Launch of the touring Topp Twins exhibition (2018)

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Tonight My name is Bill might not done the national librarian and we're delighted to host the top twins an exhibition for New Zealand a celebration of Joe's and Linda talks unique contribution to New Zealand social, cultural and political landscape. The exhibition was developed by colleagues at Manoa museum and Palmerston North and we're proud to partner with them and bringing it to Wellington. The first stop on a national tour. It's my pleasure to acknowledge some of the many distinguished guests here today tonight. First of all, our Prime Minister rights honorable guests in downtown welcome the honorable Grant Robertson. The Honorable cleared Karen believe is here. The Honorable Ian Lees Galloway is here. And special welcome back to former prime minister, the right honorable Helen Clark. [00:04:29] I would also like to acknowledge those who have traveled from the manor to be here tonight, including mayor of Palmerston North grant Smith. Welcome back. An exhibition celebrating the life and work of two iconic Kiwi musicians and entertainers, who have always pushed the boundaries seems very fitting this year. Not only are the top twins celebrating their 60th birthday, but 2018 also marks 125 years since thousands of New Zealand women push the boundaries so that New Zealand became the first country in the world where women won the right to vote. And the 1893 suffrage petition that they signed as right here at the National Library, as part of they had total exhibition, which is openness evening for anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to go and visit. So they talked to NZ exhibition is in good company. We're also pleased to add our own top twins collection from the Alexander Turnbull library to the exhibition that's traveled here from Manoa. The library holds such archival gems as newspaper clippings, posters and photos donated by diva productions back in 2013. And you'll get to see some of their Sydney exhibition this evening. I'd also like to thank my public programs team for arranging this exhibition at the National Library and also for looking after us all this evening. And speaking of looking after us all I do have a brief health and safety message to share in the event of an earthquake, drop, cover and hold. Do not leave the building. Wait for National Library staff to give further instructions. If there is an evacuation exit out of the main entrance, turn left go down the stairs cross the road and meet on the other side of it can straight for smaller emergencies the toilets are located through the door just there. And finally if you are a Twitter our exhibition hashtag is hashtag can mother thank you for being here this evening. It's my pleasure now to introduce to man was chief executive and the law who will tell you more about the exhibition. Please welcome Andy [00:07:06] moto waka not by manga now why our add karate kids in one week we may call him a tiny Walker [00:07:15] Coto de Whoa, whoa, crying or TQ one they hated the guru, Moto, moto Moto, carpool whitewater nailing me he and I immediately make him you know, Kudo to pity me or to Tata in a Fenway at night one quick K to premiere in Tokyo poverty [00:07:41] at Taco and I am here Ma Ma, Ma Ma. [00:07:46] Now right keoki total 25th two QD Ronnie Ronnie tourniquet, Finola Jacqui grant rato Kunal Khaimah, he was the CO Nikita, Papa Yo Yo, yo. Hawking now poorly or deny, deny, deny within our data that's wonderful to be here tonight representing to Manoa Museum of Art science and history and Papa Palmerston North. This is a really special occasion for us the launch of the national tour of our exhibition top trends and exhibition for New Zealand and how better to launch it then and the presence of our Prime Minister and Helen Clark, who also happened to be big on screens. I'd like to acknowledge all our visitors from Palmerston North tonight including the media ground Smith, MP in Leeds Galloway Palmerston North city councilors, Rachel barn, tomato Trust Board members in staff and Henry County, Janet Ellery think it's great that you've made the journey tonight. The much longer journey has been the creation of this top 26 depression story, which began back in 2008. Teen when I was working at the Waikato museum. The nearby Huntley coalfields museum was developing an exhibition about the top twins, because that's the hometown are kind of close and asked us if we could help. So long story short, there's still a nice big pink painting of the twins on the wall. And humbly that can be seen as you're driving. At the time, we talked about how good it would be to do an exhibition that toured the country and perhaps the world to celebrate these national treasures that top trends. [00:09:32] And so we talked about it again for the next few years. [00:09:36] And I started it tomorrow in 2012. And with some driven people on the project, Christelle plumber, Leslie Fowler, Sean Torrington and many others have finally happened. The 1981 Springbok tour anti nuclear protests homosexual Laura form Marty land rights best in point chosen Linda stepped up to the mark often in front of these protests, the insane and concerts in the following raising funds to get those people who've been arrested out of jail. [00:10:04] Many of us remember you on those