Launch of Trans Past, Trans Present: Making Trans Histories

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:06] Normally in auto in our current media to know my heart and my tomato water to a new tatata hot at night. me he goes on to Coco. Coco Coco. co he couldn't eat a mama Go ye up into our cohort Delta tangata komachi proto evening [00:00:35] my name is Ronnie morla [00:00:38] it's no cotton Marco get a photo photo my [00:00:45] image here today is [00:00:52] called a we Maui [00:00:55] hotel contain a difficult [00:00:59] Hey a hotter man. Andouille [00:01:02] talk to [00:01:05] the tomato, tomato, tomato, he we know my heart Am I the atashi Oh Koto [00:01:17] title mo k 245 Tama [00:01:21] the at [00:01:23] the cator coder Academy here to to taka taka Koto [00:01:32] Koto Hema No, you were [00:01:35] worried Tacoma far got hiko hide a Tony t HIPAA himani they are how they got to my doctor for fight Tony mayda go Julio to take to the to the alternate phenoix [00:01:55] moneda [00:01:58] a coma coma Novotel [00:02:04] in our anata eco tie my name here to LA media to la [00:02:09] vida more UK today k [00:02:13] chiama. Tokyo [00:02:16] Tokyo moto Inari couple thoughts on Kiyotaka [00:02:21] know my height and my [00:02:24] height Am I [00:02:29] in 1994 19 sorry 1984 many of the older people here marched to get a change [00:02:42] to make us legal [00:02:46] Before that, we could be put in prison. [00:02:51] Just if somebody said [00:02:55] that we will not straight [00:02:59] and P Like these people here fought for that right? That all must be accepted [00:03:06] or must be accepted. [00:03:11] And so they fought for their titles. Taka, Taka, Taka, Taka, Taka me. And I then acknowledged those but I also acknowledge our young ones. It needs to be a change for you as well. We are from one tree of Altair or New Zealand, but we are many branches. And every branch has a right to be here. When I said it Tanaka, Tanaka Tanaka those who don't speak Marty saying I'm thinking it's men, men, men, it's not the most important thing is the people, the people. It is the people [00:04:00] It is a fight. [00:04:03] It is a fight. [00:04:06] It makes you stronger. [00:04:09] And just when I get to my 70s unflinching, well, there we are no more fights for me and Hello, then I've got other coming up again. And that's fantastic. Plenty of time to lie down when you're dead. Time to do that. You have every right to name you as you feel. As you know it's right for you. Nobody can tell you what to call yourselves. Nobody. Nobody has that right? Nobody. [00:04:39] And so as I hope [00:04:42] you can respect us who fought for the right as the Taka, Taka, Taka Wahine for Katana that we will honor you in what you think is right, or what you know is right [00:05:00] Hope I have been supportive. [00:05:06] I hope [00:05:09] that you appreciate [00:05:11] the struggles that we went through, just to be accepted as we are. And in return, I hope we will accept you to be as you are. [00:05:28] We have no right to judge [00:05:32] because we were judged very harshly. [00:05:38] I see some of my sisters over here. They know what I'm talking about. They know I was there when police used to raid the clubs. I was there when I was arrested. I was there when I was beaten up, because I wouldn't sit down. [00:05:54] I was there when we marched. [00:05:58] We were there. [00:06:01] in tears [00:06:05] doing the haka [00:06:08] and believe me when some of these tanika here do the haka, you better watch out because they'll come at you with everything they've got. And that includes two little heels. [00:06:22] Coco, Coco, [00:06:28] Coco hirako [00:06:31] etowah it to my eternity Phyto nuoc okay perfect. Okay perfect Marcie [00:06:40] you have used on your slide [00:06:44] and the struggle will be there. [00:06:48] It is difficult [00:06:51] because by not having there we may be forming another form of racism, of saying you're not like me and therefore you don't exist and we had that as Molly, you must call yourself a New Zealander. And that's fine but I am Molly. I am not Ebro. I am from this land. I am not of Maui descent. I am Maui, but I am of European descent. I don't live in Europe anymore. Okay. [00:07:21] You are our hopes for the future. [00:07:27] And if [00:07:29] when you get older, there are others who may need to change which is maybe not what you think. Please understand them how they feel. [00:07:43] tell you one thing. [00:07:45] I love being a minority. I put the Treaty of Waitangi at every place I can. I think I have that under the Treaty of Waitangi. I can cross the road now and go cut. You can hit me under the Treaty of Waitangi I on this road. All right. So have some humor with us [00:08:03] support each other [00:08:07] eternity [00:08:09] support each other clearly support these