Participant Reaction - Marriage Equality Conference

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by marriage equality campaign Wellington and proud NZ com. [00:00:08] My name is siren from courageous. I think the conference was really successful. It was nice to see some different faces involved that we haven't seen ran and seen before. [00:00:19] I think it's a good step towards what needs to be done beyond the marriage bill and looking at the issues that we need to keep addressing in our water communities. [00:00:30] Yep, thanks. I'm, I'm Anson. I'm Claire Avenger, and a socialist. And, yeah, I really enjoyed the conference. It was exhausting. But there was a lot of sort of productive discussion we had, on the opening night, it was good to have the big public event have Ian McKellen sort of greet us and get sort of getting that across and also have that actually that apology from from McKinnon that the human rights reform didn't didn't include, didn't include transphobic. And so that's, that was sort of an indicator of the struggles that we we really need to take out. So we're trying to get at some of those discussions over the weekend. So I think Sarah said it was a great discussion, we covered quite a lot of ground. And, you know, I think it's worth people looking into that will have records over, you know, audio records and some written records. And and I think I can sum that all up here. But see, on Sunday, Sunday, which we've just concluded was, was definitely was definitely good. But yeah, I think it's mainly the thing is, what do we do next? And if we on the on the, I think quite likely chance that we win this particular form? What are we laying a basis for in the long term? You know, what, what struggles are coming up? That's kind of the key question for us and courageous. So yeah, [00:01:40] thanks. Cheers. [00:01:44] Shelley Howard, on a queer Avenger, and I guess summarizes a humanitarian mission, I like to think of myself as such. [00:01:54] I found the opening of this conference, I'm going to be quite inspiring. [00:02:02] The history that we've been through, to get to where we are, and as he mentioned, is indicative of the struggles that we do have a huge, and in that regard, I think there was some city wide reaching discussion throughout the, throughout the conference, at least from the career vendor stream to which I was mostly associated. I guess, if I was to [00:02:31] say that there was a disappointment. And it might be that we have a long way to go yet before we develop a strategic view on what we're into. We seem to be dealing with isolated pockets of ideas and issues, and there are numerous of those. And I think, for these organizations to continue to be effective in the long term, we need a leadership that does have a strategic outlook that does have a strategic overview, and looks at a multi layered approach to dealing with those including the involvement of other associated groups of all ages and other types. The involvement of Nigel Studdard and in our discussions and is indicative very much of how that can happen. And that this is not, the struggles that we're on is not a uniquely queer campaign. It's a campaign for the human human humanizing New Zealand society and hopefully through that, the global society. [00:03:38] cara cara, my name is Kay James, I'm Wellington born. And I've been campaigning on human rights issues, probably since I was about nine years old, off and on. And I found this conference really enlightening, but it's midway through a process. It's a lot of people who've traveled a long way to get here in terms of their own struggles for human rights. And this, achieving marriage quality is just one sort of step along the way. What I appreciated in the conference was the open discussion and engaging with some people that I've met online before, what I thought we could have had more of was that individual story sharing, and the personal connections that we didn't start each session with names and where we were from, but within two days with so many people that was probably you know, would have been an unrealistic thing to do. But I look forward to next steps. And I think back to when my uncle was growing up, who never came out, and sort of, you know, who died alone, and my cousin who came out but went to Australia for a visualize, and now the world that we live in, and we're, we see queer people on TV every day where people are actually openly discussing this, and I'm really sort of positive about those things. But we still got to save the planet, we still got to do everything else. So yeah, it's really good to be part of this. Thank you. [00:04:50] Okay, well, my name is Joseph have good on the communications officer for legalize London, and I thought it was a really awesome conference. I think that was really healthy to have those discussions, obviously, you know, there was a lot of disagreement, but I think that's actually an incredibly positive thing. And I really, you know, it was a great