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So here we have met Mary, who's also a mistress Mariah, which is the same person who welcome. Um, so how long have you been involved in this industry? I've been involved in the industry for approximately 14 years now, as a Madam, I started out as a madam, one of my personal strength is people management. So I started managing Brussels. And then that evolved into becoming a dominatrix, and having my own high class bottle, which is really are now so it's a smaller group of specialized people. But you're 14 years I've been involved in the industry. So what made you go into brothels instead of banks, managing people? It was something that just happened. I've always known since I was quite young that I would end up within the six industry I was poor, Catholic, fabulously loving family. But I always know I always remember having a thing about nuns and priests saying about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute. But Christ forgave her anyway. And I remember as a small child thinking, well, what's wrong with it? So there was always this thing in my head that somewhere deep down, I knew that I would end up within the six industry. I don't know how or why, what I do know how why now, but yes, I've tried. I tried on many occasions when I was younger to get into the sex industry, first as a worker, but I realized very quickly when it said that all messages are done fully nude that it wasn't for me. And so many years later, I ended up trying for jobs as a receptionist, which again, never happened for various reasons. And then finally, 14 years ago, I got onto it, and here I am still in it, probably for the rest of my life. So when the other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, and, you know, firefighters and Spaceman that you that was always what you want to do. I didn't necessarily want to be a prostitute as such, because I don't really understand was that I just always had the sense of that there was some injustice, the fact that Mary Magdalene was seen as lowly because she was a prostitute. Even though I fully didn't really understand what it was. a prostitute was I just knew it was wrong. How they were phrasing it, looking at it. So yeah, I just, you know, I know spooky things that is followed me through my life. Yeah. And did you folks know, along the hallway and do when you were little said, This is what I wanted to know, I don't believe I ever wished it to anybody because I don't think it's when I look back on it, that I remember those feelings as a child, I don't think I consciously went through my life thinking I want to be in the seats industry. I just knew that there were several times throughout my life. When I tried to get into the sex industry, it felt it was just something that I knew was going to happen at some stage. And I just, you know, took opportunities is there rose to enter six industry. So what have been some of the responses of people, your friends or family when you've told them what you do, when they found out what you do? All of my friends think it's fantastic. They've always loved the fact that I've been met them because they know that whatever I do, I do well, and I'm also extremely fear and you know, they've always seen it as a good thing for the six industry basically, to have me in that, you know, I would be helping the six industry be a better place. And all my friends have similar outlooks to me on life in general, and human rights and things so you know, they've seen it as a good human rights move from my point of view. My family I have four older brothers, they all seem to think that I'm old enough and oddly enough to know what I'm doing and you know, they've never judged before it My mother was a little bit confused about it when Mike and his uncle's would ask what's Mary up to go? She's working in the adult entertainment scene and because I sing little she's under the singing finally. And my mother didn't quite she doesn't quite understand what I do now but she is you know, fairly aged. And yes it's very confusing for her but she certainly doesn't judge me for it she knows again that I'm I know what I'm about and I know what I'm doing so she doesn't see it as anything bad thousand two was a prostitutes perform it was it something like that something about prostitutes reform a law reform something long ones. And that was kind of you know, see it as something that divided the feminist community or whatever in regards to people thinking, you know, that sex work was inherently I guess, oppressive to women and and usurp set on a border of how much trouble Yeah, after the reform was passed. There was a five year it was a parliament Review Board, just reviewing the laws and seeing how, how it worked, basically checking up on things like bylaws, because of course, they will lots of kneejerk we reactions from local councils and all sorts of people, you know, people living in streets, where there was street workers writing, you know, getting petitions together to try and get the street workers kicked off the street, and, you know, all those sorts of things. So the reform, the review board was set up to monitor for five years after the reform, to make sure that everything, you