, who cares. But here's the thing. I'll keep my beliefs to my life. You keep yours to your argument is it will damage the sanctity of marriage. Oh, yes. to people who love each other. To love each other forever. It's so much more damaging to marriages say 30 cents a divorce. Why do [00:05:34] project marriages say 50 divorces? [00:05:38] Oh, but also, marriage is about procreation. [00:05:43] Seriously? [00:05:44] I mean, seriously. So when a man's going out to a bar see to go he likes that she gets engaged to are his main thoughts are man we will breed well together to have great children. I don't think so. Marriage is just about procreation. Why do we let bearing women and men marry? Why do we let those past childbearing age married? Why don't we untold all marriages that have gone to for six or eight [00:06:16] years [00:06:17] without procreating? Because marriage isn't about procreation. Marriage is about love about commitment. Marriage is about sharing a bond and being with each other. Marriage Equality will not tear apart the morality of this nation or this world. It will mean that more people who love each other will be able to marry it will mean two people of any gender combination who love each other will can adopt a child and raised in a happy home. Simply mean more love, it will mean more happiness, it will mean more joy. If you disagree with more love, more happiness, or more joy in this world, then you are the one you are the abomination. [00:07:29] Well, everyone, today is the day we passed [00:07:34] yet another milestone. [00:07:38] What's the New Zealand values so tolerance [00:07:42] and celebrating our differences being fully reflected in our laws among people of different religions, the border the political spectrum, your LGBT you I am straight. This gender, transgender and gender queer, all united by the common certain different people from getting married is just [00:08:01] not saying [00:08:04] today, we're marching for love and equality. We're marching together. [00:08:10] We're marching so that we don't live in a society where the majority gets to decide how the minority has to live. [00:08:17] But we're also launching our friends, brothers and sisters, you know, sons and daughters, only just coming to terms with the murder. [00:08:26] orientation, emphasis on all sides only can look at the government of this country in hitting say with one Muslim boys who you are Yes, okay. [00:08:48] Loud and clear message that's more important than any other than we hold against each other, religious, political, or otherwise, when a child realizes that they may not make the changes this hour assigned a book, that shouldn't mean that they know they get less rights as an adult. When a young person realize they may be falling in love with someone. And they're deciding whether to convince that level not with all the heartache [00:09:13] in a lot of [00:09:15] sleepless nights. But that [00:09:16] decision always goes with [00:09:19] even when you're not facing alienation for your friends and family as a result, and obscure stature from the 1950s should be the last thing on their mind. We can launch today. And the one goal of knowledge and New Zealand is with us. The vast majority of you don't disagree on this one. Together, this will be empowered by the knowledge and kindness for us. And there is some decriminalizing homosexuality in 1989 96, and they can get a crime to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and 93. And winning the debate to allow couples into civil unions hundred thousand and four. Let's not learn that on our side, as public opinion, the weight of history and love itself. Let's make this happen. Sleep. [00:10:25] What a glorious day to be here together celebrating the advancement of human rights in this country. We're here today to celebrate equality, something as beautiful as equality is equal rights. So every single New Zealand can marry the person they love. And so really modern legislation to make that happen. And that's what we're going to see today and hopefully in the next few months. But I just want to say that this is deeper than in any institution. This is about eradicating homo homophobia and stigma that continues to sit on the shoulders of LGBT people across this country. This is about law reform that has the potential to radically change attitudes in this country. And that's what this is about. That's what we're marching for equality. And I want to say Namaste this theme peace this afternoon, who continue to sit on the other side of this debate. And I want to use, I want to use a phrase from Harvey Milk, our inspiration from San Francisco, and it is that it takes no compromising to give people their rights, that takes no money to respect the individual. And it takes no survey to remove repression. Let's take the spot all the way to Parliament killed us. [00:11:43] We're going to have an open mic session now. And I'd like to sincerely apologize, we running out of time to go to bed, we need to get to Parliament at one. So I'm sorry about that. But we do have time for a quick message from asset you take them off the sun and go [00:12:02] Hello, welcome [00:12:08] to no good work that's gonna go. [00:12:10] Hi guys are today on leading the 90 day. As everyone looks around, we have set the offices. [00:12:18] And they feel in the front, they're wearing our arms. And then [00:12:31] just a couple of notes of housekeeping. First things first, we have been given the road to be used by the New Zealand police. And they're here today to keep us safe. Let's give a big round of applause for them. [00:12:53] Without a really, really amazing speakers today, I just wanted to say something about this rally. This is a celebration. We're here to celebrate marriage equality and the passing of today. [00:13:14] When we march down the street today, we will be smiling [00:13:19] will be smiling because the day we make history. [00:13:30] Today, every single one of us no matter who you love, or who you care about what your gender a sexuality is, today, we are all equal. And we can show New Zealand [00:13:51] a long, long battle for equality. And today, we can take a break from having to fight and we can finally sit back and celebrate as we move towards a brighter future. [00:14:10] So on that note, let's show me do that we deserve that, that we really do. [00:14:19] final note, yes sir. You guys are with [00:14:24] we may be encountering some resistance that we've heard over the website. I just wanted to say they have a right to talk to. But we are more angry and more joyful and way more happy and more celebrating. He says any other group. So when we see people who say that what we're doing is not right. All we do is smile [00:14:48] because we know that we will witness

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.