experience to finally have this discussion, I think, because I think getting everyone in one room to talk about things is the first step. And yeah, I think it's been a long time coming. But you know, the discussions were really, really fantastic. And I think everyone got a lot of a lot out of it. So yeah, [00:05:23] I'm Jim white banana came here. on my own, though, I might have actually found in the process of joining another group. [00:05:33] Yeah, I just lost my cool job with whole bunch of stuff. And course it was with [00:05:40] a bunch of young people as well, that this card, this this campaign, as this campaign may well have drawn more young people in possibly, which is wonderful, really, because I think it takes you have to catch up. [00:05:56] With him, people really, and I sort of work with them, I'd like to try to lead actually, actually, that's really important. And I've seen a lot of that actually, lots of very enterprising, aware, very sensitive young people for different campaigns across New Zealand, or related to similar causes. [00:06:24] I'm David Dude, I am a young, gay Asian male based in Wellington now. And I've been involved with helping organize the conference and been going so the community meetings, and I'm really pleased with Halloweens It was really good to get people together, and really good to have not just a discussion of other ideas associated with marriage equality, but also what we're going to do next. [00:06:52] I was really pleased with how we did, I definitely enjoyed a lot of the discussions, especially issues such as transgendered issues. Also. [00:07:03] Just make sure we reach out into other parts of the community faith, and also Pacifica, and Molly communities especially. [00:07:11] So I was really heartened that, you know, a lot of people came together, and we had a good civil dialogue, [00:07:18] when you haven't been also is that because I was involved with the civil unions campaign as a volunteer, and I was only in my second year at uni, and no four. And you know, I don't think people really talked about marriage equality back then it wasn't really on the agenda. So it is really nice that it's come back again, as an issue. [00:07:38] And really pleased that this conference has [00:07:39] been a part of it. [00:07:41] My name is Sam Humphrey. I've never really been alive. I'm openly gay. And I've always supported gay rights movements and things like that. I've never actually participated in a public campaign before. So this is my first real experience of that. But yeah, it's just great to meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds and hear their views on issues, especially [00:08:01] issues like [00:08:03] the faith forum yesterday with with Margaret was really interesting. I'm talking to a whole range of different people that I wouldn't normally encounter in my sort of day to day office job life [00:08:14] is great. So yeah, that was it. [00:08:17] Hi, I'm Cameron Hoskins from from Christchurch. [00:08:21] And this conference, [00:08:22] Amai has been mainly about [00:08:27] learning, [00:08:28] basically, learning a lot of new skills that I didn't know, existed before this. Such as you know, we didn't actually get to go through them how to run a community group was what would have been nice, but, you know, to help me [00:08:42] now, it's been it's been very informative. I've learned a lot that I didn't know about beforehand, about specific things such as, [00:08:51] how to deal with media, [00:08:53] lobbying, in pace and how to go about that the correct way, rather than [00:08:58] making them angry. [00:09:01] Doing things at the right time. It's not as it's been, for me, it's been more informative, and informative thing more than anything else, and it's leaping onto fortunately, one pathway in which I can actually give back to the community for once. So yeah, that's that's it for me. [00:09:19] Hey, I'm Katie from legalize love Wellington and the chaos a network out here. [00:09:23] And [00:09:24] the conference has been really great. I think it's been really good for bringing lots of different people together. [00:09:31] We've had lots of diverse conversations, I guess. We've kind of scratched the surface on a lot of things and into the start of a lot of topics, but there's a lot more discussion to be had on them. [00:09:44] I was really excited that conference, let the conference was able to look beyond just marriage equality and to look at homophobia and transphobia, especially things in schools. [00:09:54] So yeah, [00:09:54] I had a really good time. [00:09:57] I'm a last year I'm treasurer for legalize love Wellington. And I thought the conference was overall fantastic. It was very inspiring for me. I've gotten a few ideas from it, especially the [00:10:10] night at Parliament on Friday, and Saturday, daytime. [00:10:14] My name is Andrew Cunningham. I'm from the campaign for marriage equality. And for the conference, I was in charge of logistics and volunteer management, along