know, worked well. And I was on that I was the only industry person that was working there were people who had been in the industry previous but weren't on the in the industry when they when they were on the review board. But it was a very interesting thing for me, I sort of felt like a lightweight because a lot of it was legal, you know, council more council plate stuff that I didn't really have a huge amount of input into. But I enjoyed it. I learned a lot. And you know, I'm sure I had some I was have some help along the way. I hope I was. So what would you kind of say about you know, people who would say that, that sex work is really negative for one would say pui and you don't know what this industry is all about until you actually work in it. And when you are positive about anything in anything that that happens around you is going to be more positive. Anyway. I've seen the exact opposite sex industry, I've seen women who have had absolutely no control over their lives all of their life until they've come into the six industry. And then finally they get to the stage where they are getting paid, failing, seeks they're getting adored by me. And they're getting told how beautiful they are. They do have control of the finances, they have control over when they work. There's a fantastic camaraderie happens in the sex industry that likes it. Unless you've worked in the industry, you wouldn't see that it also has its downside, but doesn't do everything. You know, there's always bad stuff going on in the industry. I would say that I've seen more empowerment of women from working in this industry. I personally know that until I started being a dominant matrix, which is about four years ago now, three, four years ago, my level of self esteem was way lower. I am the luckiest woman you've ever meet Now, I know your favorites and gorgeous I am and how powerful I am. And that I am actually truly a goddess and I mean that in a wonderful way and that's through being six weaker. And I wasn't six work as a madam but I am as a dominatrix. So I'm proud, Sam six weeks. So what do you think all the negative attitudes come from for, you know, women being sex workers, or maybe anybody being sex workers, media, people not understanding what the industry is people taking what they want out of what they see about the six industry. Obviously the most seen people in six and three street workers, they often look a bit tragically often drunk on drugs, they often have pimps or minders, they sometimes probably turn up with black eyes. And you know, I don't know track marks. They, often women who can all work as six weeks you can't get work and powers because of perhaps for legal reasons. And I think that people that's what people say about six industry, but unless you've worked in a massage parlor, then or in a in a brothel, or in the areas of the industry that I work, and you don't actually know what sex workers if I meet someone they're not whenever I tell people I'm a madam or dominate tricks. People say you're not what I expected. Well, what do you expect, you expect what you see on the street, someone with a very short skirt, you know, rip stockings, whatever. That's, that's what people expect. And that's why people have a negative attitude. And also, because I think it suits A lot of people have a negative attitude, because a lot of women see six workers as a threat. If they know that the husband might be going to see a sex worker, then it's instantly a threat. I know women who have met sex workers at parties and things found out that there is a woman girl and shuffled to the husband away from them, like a six week is going to want to have the husband for free. You know, it's like if you're a sheep, you're not going to want to go home and cook with everybody after work. It's just silly attitudes that people just because they don't understand because they don't work in the industry. So they people there needs to be education about it. That's why I love talking to people about it. So I am very open about what I do. Because whenever I tell people what I do, most people go, Wow, is it true that and then I can dispel the bad myths? What are some of the bad Let's set people here? Well, things like is it true that all women come from abuse? Or is it true that all sex workers are drug addicts? Or is it true that you know girls get locked up and made to work 15 hour shifts? Is it true that they have to not use condoms, all those sorts of things, all sorts of silly little things that you know people hear from someone that are completely untrue. So a lot of kind of misconceptions and preconceived ideas about what sex trafficking is amazing. When you see these things in the paper about women being six traffic, there was an article in the newspaper about some women in northern England who have been trafficked from Eastern European country, and they were being raffled off in a pub. This was in a serious newspaper think it was under dominion, transferred from some international paper. And these women were being were being sold off, not raffled off, but sold off. It would have been a bit over the backroom and up in a pub or hotel or something. They're being sold off to work as sex slaves. And they were