matches. [00:10:08] You saying goodnight Irene for your mom from the stage of the Michigan woman's festival. My partner was there and she cried. Now up during protest marches to meeting Prince Charles and Lady Camilla on TV and radio cassettes CDs and YouTube. And now here well wasn't Palmerston North. And now here and finally we are Tara Wellington, chosen Linda came mother came late I came in keen on much loved rural girls, they are untouchable girls who do a bit of music and horses. You rock us up, you touch our hearts and continue to help shape this nation. You've encouraged us to stand up to have guts to stand together now up. You shared your story and our three song with a joke or two in an excellent yodel. That's wonderful to see you again tonight. You need to be celebrated over and over. This project is the huge support throughout, not least at all from jaws and London the production agency diva productions palace little city council He nodded Kenny dude Vincent LR team on the job Olivia Coleford, it l who got it here [00:11:13] is going to talk to a number of venues around New Zealand. [00:11:16] Creating and touring exhibitions around New Zealand or something tomorrow has done for many years and does quite well. It'll be a really big part of our exciting future as we embark on a project we're calling Team 2025. Recently, the personal city council gave us the green light to progress high level planning for the creation of the arts and cultural powerhouse for Palmerston North for consideration as part of the long term plane tomorrow needs more up to date spaces in which to host its diverse communities and deliver world class experiences. So that's what we're working on right now. Finally, I'd like to thank Bill McNaughton has National Library team for hosting this exhibition, sharing this launch and recognizing the potential of the show. We hope to see you all tonight. And please tell your friends and family to come see this exhibition right now. Tina, Tina, Tina Tata cattle. [00:12:11] Thanks very much and it has been a real pleasure working with your team from to Manoa. Ladies and gentlemen, please know welcome or Prime Minister Justin Dardenne. [00:12:27] TNA, more TNA, co Papa new ET na Cotto car tour, if anyone's wondering why there is a seat on the stage that was thoughtfully provided for for me, but I continue to defy the odds by standing through my pregnancy. But I thank you very much for the care and the invitation to be here is truly an honor bill. And I think you and your team at the National Library for role you've played and continuing to extend the tour of this wonderful exhibition and Andy, for the work that you and all of the team on our team did to get it to the position it's in now. Absolutely fantastic. And thank you, I see you have your local MP here, and continuing to claim, obviously, alongside you, and rightly so, some of the honors tonight and he is fiercely proud of his region and will be fiercely proud of you. I know to Can I acknowledge the right honorable Helen Clark. And I have to say, Helen, when when I leave this role with 10 years later, I still elicit a group from a crowd, I will feel very, very pleased you see the bar very, very high. And it's only fitting that you're here. Of course, your present in the exhibition, and obviously a part of this wonderful story and the pride we feel in the top twins, I acknowledged and Grant Robertson, he's obviously the Associate Minister of arts. He's he was Oh, there we go. He's leaving quiet when his Associate Minister vows, obviously our minister of finance in our local MP. So Allah any excuse to be here, basically. So appreciate to have him here, as well. And finally, meet grant, thank you for your ongoing support of what we have touring now to recourse Most importantly, I want to acknowledge the top twins. And I was so delighted to see this invitation come in and did not hesitate for a moment to say that I wanted to be here. And he was thinking of the all of the reasons that these three main ones that I just wanted to reflect on quickly because I'm now standing between you and the stage. The first reason was because I grew up with you. I can't you know, remember a time when I wasn't aware of who you were and what you represented, and how proud I felt whenever I saw someone reflecting back to me, the people I was growing up around. I grew up in Martinsville, King and King feel very familiar to me, his character is that so do camp leader and camp mother, possibly because I saw myself and some of those don't have a sequined one z to speak up. But there was something about those characters that just were truly Kiwi and that no one else captured the way that you captured. And I think probably everyone feels that in some way. The second reason was because you were more than just comedians and you were more than performers and artists, you were you activists. And of course growing up I was always looking for those role models, particularly role models like that, who came from backgrounds like mine were traditionally people didn't speak up always particularly not on issues like best in point or on issues like nuclear, anti the anti nuclear movement, or like homosexual reform. But that is what you did. And you did it with him and grace and you made your voice heard and I have such an appreciation for that obviously was in your blood