with my friends. And what I took away from the conference is that there is a distinct need for inter group cooperation and communication. seeing us through to the end of the campaign with what was also seen was an immense amount of ideas that came between each other, generally focusing on improving the quality for LGBT people in New Zealand. Some of these focuses included Taka, Taka struggles, trends, struggles, and also low looking at why marriage equality is such a desirable aspect for New Zealanders, particularly focusing around view, the thing that I really took away from it is that we need to have continued discussions. But overall marriage equality is a very desirable thing in New Zealand. And that's going to greatly benefit our community and our loved ones. [00:11:21] So move rent, some I was overseeing the volunteers for the campaign [00:11:28] took a lot of energy to get the actual conference to a place where everyone agreed upon. I'm quite content with the conversation that that come out of it. Now, of course, it's all about implementing those action points. Now he's talking about and we don't do anything with it. As things progress, there's obviously some things that we need to sort out internally. So that what we do desire will manifest but I am optimistic. [00:12:00] Bill Logan's my name and yeah, I've enjoyed the conference. It's it took a lot of work to get together one word from a lot of people. But it's been well worthwhile. It's been useful in and of itself as an exercise as part of the marriage equality campaign. There's also being good in building community, and in preparing ways for the future for campaigns, the mighty got anything else? And can you build it out? I, [00:12:31] my name's Chris Coker. And the conference just [00:12:38] exposed me to a lot of points of view, or different points of view, someone I hadn't considered before. And I'd come here hoping to go away with some practical action steps that will protect to further their campaign, which I think we have done. And also the complexity of bringing [00:13:01] disparate groups together and working together. And what that involves is more complex than what I might have thought. But a very interesting process among the list. Yeah. [00:13:12] I'm Rosie Johnson, Haley, and I found the conference really exciting. I thought it was really wonderful that we're beginning to have conversations about trans community and intersex people, and involving types of Pacifica and Taka, Taka and the wider discussion around our goals as a queer community. And the wider issues not just marriage equality, but the things behind marriage equality and the things such as homophobia that we're all kind of looking to, to affect with this kind of political and social change. And so I found it really exciting opportunity for us all to be together. And it felt like quite [00:13:54] a historic moment being able to [00:13:58] talk together about we were going with the spell and just take a moment to acknowledge our [00:14:04] history. And who's got us here with the work that's been done the past with the homosexual law reform bill. Yeah, it's really exciting to see a diversity of people and different genders. Yeah, I really [00:14:19] run one. So we're at the end of the conference after two and a half days. [00:14:23] What are your thoughts? [00:14:24] It's been brilliant, actually great to have a conversation and great to have everybody here. And great to see good fresh faces really to go beyond and do something about marriage equality and queer politics in general. And right here, so many new networks? Yeah. [00:14:44] Is it what you thought would be [00:14:47] more? That was different more than what I thought it would be? We've had deeper discussions about other areas that wasn't quite on the agenda. But we had room for that. So we kind of predicted that we might, but we weren't really too sure. But the level of engagement has really stumped me. The amount of people who are willing to have open frank discussions or ask questions or, you know, the people that did turn up to the keynotes, asked an amazing story, you know, questions and stories were told. And that's something to really reflect on. [00:15:21] Any highlights. [00:15:24] Nigel started standing ovation. fringe priests, keynote. Welcome for you, sir. Yeah, that was awesome. And be friends. Too many justifies their Yeah, but that would be my summary. [00:15:42] Is there anything that you would like to say to people listening to this, that maybe couldn't attend the conference? [00:15:49] And I suppose, really, try to find like minded people out there, get involved and find out what it is that we are doing. [00:16:00] Try to make a difference in your community [00:16:02] because you do matter. You do count and you can have your voice heard. It's all about it always is organizing yourself and [00:16:13] doing something about it. Don't sit on the couch, cap and do something

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.