being made to do something like our copycat Academy, but we worked it out or something like having sex every 14 minutes having a different line to report. And Melissa next, if there was no lunch break, or dinner break, you know, it was just impossible. But people of course, read it and go wrong. It's terrible. But it's so untrue. You know, it's if you talk to the Thai girls, obviously, if they, they can't get a work permit to work as a sex worker in New Zealand. So immigration rate, they're going to say, I was brought here to work in a restaurant, you send them back to their own country, thank you, you're doing something really good for them. They go back to the village, the village already knows they've been six workers, they don't want to know about them. They've lost their livelihood, they always here working sending money home to support the families. All the daughters come along and they get these girls sent home to nothing where they could be working here safely. It's just a wrong, you know, it's just all misconceptions. And so is there a real kind of conflation between sex trafficking bed bed bed and prostitution bed bed bed kind of thing? I have to stop there because I'm not actually sure what confession squashing together. But Same, same thing. Yes, I yes. I mean, there, I'm sure there is I know there would be sex trafficking, there are children who, you know, anyone who's under the age of consent, should not be having sex for money, although often they go out and do it for themselves, because it's the only way they can earn a living. And what they're doing then is actually probably better than what they've come from. So you know, go figure. But children being six traffic is not good. And I now it does happen. And I know that woman being 60 if it does happen, but the amount of it that the media always prattling on about does not happen. It's women who go into countries and want to work as a six week, but it's not legal, generally, you can't go into this. And even in New Zealand, where it's legal for weeks and six weeks, as I said, you can't get a work permit to work in the sex industry to come to New Zealand. Right. So you can come here as a marine biologist, a bank or a grant. So I'd like to come to New Zealand and I'd like to visit square Exactly. I'd like to enter money and senior home to my family. And the way I want to do it is by being a sex worker, rather than working for minimum wage. Yeah, exactly. On a sewing machine or in a supermarket or, you know, because they're only going to have enough money to survive, not seen any home at this point. So you got under dominatrix work about four years ago, what, what kind of brought that on. I've always liked the clothing that I just it was just a natural progression really, I it just happened. It was just an evolving of me. Something I needed to do when I set up the Indian club, initially about five or six years ago around another dominatrix who I thought was wonderful, and she's very good at what she does. But his skills are fairly limited. And I had a lot of clients who would ask me if I would do sessions now I train the assistant dominatrix and I used all everything else apart from actually do the sessions. I never thought I could actually do it. Due to my proxy before self esteem issues. Really, I just didn't think I could do it. I didn't think anyone would ever come back. I didn't think that they'd want to book me in the first place. And so when the business actually we don't do I made lots of mistakes, the business went under. And I had clients ringing me because I keep the work number on because I was still taking bookings for a couple of private ladies. And I had these clients ringing me and asked me what I just do sessions with theme, they would take me through it state by state, they would tell me how to do it what they wanted, please when I do it, and I finally CDs and someone made a booking with me in Africa, and he was coming to see me in say three weeks time, every single night I woke up and street and a suite thinking Oh, I can't do this what I doing, you know, this is just silly. And then I did those first few sessions and then Beckett coming back and more people came and here I am. Three years later from there is a successful popular who has realized that it is definitely a calling for me. You know, just like being a good nurse or whatever being a dominatrix is a calling for me. Because what I do facilitates a lot of healing, a lot of stress relief, all sorts of things. You know, I don't judge anybody for what it is that they want to come to me for I have a lot of people ringing up and saying, you're going to think I'm a bit strange. Now I challenge anyone to make me think these strange with what I know now. So yeah, so it was just a natural part of my progression person to become a dominatrix. And now I get to eat clothing whenever I want. And, and you know, I love what I do. And I, you know only find it more exciting when I do new things, and it's only ever going to get better. And it is also something that as a as a person and six industry starting in my mid 40s is not something you would do if you wanted to be a full service sex worker, but being dominatrix. It's worked perfectly for me because