people who have fought and you people here look out for these ones. Look out for these ones. People like Kayla, you have treasured me when I have gone through hard times. So have you you have treasured me. You have helped me come to terms with things. I can't thank you enough for that adjusters. Adjust is. But now we asked you to do another one, please, for these young ones. Be with them. Be with them. [00:08:53] Please don't judge us. Not well. [00:08:59] Like I said, Please You have time to sort of relax when you did stay alive, be alive and gratitude Hey tamata to a tomato or tomato, tomato tomato too much lying down, then people will think you're dead, but stand up and they will know you're alive. No data. They are not gotoh did not go to dinner thought of Koto, Koto, Komodo, Komodo, Komodo, you see, we are part of you and you are part of us. [00:09:39] And thank God this change all the time. It's great. Okay, no data do not tighten. Tighten [00:09:49] your omega ma ye Hey [00:09:59] ma [00:10:06] The [00:10:09] porno [00:10:17] so what we say is this [00:10:20] who will look after the things when we have gone? [00:10:26] We asked that it be you, that it be you that it be you [00:10:33] Jennifer da da da da da, da da, da da da. [00:10:40] yada. Thank you for that. Um, that was really beautiful. Thank you so much. It's real and honest to have you here and have you speak and I really don't know how to follow up. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, everyone for being here today. I mean, so much to me and everyone else. The team that's been putting this project together CSF alizee, who don't know me, my name is well, I was the transfers and that's contracted to do this project with the public programs team. When I was six years old, I used to live in Wellington and I used to beg my parents every weekend to come to to papa. And so it's really beyond amazing to be working alongside so often now it's really as a childhood dream come true. So yeah, into work into Harper on trans stuff, which as we all know, is the best stuff is really, really beyond didn't think I'd get to do this. So there's really nothing more accurate about then recording presenting and sharing Trans and Queer history. So I'm really thrilled to have this experience. I want to do a whole bunch of thank yous. Lastly, and most importantly, you know, everyone that's made this project possible, particularly the folks at gender minorities altaira, who have held me accountable encouraged me to do better This project really would have been impossible without the enthusiasm and time and just dedication that GMA have put towards this project. Most especially are he so I really can't thank you from GMA enough for your guidance and your energy. I have to give a special shout out to Kayla, Kayla, I know you're sick of me saying thank you and sorry all the time. But I really do mean and I have to say one more big thank you. You've been so helpful and you've put up with all my phone calls and and and and all my modeling and my lack of clear, clear speaking which I'm exhibiting right now and the way you've been able to pull everyone together and Marshall the troops and just support me and encouraged me has been really really lovely. So thank you so much. It means so much to me that you're here and that you managed to get everyone here. A huge thank you also to the other facilitators and volunteers who coordinate with bring this project to life especially Roseann conference from inside out So Marco and Oscar from transform you've been so lovely to work with, and really great at handling my that time management. So thank you for that. And to the team. It's a proper curators, staff and clear for all your work on trans collections and getting me on board, Daniel, for all your enthusiasm and your dedication and doing all these beautiful photographs with just a black scarf that you did such a spectacular job and they look so awesome. Thank you, Daniel Victoria, who unfortunately couldn't be here today. But she has been so amazing and brought so much joy to the project. And it's such a master of copyright. So we're really grateful to have her on the team. Amber Sue made the incredible theme, which you're all welcome to take a copy of I hope you will like to our surprise. And anyone who's not here who participated the project, if you tell them to get in touch with us, we'll send them a copy of it. And a few stories didn't make it in time because we had a deadline to obviously print those off. But we'll put those in the We can send out copies as anyone wants them. So just let us know. But most of all, I really, really want to thank le le Holland, from my public programs, teammate, it just really wouldn't have happened. Without Ellie. It was all Ellie's idea even though she says she's shaking her head in