Extreme Taupo - KAHA Youth Hui 2009

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in z.com. [00:00:06] Oh, so Where have you come from for this week? [00:00:11] Yeah, and you're in a group up there? [00:00:13] Yep. Extreme is the name and you come up with five others? Or for Sorry? [00:00:20] And what? So is your group in school group or out of school group or just just [00:00:28] in general ages made? [00:00:31] between four and six, or from four to six? And they're pretty good. Yeah. Easy going a lot of support. Yeah, just need more people. [00:00:44] And what's total been like, with, you know, queer and trans and coming out, and [00:00:50] there's not so much trends, there's quite a lot of gay people cuz I was in me, and one of the other boys was in the paper for me now about it. And I wasn't solidly into a concert later that week that over 25, chicks came up to me, and I'm surprised about the article on the paper, you know, but I thought they still in the closet and doesn't, don't really want to come out about it. Which was a bit said, What do [00:01:21] you think? What makes it kind of hard to come out? [00:01:26] The fear, I suppose about how your mom and dad are going to react? Or if you're still going to have the friends? Or if they're going to leave your side or? [00:01:35] Yeah. And did you? Did you struggle with any of that stuff? [00:01:39] No, not really. I come out when I was about 12. [00:01:45] Whoa, what did you say? [00:01:49] told my mom and dad mom. elective school at school and my dad didn't really like it. He still doesn't like it very much been a daddy's girl. But historic hate with it just doesn't like the whole kissy thing and stop in front of him. And you know, I don't find that hard at all. Some of my family don't like it. But quite frankly, I really don't care what they think they're not the ones that's going to be my partner. They're not the ones that's going to have kids with me. They're not the ones that love me in that way. Not that I know. All. So yeah. [00:02:29] So what would you say to someone and type or, and, you know, scared to come out? Or [00:02:38] don't be afraid of who you are? Really? I mean, if you're gay, if you're straight, if you're by a few lesbian, a few. Anything, who cares what people say or think about you have the outcome of it as bad. So what we just had to face that because they're going to find out sometime, and the way your parents should find that was from the horse's mouth, not, you know, your friend or you know, your daughter's a lesbian? Not through someone else through yourself. And, yeah, just live it out while you can. Yeah. [00:03:17] So the Have you had, have you ever had negative reactions? [00:03:21] When I was at college? Oh, don't go by her cuz she's lesbian. She's gonna right, pew. That's what they're all about. And those same people that teased me at school because of my sexuality and are struggling with their own. And I've always believed that. People that pick on other people, about their sexuality, confused about their own sexuality. And I always believed it, because they are either jealous about something cool, they want to go out with you. Because, you know, they might be hooking up with another guy. And this guy comes down and gets jealous because they holding hands, whatever. [00:04:04] And what have been some real positive things like, you're real proud of who you are and everything and [00:04:09] oh, bloody Oh, I'm proud and I always will be right through till I get put in the casket, but I really want to think about that yet. But I guess the easiest part for me will be when I have kids, I understand if they turn out like me. I'm not gonna, you know, disowned him, I'm not gonna love them any leaves? Or just, they're still be my heart. [00:04:38] So what message would you give a gay straight parents or straight teachers or other students about, you know, young people that are tucked up, we'll queer, gay, lesbian, whatever, what's important for them to know? [00:04:56] Just, I guess you should just they should really understand what teenagers these days are feeling, especially if they go stressful enough, you know, crying and then the other natural self, like, how do I tell them? How do I, you know, how do I do this? How do I do that? And you just try to understand and just think of it as a few gay, or a few, you know, just see this walking down the street and got a nice ass or something. I mean, what would you do? If that was you? You know, you wouldn't? Yeah. And you should love your kids for who they are not what they going to do. And they live. I mean, because the next day they might top themselves because of the reaction you gave them and and if that happens, where you're going to regret it, you're rather them be gay or lesbian, oh, boy, or whatever. then having to bury your own child. [00:06:00] Do you know any instances of of young people have taken the lives on? [00:06:05] Yep. My friend. He told his parents when he was about 16 that he had this fancy for this guy. He was a drag and just fell in love with them instantly. told his mom Mom, I'm gay. If you don't like it, then you told his dad, his dad to sign them straight away. And they both kick him out of home with his parents. And you know, he he just took off and jumped the bridge and took his own life. There's heaps more but yeah, [00:06:38] that you've had a you've had a pretty, pretty good experience of coming out and everything. [00:06:43] You have had pretty good experience. So I just told mom and dad. My mom said, okay, she was hemming and hawing about it. There doesn't like it very much but wasn't that hard for me? Because I don't really care what other people think about me. [00:07:02] Colin, how you funding the Hawaii so far. [00:07:05] It's good. I got main party tonight, but we couldn't have couple boxes. To get up and sing along and yeah, be pretty cool. guys sing some songs. [00:07:19] Cool. Thanks for talking to us. [00:07:23] This audio was brought to you by out there. For more information, visit www dot out there.org.nz

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.