I can see myself being a dominatrix for probably another. I have another good 10 or 15 years of me, possibly, if I have a Zimmer frame works very well. So yeah, so it's just a natural progression really. And I did get told by my spiritual woman a couple of years ago, or a few years ago for actually started practicing, that they being spirit couldn't imagine a better person to be a dominatrix. And at the time, I thought, what I wasn't even intending to be one. And she said men will come from all around the world, and we'll pay large amounts of money just to see you. And its entirety tonight. Anyways, it's starting to happen. So I do think that it was my favorite talking about India that makes it even more exciting, you know, on many levels, because it means like, who I'm doing the right thing. So yeah. So your, your business is called the MMO. Club. Yes, yep. So that's what it will be under. And then underneath it, Google the Indian And so as you know, there are a number of these clubs around New Zealand and Wellington or the Indian club is we've set it up is the only place of its kind in museum. There are other dominatrix practicing privately. There are a couple who are quite good at what they do. And these many women who see themselves as dominatrix we have absolutely no understanding what it is they're setting themselves up to do. So people are getting hurt and disillusioned. Not only them but their clients. So the evening club is the only place physically of its kind with dungeons, cross streets of Rome. Cut off offering the level and the amount of different services that we offer. We have a few people who provide sessions, we can provide most things, we always work within a very strict safety framework. So there are certain areas that we don't delve into, because we'd like scarf occasion and bloodsports in serious strangulation areas that we don't really know enough about to them to be able to offer or to even want to offer really because puts you on a very eg sort of thing. So people bulk a bit when you started getting into dominatrix yourself and because there's you know, there's a car there's lots of Nick Cannon is negative things about sex work, but I guess BBC and stuff and dominatrix separate, bump it up another level with it. What kind of responses with most people I think if you if I said to someone, like I tell people, I was a madam. So I was very honest about that. And people would go Wow, that's amazing and ask questions and things. And when I say I'm a dominatrix people go well, that's fascinating getting to be mean, you know a bit, that's a good way to take out your anger. So I don't have any anger. And that's really the worst thing you want as an angry woman with a cane and a hand. But if I said I was a six week, if I said I was prostitute twice, it was a hooker, or whatever you want to call it, I guarantee those attitudes would be like a really very different because as a madam or as a dominatrix. It's it's kind of it's, I guess it's almost the celebrities of the sex industry. Whereas if you say your hunger, it's kind of like saying, I clean toilets for a living. You know, I'm the lowest of the low in a lot of people's brains. Because mo and that's why why most sex workers don't tell people what they do, because of those attitudes. And until more sex workers do start telling people, those attitudes won't change. So it was a little bit like coming out and being gay visibility. Exactly, exactly. Because, you know, you will find out who your friends are coming up, you know, as a lesbian movie coming out is a six week or whatever you will have people doing against you, and you will have other people that you didn't even imagine will go Good for you. So yeah, I encourage anyone who hasn't got too much to lose, or children at school to come out about being six week is because it's the only way the attitudes of people will change. Has as the lower form changed the attitudes. It has slightly a lot of people, the most common thing I heard when the reform went through was Oh, thank God, at least now you have to pay tax. You know, the six industries always pay tax. When I started as a Madam 14 years ago, the IRS had printed forms with what you could claim what you could you know, how to do your tax as a sex worker, the Inland Revenue, always want your tix don't give you a drug dealer, which, by the way is still illegal. They don't care available won't be covered. So you know, that was likely that was the most common thing was people were worried were just pissed off. Really, I guess that six weeks weren't paying takes. And quite possibly, there's a lot of electricians out there that don't pay tax on everything they do. And you know, in? Yeah, but the attitudes, I think it definitely has helped with attitudes, but it will take a long time for the stigma to drop. But the things that have has helped, of course, are the fact that now clients can be prosecuted for harassing good sex workers to not use condoms, and they couldn't before. Yeah. And also, as a madam, when I was interviewing six workers or potential sex workers, if you had someone who came into your office in the brothel, looking for a job as a sex worker, they were well educated, they were gorgeous, they