Science Museum of trans ology and stuff. But she was the one who actually decided to, you know, create, who he was the one who made this whole thing happen. And Ellie has started off as just a cool colleague, but actually has become one of my really good friends, and has been really helpful to me even through a couple of breakdowns which I had. So thank you, Ellie, user, someone who's so passionate about using the power of museums to uplift communities and to record stories, and it's really inspiring and it's really made me think completely differently, actually about what I want to continue doing. So thank you, Ellie. Most importantly, though, an enormous thank you to all of you who gave your who participate in this project. Thank you. being so open hearted, and so willing to share stories of your lives with us. Some of your stories different, really personal and vulnerable. And it means a lot to me and to everyone else involved with this, that you've trusted us with preserving and sharing them. And I can't tell you how much I really do believe that it will mean to people 1020 3050 hundred years from now, this is going to be an evergreen project, we hope right? So it'll be it'll be there, which is really cool. [00:15:31] So yeah, I mean, if I'm being really honest, I have found the last kind of couple months pretty tough in terms of there's been a lot of tough stuff going on. I'm sure a lot of you share, share how I'm feeling. I mean, we've been fighting all this stuff for a long time. But in particular, for me, even the last few weeks and anti trans rally happening at Parliament on Friday. It's pretty intense, kind of, it's been quite an intense time. It feels kind of like well, it's almost every day that you see something in the news about you know, Speak up for women are all of those anti trans groups who are trying to define us out of existence. They don't want us, especially trans women in particular, right? They target trans women, most especially, and they don't want trans women in bathrooms, they don't want trans people in sports teams, they don't want trans people to be here. And I think this is really cool. It's been this is what's kind of uplifted me through all of that is talking to all of you through this projects, because it's like chocolate transphobes we've always been here, we're always gonna be here for at least always going to be online on sofa. So [00:16:31] you know, screw you. [00:16:35] It's, you know, how stories and how being platforms by altaira was National Museum, which is, I think, really, really cool. And really important. And it means you know, we just I think, in general, we should let no one denies our transfer, Papa, our trans history. We have so much to be grateful to our elders for especially the strong locker where he may have continued who have and who continues to lead the way for us. And I'm so grateful that somebody could join us today. I know you smile, because I keep saying thank you. But I'm really proud that we can preserve a bit of that history, which is happening today right now, which is intergenerational history, of course, so that future generations have something to look back on. This collection of transfer is really beautiful and really diverse. I think it makes a really clear statement that there are so many different ways of being and doing trends. And I think that that's just so lovely. And I think that it's also really funny that I was more surprised by someone bringing along the laptop than I was over is so that's, that's something you don't get often. We I think when we're when we've been doing this project, what we've really been trying to do is hold space for all the diversity of experience here. The most important thing is, I want to say is that that we can do for each other is to listen with an open heart and an open mind. Some of us You might find some words out his ideas outdated, others of us might find them to newfangled and some of us who might place importance on surgery, others couldn't care less. Some of us might not feel all too similar to another person who uses the same words as ourselves to describe themselves. And we might all feel it, we might some of us feel uneasy to be sitting under the same umbrella, trans umbrella, but I asked you, if you do feel uneasy to I encourage you to think about your uneasiness. And ask yourself why you feel that way. Because when we think about it, none of us are only trans. We are all so many other things. And we all bring our uniqueness and all of our understandings and other parts of our lives back into our experience of being trans and understanding what trans means to each of us. So none of us is less right than the other. None of us is less important than the other and I think it's really vital as random on a really eloquently said that we not be dismissive