because I understand that you have amps who are on the Woman Suffrage petition mutual in Charlotte, I understand here already listed on a petition so that speaks obviously to your lineage as well. But my third reason for wanting to be here is because I have some of your stuff. And by that I don't mean albums. I mean I have your caravan I should add I bought it through totally legitimate means. But the little baby style liner from I think it was stated the 1950s which originally I think you purchased in head living in grayling, when I first became an MPO decided I wanted to care of him to do my electric work following in the in the steps of MP greats like Helen who had an old Oxford I think mine I wanted something a bit smaller so that I could pack it. And I found this one online on Trade Me that was only eight feet absolutely miniature. And I absolutely fell in love with it. It didn't appear to be roadworthy in any sense of the word. In fact in the description it acknowledged that it had chickens living in it and the pitches told a very telling story and I remember my father saying you a mad that JC will be full of rust but without even seeing it. I decided I was going to bid on it [00:17:27] and had a little [00:17:28] note though that said it used to be a TV prop caravan and I thought it's curious so I cold and little did I know I was calling the home of one of the tops and then had it explained to me that it was the old caravan use for some of the can't really can't mother skits and of course that being sealed the deal for me there was no way I was walking away from this trade me auction. It was hard for there was someone else bidding against me and I still to this day remember sitting in my office in parliament [00:17:57] on my [00:17:58] wall Sorry, I was on the computer watching this roll through and I was losing. Suddenly my phone flashed up my phone for golf leader of the load Patty at that time was calling me Phil never calls me. I pick up the phone I see can't talk bidding. And I took it I took it out. I to this day. feel so proud to have that tiny little slice of Kiwi history, and even just the story of coming to pick it up. And as I arrived been greeted by All right, come on in here and take a look townie I remember trying to defend myself as being from Martinsville. I was wearing heels on a farm, which is a very good look. But I feel so proud to have that little bit of Kiwi history, even if it absorbed the money I'd put aside for a deposit on a home [00:18:56] fixing it up. [00:18:57] But I think I can speak for me everyone, regardless of whether it's something physical or something spiritual. These a little piece of you and all of us if we can claim you in that way, and I want to thank you for the years that you've given us and the US that we still expect from you to come. So without further ado, can I welcome to the stage Linda and Jules top. [00:20:23] Be strong. [00:20:39] This is pretty cool. I [00:20:42] was just saying to Jones. You know, when people get an exit machine in a museum they usually did. [00:20:49] And it's really exciting to be here live [00:20:53] in this exhibition, I'd like to acknowledge Jason. To us she's just the sun the shadow always be justice under the Gulag border caravan. [00:21:04] We had a $1 reserve on it, and she paid 1200 bucks. [00:21:14] Okay, see, she's young and silly. [00:21:17] And we'd also like to acknowledge Helen, for being here who's always been there for us. Right from there we go. She was their prime minister. And it's really beautiful to have Helen and you Cindy here is their prime minister's is from now on. woman, she's only ever be prime minister. [00:21:41] I've taught a little idea with becoming, you know, getting involved in politics. And I've actually kicked out of politics for the last year or so we just didn't want to steal your thunder at all. But, but I think we had a classic moment with your mom and dad 1987. And we were sitting down having tea with them a couple of nights ago. And they were invited to come there up and morons also. And they were invited down here. And they said it was too far too far to go. And then Ma'am, just out of the blue, she said, and then I said, you know, it'd be lots of famous people here. You know, I think the Prime Minister's coming. And man, guys, it just doesn't she a lovely girl. She's doing a lovely job. To me. This is too old national farmers who have always always voted national. And we came from them. We came from your mom and dad farm good farming stock national. But they allowed us to be the top ones, they allowed us to be who we are. So a big thank you to all the people around us. Our mom and dad were always there for us as kids, our Prime Minister's a woman prime ministers have all based not all of them. [00:22:59] There was one that just sort of, you know, faked it for a little while. [00:23:04] And, and I'd also like to acknowledge all [00:23:09] the people who've worked with us over the years. Ronnie Catherine is here with us. She's our manager, and has been for over 25 years now. So we've got a really, you know, pretty good partnership. Now. She's done an amazing job by looking after us, but also allowing us to make the decisions as well as here. So, you know, because nobody's ever told us what to do. Nobody's ever gonna tell us what to do. We will always be who we are. We'd like to thank all