were groomed, etc. And they started asking you to give them your spiel about things without mentioning anything about actually having sex. And if they started asking things about condoms, and seeks, I will used to say, Are you a policeman? Because if they were, allegedly, it could have been a myth. And I probably saved myself up. But if you ask them, if they're a police woman, and they say no, and then that, you know, really use the phone, it was all Okay, and then they arrested you if it was in treatment. And literally, I don't know how true that was, but thankfully, find out. But because it was always a you always worried about talking about those things, because it was illegal, you know, like we had we used to supply condoms, and you know, and lubricant and things in the in the bottles my first weekend. And then all of a sudden, the head of vice vice police was changing. And he started, they started even before he got Wilmington, all the place that were working and vice started transferring out in new onset of transferring and to work with the sky. And they were stopping our drivers, they were starting to do some, you know, sort of not harassment things, but it was building on, like, you know, what's going to hit so we had to get rid of I think we were the first brothel, to start having boxes of condoms and vending machines, because we had to really get our thinking caps on to figure out how if the police came in, and went into the rooms, you know, we received, the girls were in the message. And if they found that 75 year old men so handsome that they had to have seats for them. Well, that was the business, you know, it was a personal thing. And it covered us legally, but if they were condoms in the drawer, or what would they thought we were supplying them so you know, we get to look at different ways of of covering all that sort of thing up so we supplied vending machines with chippies chocolate bars and condoms. And you know, that kind of covered us legally. But before the reform, those were the silly things of things that had to happen, it was still happening, you know, it's never going to stop that it just makes it safer. You can talk to girls about safe sex or sex workers rather about safe sex you can promote safe sex. Just Yes, that's just wonderful. It's just it takes a whole layer of stress of six people and six industry info clients you know, if you look at it in four wives of those clients, because everything so much safer, it's just silly to try and push it on the ground. So you always knew that you you're kind of somehow distant for this industry juul was you kind of identifies as BMD Have you always nine year old, but bindi, I think I have. I did go through my stages when I was younger thinking maybe I'm a lesbian. I did marry a gaming not because he was gay, but we actually very for other reasons, but we wouldn't have I have always been a little bit sexually confused. Not about my taste tastes in people. And it's people I'm attracted to. But so i guess i'm open and that if I meet someone who was a man and I'm attracted to that person, then that's fine. If it's a woman and attractive person, I don't, you know, I don't have any judgment or fear of being attracted to a woman. So I'm definitely bisexual, I'm bindi. Yeah, I'm I just like people were in, everybody's always been alright with that, or people think slowly or, again, like, if I'm very lucky, because all of my friends are extremely open minded. So, you know, I have had one or two naughty times with some female friends. So who they judge? So I mean, I, you know, no one that I know of as Eva thought it was strange. Because most of my friends I guess, if they're not being themselves in the open, you know, open to the whole idea. There's a big stereotype that kind of quiz are really into PTC more Kindle, or that kind of thing? Are you? Are you thinking about the crossovers between I think, a lot more queer clients. Or the I mean, I don't know, because I guess I don't really mingle in the queer world enough to be able to, but to say, categorically, but I, I, I don't imagine there would be a bigger a larger amount in the queer community, they wouldn't have strike community. by proxy dates, you know, I know more about the strike community, at least from a BBC perspective than I do about the queer community. So don't quote me on it. Or give any, any last thoughts. And I think I'm terribly, terribly remiss of me to have mentioned that we do cater for him. And we do cater for everybody. If someone wants to come along and experience something, then give us a ring, very understanding and easy to talk to. And if we can cater for you, you know, we'll find someone who can, no one's ever going to be judged. And I would encourage people of all genders to come along and if you aren't a BBC, and that's what we're about. It's not about genius. It's about being You see, we provide services and facilities for whoever wants to, you know, take up the use of them and move away for Where can we find you. If you look on the internet under www dot the name of that th e in so easily find us. Thank you very much for your time and dancing with us. You're most welcome. It's nice.

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