of those identities. We do not understand. I think For me personally, I think that the beauty of trans communities is that we have such diversity, right. And we have sometimes confusion. And I think that we can find a lot of joy in that confusion. And I think that's, that's something to be celebrated. And I think is equally as we need to recognize and respect all of our different experiences of gender, we also need to recognize that there is something that has connected us all and brought us all into the room together. And that is the joy that we all take and being who we are against any others who would tell us that we should not be that is that we have not we have come to we have been able to come here together today because all of us as trans people have been able to figure out something about ourselves that others have maybe made it difficult, maybe not for probably a lot of us have. And that takes I think a lot of strength. So I think that we should embrace each other as we do ourselves with open hearts and open lines. That's really what trans pride means to me. So thank you. So much for being a part of this. I'm sorry, I rambled on quite a long. I didn't practice this fest which I should have. Ever now I want to open the floor to anyone else who wants to speak no pressure. And if you want to share the story of your object, we've got to keep it relatively short because we've only got a limited amount of time. So if anyone would like to take the first bleep Thank you, sir. Thank you. [00:20:37] example we have candlelight Memorial once a year, and to remember all those of our friends who have passed away from HIV and AIDS. There is a very special place in my heart because so many of my friends through the years and decades have actually passed on HIV and AIDS. So They're along to support any program that they do. And yes it does affect us in a big way. That's a solid thing we don't talk about, but we've got to acknowledge the reason I caught up is because are sitting near nothing too [00:21:19] well sorry. [00:21:24] I actually had a photo which I showed well, and I chose that always done many years ago down in Christchurch and a trans Hawaii array who but I ain't us le transexual Leah and there is some believe it or not, or actually your age or younger and net project predates the whole transgender movement. Bring you know and change change out the word to come out to the forefront, does proceed state so they are slight and maybe they will steal this paper. And they kicked it off so they saw also hit pack of how easier it is the size a little bit easier for us and for all of you here and as for me personally I [00:22:16] don't pick them [00:22:18] I love of God Dupuy. [00:22:24] I actually learned over the years to communicate and stay and listen be tolerant of any other change or parent traits are surviving a home run hit stated before. Myself and my friends have been through. Sorry, I'm clearly be through a shitload of stuff over the years, but normally for our rights, our rights to survive. We have to face that to me, we're not spring up. I've got support I've been through the whole spectrum there are suddenly realized this is not me. Then I realized I'm actually transsexual. And I've heard Chris, but to be who you are, you have got to realize this and foremost, in your minds realize all the crap. The ball bullying, the violence, negativity, bear pronouns, discrimination, prejudice, medical discrimination, or they are people throw around a tree. You got to take it to be who you are. I took it, and not me now. I mean, I've got gorgeous friends. who still live Yeah. But to me, I realize you've got to take it in what society throws out. If you're gay, and they call you like the hood, or queer, if you want to be who you are and stand up for Greece. shaker on board and say, Well, yeah, this part of They are part of my journey. You getting sleep that takes up a beach to get gets home? because why not listen to sad anymore? And what I'm sort of trying to say is the US quite trainsets closer. Yes, sir. I'm aspiring as one was pitching for i didn't i wouldn't recognize any other Jinja performer myself. However, when will come up here to start the approach with feature and I pulled out the photo, Theon and the last few weeks, I've been thinking, not I can't do this just myself, I could help young people and that's mo parently at the path of my life at the moment. So, at the end, the Pharaoh had done I had turned the corner and let the introvert I did say that I will speak for those characters. Who's a non make sure our trades histories and never forgot? Thank you [00:25:12] Thank you so much Kayla. And you really you really have been doing what to make sure I transistors and open for them so you know thank you

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