the team that would have worked on our TV programs, but our philosophies here, LL current director of our TV programs, he's done a fantastic job. We're surrounded by amazing woman. And that is, you know, really important, and these few sort of good blokes to who happen to put this exhibition together. So we'd like to thank I would also like to thank all the amazing New Zealanders who have followed us and been with us on our journey, and they have done an amazing job being there for us, you know, if it wasn't for our audiences, and our fans and what have you, they then we wouldn't be who we are, you know, if you want to put a show on, you gotta have an audience and in the Kiwis have come on board, and we feel so proud that we can perform in New Zealand and we perform to moms and dads and teenage kids and babies and grandparents, and national people in labor, and labor and the greens and New Zealand foods, they all come to our show. So we have crossed the board, you know, we have crossed it all the boundaries. And I think, you know, it's part of it is us. But the other part of it is that we live in New Zealand, the most incredible place in the world. You know, it is really amazing doors, my sister here, she's, you know, a big part of what's happened for me as well. Without here, I'd be nothing, as I said before, and and she's obviously there as well, we've had our ups and downs in our lives. But we've always always loved each other and always, always stayed together as sisters, and always sisters as an relatives, sisters and sisters in fighting for what we believe in. And I think that you know, there was a time when when jewels had a little health scare. You know, the big cancer came along in you know, a lot of people have been affected by cancer and New Zealand, we're not sure quite quite sure why it is. I think probably getting rid of Tina at end of this country for a stat would be good. Just a reminder, the agenda would be a good start, let's get rid of all the poison out of this country and make it the best the most incredible place in the world, people are want to come here, you know, they they want to come here already. But let's make it the best best place in the world. And those that have a little scared the cancer I'm not sure if it was a teen it when we were growing up because they were chopping it all over the countryside. They still are. And we need to get rid of it. But Jules managed to get through that. And I was her caregiver for eight months. And she did say to me that it was quite good now that she's she's in good health. But she's glad that she's got a twin sister in case she does get sick, she said she's keeping me for pass. I'm gonna finish up and just thank everybody for being here tonight. Because this is the start of the tour of the toxins exhibition. And it is, you know, it just feels like an honor, that that people who have made an effort to you know, you know, put a little show on for us, you know about us, and, and other people come and see it. And so, I'd like to thank you all for being here, you know, you are part of this, you are part of New Zealand, you're part of our journey. It's not just a RG and it's everybody's journey. And I think you know, we we have shown the rest of the world that we are an incredible, tolerant, wise, amazing people who live in this country. I'm going to hand over to yours. And then I think we probably might sing a song, what do you reckon? [00:27:35] not really much else to say really, Linda really, you know, always been a talker. And, you know, everything that we do now is full of. And it's important, we remember that, because we're all here because we love something we do. And it's not about whether we're famous, or how much money we have or how many cars we have parked in the garage, you're a GC jet ski or any of the things that we think that might make us feel happy. We're only happy when we're connected to our friends. We're connected to the people that we care about. And we're connected to the people that are going in the right direction. And the people who aren't going in the right direction, we will honor them. And listen to this story too. Because that is the only way we will ever find a way of going forward. Because what happens is our life has been about being tolerant. A part of our life is about being tolerant to people and understanding that when we listen to them, sometimes they come with us. They join our role like join our road and they come become part of something that's bigger and brighter and beautiful. And you know we need more of that in this country to make positive news and good news and good people to follow. And I know that you know we've had many a good time, a great time in our lives performing in those times are not over. We've got plenty of parties to go to I know just send us a good girl because when she came, she opened the door my caravan and it fell off. [00:29:16] She was still committed to buying. So [00:29:22] this is all good. This is great. We might as well finish off with a song about something we wrote a long time ago. It's about us It can be about you if you want it to be. It's about being untouchable And may Allah and honestly it is about love. Anyone is [00:31:02] officially open the door of the exhibition, [00:31:05] where we've got an exhibition together.

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